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So the guy could make a difference between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, so she was with Joe and not with K*rlie, poor Kaylors. They must be wondering how much this nice guy has been paid to write 'gentleman'. Happy thanksgiving from Europe.


Poor kaylors

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Regarding our lovesick cannibal trying to get into Will's lap: I like the thought of Hannibal pushing the chairs close together before Will's appointments, and then setting them back at the proper distance for the rest of his patients. Totally discreet, Hanni.

It had been two hours since either of them had spoken. The boat rocked them gently, their fishing lines sitting still. Not one bite the entire time. 

Hannibal held a blue parasol over both of their heads. The heat was still there though, making both of their skins sticky with sweat. Will watched Hannibal tuck the hair that had gone stray and fallen from his ponytail behind his ear.

“You used to push our chairs closer. Back in your office.” Will said. “During our sessions. Our conversations.”

Hannibal cocked his head and for a moment Will thought Hannibal would claim he didn’t remember. But shame and embarrassment had never been housed in Hannibal Lecter’s mind and body.

Hannibal said, “I did. I wanted to be closer to you, though at the time my reasoning was muddled. You noticed.”

“I almost brought it up a few times.”

“But you held back.”

“It seemed ridiculous to say out loud. ‘You keep moving the chairs closer, why?’”

“You weren’t worried you were mistaken, but rather of the conversation that would follow.”

“It would’ve brought to light something I wasn’t ready to look at.”

“And now?”

Will looked at him, his chin resting on the palm of his hand, his elbow on his knee. “Now I know your toes are freezing at night.”

“I’ll wear socks to bed, then.”

Hannibal being practical. It made Will smile. He put his hand on Hannibal’s knee and squeezed.

“No, I like warming you up myself.”


panic! at the disco + music videos

An exchange with a gentleman
  • Her: Hello, sir.
  • Him: Hello, madam. How are you on this fine afternoon?
  • Her: Oh, I'm quite fine, thank you for asking. And you? How are you, kind sir?
  • Him: Well, at first, I'm sorry to say that I was having a hard day. The sky was gray and I had trouble getting up in the morning. But as soon as I saw the sun rise and heard the birds sing, I couldn't help but smile and run. And keep running, all the way here.
  • Her: Oh, is that why you are so out of breath?
  • Him: Hmm? Oh, no, that is not why.
  • Her: Then, if I may inquire, why are you out of breath, good sir?
  • Him: Well, because, madam, you seem to have taken my breath away.
Adverb Appreciation Post

I understand what Stephen King was getting at when he said “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” I’m a cautious adverb user myself. I laud the virtues of strong nouns and verbs. But I firmly (firmly and aggressively) contend that a well-timed adverb is irreplaceable.

And yes, this includes the much-derided “adverbs of manner”—those sinster “-ly” words themselves.

An adverb that aligns with the verb tends to be uninteresting and redundant: “he smiled happily,” “she whispered quietly,” etc.


When the opportunity to describe a character “angrily fluffing his ascot” presents itself, I’m going to use the adverb, goshdarnit.

Ever the Gentleman Part 1

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Eventually Bucky x Reader.

Summary: The reader is deaf until Tony Stark saves the day with his technology. This leads to one of Starks famous party’s what could go wrong?

Word Count: 1337

A/N - So this was my first ever fic but having it on my SPN blog felt weird so, I would love for you to read and tell me what you think. I also know that Hawkeye was injured then lost his hearing but this is my story and I wanted to go this way

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Clint sat next to his eldest daughter, hands clamped around hers with his eyes screwed shut, praying that Tony Stark could finally help his daughter to become like most people in the world. She wasn’t an alien, nor held special abilities, nor had super serum in her system like others they knew. No…she was deaf, which she unfortunately inherited from her father.

(Y/N) held Clint’s hand in her own and was reassured that it was going to be okay by the squeeze of a hand. She let her eyes close briefly; before slowly nodding her head signaling that she was ready for a change.

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today 9 years ago this amazing album was released. thank you mainly Ryan Ross for existing.

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pls remind us, is that the same dude that commissioned the King James Bible??


This is a long post, by the way - you can press J to skip if you’re not interested in queer British monarchs and SECRET TUNNELS

The dude who commissioned the King James Bible - unsurprisingly, a dude who was a king and also named James - is perhaps the best example of all time of two phenomena, depending on how you look at it. Either he’s the greatest example of twisting doctrine to fit your own agenda, or he’s the perfect proof that the Bible hasn’t always been interpreted as being anti-homosexuality. I personally like to think the latter, but people have argued the former.

