gentleman flash

Vancouver To Texas

Summary: Y/N is a flight attendant on J2′s plane

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1434

Warning: None

A/N: I wrote this on possibly the worst flight of my life on my phone. Beta by the lovely @jpadjackles  and aesthetic by @babypieandwhiskey

You’ve been a flight attendant for the past five years and it’s the best job you’ve ever had. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You get to travel the world and get paid to do it! All you have to do is serve your passengers some food and drinks, easy enough.

This was your last flight of the day, a nonstop flight from Vancouver to Texas. You were on this route often and always loved it. When you had a few days off you would stay in Texas for a few days or in Vancouver if that was your last flight. They were two beautiful areas, each unique.

Today you had a pretty empty flight so it was going to be easy. Especially since you spotted a very attractive green-eyed man. When he was getting on the plane you made eye contact with the gentleman and he flashed you a smile that could have melted you into a puddle. He turned and took the front seat that was right next to your jump seat. How were you going to concentrate on this flight!? A very tall man sat in the seat next to him and as he sat down he elbowed his green-eyed friend and snickered.

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1939: “Welcome to Britain. I hope you will be very happy here.”

2016: “That one’s got fucking STUBBLE, look! Throw them out! BURN THEM!”

As we begin our journey into the glorious land of Iris/Barry and get nearer and nearer to the inevitable fic, I feel like we all need a reminder of the realities of speedsters. Particularly ones who are known for their uh vibrational abilities…

No, don’t thank me. I’m just here to help you with your porn.

Cold Coffee // N.M.
melissamendesss requested:
Can I have a Nate imagine where I’m sitting down at a park and I’m reading and he comes w/ coffee bc its cold and then he asks to sit next to me and then he asks me out on a date *I’m 4 years younger*? Then I tell him my age but he still wants to go out with me

I never was one to be bothered by the cold, and even on this particularly colder afternoon, I couldn’t find the willpower to put this book down and go some place warmer. The story was just getting to the good part; I couldn’t focus on anything else even if I wanted to. My eyes scanned rapidly down the pages whilst I struggled to keep my hands from shaking from anticipation and the cold, and before I knew it, I had reached the end of the chapter.

“Wow,” I mumbled to myself, taking a break from the book to rub my hands together. It was then that I realized a handful of people had come to the park since I first arrived and that I was no longer in a quiet atmosphere. Nonetheless, I picked my book back up and flipped to the page I was on, determined to finish the whole thing today.

“Excuse me?” An unfamiliar voice spoke up before I could even find my page. I looked up and squinted into the sunlight, making out the face of a boy who looked a few years older than me. “Mind if I sit with you? There aren’t any other benches available.” Skeptical of his intentions, I looked around, but was surprised to see that he was telling the truth. I guess everyone wanted to be at the park today. So, I nodded and moved my stuff onto my lap to make room for him. “Thank you.” He flashed a grateful smile, revealing the large dimples on his face.

“No problem,” I hummed, going straight back to my book. Instead of being able to continue reading, however, the stranger spoke up again.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, griiffins!


Here we go again

I kinda wanna be more than friends

So take it easy on me

I’m afraid you’re never satisfied

“I need to tell you something,” he says, unwillingly pulling his swollen lips away from hers and earning a moan from her. His eyes are still closed, but he can sense the quizzical look she is giving him from underneath. After all, not every day your booty call interrupts a fiery make-out session for chitchat. But ever since at the coffeehouse Bellamy watched Clarke pretend to be a 19th century gentleman with a flashing grin after she realized she had a foam moustache, he has been bottling up the ache in his chest, and he is sure he will bloat and float off like Marge Dursley if he keeps it in longer. “And you’re going to freak out.”

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