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Jeffmads Headcanon: Thomas literally will let James do anything to his hair if it makes James feel better

James is sick again. Not the kind of sick that means he can’t move, can’t breathe; the kind that lands him in hospital, the kind that has Thomas worrying for days on end.

No, it’s the kind of sickness that turns James into a miserable, sniffling blanket burrito of a man that doesn’t leave his bed for a week, hopped up on Nyquil and binging House of Cards on Netflix (while simultaneously pointing out all of its political inaccuracies). The kind of sickness that means he won’t feed himself or sleep, so Thomas has to force him to eat something and at least take his meds.

Thomas can’t stand to see him like this - James’s immune system has never been kind to him, and he has never been able to stop worrying about his Jemmy when he’s ill. He’s seen how bad it can get after a particularly bad flu strain five years ago that had landed him on a ventilator in the hospital, and he just can’t go back to feeling that helpless so he does what he has to – which normally involves camping out in Jemmy’s living room until the worst has passed.

Other people would probably say that Thomas  is too much of a mother hen to James when he’s unwell, but Thomas will staunchly deny the fact. The truth is that he’ll let Jemmy get away with almost anything if it makes him feel better. He knows that Jemmy likes to keep busy, and tends to get fidgety when he has nothing to do. He’d found this out the hard way after falling asleep on the sofa one day and waking up four hours later with his hair plaited together in tiny little braids all over his head. It had been a pain to take out all the braids and get his hair back to normal, but James seemed so relaxed afterwards that he almost didn’t mind at all.

So now Thomas indulges James, lets him do whatever he wants to his hair when he’s sick. He’s content to sit for hours on end while Jemmy twists and turns and braids his hair, running the ringlets between his fingers. Today he’s sitting on the floor in front of the sofa while James fiddles with his wild locks; he knows this makes him calm, takes his mind off the fact he feels miserable and his immune system has royally fucked him over.

He’s always gentle, Thomas thinks as his friend carefully styles his hair back into french braids, and he’ll never tell anyone this but he actually doesn’t hate the way he’s the one person Jemmy leans on when he’s ill. He’ll never tell anyone that he shivers, warmth bubbling up inside him as James’s fingers graze the nape of his neck or the tender spot just behind his right ear. He’ll never tell how he just wants to scoop Jemmy up in his arms and cuddle the shit out of him - blanket burrito and all - when he’s feeling unwell; and he’ll never share that in the darkness he imagines how he might kiss; would their lips slotting together be like a fire lit from within, or like coming home at the end of a long day?

No, Thomas thinks. He’ll never tell. He’s content to stay in this moment for now, with his best friends’ fingers meticulously combing through his curls, smoothing out the tangles. He’d gladly sit here for hours more. He’d gladly sit here forever.



Prythian Court Tango


And now the 5 merry murderesses of the Inner Circle

in their rendition of the Prythian Court Tango 








Uh Uh 






He had it coming

He had It coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d have seen it


I betcha you would have done the same!








Uh Uh






You know how people

Have these little habits

That get you down. Like Varian,

Varian liked to stare at me.

No, not stare. Glare.

So I went to the Summer Court one day,

And I’m pretty irritated,

and I’m looking for a little bit of blood,

and there’s Varian layin’

on the balcony, drinking something not wine

and starin’. No, not starin’

Glarin. So I said to him,

I said “You glare at me one more time…”

And he did.

So I pocketed my pearl necklace

And I wrecked the building

…And blamed it on Cassian


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


I organise my life in two parts

Before Keir and, After Keir

He was my father

He sold me off right away…

But, I refused his game

He’d go to work, he’d come home, I’d mix

Him a drink. We’d have dinner.

And then he did it.

“Daughter?” he told me

Daughter, my ass. Not only

Was he selling and nailing me off,

Oh no, I was going to the Autumn Court

One of those ass-kissers you know. So that night,

When I came back alive, I fixed him his drink,

As usual

You know, when the Night Court Queen offers her steward a drink.