I do not have the time to go into massive detail here, but essentially, James I of England (and VI of Scotland) was very much into men. He liked them quite a lot. This was not a secret, and neither is it generally considered to be up for debate, although there are many Bible scholars and religious zealots today who still hold James I up as a pinnacle of modern virtue due to his role in ensuring that the word of the Bible could be understood by the masses. There are a shit ton of poorly constructed HTML websites written by crazy religious fundamentalists about how all allegations of his conduct with men were nothing but political propaganda, and punctuate their diatribes heavily with exclamation marks. There’s a point to be made about the sexual morals of the time and the subsequent use of James’ same-sex relationships as a political tool (see the poem by de Viau below) but there’s substantial evidence that these accusations were made based on real evidence rather than a simple smear campaign.

Here is the evidence - and yes, there’s a lot of it - that we have for James’ same-sex romantic dalliances:

  • when James was 14, he grew close to the man who would later become the Earl of Lennox, whose name was Esmé Stuart. The exact nature of their relationship has never been confirmed, but even as it unfolded, James’ contemporaries were concerned about its nature. One clergyman is on the record as remarking ‘the Duke of Lennox went about to draw the King to carnal lust’, and it was often remarked that the two were openly physically affectionate, which was not hugely popular. Stuart converted from Catholicism to please James, and James made him first the gentleman of the bedchamber and then finally the Earl of Lennox. This pattern of bestowing titles upon his ‘favourites’ became a real point of contention at James’ court. Lennox was later exiled at the request of a bunch of salty old Scottish lords, and James was the definition of Not Happy. He became the definition of Even Less Happy when, after a few years of covert letters, Lennox had the audacity to pop his clogs in 1583. Rude.

  • his next affair was with a young man named Robert Carr, who impressed the king in 1607 by falling off a horse and breaking his leg. That sounds like the best meet-cute ever, but the two had met briefly in 1603, when Carr had attempted to become a page-boy for the royal coach, and the whole “oh shit, I’ve had an equine mishap and fractured my tibia” incident brought them together in true rom-com style. A courtier wrote that Carr was granted ‘all favours’, with the king ‘teaching him Latin every morning’, which is definitely a euphemism. Carr, like Stuart before him, was made a gentleman of the bedchamber, writing in a letter that Carr ‘deserved more trust and confidence of me than ever man did’. This didn’t last, though. In 1615, James wrote a letter accusing Carr - who was now the Earl of Somerset - of rebuking his advances, writing that Carr had been ‘withdrawing yourself from lying in my chamber, notwithstanding my many hundred times earnest soliciting you to the contrary’. Shortly afterwards, it emerged that Carr’s wife - who James had arranged for him to marry at Carr’s request - had poisoned Sir Thomas Overbury, who had disapproved of the marriage. Carr was also implicated, and apparently attempted to blackmail the king by threatening to reveal their relationship in court, although this may well be nothing but rumour. Carr and his wife were found guilty and sentenced to death, but after seven years’ imprisonment in the Tower of London, James ultimately pardoned them and sent them off to the country in disgrace. Also rude.

  • James’ most well-known affair was with George Villiers, who was a relatively poor and title-less man. He and James met in 1614 - which, you’ll notice, is around the time of James’ tiff with Robert Carr - and by 1615, Villiers had been made a knight, followed by the title of Duke of Buckingham in 1623. We know the most about James’ relationship with Villiers because several contemporary sources survive, including letters between the two men and satirical poems and statements written about them by their political detractors. For example, the poet Théophile de Viau wrote a poem in protest at Villiers’ dukedom:

    Apollo with his songs
    Debauched the young Hyacinthus,
    If Corridon fucks Amyntas,
    Caesar loved only boys.

    One man fucks the Baron of Bellegarde
    Another fucks the Count / Earl of Tonnerre.
    And this learned King of England,
    Did he not fuck the Duke of Buckingham?

    I have neither the status nor the rank
    Which makes a Marquis of a wench.
    And yet, you know I fuck
    As well as any Prince of royal blood.

