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N brags about it to me sometimes. He told me, “Our members are gentlemen.”” — Kim Shin Young 

fangirl-and-her-ships  asked:

Bughead fanfiction idea. Jughead have changed school to the south side but is still together with Betty and friends with the others. But he's the leader of serpents and after a fight with another gang, which the serpents won, the gang decides to get revenge by threatening the people closest to him. They attack They attack Riverdale high. I'm sore if this is kinda long but I love your work.

A/N: I’m so sorry for responding to this message super late. I’m dealing with alot of personal stuff right now, and I couldn’t really think creatively. I’m going to be catching up with all of my requests. Surprisingly, this is my fifth attempt at writing this prompt. Dark Jughead is the bad boy of my dreams, just saying. This is sooo short, Sorry about that.  

Following Jughead’s departure to Southside High, many things changed within the Riverdale High Community. Archie wasn’t able to see his best friend as often as he would like. Betty wasn’t able to see her boyfriend in her high school hallways. Besides the social losses felt by the Riverdale High Community, the Blue and Gold also suffered following his departure. 

Principal Weatherbee gave Betty an ultimatum, either find fresh voices for the school’s paper, or close the Blue and Gold. Following his direction, she searched for new members for the school paper. 

In the end, it was the familiar faces of Veronica Lodge and Kevin Keller that ended up joining the newsroom. The trio met every day during their free period, to discuss matters of the Blue  and Gold. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I come bearing gifts!” Veronica said, as she graced her team members with well needed caffeine. 

“Thank you, V!” Betty cheered, her flaxen hair twirling between her fingers, configuring the layout of next week’s newspaper.  

“We definitely needed this refresher, especially since the deadline for the paper is tomorrow.” Kevin added, sipping his caramel flavored pick-me-up. 

After about fifteen minutes, the trio finally becomes satisfied with their first newspaper layout since Kevin and Veronica’s newfound membership. “Just one more week, and we’re fin-” said Veronica, before being interrupted by the loudspeaker. 

“Sorry for the interruption Riverdale High, but the beloved girlfriend of Southside Serpent’s leader, Jughead Jones, is needed in the main office. The Greendale Ghouls would like to have a little chat with you, Lizzie. Hopefully Jughead himself will be able to join us..” The unfamiliar voice spat in a condescending tone, “..If you aren’t here in 5 minutes, we’ll have to come and find you.”  

As the announcement concluded, the school entered in their necessary procedures. The classroom doors were locked, windows and blinds shut, and students in hiding. Following the rest of Riverdale High, the newsroom was locked as well, but the interior was much different. The students, or at the least Betty began strategizing her retaliation to this problem. 

“V, secure the room, and make sure that no one can get in.” Betty instructed, watching the clock. “Kevin, call Joaquin and brief him on what’s going on. I’ll see if I can get a hold on Jughead.” Betty continued, as she called her boyfriend. 

“Hey Jughead, there’s a group from the Greendale Ghouls at Riverdale High trying to get a hold of you. They wanted to talk to the both of us, and using me as a bait. Right now, they’re going to start looking for me, but we locked ourselves in the newsroom.” Betty said into the phone, trying to get to the point as quickly as possible. 

“Betty, I’ll be there with some reinforcements as soon as possible. Stay in the newsroom, this is my fight. I want you to be safe. I love you.” Jughead said, worry apparent in his voice. 

“I love you too.”


As the phone call ended, the group began hearing loud noises coming from the hallway. The Ghouls were physically checking every classroom to find the blonde beauty. 

Soon, the noises began outside of the newsroom, apparent in banging on the metal door. The door was locked, but also had various chairs, and a table also in front of it. Although the blockage that Veronica created was vast, the Ghouls had a vast amount of physical power. 

“C’mere missy..” The leader of the Greendale Ghouls growled, grabbing Betty by her forearm. 

Kevin and Veronica began to fight physically and verbally with the gang members, other gang members grabbing them as well. “Leave them out of this, they have nothing to do with this. You’re not going to benefit from taking them” Betty said, watching the gang member release her friends. Kevin and Veronica ran to get help from just about anyone. 

