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A Chat with Mr. Alton Brown...

  Some people only seem to know Alton Brown as a food guru, famously from the Food Network.  Mr. Brown is a huge part of the Food Network’s success, as he hosts a multitude of shows and has an incredible following.  Personally, I know Alton Brown for his demeanor and style – he has become my personal “Style Icon”.     Alton Brown is much more complex than his ability in the kitchen, and most people understand that.  What most be people miss (well they’re missing it less…) is Alton’s impeccable taste for quality and elegance when it comes to his wardrobe.   Mr. Alton Brown, I found out, is more complex than I could have imagined and that is a wonderful thing.  Find out more about Alton’s sartorial mind-set for a minute and learn about the man outside of the kitchen…   _________________________________________________________   How would you describe your own style? Elegantly shabby…or maybe shabbily elegant.    

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imagine Steve realizing for the first time that he's in love with Sam

There were more than a few things that the Avengers knew about Steve Rogers. He loved bad puns; he took his coffee black but with a sickening amount of sugar; he really hated Ross from the show Friends; and he was an absolute gentleman about sharing food… except when it came to donuts. Specifically, Krispy Kreme donuts. Sure, he’d murmur politely that someone else could have the last one, but the mournful way that he’d look at the lone pastry made it obvious that he really, really wanted them to let him at it. It became habit to just push the box in Steve’s direction when there were a couple left. It saved them the trouble of watching him squirm, honestly.

Today was a Monday. Avengers or not, they still hated Mondays because Mondays a) sucked, and b) meant the weekly briefing. The only upside was that Tony insisted on the world’s best coffee being present (Clint said that Folger’s was better, but they aggressively ignored that) and, of course, some boxes of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts.

Fury was currently gesturing at a hologram with his free hand (the other was occupied by his huge WORLD’S BEST DAD mug) as he informed Natasha that, sure, this time garroting the gas station attendant had turned out to be the right call, but that she had probably traumatized the cashier and caused more cleanup than was strictly necessary.

“She’s a cashier at a gas station, she’s seen worse,” Natasha mumbled around a mouthful of donut. Scott, who required almost as much coffee as Clint to function, grunted in agreement. Steve was only half-listening (Tony wasn’t listening at all; he was showing Rhodes new schematics on his phone. Or maybe kitten videos, based on the soppy looks on their faces.) He was waiting on tenterhooks for the last few donuts to come his way and… yes!

Steve subtly peeked inside the box to see how many were left for him today. Four! Nice. He smiled to himself as he closed the box and pulled it closer to his chest, but Fury cut off mid-sentence.



“You sick?”

“I’m fine, Director,” Steve replied. He was perplexed; he felt more than fine. He felt great!

Natasha reached over to feel his forehead and he leaned out of range, making a face.
“What’s the big idea?” He heard Bruce stir from his chair. He was usually dead asleep for the first 30 or so minutes of Monday briefings, and no one was about to startle him awake.

“No offense, Steve,” he said sleepily, “but you usually inhale those donuts.”

Steve felt the tips of his ears go a little warm. “I – what? I don’t!”

“You do, Cap. It’s a little hard to watch,” Tony said without looking away from his phone. Rhodes just grimaced, deciding not to get involved in this one.

“Nat?” Steve said, pleading. She looked thoughtful for a minute before replying.

“Have you ever seen the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, Steve?”

“Gotta add that one to the list,” Sam Wilson said as he hurried into the room and flopped into the waiting chair beside Steve. He inclined his head apologetically to Fury and the others. “Sorry, sorry, I know I’m late as hell. Slept through my alarm, and then traffic–”

“Here, Sam,” Steve said, pushing the donut box towards his friend. Sam’s face lit up as he opened it and saw the pastries inside, and Steve felt like he was lying in a warm patch of sunlight when he saw Sam’s soft smile. The sound he made when he bit into a donut elicited a… different kind of feeling in Steve, but that was to deal with later. Mutters broke out around the table.

“Oh my god.”

“That makes total sense.”

“Yeah, okay. Shoulda seen that one coming.”

“Wha?” Sam asked, nonplussed. Everyone was staring at him and Steve.

“Wilson, he saved the last donuts for you,” Natasha said slowly. Steve felt his face heat up. Had he been that obvious?

“That’s… nice of him? Thanks, man,” Sam said, clearly nonplussed. Steve cleared his throat and nodded, wondering if it was a good or bad thing that Sam seemed oblivious to what Steve had been not-so-subtly trying to say. Via donuts.

