gentleman burglar

Our most beloved, 500-some masters,

It’s a peculiar experience to arrive at a place you never charted for yourself. Sometimes the experience leaves you lost and wanting. At others, it leaves you invigorated.

We are absolutely astonished that all of you have come here to partake in the twaddle of Arsène Lupin. More specifically, my humble attempt to recreate the infamous gentleman-burglar in today’s setting.

We have hardly journeyed far enough to earn the dedicated interest of all of you. With upwards of 40 asks in the inbox, there is still much to answer to, and we will do our utmost to delight and enlighten the masses who have gathered to see Arsène Lupin.

In the spirit of this milestone, we will jump ahead to certain asks in order to answer certain questions that have been plaguing you. In addition, we will start another page in order to archive all the past questions we have received, for increased ease of browsing past questions. The current theme isn’t very conducive to many pages, so perhaps a theme overhaul is in order?

That is all for now. Please continue to inspire us as we endeavor to bring you worlds of entertainment.

Your most devoted servants,
mod & Arsène Lupin