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I figured I’d gather up as many of his selfies as I could and put them in a big post to try and counter some of the recent Zhou Mi hate I’ve been seeing. I’m sorry if any have been repeated, I save a lot of this guys selfies so I could well have saved the same one twice somewhere along the lines. 

I think Mimi is the most beautiful man in the world, and not just because of his looks. His beauty is added by his personality. He is just such a kind, warm hearted angel, who would do anything for his friends, family, members, fans and would even be kind to a stranger. Hell he would be kind to a fly. He has so much love he gives to the world and his smile is the most beautiful, bright ray of sunshine. 

Although Zhou Mi never seems affected by the hate he gets, he is. He’s a human of course he is, but he never stops smiling for the fans, he never stops smiling even when ‘only 13′ is being chanted he (and Henry) both stay so strong about it and I admire both of them so much for that. 

I know that seeing as Zhou Mi is my ultimate bias (yes, Wookie is also my ultimate bias- I have two ultimate biases), this may seem obvious coming from me- like ‘of course this guy is the most beautiful man in the world to you, he’s your ultimate bias’. But I’m not saying this from the point of view of a fan, I’m simply saying this from the point of view of a person who can recognise a good person when they see one. Zhou Mi deserves the world and more, and I don’t care if anyone unfollows me for supporting him and Henry as much as any other member of Super Junior. Yes, they’re not ‘official Super Junior members’, but they’re officially Super Junior-M members, which makes them just as important. They put their all into the group and both work so hard. So I don’t care if any of the ‘only 13′ supporters unfollow me. In fact- please do unfollow me if you don’t support Zhou Mi and Henry because I reblog a hell of a lot of them and I will continue doing so. 

Please don’t put me down for doing this just for Zhou Mi and not for Henry- this took a while to do, and Zhou Mi is my UB so naturally I’d want to do this for him. I love and support Henry as a valid Super Junior member just as I do with any other members, and Henry is high on my bias list, however I have also been seeing more hate solely on Zhou Mi than I would like to recently so with that factor and also the fact he is my UB, that is why I chose to do this post for him. Also, this guy posts loads of selfies for us, and all of which are beautiful, so we should spread the beauty around hehe.

Basically, one of the things that always makes me smile when I need cheering up is Zhou Mi’s selfies. When I can’t listen to his music or watch his videos at the time I always go to his selfies, which is why I put together 100 of them today. I hope you all enjoy looking at the beauty that is Zhou Mi ^-^

Happy Birthday to our dashing, kind, golden voiced, lanky Gentleman Mimi!

You are perhaps the most positive man I have ever seen, always having a smile on your face regardless of the circumstances; you’ve faced off against people who have pushed you down for things you can’t control and come back brighter, stronger and far better than anyone could have imagined. I hope you never feel sadness about the remaining few haters who have yet to open up their hearts to you because I have, your members have and so has the majority of the world.

I see you and I see someone who has no limits to how much he loves the world; and in this, you are so much better than I will ever be. You are the person that I will forever call precious.

So Happy Birthday Zhou Mi; if I ever become half the person that you are and have achieved half the things that you’ve done, managed to love half the things that you do, I’ll be content.

And just remember that you are a part of Super Junior in everything but name. We love you. 生日快樂!

Mimi Appreciation Post

You Only 13 people better look away now…wait, no! LOOK. REALISE THIS MAN’S GODLINESS.

(my personal favourite ^)

His legs are godly…and that smile just makes me melt. He’s pretty much perfect, yeah. ELF need to learn to accept him and Henry…

And yes, I talk in my tags.

- Admin ED