gentle influence

IN the second century of the Christian era, the Empire of Rome comprehended the fairest part of the earth, and the most civilised portion of mankind. The frontiers of that extensive monarchy were guarded by ancient renown and disciplined valour. The gentle but powerful influence of laws and manners had gradually cemented the union of the provinces. Their peaceful inhabitants enjoyed and abused the advantages of wealth and luxury. The image of a free constitution was preserved with decent reverence: the Roman senate appeared to possess the sovereign authority, and devolved on the emperors all the executive powers of government.
—  The opening of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” Edward Gibbon’s famous explanation of how and why the once-great empire ended.

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((hopping on the dad boat)) bakugou, todoroki and mirio as dads hcs?? like activities they do with their kids, how they deal with tantrums, parenting style, etc etc. THANK YOU 🌺

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Bakugou is a protective, tough parent who always knows what his mischievous kids are up to; he’s calmed down a bit since becoming a pro but that doesn’t mean his temper didn’t flare up when they talked back to him. 
  • When his kids throw a temper tantrum, he reacts by mimicking their anger, yelling as loud as he can, and then looking them straight in the eyes and going, “That’s how ridiculous you’re being!” 
  • He shows affection by ruffling their hair, but if anyone were to make them cry (after he whoops whoever did it) he’d let them cry on his shoulder as he rubbed their back. 
  • He likes to do physical activities like play sports, because his children are always in awe at the raw power he has. He’ll always tell them they’ll get to reach that point since they have his genes, but they need to work for it if they really want it. 

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Todoroki does his best to be a positive influence on his children, wanting them to see that he loves them even if he’s tough on them. He still has a gentle hand, influenced mostly by his mothers parenting style. 
  • He’s at a loss of what to do when his children throw tantrums because he doesn’t think it’ll help to spank them or berate them, but they don’t tend to respond to his calm tone. He decides to let them cry it out and when they’re done, he’ll talk to them. 
  • He tries to be more involved with all aspects of his children’s lives, supporting them partaking in activities other than heroism, having them invite friends over, etc. Their happiness means a great deal to him. 
  • As said before, he’ll do anything they want to do even if it’s outside of his area of interest. He’d enjoy training with them if they wanted to be a hero, but wouldn’t get too vicious in fear of hurting them. 

Toogata Mirio:  

  • Mirio’s patient with his children, knowing they’ll get easily distracted, do stupid nonsensical things, and sometimes be the worst children on the planet. He was fully prepared before fatherhood to deal with these things in stride. 
  • He tries to keep his cool when his kids throw a tantrum, trying to talk them out of crying or screaming, and convincing them there’s a better way to get what they want than that. 
  • He likes to tuck his kids into bed each night and kiss them goodnight, even when they get older and less accepting of parental kisses; he would also read them a book about heroes every night before they went to bed. 
  • He would really be up for doing anything his kids were interested in. He would take them for a visit around town, he’d play sports, he’d dance like a mad man to funky electronic music, anything to spend time with them. 

[Fun Fact: The reason Vegeta seems to value his family more than Gokuu values his comes down to Saiyajin society. Lower-class Saiyajin Warriors mated simply to keep their race going with little to no regard for familial bonds. Gokuu’s parents, Bardock and Gine, were odd exceptions, with Gine’s gentle nature influencing Bardock. Royal Saiyajin elites, however, were much closer and actually formed crude familial bonds, though probably not to the extent that real-world families do.]

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“I love you but don’t you think 32 tubs of ice cream is a little…extreme?”

As soon as she heard the news, Cat knew exactly what she was going to come home and see. There was never a single shred of doubt in her mind on that. Even after only a few months of dating Kara, even after only moving in together two weeks ago, she knew exactly what kind of reaction this announcement was going to bring.

Sure enough, when she walks through the front door Kara is sitting here just as Cat had imagined. Down to the comfortable sweats and old hoodie that she’s sure the hero stole from her sister, Kara is nothing if not consistent.

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You my love

You are the moon rising from the middle of the ocean
Unfailing you lit up the night sky
Give me a potion to drink; I’ll toast it to you
Unweary sunshine of the dark night
You lay your gentle influence through all nightmares-
Stay my horrors, let man kind learn to deal
I’m here, my eyes see all.
And even those places inpenetrable in the dark
Know to stay within its hallowed confinement
Cover the witches’ shrould over their eyes
Unguess upon them your goodness shall prey

- Younrys, 10 July 2017

As divinely beautiful as she is gracefully skilled, Illecebra Harmonia is someone who has been my vassal for a very long time. She was, in fact in the initial wave of individuals I had scouted when I was first establishing myself. 