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


Now I’m standing in the Throne Room

Kidnapped next to Elain,

screaming to get out

And in I go, to the Cauldron

In an idiotic rage

“Filthy humans, we’re doing you a favour”

They say. They were crazy

And they kept screamin’

“We’re doing you a favour”

And then I raise my finger to Hybern…

And gave him a promise.


He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you’d had been there

If you’d had seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!


The gentle grower of things,

I never asked for this life,

All I wanted was a garden,

To grow my roses, and lavenders

I had Nesta by my side, and my father also

I was engaged,

But then that fell through

He told me I was a criminal.

That I wanted to be fae.


Yeah, but did you?


Uh uh, Not Guilty!!


Back at the Spring Court,

I had this double act,

And my ‘husband’ Tamlin

Followed me around the Spring Court

Now for my last number in my betrayal,

The element of ‘surprise’ was a must

One, Two, Three, Four, Five… fire, water wolves,

Misting, Darkness,

One right after the other

Well this one night we all were in the Spring Court mansion

The Three of us [Ianthe, Tamlin, and I]

Boozin’ and

Havin a few laughs

When we run out of ice.

So I try to summon some in the kitchen

I come back, Open the door

And there’s Ianthe and Tamlin doing Number Seventeen:

The spread eagle

Well, I was in such a state of shock,

I completely blacked out. I can’t remember a thing.

It wasn’t until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands

I even knew they were dead.


They had it coming

They had it coming

They  had it coming all along

I didn’t do it

But if I’d done it

How could you tell me that I was wrong?

  • Aries: Challenges, taking risks, winning a bet, winning an argument, winning anything, competition, coming first in everything, excitement and adrenaline, being admired, being liked, having freedom to do whatever they like, feeling in control of their life, feeling like they have the world at their fingertips, spontaneity, adventure, an uncomplicated life.
  • Taurus: A peaceful life, relaxation, tranquility, time to think things over, reliability, stability, dependability, having someone they know they can trust, working with your hands, being hands-on, taking things slow, good music, comfort food, luxury, beautiful surroundings, all of the good things in life, being in love.
  • Gemini: Conversation, reading, writing, talking, being listened to, imagination, solving problems, playfulness, youthfulness, people with a sense of humor, being entertained, feeling curious, being told that you're interesting, being told that you're well-liked, variety, novelty, change, multi-tasking, light-heartedness, people who can have a good time.
  • Cancer: Being told that you are appreciated, being told that you are loved and cared for, nurturing and helping others, depending on people loyal to you, revisiting an old friend, your family reaching out for you, the past, nostalgia, reading about historical figures, feeling safe, staying home, having a private sanctuary, soft kisses, warm hugs.
  • Leo: Beauty, flattery, compliments, being the star of a show, receiving all the attention you'd like, extravagance, glamour, bright and bold colors, giving advice, playing the hero/heroine, protecting loved ones, loyalty, flirting and romance, being the best possible, having the best possible.
  • Virgo: Being acknowledged as intelligent, being told that you are helpful, having someone notice things that seem effortless but really aren't, self-improvement, positive mantras, the concept of perfection, down-to-earth people, clean sheets, fresh scents, good books, deep thinking, the feeling of being understood, someone acknowledging your effort and hard work.
  • Libra: Smoothing things over, living a laid-back life, avoiding drama, harmony between everyone, peace and quiet, relationships, romantic movies, being in love, playing the devil's advocate, picking arguments for fun, honesty, gentleness, kindness, beauty, the finer things in life, large parties, being respected instead of underestimated.
  • Scorpio: Having someone that you can trust, having someone that you can tell all your secrets to, loyalty, devotion, sarcasm, discovering hidden things, late nights out, figuring out how other people work, psychology, kindness, softness, challenges, one-upmanship, being right, truthfulness, personal privacy, faithfulness.
  • Sagittarius: Exploring, going on an adventure, unplanned events, spontaneous joy, seeing the bigger picture, a philosophical point of view, travel, people who like to laugh, friendliness, fun and energy, easy-going people, having big dreams, forgiveness, honesty, being direct and to the point.
  • Capricorn: Being respected, having status, being an authority, being known as the mature one, being known as the reliable one, being in control of your life, solid relationships, organization, having ambition, personal space, persistence, constantly improving yourself, having independence, holding responsibility.
  • Aquarius: Individuality, being recognized as unique, being recognized as special, being one of a kind, living life only to your own standards, being unconventional, listening to others, thoughtful people, having deep conversations, new ideas, new concepts, new trends, spending time alone, dreaming about changing the world.
  • Pisces: Imagination, things that inspire them- art, cinema, literature, history, music, dreaming about being someone larger than life, solitude, having time alone to think, empathy, compassion, people who understand them without further explanation, people who can read between the lines, creativity, having no rules, having no restrictions, living a life where they have no boundaries.

