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Gentleman of Letters

The gentleman of letters is about sign painting in Dublin.

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Hi :) I rewatched p&p recently, and while I am planning on rereading the book soon, I was wondering if you could recommend me your favourite fics? Thanks!

yeS I CAN!!!!!!!! LETS DO THIS!! 

Thaw; 28k, Regency AU 

After an unfortunate mishap has forced Elizabeth Bennet to marry a certain haughty gentleman from Derbyshire, she writes letters to her sister Jane, trying to come to terms with her new role as a wife and the Mistress of Pemberley.

Duty and Honor; 22k, Regency AU 

Circumstances arise, preventing Elizabeth Bennet’s refusal of Mr. Collins’ proposal. With Elizabeth betrothed to a man she does not love, to what lengths will Darcy go to win her heart and her hand?

Horizontal Expression; 4k, Canon

A married Elizabeth tempts Darcy into reminiscing on an indiscretion that occurred during their engagement. One-shot. Rated M.

The Best of Intentions; 90k, Regency AU, wip

Elizabeth Bennet had often been called an excellent walker, and so she was; but even she would own that there was some small risk involved in taking such solitary walks.

Talk Any Louder; 36k, Regency AU 

Transparency proves dangerous when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy face life-changing consequences as a result of his defense of Lydia.

Hearing Light; 2k, Canon

The oft-told story of Elizabeth and Darcy’s first kiss, told again.

What’s In a Name?; 34k, Soulmate AU, wip

On your sixteenth birthday, a name appears on each wrist - one, the name of your soulmate, the other the name of your enemy.

also not sure if these count but here are two lizzie bennet diaries fics i rly like

Hold on to Your Heart; 23k 

“She bites at the ragged edge of her thumbnail and taps her foot against the restlessness that starts in her toes and works its way up to her heart at the thought.” Lizzie finds something she is not supposed to.

not practical but breakable; 7k

Will watches Lizzie’s videos. One-shot.

sorry for such a short list!!! im actually in the processed of reading p&p fic again and trying to find my favorites. hope u enjoy these!!! 

The Pennsylvania Gazette, Pittsburgh, May 11, 1769

If the Gentleman, who sent a Letter, under Cover to me, dated Bucks Counter, April 21, and signed, A Friend to all Mankind, will apply to me in Person, I am impowered to give him all the Satisfaction he can desire. - Thomas Gordon.

Let's Raise A Little Hell: Sirius Black x Sister!Reader

If you had to explain the relationship between Y/N Black and her brother, Regulus, you would say that the two didn’t like each other very much. Simple as that. But her relationship with her older brother, Sirius? You would have three different perspectives.

  If you saw them down the corridor you would think they don’t know each other; they passed each other like strangers, not sparing a glance in the others’ way, eyes cold, face expressionless.

  If you knew them a bit you would say they absolutely hated each other, no second thoughts. The way they would glare at the person that brought them up and immediately change the conversation, the way they would burn holes in each others’ heads in the great hall, and oh boy, if looks could kill, they’d be dead before you could say ‘mudblood’.

  But if you truly knew them, you would say that despite the cold, hard glares and their long, dramatic monologues about why they hate each other, they love each other. It wasn’t that hard to notice, really, people just overlook the signs. Like when they overlooked the fact that the student that called Sirius a ‘blood traitor’ in fourth year was found in an empty classroom, hit with every jinx imaginable or just like when they overlooked that the Slytherin that broke Y/N’s heart in fifth year was at the hospital wing for over a week with a lot more than just a broken nose.

  And while they would never admit it out loud, the Black siblings cared deeply for each other and some stupid house rivalry was definitely not enough to break their immediate impulse to protect each other. Not that they would let the other know. No, they were both too stubborn for that. But there comes a time when you need to swallow your pride and when Y/N received the letter from her mother, Walburga, she instantly got up and headed towards the Gryffindor table, looking for a certain pair of icy, grey eyes.

