That’s not my video, but I was this fucking close to fucking Mumford and sons, I don’t even remember how to breathe properly.


“Just Smoke” by Mumford & Sons & The Maccabees @ Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD 6/10/15  


I always heard people saying that these guys are sweet and nice to their fans, but I never knew I would get to experience it! A handful of us were waiting at the gates way before the concert was postponed. As we were heading out to leave, the production staff corralled us back in and led us around, telling us only that “they wanted to talk to us”. After a bit of (literal) running around, Marcus and Winston met us and apologized for the last-minute issues and thanked us for coming out to see them. They sent us off with the U.S. Tour shirt and now I love them even more than before.