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           once upon a time there was a edgy mc my chemical romance georgian redneck named daryl   .   he became considerably unlucky when all of a sudden the universe pulls a thriller night   &   brought people up from their graves   ,   creating a series called the misfortunes of daryl dixon   .   why dont i tell you about him   ,   eh   ?   well   ,   he’s full of angst   &   has a strange infatuation with munchin’ on raw animal   &   makin his way downtown on a motorcycle   .   if that doesn’t convince you enough to take an initiative to learn more about this charming gentlemen   ,   then i dont know what will   !   so   ,   go on   ,   &   like   &   reblog this if you’d be interested in interacting with redneck angel   ,   daryl dixon   ,   from amc’s the walking dead  .    


Helena Bonham Carter at the ‘Save the Children’ event in London | 02/03/17

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Excuse me while I’ve just died, gone to heaven and been revived by Helena Bonham Carter in these pictures.

Hussie & Hiveswap

I saw a post yesterday talking about The Odd Gentlemen and how they, not only got away with some of the Kickstarter money, but that wasted Hussie’s time and it all ended with him losing a good chunk of the Fandom. I’d be adding this on top of that post but I was on mobile and I didn’t really feel like typing all this by tapping there, but…

EITHER WAY. I agree very much that the Gigapause was devastating to the Fandom as a whole, and everything was delayed way too much, however, the fatalist light in which this post was put really made me dislike its entire premise. They mentioned how Hiveswap would never have a fraction of the following it’d have had otherwise, and other pretty sad and pessimistic views on how Hussie might be doing. But I believe that’s not exactly the case.

First of all, bigger or smaller Fandom, Hussie loves his fans, but over that, he absolutely loves his work. There was an AMA about Hiveswap a while ago saying how Hussie had already spent all the Kickstarter money and the project was continuing being paid from his own pocket, that there had been such huge cliffs to push through in the making that it was a miracle he was still determined on finishing the game.

But this is Hussie we’re talking about. Homestuck, Hiveswap, in the way he’s always spoken about how the Fandom grew and became its own things, the playful teases to the Fans, the way he spoke about Act 7, he’s got passion. He’s absolutely in love with this project, and it’s very much passion driven. Kickstarter Money or not, Stolen or otherwise, taking 2 or 5 years, with him determined to push through, I don’t think it was ever a doubt the game would come to be sooner or later. Would ‘stubborn as a mule’ count as an equine pun befitting him? My point is, while it’s sad all he had to go through, and even if the game didn’t get as much following, this is Hussie we’re talking about. As long as we’re there to check it out when it comes out and (hopefully) manages to catch our attention and makes us invested in it, it’ll all have been worth it.

The other point that made me feel a bit off, however, was the way they spoke about how Hiveswap would now have none of the following it could’ve had. However, need I remind you about Undertale? Like, yeah it might seem almost like begging to a friend, or feeling hopeful, but Undertale blew up and is still kinda blowing up, Toby Fox made quite the masterpiece, and it’s very likely, with his involvement, the popularity of Undertale will directly affect Hiveswap’s popularity. For better or worse. At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby Fox not only makes the game more popular, but actually brings more people to Homestuck.

Specially now that it’s over, and as Hussie said, reading it all down at your own pace knowing there’s no ‘upd8′s’ to wait for was almost the intended way to read it. It’s only now that Homestuck, as a complete story, is showcased at its best.


the new that’s what you get thing makes my heart die and so does the Quality of this video 

'Dope' backing vocals/instrumental
'Dope' backing vocals/instrumental

BTS - ‘쩔어’ with the main vocals removed

The Girl Who Sits In The Laundry Room

At night, in the corner of the laundry room, there sits a girl with her back to the wall. She will say nothing when you walk in, nothing when you put your clothes in the machine, nothing when you insert the coins. But when you lean back against the wall at two am, and resign yourself to the wait that could be years or minutes (for there are no clocks in that room,) she will ask if you if you want to know your future.

                “What is the price?” You reply, (if you’re smart, at least.)

                “Knowledge of the future is burden enough,” she will answer with a laugh, “There is no price beyond that.”

                Few take her offer.

                But the ones who do, they always leave. Sometimes it is just to go home, and one will hear from their old friends of a parent who died a few months later. Some seek out the Gentry, and attempt to make a bargain (for what exactly it is never known, but they soon fade from the memories of all but those nearest to them.) But the last sort- and the rarest- disappear a few days later. And even the Good Gentlemen do not know where they have gone.

                If you refuse her offer, she will never ask you again. She will merely sit in the corner of the laundry room, and watch silently as your clothes dry.



The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

Picked up dinner after work in a fast-food drive-thru this evening. Upon bringing out my food, the employee said “I see you’re wearing a uniform….thank you for your service, it’s appreciated”

It struck me, because I don’t wear a uniform in the way most people think of. I don’t risk my life like our military members do on a daily basis.

I do serve. The poor, the sick, the needy, the fragile, the vulnerable. I am part of an army of healthcare workers around the world who work around the clock to ensure that people continue to breathe and their hearts continue to beat so that one day they can have the opportunity to experience full lives. I do sacrifice but I get so much in return.

That gentlemen doesn’t know just how much those words meant to a young nurse who couldn’t wait to get her feet up and get a full nights sleep. I am Lucky because I know and have seen the lives who didn’t get this opportunity.