gentleman or jesus

The Three Times


Pair: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Fluff 

A/N: Here’s the x reader version 

The first time he sees her.

She’s new, obviously. He can sense that - the look in her eyes gave it away. She was strolling the halls mindlessly, clearly unsure of what she was looking for or what she was doing. He normally didn’t care much for new people but something about her caught his eye. Maybe it was the fact she was adorably short - reaching to his chin, or maybe it was her hair that she tried to cover with a baseball cap. He just couldn’t seem to stop staring.

Only when he sees that she’s staring back he uncomfortably shifts, trying to act like it never happened. Oh crap, is she walking towards him?

“Hi,” She says with an awkward smile.

“Hey,” He says back, just as awkwardly.

“I was looking for the music room and you look like the friendliest face here, care to show me?” He was already agasp, friendliest face? She was either blind or naive.

“Well, I wouldn’t say friendly…” He said as an attempt to de-awkward the situation. She smiled and for some reason it made him smile too.

“I have a different definition of friendly.” She replied, sassily.

“Sure, my name’s Jughead by the way.” He reached out to shake her hand and she took it.


Yep, definitely interesting.

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Girls, if you will learn to wait patiently and confidently for God to bring a Christlike man into your life, you will not be disappointed. And guys, learn to treat women like the Perfect Gentleman, Jesus Christ If you do, you will not only be promoted out of “jerk-hood,” but you will then be worthy of a beautiful princess of purity who is saving herself just for you.
—  Eric Ludy

anonymous asked:

Could you pretty please write a fic about Eren thinking something is happening between Mikasa and Armin. He sees then sneaking off together, Armin going in and out of her room, Armin holding Mikasas hand. He sees it all, it bothers him and he doesn't understand why, shouldn't he be happy for them. Instead he wants to yell at them, maybe punch Armin and cry. All that's really happening is Armin is asking Mikasa for advice on how to woo Annie and Armin listening to Mikasa talk about Eren.


Pairing: Very lightly implied if you have a microscope Eren/Mikasa; light mentions of Armin/Annie  || Rating: K  || Words: 872

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you for the request!! I always love me some Armin/Annie :3 Also, thank you to all who are sending me requests! Some are turning out to be longer than others, so please know I am definitely working on them :)

This is ridiculous. Wrong, and utterly ridiculous. He’s never minded business that wasn’t his own and has longed since learned to respect the privacy of others. But this - whatever it is between them - has left him confused, distracted, and preoccupied with thoughts and questions.

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You know Josh Hutcherson and Chris Martin have been pictured closer together than Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin ever have.

Save room for Jesus gentleman.

Underground Prizefighting AU

Victorian era England AU where Erwin is an ex-admiral from the Royal Navy (dishonorably discharged). Desperate for money, he turns to underground prizefighting, and because of his tactical prowess, is able to outsmart any opponent and becomes the bare-knuckle boxing champion. Nile, who works for the Scotland Yard, is an old friend of Erwin’s, and always makes sure he has a chance to ‘evade’ arrest.

However, after making a fool of one particularly vengeful opponent, he is attacked and ends up losing his right arm, so that he can never fight again. With no other options, Erwin decides to simply work in a shady pub run by his childhood friend, Mike. 

After a few weeks of working, he takes an interest in the seemingly mute customer who comes in every night, orders a cup of black tea (no cream, lots of sugar, Erwin remembers), then sits in the back corner of the bar, drinking his tea silently.

One day, when Erwin is coming into work after running errands for Mike, he comes across a fight in the alleyway. It’s the man from the pub, getting harassed by a few thugs. He watches as the man, cursing loudly in French, beats the absolute crap out of them, and leaves them bloody and beaten on the pavement. Erwin is amazed (imagine him doing his creepy yandere smile), and almost doesn’t see one of them aiming a gun at the man’s back. Erwin lunges forward and ends up single-handedly (literally) knocking the gun from his grasp and breaking his arm. By the time he plucks the revolver up off the ground, the mysterious man is gone. Erwin assumes that the man is French, and that he’s quiet because he doesn’t know English. 

Later, Erwin confronts the man at the pub, and the man thanks him, apparently aware that Erwin had saved his life. Erwin is sort of confused now, his theory about the man, who he quickly learns is named Levi, not knowing English now proved wrong. They continue to talk into the night, and Erwin learns that 1.) Levi is French, but speaks English just fine 2.) Levi fled to England after being accused of the murder of two children (Isabel and Farlan) at the orphanage he lived in, and 3.) he doesn’t talk because he generally dislikes everyone.

The two become fast friends, talking like this every night for weeks, until Erwin finally reveals to Levi an idea that would get some money in their pockets–to try their hands at underground boxing once more. Levi is tentative, but eventually agrees. They test their ability in the ring one night, and perform spectacularly; in a rush of adrenaline, the two return to the loft of the pub (where Erwin stays), and they fuck like mad. 

With Erwin’s tactical prowess and Levi’s expertise and lightning-fast reflexes, the two quickly become famous, and the duo become some of the most feared and respected men in the underground, and amass a small fortune to share between the two of them. They effectively become two gentleman badasses.

Best of Expensive Jacket Tour - results

Thank you to everyone who recorded and shared their videos and stories. It means so much to those of us who weren’t able to go! And thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word for this project! I’ve left the links for all videos that were nominated so people can go back and watch all of the best, not just the “winners.”

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