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Running Late (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: College AU. You grow infatuated with a cute stranger who always happens to be late for class. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when you finally interact with him. 

Word Count: 1,148

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this two-part series. The next part will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday). 

7:45 AM. Late again.

Shaking your head, you draw another tally mark on the side of your notebook. The seat in front of you stays vacant when the lecture begins, everyone’s eyes focusing on the front of the class. You sense that in a couple of minutes, the classroom door will fly open revealing a disheveled, yet handsome and adorable boy who’ll occupy the seat in front of you.

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anonymous asked:

pleaseee could you write drabble, Emma saying to Killian "I didn't know you could sing"

unrelated to the upcoming musical ep, but here ya go. sorry it’s rather messy. drabble became ficlet.


Emma has never really lived with a guy before. Well, she supposes that she and Neal did kind of live together in the Bug all those years ago, but this is different.

This is sharing a home.

And with that comes a few adjustments. Neither of them have ever owned very many possessions aside from their full wardrobes, but now they have this big house and it’s being slowly but surely filled with… things. Stuff. Books and trinkets on their shelves, an array of colorful toiletries and pretty things in their bathrooms, an admittedly overly stocked cabinet of alcohol, blankets and pillows meant not just for function but also for decoration.

She’s a bit disorganized and messy. Killian is kind of a neat freak after having run his own ship for so long.

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the married life (vampire!yoongi au)

summary: being married is never a bore when your husband is a vampire king + inspired by  “Stop calling me Princess!” “I apologize, my Queen.”

relationship: yoongi x reader

words: 11,361 (WHY)

warnings: mentions of blood/blood drinking of course, yoongi is bad at cooking, you being exasperated with your husband, implications of sex.

Originally posted by lethargicmin

a/n: something I started during halloween last year but never finished. happy birthday suga… I guess?

Your married friends had to deal with a lot of things; their husbands didn’t clean up after themselves, the sex was bad, or maybe they were too stubborn. And sure, you felt sorry for them, but you couldn’t exactly say you understood them either. If anything, the problems you had with Min Yoongi were… extraordinary. And the sex was never bad. But he was a little shit though.

From the moment that Min Yoongi had come into your life five years ago to now, there was nothing you could say you regretted. From the initial dislike, to the confusion, to the intrigue, to the fondness of friendship turning into something more, he had left you with something your friends could, unfortunately, never attest to: the feeling of a thousand years on his part of dormant love waiting for you that no one could ever ruin or one-up. How you got to this point, however, was quite the mirthful fairytale.

five years ago.

“You’re new here, right?

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anonymous asked:

hello, i love your writing style! can i request a joshua, mingyu and seungkwan neighbour au? thank you!!


  • prettiest balcony in the entire apartment complex. like he has it covered in plants that he takes care of really well and then there are pretty little glass decorations that hang outside the door and every morning you pass by it and you can see him watering them and he looks like he has his own little garden up there 
  • is one of the only tenants who actually knows how to recycle correctly
  • helps the elderly carry groceries to and from the elevators and doesn’t mind it when you ask him to hold the door while you get the mail
  • is really just a pleasant and considerate person, everyone in the building loves him
  • you finally get to meet him in the neighborhood library where you two end up reaching for the same copy of a book
  • and joshua gets a bit shy when your fingers brush and he says that you can take the book, he’ll just wait till you return it
  • but you tell him that you’ll bring it to his door when you’re done 
  • and joshua is actually like right! we’re neighbors and you’re like yes! i hope it isn’t weird if i stop by to give the book to you?? and he’s like oh no no it’s fine
  • and about a week later you keep your promise and knock on his door and joshua opens it and you think he’s just going to take the book and say goodbye but he welcomes you inside
  • and it is so clean and simple, he lives really humbly but the one thing you notice is the acoustic guitar prettily displayed in the corner and the huge bookshelf crammed with books
  • and you sit down, a little awkward while joshua trips over himself trying to prepare tea
  • and he asks if the book was any good and you rant a little about your open, stopping to apologize for babbling but he shakes his head and is like ‘it’s nice to meet someone so passionate about reading!!’
  • and somehow your talk extends even longer as you share your current favorite books and authors and the tea cups are empty that he brought out and joshua tells you that you’re free to come and visit him if you want to talk about books again!!
  • and you get up but before you go, you shyly ask if you can go out on his balcony because you’ve always admired his plants from far away and joshua practically lights up like new years eve and nods
  • and he tells you the different names he gave the plants and you’re like gigging because gosh he’s cute
  • and you’re like ‘it’d be nice if i could start my own little garden too!’ and joshua stutters a bit but he’s like ‘i- i can help you!!’ and you’re like omg really
  • and you clap your hands together and you’re like i would love love love that and you don’t see it but joshua bites back his lip because wow you look adorable all excited like that 
  • and it’s cute neither you nor joshua wants you to leave but you have to and joshua even offers to walk you to your door but you’re like oh im just down the hall and it’s cute you two wave at each other
  • and once you’re in your respective apartments you’re like oh,,,,,no why can’t my heart calm down,,,,(because you both find each other charming hehehe)


  • is always in trouble with the other tenants because of his dog who keeps shedding all over the building and has a tendency to bark early in the morning
  • and mingyu’s whole apartment is covered in white hairs from his pup and he doesn’t even have a dog bed he just lets the dog sleep with him
  • is that person who has an ‘i love my dog’ sticker on their door
  • you know it’s his apartment when you see the garbage outside the door which is always only two things: high quality dog food bags and instant ramen. it is really obvious what mingyu’s priorities are when it comes to what he eats and what his dog eats
  • surprisingly though, his place is clean but all the furniture doesn’t match because he buys it second hand at thrift stores LOL
  • when mingyu is away, you pet set his dog and his dog like loves you to death 
  • to the point where when mingyu comes back from his trips the pup won’t even go running to him - he’ll stay asleep in your lap
  • and when tenants try to pick fights with mingyu over the dogs barking or the fact that it is a bit big and scary to younger children
  • you always stick up for him because the dog is really sweet and mingyu does his best to look after it so it doesn’t bother anyone and it never has
  • and mingyu will joke that you’re the dogs other parent
  • but one day, the dog goes missing and mingyu shows up at your door frantic and disheveled and you know he’s going to lose his mind so you quickly go out with him to try and find the dog
  • and you know that there’s a park the dog really likes so you guys go there and look through every bush and every play ground until finally you find him
  • sitting near a swing set and both you and mingyu run toward him and mingyu hugs him squeezing his face into the fur and you gently scold the pup for running away but you pet his head because you’re glad he’s ok
  • and mingyu checks his watch and you guys had actually spent like 4 hours outside looking for him and he’s like ‘let me get you dinner to repay  you’
  • but you’re like oh it’s fine, anyway i know all you do is eat instant ramen so LOL
  • but suddenly mingyu takes your hand and he’s like ‘i get paid at the end of the week, seriously let me take you out for an actual dinner’ and you’re like jokingly like on a date?
  • and mingyu blushes but the dog barks suddenly almost as if to be like ‘yes’ and mingyu’s like sHH and then turns to you and he’s like 
  • ‘it,,,,COULD BE A date,,,,’
  • and you giggle and you’re like ‘aw is this puppy love?’
  • and mingyu is like really a pun, right now, of all times???
  • but you just laugh and lean up to kiss his nose like ‘ok - ill go on a date with you but-’
  • and mingyu’s like but????
  • you grin and point to his dog like ‘he comes too.’