“If we can get back to the point,” Fury snapped. He brought up the next screen, a looping video of Cap diving in front of the Falcon to protect him from a spray of bullets that Sam could have easily deflected.
“I don’t even know where to start with this shit, Rogers.”

Steve stoically listened to Fury lambasting him for being an idiot in the field, but about 5 minutes into the tirade… he felt a hand on his arm. Sam turned his head slightly, and his usual jovial smirk was a little more knowing somehow.

“Wanna split the last donut with me?” he whispered, pushing the box towards Steve. Steve knew the look of utter adoration on his face was probably visible from space, but he couldn’t help himself. He loved watching the sun rise, he loved Krispy Kreme donuts more than was probably healthy, and he damn well loved Sam Wilson.

Yo, I’m the guy who was recently punched by a shoplifter, submitted a few more things as well
When ever I am the costumer…I admit I go on auto, so maybe a few pleases and thank yous slip by unsaid, but I always say thank you very much etc when I leave, and try not to be too shitty, I just auto my way through shopping because urgh people xD
When something goes wrong I understand, I assure them I’m okay with waiting etc,
I try to be not a great customer but at least a good customer.

A while back me and my girlfriend went on our first date (LDR) and we went to a nice resturant, and the server, although I wont say he was the best server ever to exist, thats stupid standard to hold anyone to, he was a lovely gentleman, and the food was lovely
So time comes to pay and I am worried about tip…I pay by card and I dont know if I can add a tip to a card payment (this is my first time I personally have paid at a restaurant) I am relieved to see gratuity added to the bill
So I pay and afterwards I ask to speak to the manager…and when she arrives I tell her how lovely everything was and how nice our server was and how good the food was, she was so relieved

Now…I’m not gonna lie I did that partially to impress my girlfriend…but I hope it made my servers night slightly better :D

TL;DR Be nice to your server and chef, and compliment them to the manager, it apparently impresses ladies :D

D...Did you just make that noise?

A/N: anon request, Sorry this took so long. Work has been a little hectic. I kind of wonder if this could become something bigger if given the time.

You had been busy with your thesis for at least the last two weeks. Harry had been a patient gentleman. He’d gotten you junk food when you were depressed about the direction of your paper and he’d gotten you smoothies when it was starting to look good again. He’d indulged your lack of sociability and let you shut yourself in his office to get work down. You didn’t realize it until the end of the third week neared. You hadn’t had sex in almost three weeks.

Harry knocked on the door of the office and stuck his head in. You looked up from your laptop and smiled, which he took as an invitation to enter.

“Hey babe, how’s the writing going?” he asked as he approached and sat on the desk.

“Pretty good, just refining my conclusion,” you stretched your arms up and started massaging at your neck. All of the bad posture was taking its toll.

Harry slides off the desk and circles behind you and starts massaging your shoulders.

“You should take a break, babe” he coos. “Just a couple minutes. You’ve been working so hard.”

The strength of his fingers had you almost convinced.

“Mhmm, right there,” you moaned closing your eyes and rolling your head back.

“Babe, let me help you relax,” he whispered. “It’s been a while, could use a little wind down…”

You let him spin the chair around to face him. He quickly began work on your sweats and undies pulling them down and off. Your “borrowed” Stones shirt was next. He admired the view for a moment before he snapped back in to action. He kissed up your exposed thighs, kindly not noting that you hadn’t shaved in a few days. He prised your legs apart and pressed hot, wet kiss across your pubic bone. He intentionally avoided your clit and that only served to stoke the fire in your belly. Your fingers found their way into his curls and attempted to direct him. He pulled away and tutted you before you released the pressure.

His teasing, playing, pressing and flicking have you so worked up you don’t even realize releasing a high-pitched keening whine. A sound like a frightened guinea pig might make. Harry is so startled he stops which pulls you from the daze.

“D…Did you just make that noise?” he stutters.

“Mmm… must’ve..”you mumble. “Feels so good, Haz…” You fingers wind back into his hair and steer him. This time he lets you steer him as he chuckles against your pubic bone before starting again.

This man could sure work wonders with his mouth.

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(I apologize in advance if my facts aren't straight!!!) Since jobs in the world of "Gentlementown" are based off of magazine-style attractiveness,what do you think your job would be? ALSO I LOVE YOUR ART AND YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE-OK,BYE~~~~!!!!*scurries out the door*

I would probably be at the bottom of the gentleman food chain.. so a waiter.. or a janitor haha. Also thank you! 