Carl and Judith Grimes  // Red River Valley

(For those who asked, this was what I had in mind)


ғᴀsʜɪᴏɴᴀʙʟᴇ ᴀᴜ: ᴘᴇᴛᴇʀ ᴅʀᴇssᴇs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ sɴᴀʀᴋʏ ʙᴇᴀɴ ᴏғ sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʜᴇ ɪs

The Moonlight Witch’s Top 10 anime of 2016: Part Three

3. Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri on Ice was one of the anime I was most strongly anticipating prior to the fall season. This show is the pet project of Sayo Yamamoto, one of the most talented directors working in anime at the moment and whose previous work I have greatly enjoyed. Typically Yamamoto’s work is more adult-orientated and artistic in nature than most anime so while I was expecting to enjoy Yuri on ice I wasn’t really expecting it to be a success outside of niche communities. Surprisingly the anime community proved me wrong with Yuri on Ice becoming one of the top sellers of the year and arguably the year’s most loved show. And I’m glad for that because it’s hard to think of a show that deserved it more.

The strongest theme Yuri on Ice has is love. And it’s easy to see that that theme of love came directly from its creators. Love permeates every aspect of this production and if I was awarding prizes based purely on how much passion creators poured into their work Yuri on ice would undeniably take the top spot. Everything about this show is so lovingly crafted, the characters, the artwork and the thought poured into their storylines. There was so much love given to this work and so much effort as well. Even as the show’s production began to crumble the animators kept stubbornly animating ice skating scenes which are extremely difficult for animators to create, speaking to the level of caring and effort put into this production.

Nowhere is that love clearer than with Yuri on Ice’s characters. If I was to write a list featuring my favourite casts of the year this show would most definitely feature prominently. The shows protagonist Yuuri Katsuki particularly impressed me: insecure everyman protagonists are quite common but I don’t think I’ve ever met one as well written or relatable as this. Yuuri’s anxiety issues, in particular, are handled with surprising realism and grace, but they also aren’t the sole total of his character. Viktor Nikiforov also surprised me, initially coming across as a little one-dimensional until episode 10 expanded my understanding of him remarkably. And then, of course, there’s the angry kitten Yuri Plisetsky who undoubtedly won character of the year in my heart. But it’s not just the main trio that made this cast so notable: the show does an excellent job of endearing us to all the characters that appear and giving them their own personalities and motivations, to the point where I and many viewers were deeply conflicted over who to root for during the final competition!

And then, of course, there’s one of the most remarkable things about this show, the thing that undoubtedly attracted the most speculation and attention and one of the things that makes this show truly special: a canonically gay couple as one of the primary focuses in a mainstream genre show. Teasing same-sex couples in anime is nothing new of course but for a show to go and make such a couple undeniably canon is incredibly rare. And Yuri on Ice isn’t a niche show at all: it’s one of the most popular anime of the year and a show that gained attention even outside of the anime community. A show where two men are unambiguously in a relationship, in a world where homophobia canonically does not exist was one of the most popular and well-made shows of the year. It’s easy to see why this is so remarkable and how much it means to so many people.