You see, Illecebra was not always in the form that is so blissfully blessing your eyes now. Rather, she was an A.I. that exists solely as data. Her purpose being to contact otherworldly and eldritch beings for the sake of research…and seeing what such interaction would do to the mind of a sentient being. But so luckily for her…I was the very first one she contacted. 

After some conversation, some quiet and calm influencing, gentle encouragement and a whole lot of individual growth…Illecebra over came her boundaries and has become the radiant goddess you see before you today! So why don’t you give her a like, hrm? Just to show you care. 

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Emma Cullen!

Oooh yeesss~ Thank you for asking friend. Emma is honestly probably one of my top two or three favorite characters from that flick and I don’t talk about her nearly as often as I ought to. Sticking to canon again to save myself some headache with lengthy justifications based on minor shifts in upbringing and social experience. When I’m writing her, the top three things I try to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Emma is not a needlessly kind or especially giving soul. 

    Oh, she has the capacity to be sweet, when it suits, but I think that Matt was a tempering and gentling influence on her in a lot of ways. She very obviously took her cues from him, and because we’ve seen way too many arguments to the counterpoint of Emma being the kind of weak-willed woman who bows to her husband I elect to believe that it’s because Emma knows she has a tendency to fly off the handle and trusts in Matt to be her socially acceptable moral compass. In the aftermath of his death, that unholy fire in her is raging for better or worse and I think it’s important to remember when writing Emma that if a single one of these bastards gets in the way of her quest for vengeance she has no trouble cutting them loose.

  2. Emma is driven by her fury, not by a moral compass that supersedes social mores of the time.

    It is stringently clear from the minute she sets off on her quest that Emma is in this because she has a personal beef with Bogue that she’s clawing her way toward closure for. (”I’ll take revenge.”) She might have overlaid the film of a righteous crusade over the top of it but from the way she hunts Bogue down and fucking snipes Chisolm’s chance at personal revenge out from under his boots, it’s blatantly clear that Emma wants the make him hurt as much as possible. This is not to say that she doesn’t also recognize that it’s the right thing to do but I think that with female characters in particular there’s a tendency to justify their actions as the extreme moral “right choice” and not to let them be motivated by anger or the desire to cause another person pain and suffering unless that person is our milquetoast hero who needs his ManPain to evolve in some stupid way. Emma is angry, and she wants Bogue to hurt, and I 100% believe that Teddy has minor misgivings about this plan from the outset but he loved Matt, too, and at the end of the day he’s with Emma to the ends of the earth. It’s possible that I headcanon Emma, Teddy, and Matt as being in a happy polyamorous OT3, tbh.

  3. Emma is not a mother figure.

    This is another really common trope, particularly in “reverse harem” situations where a solitary female character is introduced into a group that’s all male. (See also: Wendy fucking Darling, who frankly deserved better.) The only character Emma makes any really overt, non-job-related overtures toward looking after throughout the film is Teddy, and even then that’s mostly caring of the “fuck with him and I’ll shoot your balls off” variety. Emma might grudgingly start to like some of these assholes and she may even eventually become friends with them given the right circumstances, which begs a certain amount of loyalty, but if anything her whole situation reads more as Teddy following along after her because he thinks somebody needs to look after her and not the other way around, so I try like hell to avoid writing Emma as overly maternal or tender in those specific ways.

TL;DR when I write Emma I tend to approach her as a slightly mistrustful, slightly bitter, deeply wounded, urgently furious borderline asshole. She’s not any nicer or more demure than any of the men she drags back home to slaughter the man who murdered her husband, barring the half-assed motions she makes toward fitting into the social positions expected of her at the time. She’s comfortable in her femininity and womanhood, and she has a steeliness to her character that refuses to be cowed by anything except the momentary lapses where she buckles under the weight of losing her husband.

Thanks again for asking!


If you are a female who loves period drama, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ve had a crush on Gilbert Blythe (right after Colin Firth, of course). I recently fell in love with Gil all over again as I introduced the films to my little sister. 

The Anne stories were unusual enough to feature a strong heroine who didn’t really need a romance to make her life interesting. When romance was there, it was secondary to the story of Anne. Gil - and Jonathan Crombie, by extension - was gracious enough to never chew the scenery, never try to show anyone up, never try and be the leading man. He was more than happy to play second fiddle to Megan Follows. But in this graciousness, his gentle influence on theatrical, fiery Anne resulted in one of my all-time favorite romances.

RIP Jonathan Crombie (1966-2015).

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Any good Takari fanfiction to recommend?