    The original was in French, and definitely sounded 100% less immature. We also have many letters between James and Villiers, in which they address each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, as well as ‘sweet child’ and ‘dad’, which is honestly a bit creepy, but also somewhat homoerotic. For example, here is an example of some of the text from a letter written by James:

    I desire only to live in this world for your sake… I had rather live banished in any part of the Earth with you than live a sorrowful widow’s life without you… God bless you, my sweet child and wife, and grant that ye may ever be a comfort to your dear dad and husband.

    Kinky. Here’s another example:

    I naturally so love your person, and adore all your other parts, which are more than ever one man had, that were not only all your people but all the world besides set together on one side and you alone on the other, I should to obey and please you displease, nay, despise them all.

    Villiers also wrote in a letter ‘sir, all the way hither I entertained myself, your unworthy servant, with this dispute, whether you loved me now… better than at the time which I shall never forget at Farnham, where the bed’s head could not be found between the master and his dog’. Villiers and James were so close that Villiers was there in 1625 when James died of gout related illnesses, which really has to show something, because gout is unpleasant. James’ son, who became Charles I, also kept Villiers as a court favourite, but there’s no evidence that their relationship was anything other than mildly paternal. 

  • gossip at the time certainly supposed that James’ relationships with these male favourites were sexual. As in the case of the poem quoted above, many people believed that James was falling prey to lascivious men who wanted nothing more than to be granted favour, titles and wealth, and who knew that the best way to do this was to allow James to take them as lovers (and fuck them, according to most contemporary gossips). One account states ‘in wanton looks and wanton gestures they exceeded any part of womankind. The kissing them after so lascivious a mode in public and upon the theatre, as it were, of the world prompted many to imagine some things done in the tyring house that exceed my expression no less than they do my experience.’

    And this is where the whole thing gets a bit squiffy, actually, because all the evidence thus far certainly seems to relate to some naughty bedroom antics - and the evidence that the two were sexually involved really stacks up, especially when you consider that there was a secret tunnel linking their bedchambers at Apethorpe Hall - but the degree of their afternoon delight remains a mystery, because - 

  • James was vocally opposed to sodomy. He considered it as part of the specific list of ‘horrible crimes which ye are bound in conscience never to forgive’ as a king, singling it out as a crime that judges were never to pardon in any circumstance. However, it would be fallacious to accuse James of hypocrisy here, as many historians have done. The fact is that we don’t know that James would have been guilty of this perceived crime himself. In vocally opposing sodomy, he did not oppose any other form of sex act or relationship between men, so in theory, according to James, anything else goes. Given his reputation for piety (evidenced by THE GODDAMN KING JAMES BIBLE) it seems absolutely fair to assume that he was among those who have interpreted the Bible as being anti sodomy rather than anti homosexuality. This is further evidenced by his use of scripture to justify his relationships with men: 

    I, James, am neither a god nor an angel, but a man like any other. Therefore I act like a man and confess to loving those dear to me more than other men. You may be sure that I love the Earl of Buckingham more than anyone else, and more than you who are here assembled. I wish to speak in my own behalf and not to have it thought to be a defect, for Jesus Christ did the same, and therefore I cannot be blamed. Christ had John, and I have George.

    In other words, ‘men love each other IN THE BIBLE, they just don’t do things with their bottoms’. Which, when you think about it, is the kind of loophole that religious zealots are known for exploiting even today (’it doesn’t count as losing your virginity if it’s anal!’). So, the questions of whether or not James was overcompensating in his denouncement of sodomy or whether he truly believed that the Bible permitted same sex relationships within certain frameworks; whether he was sexually active with his male companions to any degree or whether he favoured a chaste bond devoid of sex (meaning that Villiers’ letters could be interpreted as a kind of sexual roleplay rather than a recounting of any particular sexual account) and whether or not he ever felt that his relationships with men were in any way juxtaposed or at odds with his religious convictions - all of this is open to conjecture.

So, tl;dr, the man who commissioned the translation of the Bible, which so many bigots and religious zealots now use to denounce homosexuality as a sin, used passages from that very Bible to justify and contextualise his own affairs with men. Awkward, Westboro Baptist Church. 

Rictor Norton, “Queen James and His Courtiers”, Gay History and Literature, 8 January 2000, updated 9 January 2012 <>
Bergeron, David M (1999). King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire. Iowa: University of Iowa Press. 
Crompton, Louis (2006). Homosexuality and Civilization. USA: Harvard University Press. - about the tunnel at Apethorpe Hall! See also:

my place is not deliberate

The odds of this ending well were horribly slim, he’d known, and yet, in classic Monty Montague style, he’d gone and done it anyway.