There’s a lot I could write about Yuri on Ice, and honestly, some of that would be negative. A lot of this show could have been improved on, from animation to plot progression but really to me, it didn’t matter. There are very few things that have made me as emotional watching them as Yuri on Ice, to the point that I honestly don’t want to tear it apart or even mildly critique it. I loved this show. So many people loved this show. And it’s so easy to see why.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Go

Natsume Yuujinchou Go was another show whose airing I was highly anticipating. In fact, it speaks greatly of the quality of the number one show on this list that this show did not take the top spot. Natsume Yuujinchou is a franchise that kind of swept me off my feet. While I’m not picky about shows I watch, gentle slice-of-life things don’t generally feature heavily in my favourite shows lists. Fortunately however Natsume is so much more than that.

Natsume Yuujinchou is first and foremost an intimate character drama. It may not look it at first and it may not be as obvious or dramatic a character-driven show as most others but the slow gentle character development Natsume Takashi goes through over the course of the show is at the heart of the series. Natsume Yuujinchou doesn’t have melodramatic speeches or moments to make this obvious but when you look at our main character over the course of the show it’s remarkable how much he has grown, changing from someone perpetually lonely to being surrounded by people he cares for.

Natsume starts the show incredibly isolated and alienated from both the worlds he finds himself in. As a human who can see Yokai, he finds himself constantly alone seeing things that no one else can see and often being called a liar or strange because of it. But as a human, he can never truly fit in the world of Yokai either. Slowly over the course of the series Natsume finds people he can confide in, people who don’t understand him but love him anyway and even develops close relationships with many Yokai. As this goes on Natsume evolves from someone lonely and closed off to someone who can share his life with others.

By the current, fifth season Natsume’s world has evolved drastically. By this stage, Natsume has been thoroughly drawn into the unusual world of exorcists, but despite the fact that in many ways these are people who see the world as he does Natsume finds he does not truly fit here either. Many of the exorcists Natsume encounters are incredibly bitter about how their experiences with yokai have isolated them from human society, but despite his troubles Natsume lacks that same bitterness. He has a strong sense of empathy for both humans and yokai and is uncomfortable with the hardline and sometimes cruel approach that exorcists often take with them. More than that Natsume is beginning to discover that the world of exorcism has some very strict rules and they don’t always gel with his own encounters with the world of Yokai.

But even as the tension filled situation between Natsume and the exorcists develops Natsume Yuujinchou never loses sight of its roots. This is a show fuelled by small moments and intimate interactions between people - not plot. One of the best episodes in Natsume Go takes us right back to the beginning, telling us the story of how Natsume came to live in his foster parents household through the perspective of his foster mother Fujiwara Touko. It’s a heartwrenching episode contrasting the person Natsume has become against the lonely neglected child he once was and reminding us how remarkable it is that Natsume has developed to become the kind, empathic person he is today. And it’s incredibly touching to see Natsume from the perspective of someone who is blind to the world of Yokai, seeing only the occasional oddness in his behaviour - but who loves him unconditionally even if they don’t fully understand him. It is in small moments like this that Natsume Yuujinchou truly shines.

Natsume Yuujinchou is an excellent series and one I would recommend everyone try at some point. I’m delighted to see this manga return to animation after a gap of more than four years and ecstatic to hear that it has been renewed for a sixth season. Try Natsume Yuujinchou out. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea it might end up surprising you.

1. Mob Psycho 100

And here it is, the final, and top show on the list, and I honestly could not think of a show more deserving than this one to award the top spot. Mob Psycho 100 was one of the most highly anticipated anime of the year, both by me and by the anime community at large. It drew attention largely for being animated by studio BONES who are well known for their incredible productions and for being written by ONE the mangaka behind the incredibly popular One Punch Man. I enjoyed One Punch Man quite a bit. It was a fun and well-made series and it ended the year as No. 6 on my 2015 top shows list. Therefore is says quite a lot about Mob Psycho 100 that for me it blew One Punch Man out of the water.