  • his apartment always smells soooooooo good 
  • and every time you walk by your mouth waters because what in the world is he cooking in there??
  • seungkwan has an affinity for wooden furniture because it reminds him of back home on jeju and he has a ton of his family photos hanging up on the wall on like those cute yarn threads 
  • his kitchen is his most beloved space because he spends the most time there and sometimes when he sings in the morning 
  • and you pass by the window that faces out of his kitchen
  • you hear the gentle melody of his voice and it is really pretty and you always assume that whoever seungkwan is living with must be so lucky to have someone good at cooking and singing
  • but then you learn that he’s actually living alone because you end up over at his place when he catches you outside and asks if you can do him a favor
  • the favor is that he’s made this really big portion of soup that he needs to put into small containers to bring over to an homeless shelter he works at
  • and you’re the first person he saw and he tells you that, like his mother, he has this great perception of people and he always knew you were a nice person 
  • so he knew you would help him out
  • and you’re kind of like thank you??? because that is a compliment ??? right????
  • and you really like his apartment because somehow it feels cozy, like a home even though you don’t live there
  • and seungkwan is really talkative and funny and when you ask why he’s working so hard for the shelter he tells you that he knows that it is really hard to make it nowadays - even talent won’t get you places and he wants to support those people through their toughest moments
  • and once all the soup is sorted seungkwan tells you that he can take it over himself he’ll just have to make a couple of trips
  • so you volunteer to help him out by carrying half the bags and seungkwan  tries to insist that you don’t 
  • but you’re already stacking the bowls and you’re like ‘c’mon, we can’t keep the hungry people waiting!’ 
  • and seungkwan smiles to himself as he sees you working hard just to help him out and he tells himself that aha- his perception was on point - you are incredibly kind
  • and you’re like ‘huh what did you say??’ and seungkwan is like OH NOthing,,,,,,
  • when you get to the shelter the chef of the kitchen there thanks you and seungkwan over and over but seungkwan keeps telling her that it is nothing and then when the chef turns to you she’s like
  • ‘take care of seungkwan, he’s such a great catch you don’t want to lose him~’
  • and you’re like OH YOU THINK WE’RE DATING and she winks like ‘of course you two are, you look great together!’
  • and you and seungkwan are like what we’re just neighbors!!!! but she’s like oh you kids, don’t by shy about it~ 
  • and you and seungkwan are turning cherry red as the rest of the kitchen is giggling over how cute you two are
  • and before  you know it seungkwan takes your hand is like we should go before they tease us even worse
  • and you two bow before leaving and as you’re walking back to your building seungkwan is still holding your hand
  • and you ,,,,,,,you know ,,,,,you don’t say anything you just grip it a little tighter hehehe
Enouement- 11

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 1928

Warnings: Death of a child. Buckets upon buckets of tears.

Author’s Note: I was going to post this as two separate chapters, but I like the flow of it all together this way much better. This chapter is a mix of the fluffiest shit ever and the angstiest shit ever. Have fun, kids.

Master   Part 10

In five minutes, you can microwave a TV dinner. In five minutes, you can paint your nails on one hand or pick up the dirty laundry in your room; you can answer an email or listen to your favorite song.

In five minutes, you can kiss your husband goodbye as he tugs on a pair of chunky boots, you can tuck his hair behind his ear and feel the stubble kiss your fingertips. In five minutes, you can promise that you’ll wait up all night for him despite the fact that neither of you have slept for days. In five minutes, James Barnes can make you fall unequivocally in love with him all over again.

The door closes behind him as he leaves, and the house is quiet- but only for five minutes, before the baby starts crying and you have to feed her.

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carmensandyeggo  asked:

Prom getting all sappy when he sees Gladio calming down their newborn and just being am overall great dad

This is just a golden pure and beautiful prompt, I love it. AU where Noct got to ascend the throne and remain alive and now everyone is happy and settled down lalala.


Prompto thought he’d get used to the crying. People get used to all sorts of sounds, right? He learned to sleep through the rumble of trucks when he was a kid living in Insomnia, and through Gladio’s snoring these last few years. But no, he’d been wrong - you never get used to the sound of a baby crying, squalling for its parent.

Prompto was usually the one to rise; Gladio slept deeper, took longer to rouse, while Prompto could be vertical and moving to the nursery before he remembered he had feet. But tonight, Prompto had staggered his way down the hall to find Gladio had beaten him to it; he was cradling their newborn daughter in his arms, rocking her back and forth while humming a soft tune.

She looked so small when Gladio held her. He could rest her entirely on one forearm, and when she reached up to grab one of his fingers her tiny fist couldn’t even wrap around half of it. When Gladio had held her for the very first time, he had been frightened he might break her somehow.

Prompto didn’t recognise the tune Gladio was humming, but it was gentle and melodious, and Gladio had eyes only for their daughter - he hadn’t even realised Prompto was standing in the doorway behind him.

‘There we go, see? Nothing to be frightened of here. I’m always gonna be here.’

Prompto’s heart swelled at the vow. Before they’d decided to go ahead and adopt, Gladio had been fretful that being the Shield to the King would make him a poor father, that he’d die too young. Once he’d met their daughter, of course, no force on this earth was going to part them before their time.

‘What’s this, hm? Is this Mr Choco? It sure is,’ Gladio waved the small plush chocobro in front of her, making her giggle and grasp upward, ‘and he’s gonna come give you a kiss!’ He booped the plush chocobo’s beak on her nose.

Prompto made a small squealing noise, and Gladio finally turned. ‘Oh, hey. Thought I’d take a turn. You can go back to bed if you want.’

‘Nooo,’ Prompto came over, wrapping his small arms around Gladio’s waist, ‘I wouldn’t miss this for the world.’

Astro Reacts | You Being Internet Famous

Author’s note: None of the gifs are mine, and credit goes where it belongs! Hope you enjoy, and always feel free to give feedback so I can improve. Thanks and happy reading! ~assstro ♥


You’d probably catch Jinwoo’s eye off of SoundCloud lol. He’s said he wanted to produce an album himself, so he’s probably been lurking on the internet for inspiration, and when he found out you made music, he could not help stanning you as if you were his bias in an idol group~ And you being a fan of Astro, you’d go to one of their events when suddenly-
“Hey, I think I recognize you,” a puppy JinJin would grab your wrist before you moved, kind of giving that excited smirk but trying to keep his cool. “Aren’t you Y/N?”
“Yeah, how do you know my name?”
“He watches your videos all the time!” a voice would chime in. The rest of the boys would be listening in on the conversation and JinJin would be so embarrassed lol. “He listens to your music when he’s cleaning and packing too, not to mention you’re his alarm in the morning, other than Eunwoo.”
At that point, both you and Jinwoo were blushing at each other madly, when he pulls you to the side, hiding from his members and the staff, and says, pulling out his phone and opening to his contacts, “Do you wanna collaborate sometime?”


You locked yourself in a room and greeted the thousands of viewers online, who then requested a song for you to sing. You began to sing a gentle melody, focusing on the quality of the video, when another voice began to sing along with you outside of the door, which opened a little bit after the chorus of your cover. Though confused, you kept singing, and MJ had entered the room, vocalizing confidently until he saw your camera, computer, and microphone.
“Hm? What’s this for? Did I interrupt something?”
He smiles and looks down at your work, only to see a livestream taking place, with thousands of chats loading on and on.
“Is this a V Live?! No wait - what?” he’d ask surprised.
You gesture towards a surprised yet hyped up partner, and introduce him to your fans.
“You never told me you sing on the internet,” he’d say, pretending to act offended. While you frantically explained though, his expression went from sassy to giddy, and he began to shake happily and squeal.
“She has two EPs out, and the next one comes out in a month!” someone typed into the chat. Then, MJ’s jaw dropped as he pulled you into a playful headlock, his bright face right by yours while he replied, “We’re going to become a duo. Right. Now. This will be my side project. I need to tell the kids about this right now.”


“Wait here, I’ll order the drinks,” a prince Eunwoo would tell you. You’d be out together on his treat at a bubble tea place while he’s in your city. The place had a calm vibe, with sofas and magazines and the owner’s cats hanging around. When he returns, he’s also flicking through a magazine, only to see your face on it, with pictures from your Instagram and several clothing companies. When he sits down beside you, who’s looking gracefully out the window, he tells you, “No wonder you’re so beautiful,” and slips the magazine to you. The top read, Fresh New Youth Models off the Web, with a whole few pages dedicated to you and several other diverse models.
“Oh,” You’d say surprised and a little embarrassed. “You should probably give that back!”
You reached for it, but he held his hand up in the air, making you crash into his chest, and he hugged you with his other arm.
He could not stop smirking at you, and lowered his face before whispering in giggles, “Nope! I’m keeping this work of art! Maybe we could model together too sometime~”


The two of you decided to take a stroll through the shopping centers while Bin was visiting your town on his day off, when suddenly you were both encountered by a rather large group of girls. At first, MoonBin got excited himself, believing they were his Arohas, but they weren’t - they were your fans from your vlogs off of YouTube.
“Oh my god, aren’t you Y/N? Is it okay if we get a picture?” one would ask. “We love your videos, they’re so funny and never fail to make us happy on a bad day - we’re you’re biggest fans.”
You’d scoop them up in a big group hug and take a bunch of selfies with the giggling bunch. Meanwhile, MoonBin watches from the side with a huge proud yet confused grin. He loves that you’re so caring, even toward people you admire. Deep down in his head he wishes he could be hugged too. But he just wonders, videos? fans? When your fans respectfully leave, he can’t help but ask you about it.
“I can definitely see why people love you,” he’d say after your explanation, “Though I guess you could say I’m your number one fan.”
“Oh,” you say, heart warming up. When he realizes what he had said, he quietly slaps his neck and scolds himself, but after seeing your grin he melts again.
“Anyway, tell me more about these videos! Show them to me, let me be in one! Can we start a vlog right now?”


