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BBC Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes | Molly Hooper

Molly Holmes had a lovely ring to it; unfortunately, however, her initials would remain M.H. - an initial she had gotten into a mild fight over with a distinguished gentleman already associated with her husband. Fighting over initials with her brother-in-law, albeit a pretend brother-in-law, was not very mature at all. But neither was jumping on the bed or pillow fights on one’s honeymoon. But god, was it fun.

I claim no credit for the gifs. All credit goes to their rightful owners and creators. You did well, you wonderful person, you. xx

Klaroline Positivity Week!

Hello guys! This is for all of the amazing fanfiction writers and reviewers! There is no way I can name all of you wondrous people, but I’ll try to do you all justice! I’m going to try to name as many AMAZING WRITERS and FABULOUS reviewers as I can!

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I also wanna give a shoutout to all my reviewers that I failed to mention here. I’m sorry cuz I am lame and don’t know your tumblrs here. You guys are legit amazing. I would have never written half as much as I did, and DLS would have never continued past a two shot. You are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.




7 in the morning, and I was on my way to school.
Screw my life.
Anyway, I was driving to school, my Dunkin Donuts in hand, and singing along to Come Back by Ella Eyre.
So it was a good morning so far.
I pulled into the senior parking lot, hopped out of my car, and grabbed my book bag.
“Hey Y/N! Wait up!”
I turned around, and saw the school’s bad boy, Cameron Dallas.
“What do you want, Dallas?”
I said with an exasperated tone.
“Why you, of course.”
He smirked cockily.
“As if, Dallas. I know how you are. You may not be a player, but I know you’re no good.”
He looked genuinely hurt for a moment, before quickly covering it up with his classic smirk.
He was about to say something, but the bell rang, signaling everyone to go to homeroom.
I waved a little at Cameron, before turning and running towards my homeroom.
I felt bad about rejecting him, but I was afraid of getting hurt. I mean, he couldn’t be serious, could he? He could have anyone he wanted. Why would he choose me, other than to play with me?

I couldn’t believe she rejected me. I thought she would say yes in a heartbeat! I’m Cameron Dallas, the school’s most popular bad boy and almost every girl’s dream guy, but all I wanted was her.
I suppose I respected her rejection though, she never outright said she didn’t like me, only saying that she thought I would hurt her. I get where she was coming from, I mean “bad boy” and gentleman generally weren’t associated together in the same person, but I was planning on treating her like a princess. She deserved the world, and I wanted to give it to her.
But trust me, she was going to be mine.
I went to homeroom, and then went towards my first period, which I shared with Y/N.
I heard her quiet footsteps behind me, and her voice calling goodbye to her friend.
As soon as I turned the corner, I went straight for the janitor’s closet, and went inside.
I had somewhat of a plan in my head.
As Y/N walked past the closet, I grabbed her hand and pulled her in, turning so that my back was to the door and hers was to the wall.
“Easy there! It’s just me, Cam!”
“No you don’t, you have study hall with me, and we both know Ms. Marion sleeps through it.”
She blushed at being caught lying, but quickly regained her composure.

“Okay, Dallas, what do you want?”
“You know, you can call me Cam.”
He smiled a little at me, and I tried my best not to smile back.
He wasn’t winning me over.
“But if you must know, I’m here to properly ask you to go out with me.”
“In a janitors closet?”
“Oh hush”
I laughed a little, before whispering,
“And why should I say yes?”
He took my hands in his, very gently, and began to tell me.
“Because no one will treat you better than I will. I know you see me as a bad boy, but my mother taught me how to treat a girl. And I want to treat you more than right, because I like you so much. You are the reason I try in school, just so I have AP classes with you. You light up my whole day with just one smile, and your laugh is the reason you find me smiling all day. I want you, in every way there is to want a person. Only you. I’m falling in love with you, and my plan is to make you fall too. But don’t worry, I’ll be waiting to catch you.”
I was crying a little by the end of his speech, which I think he took the wrong way.
“Oh god, Y/N I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you c-”
I cut him off by pulling him down and gently placing my lips on his.

She pulled away after a short and sweet kiss.
“Cameron Dallas, I’ve been falling since day one with you. But as long as you’re there to catch me, I think I’d like to go out with you.”
She smiled at me, and I swear, the world stopped.
I picked her up with my arms around her waist, and spun her around.
“You’re going on a date with me?”
“That’s what I just said, you idiot!”
“But now I’m your idiot.”
And with that, I kissed her again.


After 400 years, it returns: 

Chapter 8: The Dance

Teaser: Barely a minute passed and Caroline had launched herself on to Klaus’ lap, she straddled his legs before leaning down and whispered in his ear, “I don’t need any clothes to sleep in.” Her breath tickled his ear and Klaus tensed up.

Story summary: Caroline is an associate lusting after her boss, Klaus is her very interested superior. There is only one place this story end up time and time again in my dirty mind.

Covers made by Nicole and Christina