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first proper date with h after being best friends for ages and he insists on taking you out for dinner like a normal date. it's bit awkward and they're all clumsy and shy around each other because they're so happy that they're finally together. xx

You had known Harry for a while now. You had met through mutual friends and you both instantly clicked. You had the same sense of humor, liked each other’s music tastes, and loved each other’s company. You had been nothing more than friends ever since you met, but you always had a crush on Harry. When he finally revealed that he felt the same, the natural thing was for the two of you to go on a date.

 “Would you want to maybe go out for dinner sometime? You know, like a proper date?” Harry asked nervously. You smile back at him, “I would love to.” He grins. “but what would I wear?” you ask. He furrows his brow for a split second, “just whatever you would wear on a normal date, I guess.” he replies. “I hardly consider this to be a normal date, Mr. Styles, but I accept.” you smile at him widely. 


“Wow. You look incredible” Harry gawks at you when you open the door on the evening of your date. “Well thank you very much” you giggle at him. You chose a semi casual black dress with not-so-casual heels.  “you ready?” he asks, holding out his hand. Cautiously you take it, not yet used to date mode Harry. He opens your door to the car like a gentleman, helping you climb in. 

The car ride to the restaurant was full of awkward tension. Harry helped you get out of the car and took your hand again (which you still needed to get used to)  to lead you to the door. You were shown to a cozy, dimly lit table in the corner of a semi fancy, very date-worthy restaurant. Of course, Harry pulled out your chair for you before taking his own seat. Even in this new situation, he’s still a gentleman. After ordering food, the two of you sat in silence for a while, not sure what to talk about. Normally, you wouldn’t stop talking to each other, but this new environment was different to both of you. “This is weird” you finally blurted out. Harry looked up from nervously eating the complimentary bread and laughed “yeah i guess it is a little.” “A little? We have barely spoken this whole evening and I once made water come out your nose from laughing so hard.”  “Not quite sure why you’re bringin that up, love” harry giggled. You laughed with him, easing the tension by a fraction. “I’m not quite sure what to say to you, if Im honest” Harry admits seriously. “I was quite nervous for tonight.” “I was too.” you say shyly. You take both his hands in yours, “I’m just happy to be with you. I’ve wanted this for a while.” you smile at him reassuringly. “Me too” he whispers back to you with a grin on his face. 

The two of you talk and laugh all throughout dinner, getting used to the new dynamic. “Hey. I’m having a great time” Harry looks at you with a smile that glows from the dim lighting. You smile back at him. “So, do you kiss on the first date?” he asks playfully. “We’ll see, Styles. We’ll see…” 


Behind the Scenes – 24

Black Boxes

PAIRING: Jim Moriarty/Reader


SUMMARY: You celebrate your birthday with your boyfriend and he showers you with gifts.

Originally posted by cecycarstairs

“Honey, I’m home!” you heard a voice sing as the front door slammed shut.

A smile instantly spread across your face, he promised he’d be back before lunch and he was. Your boyfriend didn’t have the most flexible schedule but he made a promise and as always he kept it. It was your birthday after all. You had wanted to spend the whole day with him but you knew what would happen if he didn’t answer the call and run into ‘work’.

You craned your neck to see if you could see him yet as you heard him start down the hall, swearing you could hear him skip. He was always so cheery, it was what you loved most about him. Well, that and his accent . His Irish drawl was an aphrodisiac, it sounded like liquid sex and he knew it.

He walked into the living room clad in a Westwood suit, brandishing a gift bag in each hand. Jim Moriarty knew how to dress and boy, did he dress well. You knew that one of his presents would be a dress for you, it always was. But what designer? You insisted that designer clothes weren’t necessary, that designer dresses were overrated, but he knew you were lying. He knew how much you loved to be spoilt, which was good considering he loved spoiling you. He loved seeing your face light up when he bought you something you adored.

“Jim Moriarty, what time do you call this?” you scolded, still wearing your smile.

“I wouldn’t know darling, I was too busy picking a few things for this girl I know” he replied.

“Really? She sounds interesting, tell me about her”

“Well, she is drop dead gorgeous, I mean wow. She’s pretty smart too, and she knows just how to make me smile. Did I mention she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen?” He said, looking into your eyes.

“Hmm, I don’t know, what makes her so great?” you teased.

“She can deal with all my fabulous bullshit. She is hilarious, but not as funny as me. And are you sure I didn’t mention that she’s absolutely breathtaking?” He smiled and winked as he said the last sentence.