Here’s old news: Minhyuk and dancing are inseparable. But you and Minhyuk? It seemed like a chase ever since he’s met you, loving your personality and talent, especially when the two of you danced together. It was only a few weeks after you both started hanging around that you began to be “busy,” editing things and working on your own projects. Rocky would be worried that his crush lost interest in him, and would always suggest you return to practicing with him again. When you do return though, you return with a laptop, not focusing one bit on Minhyuk.
“Aish, what are you doing?” he’d say, irritated. When he looks over your laptop screen, he sees you opened up to YouTube, with truckloads of views and features on dance networks. Rocky looks up at you, mouth gaping in silence, while you smile sheepishly and sink into the couch. He tackles you into a hug and cries, “Why didn’t you tell me?!”
You have no words, but he continues on, puling you up off the couch, “Let’s choreograph something right here, right now. I wish I knew earlier!”


If Sanha was in a love triangle, he’d be in love with you and his guitar. He’d be choosing a song to play with you, and look up something to play on YouTube. Out of curiosity, he saw a really adorable girl holding a guitar with a bright smile as she sang on the thumbnail of the video.
When he clicked and it expanded, he immediately realized, “Aigo! It’s you!”
He’d look at the millions of views you have, and he’d feel so proud, wrap an arm around you and shake you. asking, “Why didn’t you tell me you were famous too?”
And even though he believed it was too soon, he couldn’t help but slip, “if you told me earlier, we could be a celebrity power couple!”
“Mwo? What?” your heart stopped.
“Aniya - nevermind, don’t worry about it,” he’d say with a flustered face, grinning madly. “Anyways, I need to show the rest of the hyungs all of this. Maybe you could be an idol!”

Keith Imagine

Request: “Okay, so I found Volume, and that’s some good stuff! Could you write a thing where the reader is dating one of the paladins (dealers choice ;)) and an argument breaks out between all the paladins and they yell and stuff, and the reader shuts down, and their s/o notices and acts? That’d be coolio!”

A/N: aww thank you! i picked Keith, because i can just imagine him and his s/o getting in a really bad fight

You’d forgotten quite what you and Keith were fighting about. You knew that he was angry, something about putting yourself in danger, but it had escalated to the worst fight you two had ever had. You couldn’t even remember how it had started.

“Keith, it’s not that big a deal, really. I’m okay now, aren’t I?” You’d hoped that that would calm him down, but it only seemed to fuel the fire more.

“No, it is a big deal! You compromised the mission! If you hadn’t gotten in our way, Zarkon could be defeated right now! Do you even realize how utterly stupid you are?!” Keith’s voice got progressively louder with each sentence, until he was yelling loud enough that the whole castle could probably hear him. Your hands started to shake as he continued. “So no, it’s not OKAY!”


“Not to mention this isn’t even the first time! Stop trying to help us, and just get out of our way.” He finished his sentence, and you were sitting, hunched over your knees. “Doll?” Keith kneeled down to look at you. When you didn’t even move, he brushed the hair away from your face. “You okay?”


Keith wrapped you up in his arms, pressing your face into his chest, and nuzzling his nose into your hair. He started to whisper sweet nothings, anything he could think of to relax you. He sat there with you for hours, just holding you, and humming into your hair, apologizing in between the gentle melodies. And when you fell asleep, he picked you up and carried you off to bed.

“A Drunken Ramble” (V x Reader)

okay this isn’t a request, but i had a burst of creativity after something similar happened to me lmao. it wasn’t a confession, but my friend sent me a video of my boyfriend rambling drunk about how great he thinks i am. it was the silliest and purest thing i had received honestly. i chose tae for this bc i can SO imagine him doing this weird but cute thing - he’s a puppy lmao.

Name: “A Drunken Ramble”

Character: V // Kim Taehyung (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,159

Originally posted by beui

(gif credit to the original owner)

“Be responsible,” you replied cheekily, trying to maintain some kind of control of your best friend. You chuckled as soon as you saw two emojis: the little face with the tongue stuck out. You shook your head, placing the phone down beside you and throwing yourself back onto your bed. You sighed. You were being truthful, however. No matter how far away you were from Taehyung, you always wanted to make sure that he was safe. This time, he was relatively near yet you still worried. He was older than you, not by much, but still older. However, you still felt the constant need to mother him and you were never sure whether it was to assure yourself or him. Since it was the kindest and charmingly strangest man you had ever met, you wanted to preserve that persona. He had sent you a message earlier, your heart pounding a little as the phone lit up to see his name on your phone. He was going out with the other 6 members of BTS, all of whom you were close to as well. They would look after him so you weren’t as worried, especially with responsible, parent-like members Namjoon and Jin. So, you took a deep breath, and allowed yourself to fall into the depths of sleep.

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Melanie Goes to Church

Melanie got up as her alarm went off for the third time that Sunday. She pulled the sheets over her head, trying to block out the sun and remember her dream. She was horny, and rightfully so after John, the music director at her church, had thoroughly fucked her in dream land. Her hands began to wander, feeling her skin and imagining his large hands grabbing her, caressing her. 

She had seduced him in her dream, her attractive body and desire forcing him to give in to his lust. It felt so wrong to her, but so right! She had developed a crush on him when she was just a teenager, his strong jaw, and dark hair making him incredibly attractive. Now she was 21, home from college, and he was just as sexy as she remembered. If anything, he looked even hotter, she thought, as her fingers reached her lips and clitoris. She gently rubbed herself, sliding a finger in and out of her tight hole, imaging his mouth on her, her legs wrapping around his head. “Oh John, yes!” She moaned quietly as she came, shoving three fingers inside of herself to reach her orgasm.

Melanie came downstairs after showering, and found her parents had already left for church. “I guess I’ll have to go to the last service,” she said to herself. She grabbed her keys and left, heading to a small cafe to grab breakfast before heading to church. After finishing a small plate of pancakes, she found herself in the church parking lot, which was unusually empty for a final service. Melanie went in, find a seat to the left, so she could get a better view of band. John’s son was one of the singer’s, and he was the sitting image if his dad, although a bit younger, and not as built. Yet. She cold feel naughty thighs rise the surface of her mind as church began, the band opening the sermon, her fantasies getting the better of her.

After the sermon was over, and she had sexually frustrated herself, the few prime that had shown up had left, and to her surprise, John came out alone to clean up.

“Hi, Mr. John!” She said, eager to have any conversation with him.

“Melanie! Good to see you. Are you back from school?” John asked as he started to rearrange the instruments.

“Yeah, I’m back for the summer.  I just finished my junior year,” Melanie replied, moving to help him.

“That’s great to hear.  You’ve certainly become a wonderful young woman.  Study hard and I am sure you’ll succeed at whatever you do.”  At that moment, they both reached for the one of the music stands, and his hand wrapped around hers.  “Oh, sorry.  Can you bring that over here?” he asked, quickly letting go to grab another one and walking to the storage room.  

The touch was electrifying to Melanie, his hands warmer than she imagined, and she felt his touch surge right to her groin, after fantasizing about him the whole sermon.  She picked up the stand and followed him.  “Do you still give lessons?”  she asked, beckoning to the piano that is stored in the back of the room.  

“No, not as much any more.  I haven’t played in a while, actually.”  

“Oh?  Why don’t you play something for me now?  No one is here.”  Melanie gave the best doe eyed look she could, hoping to spend as much time alone with him as possible.  This was the most she had spent with him in a while, and she was sure to make it last.  