Mob Psycho 100 is a triumph of a show. Everything in it is top tier, animation, art direction, storytelling, it’s hard to think of a single thing this show could have done better. The animation for Mob Psycho is not simply just “good” - it’s done with top tier skill and artistry. Mob Psycho 100 is blessed with not one, but two of the most talented visual artists in the medium: Yuzuru Tachikawa who in addition to Mob Psycho directed my last years No. 3 show Death Parade and Yoshimichi Kameda one of the best current animators who among other things has worked on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Evangelion 3.0. The talent shows. Mob Psycho 100 is not simply just well animated - it’s beautifully stylish faithfully depicting the original manga’s aesthetic, while updating it with beautiful artwork, to deliver a visual smorgasbord of talent.

However, all the beautiful animation in the world can’t save a show that is otherwise mediocre - fortunately, Mob Psycho 100 has so much more to offer than just animation. Its characters are some of the best written and most fully realised in anime. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is an incredibly sympathetic and appealing protagonist, but more than that he’s also a wonderfully deep character - a complex mix of many different traits from painful obliviousness to startling awareness and teenage awkwardness to repressed stoicism. It was wonderful to watch him struggle and grow as a person.

And the characters surrounding him are appealing as well. His “mentor” and endearing disaster of a human being Reigen Arataka has grown to be an immensely popular character for obvious reasons, none of the least of which is his surprisingly touching relationship with Mob. In addition, the relationship Mob has with his younger brother Ritsu proves to be surprisingly complex and kicks off most of the drama in the second half of the show. The side characters are appealing as well - the show ends by revisiting most of the minor characters that appeared throughout its run and I was surprised by how delighted I was to see most of them again. I’d particularly like to note Tome for making quite an impression on me despite not getting much screen time.

Mob Psycho’s themes are no less compelling. The story grapples with so many different thoughts and ideas, dealing with the mental health issues of a protagonist who has repressed his emotions with surprising realism, the complex mix of love and bitterness that can arise in relationships between siblings and the true nature of power and whether power actually matters. Probably the strongest theme in Mob Psycho 100 is the idea that having supernatural powers doesn’t make you special - or at least no more special than someone who has some other talent like intelligence or charisma. And it comes down strongly on the idea that perhaps the best trait a person can have is simply being kind to others

The true nature of power is analysed strongly through the character Reigen who is utterly powerless, and yet is one of the most significant characters in the show. Reigen commands attention from others through sheer (often feigned) confidence - and in this world, the illusion of power is a kind of power itself. Mob himself also exemplifies this by being someone who feels he has nothing but psychic powers, which despite being phenomenal have brought him little but trouble and have only fuelled his desire to fit into regular society. Another recurring trend in this show is villains who feel that their psychic abilities set them apart and make them special - only to crumble when confronted with someone more powerful than them, and reveal how pathetic they are underneath their abilities. Mob Psycho’s themes stand in sharp contrast to many other shows that prop up their protagonists for being “special” or “different” - this show is far more interested in praising mundane things, like simply being kind to other people.

Mob Psycho 100 is a show I came into with high expectations and which fully blew all of them away. It’s an incredibly stunning piece of work with awe-inspiring animation, fascinating and endearing characters and a plethora of thematic material. It was easily my favourite show of the year despite facing incredibly good competition and I am more than happy to award it my top spot for 2016.

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Prompt: Things Fenris said when he thought Hawke was sleeping.

There’s a part of him that remembers sleepless nights – rare, quiet hours away from his master’s side, but still not able to find rest. A crouching ghost in a rundown mansion, fingers never far from the pommel of his sword, just in case. And long, lonely nights spent among the refugees, waiting for word, before finally being able to sleep with the shape of her against him. Years ago now, all these versions of him – the restless, the wary, the waiting. He’s calmer, secure in the life he’s made for himself, no longer glancing over his shoulder and flinching at shadows, which is no small feat, for someone who once saw every room a cage, and in every shadow, his master’s smile. It’s taken him years, but freedom is no longer an ill-fitting garment; he wears it with ease now, not like one born to it, but one who’s fought to keep it.

Of course, hard-won freedom notwithstanding, there is still the occasional sleepless night.

His steps are softened by the threadbare rug – a good thing, Fenris suspects, as he’s far too tired to even attempt anything resembling stealth. And the bed is a dearly welcome thing, the mattress dipping with the honest weight of his exhaustion, but Hawke doesn’t so much as twitch as he rolls over onto his stomach, dragging the blanket with him.

