gentlemen prefer curves

  A Dream Come True

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 3500

Warnings- a few swears, reader talks sex, nothing else in this part.

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 This was all new. A convention wasn’t anything I had ever experienced , especially one specifically for The Walking Dead, one of my all time favorite television shows. I always thought those conventions were for hardcore, borderline crazy, fans. Yet here I am, packing for my flight to Atlanta.

 I went all out, purchasing the most expensive “platinum” weekend tickets, I even booked the hotel that I had heard the celebrity guests were staying at. Only place I “skimped” on was buying only photo ops and autographs for my two guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

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I feel I'm having trouble with Gentlemen Prefer Curves...

I’ve been asking from feedback and suggestions from my followers there (some of you follow me here too) but I’ve gotten hardly anything. I tried doing some form of contest, without the competition and beauty-pageant voting and that didn’t work. I then tried suggesting things for everyone to post, no success. Then I tried themes, which was one suggestion from followers. But now I’m not sure what else I can do to encourage more people to follow and submit. I’ve also gone around and asked other plus size blogs if they’d promote me and I’d promote them back but I’m not sure how that’ll pan out. I have a bunch of great followers and when I first opened GPC up to submissions there were tonnes, now there’s only a couple a day… I just want to run a successful, happy and accepting place for all us wonderful bigger women… Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any help I can get :/ Thanks guys xo


It's Hard to Hate Myself


It’s hard to to hate myself when water flows over all of the curves

that his hands caress under the covers

When I soap up my hands and rub the mounds that compound

the desires that I hold deep inside

When my razor glides up my legs creating the smooth terrain 

for lusty encounters to come

When I bend to dry hidden spots that he has no trouble finding

under clothing, in the darkness, he has no trouble 

Being on top, or underneath, kissing and caressing, or holding on

when peaks are reached

He has no problem laying his head on the swell of my chest or 

having more than a handful of breast.  

He has no problem with the fullness of my hips or the round lips 

he parts with ease and my backside he squeezes

He has no complaints at the softness that is me

with the extra fluff he may see

Each night his hands don’t lie as he lays by my side

and they explore this body of mine

It’s hard to hate myself when love surrounds me

When words soothe my doubts

It’s easy to see the flaws that are present

when looking in the mirror or trying on pants

It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong 

when you look at advertisements with much smaller women all day long

But then you come back to the comfort of your home

and the love and desire returns

When his eyes drift slowly down to your breasts

when his hands graze your backside just to give you a test

Trying to feel you out, see if you’re ready for more

 trying to gauge if he can go forward with what he has in store

because while you’ve been doubting your every dimple or bulge

he’s been thinking about those curves and that skin 

and he’s been thinking about a different bulge 

that he would like for you to indulge

Then the world disappears and you realize your fears

have no merit and no belonging in your heart

Who cares if your thighs rub when they are meant to part

In those moments of secrets, whispers, moans, and screams

you get lost and you forget…  everything else in the world, it seems.  

It’s hard to hate myself when I see that my body can bring pleasure

when it can apply the right amount of pressure

When it supports his needs

when it engulfs his seed

When one day life it will bring forth

It’s hard to hate myself despite the messages all around

because there’s a greater truth meant to be found

Because my worth has nothing to do with my size or my shape

and everything to do with my faith