New Gentleman Jesse LP On The Way

By Joseph Rodriguez

4 years can be a long time to wait for a follow up LP, but not when it’s coming from Atlanta’s Gentleman Jesse. His 2008 self-titled LP is one of the greatest powerpop records of all time (IMO), and is still the record that gets the most spins on my booze-filled weekends. Leaving Atlanta (where’s he going?) is the name of the upcoming LP, and if you notice, he’s not taking “his men” with him either. Complete solo effort? Who cares? It’s fucking Gentleman Jesse!

Douchemaster will be releasing Leaving Atlanta March 20th. For full snippets of every track and to pre-order the LP, head over to Midheaven.

The Rest Of My Days
  • The Rest Of My Days
  • Gentleman Jesse & His Men
  • Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men

Artist: Gentleman Jesse & His Men
Track: The Rest of My Days
Album: Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men
Label: Douchemaster
Year: 2008

I have no idea how this song ended up on my computer, but regardless, Victor Franko Died For Your Sins heartily endorses Gentleman Jesse’s “sleep away the rest of my days” stance.

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