“Sure, I could play a quick one,” John said as he placed the stand down, before pulling up a bench and lifting the lid to the keys.  He sat and started softly, a gentle, melodious tune that brought a peace to one’s mind.  She set her stand down and listened, before joining him on the bench.  Feeling empowered by him not scooting away, she lay her head on his shoulder.  John glanced at her, but seemed not to mind.  

He actually kept glancing at her, or more accurately, at her chest, down her shirt.  She had not intended to, but her shirt was loose, and gave him a wonderful view of her cleavage.  He could just barely see the tan lines of her bikini around her bra.  Melanie leaned closer, turning her head ever so slightly, and exhaled, gently blowing on his neck.  

John’s fingers stuttered with surprise, and the song ended abruptly.  Neither one of them moved.  

“Mr. John?  What’s wrong?,” she asked quietly, her breathe tickling his ears.  To her delight, she could see a bulge in his pants move as she did this, his erection visible now that he twitched.  

It was then that she decided to go for it.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I cause that?” she followed up quietly, placing her hand on his thigh and slowly moving it up to his groin over his slacks.   

“M-m-Melanie, I…”  he began, but stopped as Melanie leaned over in front of him, looking him directly in the eyes.  

“It’s okay.  I want to help.  I want this.”  And she bent forward slightly and kissed him.  It was not a long kiss, or an erotic one.  Just a simple kiss to express her feelings.

John, stunned, was struggling inside.  “Melanie, you can’t, I mean, we can’t do this.  You’re young enough to be my daughter.  I have a wife.  We shouldn’t… this place…”  his argument trailed off as Melanie stood up, grabbing her shirt, and pulling it overhead, exposing a cute blue bra that cupped her breasts nicely.  

“I know.  And honestly…” she paused as she got closer to him, reaching behind her and leaning in. “… that’s the best part, Daddy.”  With that, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face into the cleavage he had been eyeing.  

John’s resistance washed away as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, tasting her skin, and wrapping his arms around her waist.  They held each other for a moment, before he pushed her gently away.  He stood up, and looked at her.  “Alright,” he said quietly, before leaning in to kiss her.  

His lips met hers, and they kissed, longer than the first time, with more need than before.  He kissed her passionately, eagerly, and soon their tongues intertwined.  His hands explored her back, before moving down to her ass, grabbing her cheeks firmly and rubbing them, enjoying how tight her ass felt.

Melanie’s hands moved to the front, and found his belt buckle, deftly removing it and unbuttoning his pants.  She reached inside his boxers, and found what she was looking for, his penis already erect.  She grabbed him and stroked him a few times, her hands sliding over his skin, before pulling his pants down, and breaking her kiss with him.  She fell to her knees, his cock eye level with her, and she grabbed him firmly, watching as she grabbed him at the base and jerked him.  John moaned at the motion, and she locked eyes with him as she pumped her hand faster and faster, his erection becoming harder at the sight of her topless, stroking his cock.

She reached for his balls, and played with them gently for a bit, before moving up and kissing his stomach, his cock touching her shoulder, and working her way down to the base of his shaft, wear she looked at him and kissed it gently, before extending her tongue and licking it from base to tip.

She began to swirl her tongue around the tip, making a big show of making his head shiny with spit, before wrapping her lips around him, starting with his head, then slowly pressing forward.  He moaned the further she went, until he was groaning with surprise as she pressed her face against his pelvis, deepthroating him completely.  She held there for a moment, before backing off, grabbing his base and beginning to stroke him in time with her lips.  

“Fuck Melanie.  When’d you learn to do that?” John asked in disbelief.

“she slowly pulled off of him, and while stroking him responded.  “You’re actually my first, but I like to practice on my dildo.  I usually imagine it’s your cock.  Today it really is.”  With a smile, she returned to his cock, a woman on a  mission.  

She began to speed up, sucking hard on his head while stroking him with her hand.  He started moaning more vigorously, and she grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her throat.  She rapidly throated him, and he grabbed her by the hair, controlling her strokes.  

John groaned feeling his orgasm coming on.  “Oh Melanie.  I’m gonna cum,” he grunted, and Melanie pulled him deep, urging him to cum in her throat.  “Oh, God, yes!”  He moaned as his orgasm hit, spurt after spurt of hot semen shooting out from him.  Melanie swallowed the first few shots, before pulling out to the tip, licking his head and cum as he continued to pulse.  

She swallowed what she could, with the rest landing on her face and chest.  “Oh Melanie.  That was amazing.”

“Thanks Mr. John,” she replied sweetly, using her finger to wipe off the cum and place it in her mouth.

“How about I return the favor,” he suggested, quickly pulling her up to her feet, and laying her gently on the bench.  He stripped his pants off, before pulling hers down, revealing her shaven pussy.  He kissed her thighs, working his way inwards, and she could feel his breath on her pussy.  She moaned as his lips brushed hers, gently kissing her labia, sucking and licking her folds.  

He starts licking up and down her slit, wrapping his arms around her legs to hold her in place, while he eats her out.  She can feel his tongue caressing her, loving her, as he buries his tongue in her, and licks all over her clitoris.  She moans louder and louder as her fantasy becomes reality, and he increases the pressure on her, his face pressed against her and his tongue and lips working wonders all over her pussy.  She moans as she feels her orgasm approach, her body beginning to convulse under him, and her orgasm rips through her body, tendrils of pleasure shooting to her extremities.  She can feel her body tingle as he pulls her up and bends her over the piano, his face buried in her crotch as he continues to please her pussy.  

He eats her from behind, his tongue making long flat strokes against her, going through her folds, and teasing her hole.  He sucks on her clit hard, licking it intensely as a second orgasm approaches.  He opens his moth to cover her lips completely and shoves his tongue inside her, probing her, and licking her clitoris.

“Oh Mr. John,” she moaned as he pleases her.

“Call me Daddy,” he growls from behind, the vibrations of his voice doing wonderful things to her groin.

“Oh Daddy, I’m gonna cum again!” She screams loudly as another orgasm, even larger than the first ripples through her.  He continues to lick her clitoris throughout her trembling until her orgasm subsides, turning her around and kissing her hard.  She can taste herself on him, and is happy to find his erection returning.

“Mmm, Daddy.  That was wonderful.  How about you take this hard cock of yours and show me what else you can do with it?”

“Happily,” John says as he presses her against the piano.  He gently lifts her leg and presses himself against her entrance.  He begins slowly, thrusting himself gently into her as he fills her hot, wet hole.  After a few seconds, he’s completely inside of her, his hard cock inside her tight snatch.  Melanie moans at how full she feels, the sensations different from when she uses her dildo.  She can feel his warmth, his skin pressed against her.  “Are you ready, Melanie?”

“Mmm, yes Daddy.  Please fuck me.”

John slides himself back, then thrusts forward, his cock entering and exiting her slowly. he leans forward and kisses her as he fucks her, his balls slapping her thigh as he begins to speed up.  

“Oh, Melanie.  You’re so hot and tight,” John moans, unable to control his voice.  He thrust hard and fast, pounding into her pussy, pulling groans from her lips with every stroke of his hips.  He goes faster and faster, before pulling out and turning her around, getting her into doggy position.  He enters her from behind, shoving himself balls deep on the first stroke, and she moans as she’s quickly filled with his hard cock.  They fuck like this for a while, his hands slapping her ass and grabbing her breasts as she moans and pushes back against him.  She reaches back and rubs her clitoris while he pounds her from behind, and he grabs her hair and pulls her head back to control her as he slams himself into her repeatedly.  They get rough and faster, the sounds of their fucking making beautiful music.

“Melanie, I’m getting close,”  John groans, clearly straining to hold himself back.

“I want you to cum in me while I ride you.  Lay down.” She responds, pushing him onto the bench while she straddles him.  She grabs his cock and lowers herself onto his erection, pleased by the way she can rub her clit against him when he’s buried inside her.  She grinds herself furiously on him, both moaning at their approaching orgasms.  

“Cum for me.  I want you to cum inside me!!!” Melanie gasps as her orgasm washes over her, her pussy pulsing as John slams himself repeatedly in her.  Her words set him off, and he unloads his hot cum into her waiting pussy, the white fluid spilling out the sides of her lips with every thrust.