The broad shouldered halfwit, and his entourage guided Betty to the Principal’s Office. Principal Weatherbee and the other staff members were knocked out, causing Betty to become enraged. Her fingernails dug into her hands, piercing through her skin. 

“Now that we have Lizzie over here, I think Jughead will be more open to our..negotiations.” The greasy haired leader said in a disdainful tone. 

“My name is Betty Cooper, not Lizzie, don’t patronize me. If Jughead can outsmart you ass-hats once, I’m sure he can do it again.” Betty replied, puling her arm from the Greendale Ghouls members. 

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Jughead said as he, and various members of the Serpents entered the room. His presence calmed Betty, and did the opposite to the Greendale Ghouls. The raven-haired heartthrob pulled Betty to his side, watching their expressions change. 

“What? Cat got your tongue?”Jughead chuckled, “You know, I’m surprised that you guys aren’t acting like hot shit now. What exactly were you planning to do once I got here, hm?” The room fell silent as Jughead finished his sass-filled monologue. 

“We would like to restore the glory of the Greendale Ghouls, in order to do that we need to beat the shit out of you guys” Their leader explained, as various members began walking closer to the Serpents. 

“Well, it looks like that’ll be happening on another day. Sheriff Keller here has a couple questions for you and your friends.” Jughead replied as Sheriff Keller and the Riverdale Police Force arrested the Greendale Ghouls on charges of assault, and trespassing. 

“You know I could’ve easily called the police, Jug.” Betty said, raising her eyebrow. 

“I think that I made it look cooler though.” Jughead laughed, dusting off his shoulders. The day ended on a lighter note, now that Riverdale High was rid of the Greendale Ghouls. 

End of the Year gift for @botstripper! My dear bro, thank you for being patient with me this year, it means so much to me that you’re always there for me. Thank you for spending another year in robot hell with me, for sitting through all these shows with me and being a goddamn enabler for all the horrible ships we have. I wish you the Best for the coming year!! <3

The Gift [closed rp with mysouldivided ]

a large group of guards walked toward the throne room, with slaves pulling long ropes, at the end of the ropes was a big wagon, though it was small enough to fit inside the palace, and on the wagon was a cage, though it was covered, the leader of the guards having a smug look on his face 

“step aside gentlemen, we have a Gift for Prince Heba” he stated cooly as the guards next to the doors looked to each other then nodded, before pulling open the door, the man walked inside, looking around he noticed the Pharaoh’s court, the King himself and next to him… sitting on the smaller of the twin thrones was Prince Heba, he snorted and wondered if the boy would be interested in what he and his men caught.

he bowed politely and in respect to the two monarchs before he spoke once more “good morrow my King and gracious Prince… my men and I have traveled quite some ways and on our travels we have found and captured what we deem a worthy gift for the Prince… would you… care to see what we have underneath the cloth?” 

About today’s setlock:

Is no one going to talk about the fact that on those hospital signs, there is a “urology investigations” unit? And that the logo next to it is a dripping syringe? Like, even before spotting the logo, the phrasing “investigations” is not at all a medical term, this is 100% a dick joke.

Arwel Motherfucking Wyn Jones, ladies and gentlemen. A gift to us all.

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to Omas’s Arte Italiana Series: The Noir Collection.

Seeking out the contemporary man who demands the best in life, the Noir combines classicism and modernity, boasting an embellished black cotton resin exterior and ruthenium trim. For the man who wants nothing, but has everything, we present, The Noir. 

Dedicated to the most refined and demanding man, the Noir Collection reinterprets the dodecagonal Arte Italiana model, OMAS brand icon, through a play of contrasts which make it unique.

The black Cotton Resin is embellished with a fine guilloche engraving characterized by a rice grain pattern, which emphasizes the classical nature of this model and highlights the modernity of the Black Ruthenium trim, a novelty in OMAS production.

Classicism and modernity, past and future meld to a timeless object, handed down from one generation to the next always keeping its newness.