gentlemen of st john's

Damon Salvatore gets a taste of his own medicine. (7x22 meta)

Mr. Damon Giuseppe Salvatore had it GOOD, ladies and gentlemen! SO good, that instead of envying Stefan-Hero-LovedByAll-Salvatore, Enzo St. John began to envy HIM! 

He had the devout faithfulness and affections of the most renowned “fiery, passionate, and loyal” (Enzo 7x19) woman in Mystic Falls. But he couldn’t appreciate it, because of his obsession with Elena…

But she was HIS! She was his lover without the title, in fact, the term “lover” is not deep enough to describe what Bonnie Bennett was and IS to Damon Salvatore! She was his person!!! She would’ve done anything and everything for him, and proved it time and time again, almost dying in the process (7x14)! She cared for him INTENSELY, more than “anyone in the world.”

But he didn’t realize it. He didn’t treasure it. He didn’t value it enough. He “gave up.” He “ran away.” And that mistake caused him everything.

3 years later, he wakes up after desiccating, to realize the man who’d envied all that he had, now POSSESSES ALL he had and MORE! 

Bonnie’s fire, her passion, her loyalty is no longer DAMON’S, but all of it Enzo’s! So when we see Bonnie frantically running around that cave (7x22), shouting Enzo’s name ONLY, it hurts US like H-E-Double Hockey sticks BUT, it’s Damon Salvatore getting a BITTER taste of his own medicine!

How many times have we seen him switch gears on a “Rescue Bonnie” mission, because Elena Gilbert suddenly finds herself in trouble?!?? TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT! 

He HAD Bonnie. She was his. Now, not so much… It’s truly INCREDIBLE, because he’s suddenly in the SAME POSITION Bonnie was in! They’re literally both in the SAME BOAT! Damon is in love WITH ELENA. Bonnie is in love JUST AS MUCH, WITH ENZO! BUT. All the while, both Bonnie and Damon are SOUL MATES who love each other with a power FAR STRONGER than their co-dependent relationships could ever HOLD A CANDLE TO! 

It’s beautiful. And it’s painful.

Bonnie’s had to deal and cope with the sorrow’s of being 2nd in Damon’s eyes for MUCH TOO LONG! Now it’s time for Mr. Salvatore to get a taste of his own medicine! It’s time for HIM to be BONNIE’S 2ND THOUGHT, 2ND CONCERN, 2ND CHOICE!!! 

I wonder how it will all play out.