They lay their together a while, his cock still buried in her, both of them panting heavily.

“Mmm, thank you Daddy.  I could feel you cum inside me.  I think you’ll have to do this again.”

— Credit to @musicalkats-blog for the idea.
destiny pt.6 (angel!jungkook)

summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

relationship: angel!jungkook x reader x demon!yoongi

words: 4,971

warnings: violence

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a/n: I was listening to music while I wrote and I found this song that I think you could listen to as part of kook’s perspective! here it is

Jungkook had wondered time and time before what it would be like for people to perceive him like they do other humans, to take his presence into enough consideration that they’d move out of his way if they walked toward each other on the street, or to mind his shoulder when they squeezed past him. He had even wondered what it would like to be stared at, like he’d seen people do to others all the time. But with Jaebum, a grown man with an unsettlingly stern gaze glaring holes into Jungkook’s forehead, he would’ve liked to melt into his seat instead.

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Saeran Fanfiction #3: Cat-nappers

A/N: Here’s the drabble, as promised. :) But I did it pretty quickly so I didn’t actually go all the way with this idea.

Inspired by @mizueki‘s drawing of Saeran and Seven’s infiltration of Jumin’s apartment. Thank you for sharing that really cute piece of art on tumblr! :) Link to the picture is here.

Summary: Your job description never mentioned anything about having to protect a cat from two twin cat-nappers, or that one of them would be a particularly cute cat-napper.

You… had no words. Absolutely none.

You hadn’t worked in this field for long, so you had yet to experience or witness many odd things, according to your seniors. But then, you didn’t think that even they could have anticipated something like this to happen. and no amount of training could have prepared you for a scenario as absurd and ridiculous as this.

Honestly, it was almost laughable, except that your job was currently at risk even though you had only started work two days ago.

You gaped at the startlingly huge hole in the window through which one of them had crashed through — how was that even possible? This was the top floor, for crying out loud! — and the little shards of glass scattered across the smooth marble flooring. It didn’t look too bad, you supposed. They looked like diamonds from here, with the sun’s rays reflecting off them that gave them an iridescent glow.

Oh, who were you kidding, you were definitely going to get fired the moment Mr. Han got home.

The stress of not knowing how to account for this to your superior or Mr. Han, as well as the shock of your overwhelming failure on your second day, gradually morphed into anger, which you directed in the form of a glare at the two twin perpetrators, one of whom you had handcuffed to yourself.

The man handcuffed to you, in turn, was glaring at his brother, while the cat, Elizabeth the 3rd (you still thought her name incredibly odd, but you knew better than to make a comment about it), was rubbing her head and body against the angry man’s leg. Her tail would brush against your pants every now and then, which didn’t really help to ease your frustration with the entire situation.

As you mentioned before, you simply had no words to spare.

Everyone was currently playing the waiting game, and some of your other colleagues had gone to secure the apartment. Another had left to call for the cleaner to clear up the glass, in case an accident occurred — namely, in case the cat went over and got her paws cut. In which case, it would mean instant death by corporate heir employer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Han was reportedly rushing back home for his beloved and apparently distressed cat. It didn’t really seem to be the case. If anything, she seemed perfectly happy, rubbing her body against his leg. She seemed to have taken a liking to her kidnapper. You didn’t think Stockholm syndrome could kick in so early, and for a cat, no less.

You spared the man handcuffed to you a sideways glance, and you saw uncertainty flicker in his striking mint green eyes as he looked on silently at the cat by his leg. His hands were fidgeting by his sides, and he was biting the inside of his cheek. He probably wanted to pet her as much as she wanted to be petted by him.

She was adorable, one of the most elegantly groomed cats you had ever seen, but you couldn’t afford to be distracted by her. You were working. Not for long, anyway. You sighed inwardly when you heard her meow for the tenth time in the past… fifteen minutes. There wasn’t really much else to do, and since dwelling on your imminent downfall was doing little to help you feel better, you decided to just observe him quietly. Maybe it was a habit from your job, but something about observing people calmed you. Gave you something to think about, and at times, something to imagine.

The man next to you had messy red hair just like his brother’s, and upon closer inspection, you noticed some strands of white fur clung to the very tips of his baby hairs, no doubt because of the cat. You had been told she was known to shed an unusual amount of fur, which you hadn’t believed at first, given the stark cleanliness of the apartment in its original state. But now, looking at your blank pants that were stained with little feathery white strands, you concluded that the cleaner was exceptional at her job. Maybe you could ask her for tips later on how to get rid of all this fur when you got home.

The man next to you didn’t seem all too bothered by it, however. The barest of smiles, just a ghost of it, played on his lips as he continued to stare at the cat as she meowed and purred at him.


The corners of your lips began to twitch upwards, and the moment you realised it, you pressed them into a thin line and let the frown settle back on your face, trying your hardest to keep the heat from spreading up your neck.

Get a grip, you instructed yourself. You were working now, you couldn’t afford to get distracted by an unusually cute cat-napper.

But, well, you supposed there wasn’t really anything wrong with this. You were simply observing him, after all. Besides, it wasn’t as if you had anything else to do at the moment.

So your eyes went back to him, and you noted the peculiar mint green hue of his eyes, which differed greatly from the golden ones that his brother had. You were fairly sure they were twins, however. They shared the exact same facial features, except that his brother had glasses on while he didn’t, and then of course there were the eyes, and the fact that he had a completely different aura about him compared to his brother.

His brother, who had introduced himself quite grandiosely as “God Seven-Zero-Seven” when you first caught them both lurking in the hallway, was animated and strangely spirited even though he had just landed himself in hot soup with the team. Maybe slightly insane too, evident from his obsession with the Mr. Han’s pet. He seemed likeable enough though, and you would have appreciated his eccentricity and unique sense of humour more in another setting.

On the other hand, the man next to you was quiet, composed. He was eccentric in another way altogether. His face was a mask of calm, though from the slight turn down of his eyebrows, you could tell he wasn’t entirely happy with getting caught up in this mess. It was highly likely that he had been dragged into this infiltration mission by his brother.

His eyes were still fixated on the cat, and although his face was stone, betrayed no emotion, you could tell from his gaze that he truly longed to touch her, if only to pass the time while waiting for Mr. Han to return.

So against your better judgment, your lips parted to speak.

“You can touch her if you want, you know.”

His head turned, and his eyes came to rest on you.

You didn’t get a chance to take a good look at him earlier, since you had been too caught up with chasing after the both of them. But now, seeing him under the white beam of light from the ceiling, with him facing you and neither of you in a rush to make a move, you couldn’t help the slight quickening of your pulse.

He was handsome, and very much so.

His face looked especially pale under the lighting, but and it gave a gleam to his beautifully luminous eyes. He reminded you of a cat’s eyes in the dark. Glowing, mysterious, magnetic.

“I can?” he asked softly, his voice flowing like honey towards you. Just minutes before he had been shouting at his brother for “coming up with such a stupid plan”, and you hadn’t expected to hear such a tender quality in his voice. It was soothing, gliding into your ears like a gentle melody.

“Go ahead,” you replied, allowing a tiny smile to show on your face briefly, as you slowly knelt down so that he could also lower himself to pet Elizabeth conveniently.

You caught the eye of your other colleague who had a brow arched questioningly, but you mouthed a quick assurance to him. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt the cat. And if he did, you would make him pay for it, as well as for jeopardising your career.

The moment he lowered himself enough, Elizabeth practically jumped up to him, meowing in delight and nuzzling her head against his chest. He looked a little bit conflicted, a little hesitant as he raised his hand to gently stroke her head. That earned him a satisfied purr in response, as well as jealous cries of protest from his brother at the other end of the room. He began begging your colleague to let him touch her as well, but your colleague refused to budge. Fair enough, given that Mr. Han had stressed time and again not to allow a bespectacled man going by the name of Seven anywhere near his cat.

You watched quietly as he continued stroking her, the little frown that had been there on his face slowly melting away, replaced with a gentle, kind face. The corners of his lips were curled upwards slightly as he played with the cat, looking more comfortable with her by the minute.