“What’s her name?” You asked him, teasing him once more.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. Beautiful isn’t it?” He said, leaning close for a kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to you, his soft lips crashing onto yours.

You pulled away and said,

“Flirtings over Daddy, I’ve had enough now!” mimicking his sing song voice whilst saying a phrase he’d so often said to you.

He pulled his face into a pout and his puppy eyes got even bigger and you got lost in his eyes all over again.

“Fine, here are your presents” he said, continuing to pout and handing you a red bag with matching tissue paper sticking out over the top.

You began to pull out the tissue paper until you reached the bottom, which wasn’t long considering the bag was quite small. You pulled out a parcel wrapped in red wrapping paper with a gold ribbon. You pulled the ribbon off the parcel and began to carefully open the present. It was a beautiful F/C dress.

“Try it on” said a familiar Irish voice.

You stood up, turned and began to undress, wiggling your ass to make sure your boyfriend was paying attention. You stepped into the floor length dress and pulled it up.

“Can you do it up?” You asked.

“Do I have to? You know, I really think you look better without it.”

“Maybe later”

He pulled the zip up, planting one hand firmly above your ass in the small of your back. You turned around, the dress flowing and hugging your curves.

“Definitely later if you plan on looking that good in this dress” he smirked at you.

“I take it we’re going somewhere then?” you smiled at him

“Only the best for my favourite girl” he flirted, handing you the other bag he had in his hand.

You took it and peeked inside, there was a long black box. You opened it and saw a diamond necklace with a J and a Y/F/I on. It was beautiful and it perfectly complemented your dress.

“Now go and get ready darling, we’re going out soon.” Jim flirted, kissing you softly.

“How soon?” you whispered, biting his lower lip.

“Well” he teased.

“Jim, do not fuck around” you whispered in his ear

“I do not fuck around”, he said pulling away with an exaggerated look of shock on his face, he leaned in close and said, “I only fuck you”

You giggled as he picked you up and carried you into your bedroom.


You stepped out of the car, Jim holding the door for you and closing it behind you. He offered you his hand but you chose to hold his arm instead, his dark Westwood suit making your new dress look even more stunning in the soft evening light.

“So, do you plan on telling me where we’re going to eat then?” you asked, looking into his perfect eyes.

“I thought you already had” He teased, grinning.

You playfully punched his shoulder and laughed “Jim!”

He started laughing with you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He may be a harsh consulting criminal, who threatens people for a living but with you he was like a fluffy bunny. Always joking, and laughing and in love . He pulled you close and quickly kissed you.

Then, without warning, he took your hand and pulled you into a lavish restaurant. It was amazing and you could see why he had bought you the dress (not that you didn’t own anything that wouldn’t fit in, he just felt that a new restaurant required a new dress). The waiter didn’t even ask your name, he knew who you were so you figured that Jim had probably sent Sebastian ahead to let them know you were coming next.

The waiter led you to a table and Jim pulled your chair out for you before sitting down himself, he was a proper gentleman. You ordered your food and a bottle of wine to share with him. When the waiter flirted with you as he poured the wine, Jim’s eyes turned to stone and you knew that if looks could kill, the waiter would be dead. Jim’s grip on your hand tightened. He was jealous. He was being protective.

“You can go now” he said, his voice sounding as though it was a knife cutting through the air.

The waiter fled from the table almost instantly and you could’ve sworn you heard Jim mumble “Mine”.

You placed your other hand on his, forcing him to look at you. You looked into his eyes and saw his face instantly soften. He didn’t think that anyone but him should be able to flirt with you  and live. You always found him so cute when he was jealous. After all, you were the only one who could calm him so quickly.

He pulled his hands away from yours and stood up. What was he doing? You saw him pull a small black box from his jacket pocket and begin to kneel on the floor. He opened the box to reveal a diamond ring that matched your necklace and said

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are beautiful and kind, and funny and you are perfect in every way. You are the only one who can make my heart pound and flutter the way it does around you. Will you marry me?”

You were shocked and overjoyed and didn’t know whether to cry or smile or what to do.

“Y/N? I’m going to need answer, this suit’s a Westwood and it’s touching the floor-”

“Yes! Of course I will!” you interrupted him and pulled him up to kiss you.


You stumbled through the door, laughing whilst your boyfriend, now fiance whispered in your ear while kissing your neck.

“Happy Birthday, Mrs Moriarty” he whispered in your ear while picking you up.

“My birthday’s not over yet” you laughed.

“Suddenly I’m Mr Sex,” he laughed, bending to kiss you once more.