  It was a Monday morning in Sirius’ seventh year at Hogwarts, a year since he had run away from the house that was anything but a home to him. He was currently sited at the Gryffindor table, next to James and opposite of Remus, while both him and James were trying to convince Remus to let them copy his Transfiguration homework which was due in ten minutes. They were trying, and failing. Miserably.

  “Come on, Moony. Please! Have mercy! Minnie is going to kill us if we don’t hand in our assignment again!” tried James with a pleading look in his eyes, which was met with a glare from the amber eyed boy.

  “I told you, several times, to finish the bloody assignment instead of trying to find a way to impress Lily, Prongs! You made that decision, so no, I won’t stop McGonagall from transfiguring your asses into newts!” said Remus angrily before turning back to his book.

  “I’ll do anything!” said Sirius exasperatly. “I’ll buy your chocolate supply for the next month! I’ll do your laundry for you! I’ll stop stealing your sweate-” Sirius was cut absurdly by James, who was shaking his shoulder. Sirius was about to ask him what the bloody hell had gotten his wand in a twist but remained silent when he saw what James was looking at.

  Less than ten feet away was his sister rushing towards him with an unmistakable look of terror on her face. Sirius instantaneously searched her face, trying to spot the source of panic before he saw the letter on your trembling hand. The moment she got there he changed his face, making the cold look hard to miss from a mile away.

  There was an awkward pause between them, and James exchanged a look with Remus while the Black siblings held a starring competition unconsciously. “Umm..” started Y/N hesitantly, with a trembling voice, “Sirius could I have a moment, please?”

  By then, the tension had gotten so thick that you could probably cut through it with a knife. Sirius looked uncertainty around him for a moment before turning to look Y/N. 

  “Just a moment.” he said, making it clear that he meant business. He got up from the table and told the others to go without him before setting off to a spare classroom, Y/N in tow.

  Walking into the classroom, he held the door open and waited for Y/N to walk through before closing the door and turning, looking at her expectedly.

  “Well…. I really need your help with something and….” she stoped there, taking a deep breath and controlling her shaking voice before continuing “…and I was really hoping that you would. Help me, that is.”

  Sirius looked at her weirdly, not understanding where this was going. “What could you possibly need help with from me?” he thought out loud. “I need you to help me run away from home.” To say that Sirius was shocked was an understatement. He didn’t really know what he was expecting, but that was certainly not it.

  “I don’t know if I heard correctly, but it sounded to me like you want to run away from home.” He said uncertainty.

  “You’ve heard correct. I do wanna run away from home. There’s no chance in hell that I’m marrying Malfoy!” She said, suddenly feeling anger bubble up inside her. What were her parents thinking? Did they really not care, wanting their only daughter to be stuck with someone as awful as Malfoy? She might have accepted other things but this, this is where she crosses the line.

  At this Sirius’s expression turned to one of anger, why is she talking about marrying that git, Malfoy? “What are you talking about?” He asked with more pressing tone than he thought.

  “Mother dearest send an owl this morning saying that I’m to marry Lucius Malfoy when we leave Hogwarts this year!” Y/N was now sure that she had started turning red as the anger and frustration she has felt all those years has started to pile up, making it impossible to keep in.


  “Here, see for yourself.” She all shoved the letter in his hands, waiting impatiently as he started reading.

Dear Y/N,

As you’re well aware, you’re graduating Hogwarts soon, meaning that the time to start planning your future has come. And an opportunity has crossed my path that I cannot refuse. I talked to the Malfoys and we decided that at the end of this year you are to marry Lucius Malfoy. At last the Black and Malfoy bloodlines will emerge. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this arrangement. I will send you a letter this evening with more details about this wonderful event. Till then, you should go talk to Lucius, get to know each other a bit. From what your cousin, Narcissa, has told me he is a real gentleman.

  He read the letter about five times before the words started sinking in. When he left he never thought about what would happen to Y/N, he was being selfish and this was all his fault.