You didn’t even realise you had been smiling yourself until his gaze moved from Elizabeth to you, and in that instant, you felt heat rush to your cheeks. Hastily, you averted your gaze, and you instinctively moved away to put some space between the both of you, except the tug of the handcuff on your wrist prevented you from doing so.

If anything, because you tugged a little too hard, the returning force made you lose your balance since you had been balancing on the balls of your feet while squatting next to him.

And then the next thing you knew, you were falling towards him.

You heard a sharp cry from the cat as she jumped away just in time to avoid getting squashed in between the both of you. And then you felt two strong hands hold firmly onto your arms to steady you, which lessened the pain as you crashed face first against his chest.

His broad, warm, strong chest—

You pulled away from him, cheeks flaming and heart racing. You muttered an apology as he steadied you, and when your eyes met, it dawned on you suddenly how close you were to him. He was holding you in place, which meant your faces were just inches apart; too close for comfort. Colour was rushing to his face, reddening his cheeks and the tips of his ears. From the heat gathering in your face, you guessed you probably looked the same.

His eyes had widened, shock and bewilderment swimming in them, as they stared deeply into yours. His gaze was penetrating, piercing, intriguing enough that you could get lost in them, just observing him all day long. 

Except you had a job to do. You quickly shook yourself out of your daze, aware that your colleagues were still in the room and had probably witnessed your moment of uncharacteristic clumsiness.

Hastily, you looked away, putting as much space as you could between the both of you without causing another similar mishap. You heard him clear his throat, and from the corner of your eye, you noticed his face was still a little red as he petted the cat who had already made a swift return to his fur-covered lap.

You caught the eye of your colleague, who had arched a brow at you and was sending you a teasing smirk.

And all you could do was stare at the floor, speechless.

You had no words. Absolutely none to defend yourself, or to explain what had just happened.

All you knew was that your heart was still beating furiously in your chest and that the heat in your face wouldn’t go away.

Second day on the job, and this was proving to be increasingly disastrous as the seconds ticked by.

You didn’t know if you should be relieved or not when Mr. Han finally arrived. He had that frigid air of professionalism about him as always, though the anger simmering beneath his cool face was plain for all to see.

He exchanged a few harsh words with “Seven”, threatening to call the police on him for unwarranted trespassing of property, damaging his window, attempting to kidnap his cat and for putting her through an unbearable ordeal that could scar her fragile mind for good. (Were all corporate heirs this dramatic when it came to their pets?)

You noted, however, that he seemed otherwise fine with the man next to you, whose name you learned was Saeran. He requested you to remove the handcuffs and you did, although he didn’t ask the same of your colleague who was with Seven.

Saeran sent a flat glare in the direction of his brother when Seven pleaded for him to put in a good word for him with Mr. Han, and you had to fight to suppress a chuckle when he later sneezed thrice in succession, no doubt because of all the cat fur on him.

It wasn’t long before you and your colleagues were dismissed Mr. Han from the apartment, requesting all of you to get back to your work. You exchanged glances with the rest of the team, and in general, everyone looked quite relieved. Probably meant your job was safe for now. One of them whispered discreetly to inform you that Seven and Saeran were both experienced hackers, and that they were both part of the RFA charity organization that Mr. Han was also a member of, so nothing too severe would happen to either of them, or to the team.

That was enough to make you release a long exhale, and for the stress that had been giving you a mild migraine to fade away. You couldn’t ask for better news.

You were the last to exit the door of the apartment, and you couldn’t help but turn back. You didn’t know why you did it, exactly. You just… felt like doing it.

And then you found yourself staring back into mint eyes. He had turned over his shoulder too, to spare you one last glance before you left.

Once more, you felt your cheeks heat in a blush, but this time, you didn’t look away. You offered him a tiny smile and a nod, which he returned in kind. A wordless goodbye. Maybe a “see you later”. Who knew?

You had work to do.

So with a slightly giddy head and a loud thumping in your ears, you turned around and left, closing the door behind you, and silently hoping that the two cat-nappers would drop by sometime soon. 

cherrywolfn  asked:

I'd like to ask a Question, Is there any specific reason you picked the Animals you did for SLARPG's main cast, or do they have no meaning and you just picked them because you liked them. I'm just curious.

it’s like half real reasons and half “i just like this animal and thought it’d be cute”

melody is a fox because she’s the character i see myself in the most. my first fursona i designed in middle school was a fox (because i was a big fan of tails), so i’ve always felt kind of attached to the animal

the others are largely a matter of me liking those animals, although more specifically allison is probably a bunny because of bunnie rabbot, claire is a cow because my first real WoW character was a tauren, and jodie is a tiger probably because, in all honestly, i saw zootopia not long before finalizing her design and i had those damn buff tigers on the mind. (side note: claire was almost a sheep, and for the longest time jodie was going to be a dog)

yes, i am extremely self indulgent when it comes to character designs

beyond that, though, i wanted the choices of animals to feel… slightly contradictory to the characters, in a way? i didn’t wanna pick animals that would stereotypically fit their body types and personalities. the party is very much not your typical Legendary Heroes–they’re a bunch of 20-something misfits with various identity issues who aren’t qualified to be saving the world, and i think the slightly mismatched animal choices reflect that

claire is a cow, a pretty big animal in real life, but she’s the smallest and most fragile member of the party. she’s also an extremely mundane farm animal that isn’t seen as particularly magical in most of the world, even though she’s a witch. allison is the strongest physical attacker in the party and generally pretty brave, neither of which are traits typically associated with fluffy little bunnies. and melody, who’s gentle and self-conscious, is a fox, a predatory animal generally seen as crafty and violent in folk tales. they’re also generally pretty small, lithe animals, whereas melody’s tall and chubby

the only one who really perfectly matches up with the animal she is is jodie, which was a very deliberate choice since she’s supposed to be the most capable adventurer of the group

before sunrise / remus lupin

SURPRISE! after falling off the face of the planet, i’m back and hopefully better than ever. love u guys so so much and enjoy this fluffy fic of my baby love aka remus <3 x

(ps. i’m 10 away from 2k and i can’t even believe it. i love u guys so, so much and i can’t thank u enough)

word count // 2,021

Boxes upon boxes were stacked along the walls of the new flat that you and Remus had moved into a mere day ago. It was early morning of the second day, the clock reading 4 AM, and you sat in the floor of the living room with a box packed to the brim of books sat in front of you. The clutter had already begun to bother you and the thought of going to bed was preposterous when there was so much to be done. With ratty hair twisted up on the top of your head and one of Remus’ t-shirts on your body, you had set out on a mission to sort through all of the books belonging to him and yourself.

Whilst you rummaged through the box, pulling out books and flipping through each one, Remus leaned against the counter top and admired you. He studied the way you picked up a certain novel and opened the cover with extreme delicacy, head casted downwards towards the pages settled on your outstretched legs. A soft glow from the floor length lamps illuminated you in the darkness, allowing him to fully appreciate your complexion clean of cosmetics and the soft smile on your rosy lips from you having bitten down on them out of habit. He felt at peace as he watched your lips form the words on the pages and his heart felt fuller than it ever had and more than it ever would.

Unable to fight his overwhelming urge to touch you, Remus pushed away from the counter and padded silently on the hardwood until he stood in front of you. He knelt down beside you and placed a hand on the back of your head, bringing you forward so his lips could press the softest of kisses to your forehead. Your eyes managed to tear away from the page and watch Remus as he lowered himself to the floor alongside you, his hand sliding down the back of your bare neck to trace letters and patterns on your back. Humming appreciatively, you sent him a sleepy smile that made the beating of his heart pick up the pace.

Remus chortled softly and soothingly stroked strands of hair from your cheeks. “Have you slept at all, sweetheart?” He asked, concern trickling into his low voice like music to your ears.

“Maybe.” You paused and smiled mischievously. “Maybe not.”

Shaking his head, Remus smiled in spite of his worry for your wellbeing. He knew all too well that you would not rest until some progress had been made with unpacking. “You need sleep, Y/N. These boxes will still be here when you wake up,” He murmured and leaned closer to press his lips to your cheek, then lower to your jaw.

“I know, my love, but we’ve hardly made any progress since we moved in and—“

“Sweetheart,” Remus interrupted, chuckling to himself. “We only moved in yesterday.”