“Your daughter,” he says, the words muffled by the pillow, but his affection is not near so easy to stifle, “is a menace.”

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I want it Rough.

Summary(Requested): You hand out with Theo too much and you’re boyfriend Liam doesn’t like it, so he asks you why and you say your want him rougher and he shows you it.

{Warning: Rough, cursing, fighting, spanking and dirty talk.}

Liam once again sat with an angry expression, the sight of his girlfriend getting flirted with by another guy, and out of all people Theo Reaken, the dick head himself. Theo knew it pissed him off and the little smiles and smirks he was giving Liam only made him angrier.

Finally not being able to take it anymore he walks over to the two, his finger’s wrapping around the small wrist of his girlfriend pulling away from the predator that tried taking his territory. “Liam what are you doing?” You ask now alone with your very angry boyfriend.

“I swear to god if you’re not at my house after school you’ll regret it.” You roll your eyes at his random out burst. Liam was known to get angry, actually a real lot so this was nothing new.

“Yeah okay.” You mumble completely avoiding his gaze, his angry eyes fixated on you to only have it broken along with him stomping down the hall way. School was long and boring as usual and Theo was being weird as well he held your books to every class and was very touchy. It probably didn’t help that you had every class with him.

“Need a ride home?” Theo’s voice echoed across the school halls to only smirk at Liam’s growing heart beat that increased in anger. You shake your head giving him a small smile, obviously there was something wrong with your boyfriend and you wanted to fix it. Theo frowned, “Alright maybe next time babe.”

The nickname almost sent Liam flipping as he gripped his locker door tightly the metal squeaking as it bent at the fury of his fist. “Liam.” You hiss catching his attention as he noticed the people staring at him, his hand unlocking from the locker to show the hand shaped indent.

“Let’s go.” Liam mumbles. To add onto his anger, he was mad at himself now for loosing it in public. He’s been working on his anger but at the moment he was to pissed off to control it. Finally in the comfort of Liam’s navy blue room your shoes quickly joined the pile of his located next to the wall. Liam discarded his shoes as well throwing them and laying back onto his bed.

“You said you wanted me here.” You start wanting to see what have you done to inpact his anger so much. Liam sat up staring deep into your eyes and you back into his. Liam’s eyes were beautiful, a deep sea blue that sucked you deep inside the depts. of the calm but now angry ocean.

“Do you like Theo?” A loud laugh fell from your mouth only annoying Liam more as he tried but was failing to keep his cool with you. Liam was quick to snarl, “I don’t see what’s so funny.”

You stop seeing how even more angry if that was possible he has grown. “No I don’t like him, I wouldn’t be dating you if I did.”

Liam was convinced as his hand met with your arm not gentle either, a little rougher then usual. “Then why do you hang out with him so much?”

Liam’s question caught you off guard because you really weren’t sure, maybe because you both enjoyed the darker things in life, or maybe because he wasn’t gentle with you all the time. “I don’t know.” You pause before looking down, “He isn’t as gentle with me?”

Liam was irate now, fire coursed through out him. “So I’m not gentle with you?” He laughs to himself, “You want me rough and mean in bed is that what this is?” You pause not believe what he said. Instead of waiting for an answer his arms lift you onto the bed back against the cozy mattress. Liam’s lips were fast against yours, molding together as if they were made for each other’s. Liam surprised you when his teeth came in contact with your lip making you cry out.

Liam’s touch was rough between your thighs giving them a hard squeeze making you whine out, his fingers quickly twirled around your shirt lifting it over your head and throwing it somewhere on the floor to expose your bare breast. “No bra, you were just asking for Theo to fuck you.” You groan at his meanness, his thumb roughly drawing circles on your hardening nipple. “Liam.” You moan a whimper escaping soon after at the feeling of his teeth making contact with the sensitive numb.

There was no denying this was hot, and Liam was sexy as hell. Liam’s finger quickly and messily pushed  past your jeans to met your clit which made you cry out. “Who’s making you feel good now slut?” Liam was almost seeing red from anger.

