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My niece is learning to love herself. Her constant curiosity. Her timid nature. Her ever-changing style. Her unique personality. Her perfectly Black skin. Her real hair. She’s blowing herself a kiss because she knows she’s beautiful. I wish all women would do this. Some women can learn from my niece. #GentleBaby

Babies are conscious beings and sensitive to pain, sounds, lights and people. Science is now verifying what in-tune moms and dads have known for years, babies are very aware. People used to believe that babies didn’t feel any pain, or weren’t aware of what people said or did around them. This has resulted in babies experiencing all kinds of invasive procedures (including circumcision) without pain medication, and causes long-term trauma to individuals that affect them even as adults. 

Keep a calm quiet space around your baby for the first few months. Be aware that their bodies are even more sensitive than adults. Keep them in quiet gently lit spaces, remember they are just getting used to life on the outside of the womb, and during pregnancy sounds and lights weren’t so bright and invasive. Please don’t take them to shopping malls or loud concerts when they are newborns. When you do adventure out into public spaces, carry them close to your body so they feel your heartbeat and presence. 

Take the time to let them come into this world gently and then you will have a lifetime to let them explore it when they are bigger, and emotionally and physically ready to engage fully in the world.

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