gentlemans chair

Dating Leo would include…

Him teaching you self defense. Leo wants to be sure that you’ll be safe out there. He would try to be serious for the lessons but you would often end up laughing about something.

Bringing him something to eat after he’s done training. You’d have lunch together and you’d sit on his lap as he told you about his day.

Him being shy. Leo hasn’t had a lot of contact with the surface or with women. The whole dating thing would be new to him and he would get a bit shy at times.

Letting him rant. Leo doesn’t always get to let go and rant. He has to be level headed and calm. So he would often go to you to blow off some steam. At the end of it, he would hold you and calm down a little, thankful that you listened.

Him being a gentleman. Pulling out chairs, walking you home, even bringing you flowers. Leo wants to show you a good time while being respectful.

The bros teasing you. The other turtles would love to tease you about the relationship, in a rather gentle way. Calling you and Leo “Mom and Dad” or even calling you Mrs. Hamato.

Him being protective. Leo loves you. So he wants you to be safe and warm and happy. But he would try not to be overbearing about it and give you space.

Comfortable silence. Leo loves to have long conversations with You but he doesn’t always have to. Sometimes, he just wants to hold you and enjoy the silence for a while.

You having to initiate everything that’s physical. Hand holding, kissing, cuddling. At the start of the relationship, Leo would be too shy to do any of these first. Eventually, he would become more comfortable.

Him being romantic. Leo loves the whole candle light dinners and roses and dancing. He would plan your dates in advance and try to make them perfect.

Leo being scared. He knows nothing about your world or dating. He’s a giant turtle who’s constantly in danger. He’s afraid that he can’t give you everything that you want and deserve. He’s afraid that you’ll get hurt because of him. Sometimes his fears would get the best of him and he’d become over protective. You understood and would often wait until he calmed down.

Self-proclaimed nice guy: I’m a gentleman :) I pull chairs out for women

Me, thinking about the good old days when gentlemen were god-honest cads and took you on a date to the local opium den and ate you out in the theatre box: cool beans