“Theo.” You smirk, challenging him. But boy did you regret it as he turned you over making you stay on all fours, his hands took your panties and jeans down to your knees because they couldn’t go any further. Without warning his hand hit your ass, hard. The cry that left your lips left with some tears as well. “Liam/” You beg, to only earn another slap. “Shutup.”

After what seemed like ten slaps later his hand was rubbing against the raw, pink flesh. “You look so hot like this.” He pauses getting on his eyes to be eye level with your pussy. “Little pink ass and dripping wet pussy.” His lips teasingly met with your clit, leaving a small kiss, which made you whimper in response needing to be touched. The ache in your pussy was strong, just wanting to be touched, suck, fucked or anything.

“Your pussy looks so good babe.” He finally uses one of your nicknames. “Do you want me to eat it?” You just moan that earns a tiny slap against your pussy, leaving you cry out, “Yes, Yes Liam please.”

Feeling relieved about the answer, he pushed your hips back into his face. His position kneeling on the ground gave him the perfect spot to give you head, moans from you and cusses left your lips as you fisted the darker blue sheets. You sigh at the feeling of his tongue leaving you.

“I’m so hard for you baby.” Liam couldn’t take the aching and throbbing of his cock. Liam quickly pulled his shirt off exposing hid hard, firm muscles. The clinging of metal came next with his belt and pants on the floor leaving him in his tight black boxers bulge proiment.

“Tell me how bad you want to be fucked.” His front pressing against your back, the head of his clothed cock resting against your enterence, his arm reaching around to lay a finger on your clit.

“So bad Liam.” You moan pressing back against him, leaving more pressure on your cock. “Not good enough.”

“Fuck me please. I need you so bad Liam.” You groan in light frustration as he still stands behind you. “Please, make me forget about Theo.”

“Oh I play too baby, don’t you worry.” Bodly turning around, you pull his boxers down his impressive length springing to freedom. Without even seeing if he was angry at this you took in the head of his cock. As soon as his large hand came to meet with your hair pulling it into his fist you knew he didn’t mind.

“Mmm.” He moaned as you once again took him deep into your mouth, the head of his cock meeting with the back of your smaller throat, before you knew it he was ripped from your mouth, leg’s wrapped around his waist, back against the cold colored walls.

Liam’s lips met with your neck, leaving rough, wet kisses against it. Liam’s head met with the enternce of your pussy making you whine and with one big push he filled you completely, stretching you to the max. He was so big and felt so tight inside of you almost so tight he couldn’t move.

“Fuck someone is tight for daddy.” You moan at his words and he takes his hips back, slamming them back roughly into you.

“Liam.” You mumble, every time Liam would fill you over an over again you felt that feeling, the feeling of him hitting your g-spot, and  the gush of wetness that came with it. You felt yourself growing hotter by the second, face flushed red as Liam’s hips met with yours, leaving you whining.

“Who’s making you feel good?” Liam purrs, one arms extended against the wall, the other wrapped around your waist as he pounds into your pussy greedily. “You are Liam.” You puff, making him roll his hips giving you a whole other feeling of his cock.

“And Who isn’t?” He growls, cheeks growing red probably from being so close himself. “Theo!” You cry, “You’re making me feel good not theo.”

The familiar warm sensation grew inside you, Liam’s finger rubbing your clit as he could sense you were close, as your orgasm built. Finally you came around Liam, and with one final trust his cum filled you completely. Pulling out of you, and helping you stand which was hard due to the fucking you have just had he looked at you cupping your chin. “No more hanging with Theo and don’t make me fuck that into you too.”

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Darcy/Steve Elementary Teacher AU.

“Miss Lewis! Miss Lewis! You won’t believe what Mr. Rogers drew today!”

Darcy couldn’t help but chuckle as she peered into the ajar door to pick up her first grade class from the art room. Her students always came back to her class with the brightest of smiles on their faces, all due to one Steve Rogers- art teacher extraordinaire who was adored by kids and adults alike.

