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*Ayato and Yui skipping stones together at a lake*

Yui: It’s such a beautiful evening.

Ayato: *whispering* Take that, you fucking lake.

Whenever she saw him her eyes; they sparkled like glitters. She was ordinary but with him she was a masterpiece. And that is what love does to you, Love enlightens you, it makes you come alive, more active. Love makes you feel confident about yourself. It makes you love yourself when you hate every single detail of yours. And with her he was becoming a true gentleman. He loved the way she hugged her, he loved when her lips moved to wave out his name.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1163 // @devashrificent on Instagram

“If we are to catch the next train, we must tear ourselves away. Captain Hastings is going to treat me to dinner at the most excellent restaurant he has discovered which serves the Indian food. It is to this food that Captain Hastings attributes the improvements of his grey cells.”


I am awfully disgusted by your words.


READ IN 2016: Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

My beloved, I discharge you from any need for revenge. I have murdered enough for the both of us. When you have the spirits’ loyalty, learn, wait and survive. With the seven spirits by you, you will be the greatest magician the world has ever known. Your fame will spread across the nations of the earth; your name will be fragrant in the thirty-one worlds. Wield your power wisely and well-and live!

65 ways to be elegant
  1. Accept compliments gracefully.
  2. Always bring a gift to your host and/or hostess.
  3. Apologize sincerely.
  4. Appreciate the arts.
  5. Arrive on time.
  6. Be a lady or a gentleman at work.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Be positive.
  9. Be quietly self confident.
  10. Be respectful of others.
  11. Be well groomed.
  12. Be well read.
  13. Concern yourself with making others feel comfortable.
  14. Do small favors for others without expecting reciprocation.
  15. Don’t boast.
  16. Don’t complain.
  17. Don’t call attention to other’s mistakes, gossip, or speak ill of them.
  18. Don’t curse.
  19. Don’t overindulge.
  20. Dress appropriately for every occasion.
  21. Chew with your mouth closed.
  22. Express empathy.
  23. Express gratitude.
  24. Give thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones.
  25. Give others sincere compliments.
  26. Have a fabulous signature meal you serve guests.
  27. Have a signature perfume/cologne.
  28. Have impeccable manners. Say please and thank you.
  29. Have integrity.
  30. Host small dinner parties.
  31. Keep a journal.
  32. Keep your home clean and uncluttered.
  33. Keep your nails well manicured.
  34. Know thyself.
  35. Learn another language.
  36. Learn less is more.
  37. Learn proper etiquette for a variety of situations.
  38. Learn to dance.
  39. Learn to politely decline.
  40. Listen without interrupting.
  41. Maintain boundaries.
  42. Maintain a budget.
  43. Maintain good health.
  44. Move with grace.
  45. Open the door for others.
  46. Practice discretion.
  47. Practice good posture.
  48. Practice patience.
  49. Practice quality over quantity.
  50. Remember birthdays.
  51. Savor the moment.
  52. Send holiday and thank you cards and/or notes.
  53. Serve coffee or tea after meals.
  54. Show restraint in expressing anger.
  55. Sip your beverages. Never slurp or gulp.
  56. Speak eloquently.
  57. Speak softly, never yell or scream.
  58. Spend time outdoors.
  59. Take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness.
  60. Think before you act or speak.
  61. Turn your mobile off at the table.
  62. Understand your own worth.
  63. Wear dresses and/or suits more often, and on dates.
  64. Wear less makeup.
  65. Write a letter rather than send an email to those you love.

The Bridgertons are by far the most prolific family in the upper echelons of society. Such industriousness on the part of the viscountess and the late viscount is commendable, although one can find only banality in their choice of names for their children. Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth — orderliness is, of course, beneficial in all things, but one would think that intelligent parents would be able to keep their children straight without needing to alphabetize their names.

Furthermore, the sight of the viscountess and all eight of her children in one room is enough to make one fear one is seeing double — or triple — or worse. Never has This Author seen a collection of siblings so ludicrously alike in their physical regard. Although this Author has never taken the time to record eye color, all eight possess similar bone structure and the same thick, chestnut hair. One must pity the viscountess as she seeks advantageous marriages for her brood that she did not produce a single child of more fashionable coloring. Still, there are advantages to a family of such consistent looks — there can be no doubt that all eight are of legitimate parentage.

Ah, Gentle Reader, your devoted Author wishes that that were the case amid all large families…

Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers,
28 June 1813

Anthony Bridgerton ( Nikolaj Coster Waldau ), Benedict Bridgerton ( Patrick Dempsey), Colin Bridgerton ( Chris Pratt ), Daphne Bridgerton ( Emmy Rossum ), Eloise Bridgerton ( Alexis Bledel ), Francesca Bridgerton ( Felicity Jones ), Gregory Bridgerton ( Sam Claflin ), Hyacinth Bridgerton ( Emilia Clarke ).       


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