gentleman attire

New Champion Released


Cho'gath: … She’s lovely…

Kha'zix: … Oh my god

Cho and Kha: SHE’S MINE

Kog'maw: *approaches Rek'Sai* BLURAGHTUGH


*kog'maw and rek'sai become friends*

Cho'gath: *puts on his gentleman attire to approach Rek'sai* Mi'lady *tips top hat*

Kha'zix: *approaches Rek'sai* You see all these mods. you know you love them.

Cho'gath: Depart from here you ruffian, she’s my woman!

Kha'zix: No one likes you godzilla!

*cho and kha fight until rek'sai goes back to play with kog'maw*

Malzahaar: *loses it*

Vel'koz: Fucking idiots.

You can not create a ‘gentleman’ with just his attire. Benedict is a fully blown gentleman in stature and manners which some other so called stars ought to emulate.
—  When i was lured onto the Fail by accident i read the comments and, for once, found a good-un. From user ‘Radley_123’ about Benedict “nailing” his outfit at the Met Gala.
  • Me: Watch this, fellows. Inside my cane there is a clever little flask which allows me to smuggle illicit liquor into the venue. If you will, allow me to deal with the ouncer in my trademark manner.
  • Me: Good day to you, mister bouncer! If you would be so kind as to let me in, my dear fellow. I apologize for my unusually casual gentleman's sporting attire and dashing (if I do say so myself) walking cane, for my lumbago has been acting up as of late and I was forced to spend a rather dreary afternoon down at the old badminton club hob-nobbing with one's fellow racqueteers.
  • Bouncer: why are you doing this to me you're already allowed to bring booze inside
  • Me: Liquor? Why, perish the thought my good sir! While I appreciate the kindness of your offer and on other occasions would be more than happy to quaff a "pint" with you and your fellows I assure you all of my intentions are on the up and up! Nevertheless, I feel that recognition is required for your attention to duty and loyalty of service, I doff my hat to you, good sir. Now, as I was saying,