His warm irises, the shades of freshly brewed coffee, were drawing you in, swaying your decision to remain awake until sunrise. You could nearly feel the soft, white duvet that had been freshly washed and smelt of lavender fabric softener on your arms and bare legs. Remus would be beside you, both of his arms encasing you completely with your head resting on his right shoulder. Warmth from his body would radiate onto yours and you’d drift off to the occasional kiss on your forehead. However, as tempting as the vision was, you weren’t very tired and your desire to unpack was not able to be wavered.

“Rem, I need to at least finish unpacking this box. I’ll come to bed after, okay?” You promised before pushing yourself off the hardwood and over to the bookshelf, grabbing handfuls of novels to place in their spots on the shelves.

Only seconds passed until you felt him standing behind you. His slightly muscular arms wrapped around your body and pulled your back flush to his chest, his face buried into the crook of your neck so he could proceed to pepper kisses to the soft skin there. You tried to remain focused on the task of organizing the bookshelf, but it proved to be difficult as Remus pulled the t-shirt fabric on your shoulder to the side and trailed his lips along the bare skin. Shivers went down your spine, to your core and you dropped the book in your grasp, gasping when he lightly nipped at the place where your neck met your shoulder.

Swallowing thickly and cheeks beginning to flush, your hands fell to his on your midsection all the while Remus laughed gleefully, chest vibrating against your back. “Remus John Lupin, you are such a little shit. Did you know that?” You grumbled, feigning annoyance. How could you possibly be annoyed?

He never faltered in showering you with kisses and his methods of distracting you were commencing in great success. “You’re mine now,” Remus declared and rested his chin on your shoulder, peering at the side of your face lovingly. “No more unpacking, alright?”

“Okay,” You agreed and turned to face your boyfriend who was grinning victoriously. You couldn’t help but smile up at him in return. “I’m all yours, my love.”

Remus cupped your face in his hands, his fingers running along your jaw with the steady beating of your heart under one of his fingertips on your neck. The pace of your heart picked up when he stooped over and brushed his mouth against yours in a feather-like manner. For a moment the two of you stood with his hands holding the sides of your neck, your significantly smaller ones wrapped around his forearms, and basked in the feeling of his lips barely grazing yours. You let out the smallest of whimpers when Remus finally kissed you properly and you tasted the dark chocolate on his tongue, bitter and sweet all at once. It was the loveliest of tastes and thorough disappointment tugged at your heart as your lips separated from his with a quiet pop.

His eyes crinkled as a smile overtook his swollen lips. “Perfect,” He hummed and swept some hair behind your ears, his hands dropping from your face to shoulders and down the length of your arms until his fingers tangled with yours. “Now, dance with me?” 

Your brows rose in surprise and an involuntary giggle slipped out. “You’re a horrible dancer, Remus.” 

Remus released your hands and trekked over to the record player perched on top of a sealed box. You watched as his long, slender fingers pulled up the needle and gingerly dropped it onto the record that you had been listening to earlier in the day. The gentle melody of one of your favorites began to play into the silent flat and Remus made his way over to you again. The soft glow of the lamps cast shadows along his face, his jawline sharp and the light casting a twinkle in his eyes. You couldn’t have possibly torn your focus away from him even if you tried with all the strength in your body. He was an ethereal kind of beautiful.  

He reached for your hands and pulled you flush to his chest, his large palms going to rest on your waist. Remus nudged your jaw with his nose and kissed your skin, breathing in the delicate scent of you and humming in satisfaction. “Just wanna hold you,” He murmured into your ear and began swaying the two of you lightly.  

Arms looped around his neck and rocking from foot to foot, you caught his eye with a small smile on your lips. Remus had to fight the urge to kiss the life out of you. “Then hold me,” You said just as softly as he had, feeling as if you spoke any louder it would disrupt the romantic atmosphere.  

Obliging to your response, Remus tightened his grip on you and the fabric of the t-shirt you wore bunched up in his palms just slightly. He guided you between boxes, sliding across the hardwood easily and quite gracefully. The sweet lyrics of the song filled the serene space around the two of you and the stress of unpacking melted away. It was just you and the love of your life, dancing around an empty flat whilst the sun had just begun to rise through the windows.  

“I’ve waited a hundred years, but I’d wait a million more for you…” 

Your gaze flickered upwards to the warm brown irises already looking down at you. The piano on the record played out in a melodic tune, so beautifully and elegantly, and you found yourself singing amongst both of you quietly. “Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do,” You sang and Remus smiled at the sound of your voice mingling with the angelic sounding piano, his cheeks tinged pink at the words being related to him. 

His face tucked into the crook of your neck, the tip of his nose brushing along the curve of the place where your neck and shoulder met. One of your hands slid down to his bicep, the other remained curled around into his messy hair whilst Remus carefully placed kisses on your neck. Your heart was pounding so quickly in your ears as he inched up to your jaw and to the corner of your mouth, his forehead coming to rest upon your own. The yearning to feel the contours of his lips was driving you mad and a smile broke out on his face, knowingly, as you stretched to his height and captured his lips after an aching moment. Kissing him was like a thirst, unquenchable and unable to be suppressed once the desire emerged. 

“Your love is my turning page, only the sweetest words remain…” 

It was when Remus pulled apart from your lips, pulled you closer to his body, and his breath fanned out onto your ear as he muttered six words that made your heart pound quicker. The breath was knocked from your lungs and you pulled back just enough to meet his eyes that had begun to fill with anticipation and worry.  

“What did you just say?” You asked, breathless and dazed.  

His eyes searched yours carefully, lovingly. “I want you to marry me,” He said.  

Your lips parted in surprise, breath coming out in little gasps. You had to bite down on the inside of your cheek to keep tears at bay and the rusty taste of blood coated your tongue. The glistening of tears caused Remus to cup your cheeks in his hands, worry and anxiety taking over his being, and he felt his face softening in effect of the feelings rushing through him.  

“I want you to marry me,” Remus repeated in a tender whisper. “Because I love you and I don’t think I could bear a day on this Earth without you.” 

“Remus–” You cried, happy tears spilling onto your cheeks.  

“Shh,” He hummed and placed his thumbs over your rosy lips. They were wet with salty tears and ran onto his fingers as he continued. “I thought I would never find love because of what I am. I didn’t think any girl would be able to love me. I’m blown away that a girl like you, a girl so pure and more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed up, could fall in love with someone like me. I’m so in love with you and there’s no other girl I want to be my wife.” 

The only response you could manage was pushing yourself onto the tips of your toes and kissing him. Remus responded immediately and the two of you poured every ounce of love into the passionate embrace. He had lifted you off the ground in the midst and your feet just barely grazed the floors, but you had no cares in the world besides the blissful blooming in your chest and his mouth moving on yours. Between the sweet kiss and coming up for air, you managed to muster up enough breath in your lungs to whisper one little word.  


Euphoria — Yoosung x Reader

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could possibly do an imagine of Yoosung’s proposal to MC? Thank you! I really like your blog. :3

Word count: 2,141

A/N: aw thank you for the compliment, anon! i just wanted to say that the Yoosung that I wrote about is the after ending Yoosung! Meaning that’s he more mature and such because I thought it fit perfectly with the way I wrote this! Anyway, I hope you like it!

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In the kitchen | ♫🌿🍴 ♪


As the gentle melodies of Chopin fill the kitchen through her iPhone speakers, Scarlett begins the prep for a special feast of sorts. Her son is “home” for a visit and the family finally get’s to meet his girlfriend of almost four years! She gives out a sigh of content, smiles to herself, and reaches for the the knife in the block to start off chopping the veggies. 

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buff!Brook x Reader

What a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining down, the heat warm against your face, the wind blowing through your (h/c) hair. The sound of cheerful children running around, birds happily singing, laughter, everything was great.

As the wind blew gracefully, you couldn’t help but hear a gentle melody in the air. It ever so often stoped, but you couldn’t help but be entranced by it. You scanned your surroundings to see if anyone else was interested in it, but everyone continued doing their own things.

How interesting. No one seemed to be as curious as you were. The sound was coming from the beach, which was odd to you. You didn’t remember a festival scheduled for today, but that didn’t stop you from heading towards that direction, each and every one of your steps bringing the feeling of you getting closer to that magical feeling.

