#outfit 26: classic navy suit, crisp white shirt, traditional black Oxford shoes, simple colours for an elegant and timeless look. Ready for my first professional photo set.

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“Mr. Poirot achieved fame as a private investigator after he retired as a member of the Belgian police force in 1904. His career, as chronicled in the novels by Dame Agatha Christie, was one of the most illustrious in fiction.”
- From Hercule Poirot’s obituary on the front page of The New York Times, Aug 6 1975

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Fic Announcement

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My series, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, will be updated every Friday with a new chapter! This is the first fic of mine with a set release date and I hope the deadlines will help me write more!

Also, the tagging list is still open and I will tag you in all the future parts!

Curious what all the hullabaloo is about? Catch up on all the chapters!


  1. Part One
  2. Letters One and Two: Barcelona
  3. Part Two
  4. Letters Three and Four: New York City

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Dating Joshua hong

you don’t understand how frustrated I get because he’s so lovable and dorky– so I made a scenario of how you’d meet and what it’d be like to date him

  • You’re at a convention and sitting down, it’s hot, you don’t have much money left
  • All your friends are in the dealing room, but you just wanted to rest
  • You’re kinda down because your cosplay was pretty last minute
  • Joshua runs up to you to get a picture with you in your “awesome” Fiona cosplay
  • omg cute boy, cute boy, cute boy!!!!!!!!!! You try to make yourself look cooler than you actually are
  • You guys start a huge convo on adventure time and the different theories
  • ends with both of you out of breath and your faces hurting too much from laughing
  • His friends want to go
  • you’re sad because you don’t want this to end
  • he gives you his number and says that you two will continue this over text
  • texting him non-stop
  • him asking you out to go to a new movie because a new ghibli movie came out and god damn it both of you really wanna see it
  • um yes please
  • when you finally think he’s gonna ask you out he tells you he’s going to korea to become an idol
  • You’re unpleasantly surprised
  • You see how worried he is with this and decide to support him full-heartedly
  • It’s great tho really, the love of your life is flying across the world to become an international pop star, whatever right?

Fast forward two years later

  • “Josh why do you look so emo?”
  • “blame pledis.”
  • Long skype calls because that’s the only way you guys will see each other
  • You convince your parents to let you study abroad
  • Surprising him with a face time call saying you’re in Seoul
  • Him thinking it’s a joke
  • “Wait are you frreal????”
  • You giving your address and him running over
  • Out of breath Joshua standing at the front door to your apartment sweating like crazy
  • You laughing because god, he looks just like that day at the convention
  • You and him watching anime together and laughing
  • Him saying that they’re gonna have a comeback soon
  • You cheering and asking for spoilers
  • him coming over to your house one day with pink ass hair
  • “Oh my lord.”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Do i like it? JOSH I FREAKING LOVE IT!”
  • Every day he’ll text you, and he knows you get nightmares easily so he’ll call you frequently at nights to make sure you’re okay
  • him coming over all the time to eat your food
  • knocking on your door at like 1 in the morning to play songs he composed for you on his guitar
  • “Josh why? The suns not even up yet”
  • you guys being the most dorky couple ever
  •  having broken conversations that are a mix between english and Korean (Konglish)
  • texting him memes that you find of him and hansol on tumblr
  • Vernon taking Josh’s phone just to tell you to STO P
  • you calling him Jisoos whenever he starts lecturing you
  • playing mariokart and super smash bros at your house, and sometimes Jeonghan and Seungcheol coming over to chill
  • having to make food for four people because these damn boys wont leave your apartment
  • Jeonghan acting like a mother in law and criticizing your cooking, saying Mingew cooks better
  • still eats your food tho
  • always playing with his ears, especially around his cross earring
  • him buying you an earring to match his bc “u need to stop y/n”
  • Calling you up at 2 am to spoil the ending to an anime you’ve been watching because he just binge watched it and doesn’t have anyone to fanboy to
  • “god damn it Josh, I’m hanging up.”
  • having so many inside jokes because of anime
  • saying that you guys are going to the next Anime expo together but never actually going bc $$$
  • both of you getting super excited for halloween because C O S P L A Y time has finally come
  • loving each other to death