And by “it” he did mean “him” and by “him” he did of course mean Percy Newton.

Or, Monty Montague completely fails at having a casual relationship with his best friend and nearly ruins everything

read it on ao3

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The Cat and Dog Duo in Fiction (A Breakdown)


  • Pretentious, vain, emotionally-needy
  • Bossy, nominally in charge
  • Probably wants to either save the world or rule it (sometimes a bit of both)
  • Will assume the worst about you until the exact moment you start to flatter them
  • “No I did not just fall out of a tree what are you talking about”
  • Starts tracking nemesis while grocery shopping
  • Has woken the dog up in the middle of the night at least once to explain the newest Brilliant Plan or Grand Conspiracy Theory
  • Carefully-constructed image is dented: *begins melodramatic death scene*
  • “That’s a ridiculous idea,” the cat says, moments before implementing and taking credit for the idea, possibly without realizing it
  • Will cut and run at the first sign of trouble, but even the slightest hint of emotional infidelity from the dog character is Utter Treason
  • Terrible social skills; presents as an extravert but cannot maintain healthy relationships
  • Cat: I could function perfectly well on my own! // *Dog leaves or is otherwise unable to pick up the usual slack* // Cat:  o h   h e c k


  • Stable, calm, amiable
  • Tends to take the orders rather than give them, but (usually) not for lack of competence
  • Knows exactly what the world is like on the other side of the rose-colored glasses; chooses to enjoy life anyway
  • Will assume the best about you but don’t you dare prove them wrong
  • Provides subtly-snarky commentary that goes over the cat’s head
  • Starts grocery shopping while tracking nemesis
  • Needs to get more sleep; self-medicates with caffeinated beverages
  • Can be just as petty as the cat
  • Isn’t a natural manipulator but sometimes the cat makes it too easy
  • Loyal, but more comfortable keeping the cat at arm’s length than the other way around
  • Makes eleven accidental acquaintances in an afternoon
  • Has It All Together™ but is actually super stressed
it’s something we don’t do

“There is a dangerous glint in Monty’s eyes as he says: “How do you feel about boxing?”

Then: a whirlwind of activity that throws Percy’s thoughts clean from his mind, and, somehow, barely five minutes later, they’re in a coach on its way to Montparnasse.”

Paris, from Percy’s perspective


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Let’s talk about rarepairs... Mitsuhide/Torou

This just jumped into my head and wouldn’t let go. I only have, like, 5 seconds of canon material to work from, BUT I THINK I CAN MAKE THIS WORK. :3

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

The whole idea is sexy and hilarious. There would be so much clutching of pearls on Mitsuhide’s end and so much :3 :3 :3 on Torou’s end. Very vaudevillian straight man/funny man, but with some pretty clear muscle definition. Like, “clouds parting and angels singing ( @sabraeal ;) )” type muscle definition. 

Let’s analyze:

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Ever the Gentleman Part 2

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Eventual Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader is deaf until Tony Stark saves the day with his technology. This leads to one of Stark’s famous parties. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1845

Warnings: Embarrassment, Cliffhanger, Language


The brightness of the sunlight had awoken from your quite restful slumber as soon as it hit your face, momentarily blinding you for a second, streaming through your lilac curtains and you groaned loudly immediately remembering how hammered you got from Thor’s Asgardian liquor. How did I get here? you thought. The last thing you remembered Thor had broken a glass for the third time and decided to question your laughter every time.

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To bestow a gentleman - new Everlark fic coming soon

Hey, so this is a new Everlark fic that I’ll be posting this week if anyone’s interested, it’s loosely - and I mean very loosely - based off of a ‘A lord for Miss Larkin’. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the cover and summary. :)


Katniss believed it would be romantic to be loved by a nobleman until she closed the book that is. So one must never read the epilogue, because that’s when all the passion dwindles. But when her wealthy aunt Effie grants her a season to meet the eligible men of Panem, her choice may be further solidified when the first eligible man - peeta Mellark - lacking in pedigree, offers to bestow more that what a gentleman is to her. And perhaps with time he could show her that rather than enjoying reading a book for women like her, she could allow herself to write a book for children, maybe even her own? Maybe, even - with him?