  “You’re coming with me.” Said Sirius finally, with a determined look, his tone making clear there was no time for discussion. There was no way that he was letting his sister get anywhere near that git. But Y/N was done being bossed around, and when she heard that, she lost it.

  “You know what?! Fuck it! I’ll do it myself! I actually came to you thinking that you would help me, not boss me around! I’m so sick of people telling me what to do! No, I will NOT marry Lucius Malfoy and NO I will NOT join you and the rest of your little adventure club! I will decide what I will do because contrary to popular belief, I am NOT an object, so stop treating me like one!” she was fuming by the last sentence, and she was pretty certain that the whole castle heard her. But she didn’t care at the moment because all she wanted-

  Her thoughts came to a stop absurdly as Sirius tackled her into a hug, the first real hug she has had since they were kids, and she can’t help but melt into it, feeling her anger slowly leaving her body. And so she finally lets everything out, every emotion she has. She can feel her shoulder getting wet, and she knows that he’s crying too, and so they stay like that, holding each other until there were no tears left, holding each other for all the times that they didn’t, holding each other for dear life.

  And at that moment, it didn’t seem so bad anymore. The silence that once drowned her, was comforting her, as sun rays crept in behind the blinds, making the dull room come alive. And in that moment she knew; it was gonna be ok. They were gonna be ok. All she had to do was raise a little hell first.

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Gentleman Rabbit with Letter (circa 1890-93). Beatrix Potter (English, 1866-1943). Watercolor. Courtesy of Sotheby’s.

The rabbit is not the famed Peter Rabbit that Potter is most recognized for, but an unnamed rabbit wearing a tail-coat, waistcoat, staff, and hat. While this was unpublished at the time it was created, the Beatrix Potter Society did reproduce it at a later date. Potter is the beloved author of many children’s books including “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, which stars her most famous character.

Do No Harm - Chapter 1

The assassin known as Widowmaker is finally going on trial for her crimes. Dr. Angela Ziegler has just finished up her latest humanitarian mission. All is right with the world. It would be a shame if someone were to hack their way into Mercy’s evening and dredge up one of the many secrets from her past…

Do No Harm - Chapter 1:  I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art

5124 Words

Read it on AO3!

The shower had been amazing, but the bed–the bed was something else entirely. A real bed. A real hotel. Room service even. It’s easy to forget these things exist when you’ve spent the last few months sleeping in tents and bathing with wet naps.

But she deserved this cascade of little luxuries. Another mission complete. Hundreds more lives saved. Her legacy preserved, yet again. She had promised and she had delivered.

And you wouldn’t know it, but Angela Ziegler could power through a hotel minibar like no one’s business. She was clean and comfy. She was an exhausted angel on a cloud of soft hotel linens making a champagne toast to herself, straight from the tiny bottle she found in the mini fridge. So what was she to do, to celebrate her first free moment in months? To settle into the relief of a moment between gushing war wounds and the screams of the dying?

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my friends are correcting themselves when they mess up my pronouns which is starting to become rare; they are getting really good with using my pronouns. They also are using my prefered name too. i also went to a soup kitchen today and helped out and met a lot of really great people and I cant wait to go back and see them again and listen to their stories. this one gentleman showed me this love letter he wrote and it gave me chills it was so beautiful. humans are beautiful and I wish i coud listen to everyone’s story

today was a very great day

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to fire off an angry letter right away. Let ‘em know what’s coming with this massive, eight-and-a-half-inch stamp that says “FUCK YOU, ANGRY LETTER TO FOLLOW”. It’s important that you send their own paper back to them with a stamp on it that sends the message “I got a long line of assholes to write to, and you’re at the bottom of the list”. This thing is huge! I use a regular ink pad to ink it, but a roller would work even better. Not available anywhere else at any price! Rubber with wooden handle.

Massive Fuck You Stamp At Accoutrement For The Gentleman