Once the beach came into view, you noticed a man..? Of some sorts?? Playing a violin, a group of broken bows gathered on the ground around him. The beautiful melody was coming from him. You smiled softly, lifting your arm, getting ready to call out to him, but you couldn’t help but notice… he was ripped. REALLY, REALLY RIPPED. 

Time felt like it stopped as you examined his body throughly. His glorious muscles were glistening in the sunlight as the ocean water supply calmly sparkled as they moved up and down the shoreline. You bit your bottom lip as you slowly made it up to see his face.

Goodness! He had such fluffy black hair! A natural perm! What did seem a bit off was how his head was a skeleton, but, you forgave him. Everything about him was beautiful. His hair, his body, his weird leopard speedo, and his music playing. Absolutely astonishing.

You stood there as your breath was taken away while he played his violin, ever so often his bow breaking. You didn’t mind watching him bend down and grab a new bow, going back to playing his song.

Once the song was, which you assumed was finished, you clapped, cheering for him. “That was so very well done! Good job!” You chirped, smiling brightly. His cheekbones tinted red as he noticed that you were there. He hadn’t expected you to be there.

“Thank you, Young miss.” He said, looking rather proud. “Will you kindly give me your name?” You ask him as you place your hand on your cheek shyly.

“My name is Brook! Gentleman Skelemanly!” He bowed stiffly, since his muscles were so very thick. “Yours?”

“(Y/n)!” You say cheerfully. You’d never been so happy to say it to someone before. Especially to someone as dashingly handsome as he.

Brook clears his throat before he put his attention back on you. “May I ask you a simple question?” He asked, sitting up, slowly making his way over to you.

You slowly nod, your (e/c) eyes ever so often taking a quick glimpse of his amazing bod. “Go ahead…” You begin, but then right as he speaks, you decided to ask him a quick question as well.

“May I see your panti-”

“Will you please marry me?”

Brook lit up, slightly surprised by what you said. “Me? You wish to marry me?” He asked, pointing to himself. You nod quickly, letting the perverted question that he’d asked you slide. “Yes! Please do!” You say, a blush forming across your face.

“Alright,” was his reply. “Really?” You said, baffled as he set his violin and unbroken bow to the side. “Of course! Who could turn down such a stunning person such as you? Yohohohoho!”

Ah, his laugh was like listening to his wonderful melody that he’d played. “Thank you so much!” You weep into your hands as he picks you up bridal style, taking a single step onto a stone. “I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world!” He claimed, puffing his chest out proudly. You place your shaking hand onto his chest before leaning your head against it. “I promise to make you the happiest skelemanly in the universe!” You plant you lips against his cheekbone as he then skipped gracefully down the beach as the sun set.

//@ask-the-skellyman​ you did this to me, I’m dying bc of this あああああああああああああああああ!!

Soulmate Solangelo One-shot

Soulmate AU where everytime your soulmate is singing a song it gets stuck in your head. 

Another bland day in the office. Not many people came to fix their insurance policy this early in the middle of the week. It was really unnecessary to have so many people in the building this early. As Will looked around the office he saw how bored everyone was. One girl was looking through the online Victoria’s Secret catalogue. One guy was playing pinball on the computer. The others looked half asleep or intent on their phones.

Will got up to go make himself a coffee, despite his revulsion to the stale brand the office had. He wasn’t the only one in line for coffee. A few other coworkers were there too. One was a lady with long curly blonde hair, another a guy with messy raven black hair, and another guy with a goatee.

“I tried telling Percy not to, but he did anyway,” the woman said.

“Haven’t you learned by now? He never does what he’s told,” the guy without a goatee said.

Will managed to find his way around them and reach the coffee machine. His brain was too muddled to care about who Percy was and what he’d done. He returned to his desk and grabbed a notepad to scribble on until the phone rang. As he wrote, he suddenly started humming an old familiar tune. The gravelly voice of a cartoon satyr popped into his head, causing him to smile.

It’d been a long time since he watched Hercules, and he couldn’t recall the song completely, but the rhythm was there in his head. He had no idea how he’d thought of it so suddenly, but he enjoyed it. At least for the first three minutes. After almost an hour of Hercules songs spinning through his head, he was getting angry. He didn’t know the words and he didn’t know why all the songs had suddenly come into his head.

With a frustrated groan, he put music on his computer, hoping to drive away the Grecian Disney movie away. The gentle melody for Hey There, Delilah began and he began singing softly as he played solitaire.

Somewhere in the office a smooth voice began humming the song. Will paused it to listen and whoever it was kept humming. Will glanced at the other desks and saw the blonde lady from the coffee room smiling. “Sing louder, Nico,” she prodded. And the humming stopped.

Will shrugged and let the song finish playing. His shift would be over soon, thankfully. All he wanted was to go home and catch up on Supernatural. He began shutting down his computer and straightening up his desk. As he was leaving, he suddenly remembered the playful tune to Hakuna Matata. He chuckled as he recalled the movie and began singing it on his way home.

When he turned on the radio, he was able to replace the song with a more modern tune.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Nico was on his phone looking up a piece of lyrics because he couldn’t remember the rest besides the one small phrase, “-keep on hoping, we’ll eat cake by the ocean.” He ended up playing the song all the way through. He was certain he’d never heard it before, but he must have. It was stuck in his head for a reason, right?

“You know, your singing caught that cute guy’s attention,” Annabeth told him from the desk on the other side. He rolled his chair towards her and raised an eyebrow. “You know, the blond with the blue eyes and freckles?”

“Sounds like you have a crush,” he teased. “Don’t tell Percy, he’ll go berserk.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “I’m serious, Nico! He perked up as soon as you started singing.”

“A lot of people did Annabeth.” She huffed and he smiled at her. “Hey have you heard this song?” he asked, showing her his phone. She nodded. “It’s been stuck in my head, but I haven’t heard it before.”

“You probably have, it just didn’t make an impression.”

He shrugged and returned to his desk. He returned to his Disney station. It was a guilty pleasure. There was something so innocent and relaxing about Disney songs that made work bearable. And the drive home. And being home alone. But it wasn’t an obsession.

After a song from the Lorax, Nico had to go home. On the way, he started singing Carry On Wayward Son. He hadn’t watched Supernatural in a while, but he did love that song. He’d almost forgotten about it until then. At least this song made sense in his memory.

The next day at work, Nico was getting coffee, humming a song from Tarzan. When he turned, he saw one of his coworkers with a confused look on his face. He faltered in his singing when the guy looked at him. This must be the guy Annabeth was talking about.

“Where is that song from?” he asked suddenly. “It’s been in my head all morning, but I can’t remember.”

“Uh, it’s by Phil Collins. It’s on… Tarzan.”

He scoffed. “Figures. I’ve been remembering a lot of Disney songs lately.” He held up a tablet. “I was planning to catch up on a series I’m watching, but I might just end up watching Disney movies. Is that childish?”

Nico felt a blush creep into his cheeks. “Aha,” he laughed nervously. “No, not at all. I’d do it too. I love Disney.”

The blond furrowed his eyebrows. “Really?” he asked grabbing his coffee. “Didn’t peg you for a Disney type.” He smiled. “I’m sorry to keep you, I didn’t mean to ramble.”

Again, Nico shook his head. “No, it’s fine. Not much work to do anyway.” Then, desperate for the conversation to continue, he asked, “What series were you going to watch?”

“Supernatural,” he answered. “I’ve been slacking. I’m a whole season behind.”

Nico chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m five seasons behind.” His sparkling blue eyes went wide. “I know, it’s horrible.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” he said. “You have no idea what you’re in for!” He suddenly smacked his head with his hand. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Nico,” he answered, holding his hand out.

“Will,” the freckled face replied, taking his hand. A slow, rosy blush crept into their cheeks as they looked at each other. “So uh… since you’re the Disney fanatic, did you want to watch something with me?”

“S-sure,” Nico stuttered. “Hercules is my favorite.”

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Harry was so right when he said the album was ambiguous (at least thus far). Its such clever song writing, the three songs we've heard so all have their own narrative, but could each mean one hundred different things, to one hundred different people. The album is entirely personal to him, but will also be personal to whoever owns its. It invites you along on the journey with him, without forcing you to follow his exact path, accompanied by gentle lyricism and beautiful melodies. A+ Harry !