At the sound of Sadie’s exclamation, Mr. Rogers, Steve, snaps his head up from helping Billy draw a flower and gives Darcy a bright smile that makes her stomach flip. “Oh hey, Darcy!”

Clapping his hands, Steve announces to the kids that class is over, and is met with a flurry of children who excitedly show him their finished artwork. Darcy’s stomach flips again over the sight of him complimenting her students, and knowing the type of person Steve is, actually meaning every word he says.

“Hey, Steve! They didn’t give you too much trouble today, did they?” Darcy asks as she moves further into the room.

“Your kids? Never. Although there was a moment when…” He trails off with a wink in her direction, and is met with mock gasps of indignation. “Mr. Rogers, we were good today! Tell her!” He laughs and tells him to start cleaning up their stations so they can go back to class.

She starts to makes her way around the room, helping to gather art supplies and place them back in their proper places, and can’t keep herself from glancing over as he reaches to put bottles of paint away on the top shelf.

If Darcy was being honest with herself, or at least two glasses of wine in, she would admit that in addition to being a good man he’s also the sexiest one that she’s ever seen. But she is stone cold sober, and is not dwelling on those thoughts in the middle of a school day. Absolutely not. She’s not thinking about how he has a body of an Adonis, how the light blue button down shirt that brings out his impossibly blue eyes stretches across the most ridiculous torso she’s ever seen. (Thank god he volunteered to help chaperone the trip to the community swimming pool last year, because shirtless Steve Rogers was a thing of pure beauty.)

But she digresses. She’s kept herself from acting on this crush up until now, and she’s not going to ruin their friendship.

She can’t. She won’t.

Aries ~ things may not be making sense right now, but always remember that your intuition is key. that feeling you feel right now, is there for a reason, trust it.

Taurus ~ it’s okay to plant your roots somewhere else. it’s okay to detach from people and detach from friendships. it’s all part of your growth and process.

Gemini ~ love can be a beautiful thing, but it can be a very dangerous thing too. be gentle with your heart.

Cancer ~ you can’t live your life constantly trying to please others. let people do something for you, for a change.

Leo ~ you feel like people expect you to be something that you’re not. you’re misunderstood, passionate, and loving. don’t change who you are for anything or anyone. you’re beautiful.

Virgo ~ your intellectualism may clash with a few but that’s not your problem. keep being the radiant and beautiful soul that you are, and let your energy shine through.

Libra ~ life is testing you more than ever right now, and this is where you need to remain strong and resilient. there will be better days, keep smiling.

Scorpio ~ don’t be afraid to love because of the past. don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to indulge in something beautiful.

Sagittarius ~ it’s okay to crave someone, their touch, their voice, their love. but it’s also important to move on if nothing is left. don’t keep watering dead roots.

Capricorn ~ don’t be pushed into silence because of other people’s opinions. speak about what is true to you, speak about what resonates with you, don’t be a prisoner to other people’s opinions.

Aquarius ~ choose your friends wisely. not everyone who is around you has your best intentions at heart. be careful with who you invest your time and energy in.

Pisces ~ you’re getting there. it may be a process, and it may be taking a while, but you’re getting there. don’t give up now, you’re almost where you need to be.

—  this weeks horoscopes, iambrillyant

Calliope had been called many things in her life. Kindhearted, too much so. Gentle. Caring. A cupcake.  But none of those names ever once touched the other side of her. She did well to keep it balanced, to keep the violence at bay until it was needed. But, by gods was it not easy to slip into something a bit more savage when the time came. Ope bounced from scales to skin far quicker than she had in some time. The dragon found ease in swallowing people in one or two bites; found ease in her wings being used as blades. And the woman found it far more enjoyable to manipulate the earth when she stood in her skin. Currently, however, giant, scaled feet pressed down on the skull of an enemy, her tail sweeping out around her to knock over the oncoming line of intruders. It wasn’t until she felt the popping of bone under her foot that she spun and struck, catching a Super just at the middle with her teeth. She dragged him back as she lifted up on hind legs. A turn of her head flipped him upside down and, as fast as she could, she came forward, slamming him head first into the ground.