gentleman pack

Hello! I have recently found this product and discovered it works amazingly as a harness for STPs! It’s on an app called Cute (I know, not that manly but it works! It’s powered by the shopping app Wish). As you can see it is only $2 and I think it was either one or two dollars for shipping. Very very cheap! It takes about a month to arrive because it comes from China but it works wonderfully. It holds it in the perfect spot and feels like nothing’s there. I used to use jockstraps but found that they were very uncomfortable because of the leg straps because I’m a bigger guy, but this only has one strap. The material is very comfortable and stretchy so even a 42" waist will fit the large size. I highly recommend this harness.
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“ A Night to Remember” (Part 2)

 Heres the second part to the fan fiction I started because I kept having really fun dream with Jacob and Evie, this is the second part Following this one (

 Im keeping them in order in another blog I made (

Summary: You and Jacob have already known each other for about 3 months and both of you had become quite fond of each other. This time around your little adventure leaves more chaos and destruction than intended, but not so much by Jacob, but by you. (Theres some fluff) 

Act 2: The Thrill of the Chase

You and Jacob have known each other for about 3 months now, and by now you and him have become quite the unlikely duo, while you performed and worked at the theater you served as intelligence for him and his cause, in return you felt like you were helping the people of London, with the perks of seeing him regularly, of course. Some nights, he would randomly appear at your window, other nights he would wait for you on top of the theaters rooftop just as you finished work.

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