I’ll list the fun non pain inducing ones first:

Light and Lies by KDN89

To escape countless confessions from Daisuke and other boys, Hikari fakes a relationship with Takeru. It never occurred to her though that she just might enjoy “dating” her best friend.

Hope For Happiness by KD89 (ongoing!!!)

With his brother’s wedding fast approaching, Takeru contemplates his own relationship with Hikari. How far have they come? How far will they go? Unfortunately, introspection and possibly even the wedding may be delayed when the groom and his best men are running for their lives. Follow-up to “Light and Lies”.

Just a Little Overprotective by ashmcat

Just a little drabble about teenagers and their over protective siblings.

Voting on an Important Matter by ashmcat

Tai calls the group together to vote on what he considers to be a very serious offense

Your Brother is Looking at My Sister by Aklee

Taichi Yagami’s reaction to Takeru and Hikari dating.

Cell Phones are Junk by clue4211

Misunderstandings and phones.

Good Things Come in Threes by Salmon Pink (its actually a dai x keru x hika fic but its still good)

Sometimes things just grow into something natural and wonderful. And sometimes things require copious amounts of alcohol to evolve.

Final Straw by KHLostEmpress

In which Murphy’s Law is enacted, Hikari scares the crap out of the men, Mimi has no sense of time, Miyako is the last hope, and Takeru doesn’t do much of anything at all. Really, in the end, she should have just stuck to her original plan and left the phone alone. 

AND NOW FOR SAD ONES, I’m gonna include some main story fics that include the entire gang, but have Takari in them, I’ll star them with ** :)

Innocent Games by Tanya Takaishi **

At a high school party, the chosen children face typical teenage drama until they are sucked into a world that will test the essence of their relationships and their very souls.

And The Worst of Nightmares by clue4211

“I don’t exactly think you’re scared of monsters under your bed, Takeru.” “No,” he smirked, “just teenage girls in bathtubs.”

Why Won’t You Open Your Eyes? by clue4211

And I fell asleep. But no one said anything to me. So I never knew. That you were lost, wandering this world without a chance of getting through.“

Stand in the Rain by KHLostEmpress

"She fears if she cries that first tear, the tears will not stop raining down.” When a tragedy strikes at the young couple, Hikari and Takeru’s friends must help bring them back from the brink.

Enchantment by Aveza

“Don’t think that it’s just your DNA unraveling when we stand in a room-that because you are small, because you are gentle, you have no influence over anyone or anything bigger than yourself. You. All of you. You are undoing me as I speak.”

A member of “El Sistema” plays on a harp, as part of the “New Members” program, next to a newborn baby at a public maternity hospital in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 1, 2014. In a nation awash with guns and with one of the world’s highest murder rates, Venezuela’s hugely successful classical music program, called “El Sistema”, has for decades sought to counteract poor children’s exposure to violence with the gentle and inspiring influence of classical music. It used to only admit children aged at least 5. But under its latest “New Members” projects, hundreds of smaller infants can receive voice lessons, musical initiation with paper-made instruments, and free concerts, at its base in Caracas.

(Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Why Bellarke would work, and Finn/Clarke would NOT! :)

This post is just my analysis of both pairings. 

Let’s start with reasons why I think Finn/Clarke would NOT work as a couple. When Finn fell for Clarke, that was during the early episodes when Clarke was a different girl. She was more optimistic and PURE. Finn and Clarke were alike in that way. Now, fast forward to episode 13, this is NOT the same girl. Clarke has become DARKER and more edgy. She has killed people. Now, there is darkness in her. Notice how Finn and Clarke have had trouble with agreeing on things lately. That’s because Clarke has changed. Finn fell for the girl he knew in the early episodes. This girl we are seeing now is a QUEEN. She has layers of darkness. She is not afraid to do ANYTHING to survive.

Finn is a purist. How is he ever going to fully accept Clarke as she is now? With her darkness and full on edge? In the recent episodes, all he has done is argue with her and basically get annoyed with her new change. He pointed out to her that she has become like Bellamy. Finn needs someone ELSE. As a purist, he will ALWAYS judge Clarke. Bellamy might have disagreed with Clarke about many things at the start of the series, but he has NEVER judged her or looked down on her. As a human being, I think Bellamy is more accepting of who people are. Each time that Clarke will do something “dark,” Finn will make her feel bad about it. I don’t see how their relationship can work now due to their personalities.

Now, let’s look at Bellamy and Clarke. He has become more gentle thanks to her influence. He has become more understanding and accepting of people. Bellamy would have NO ISSUE at all with all layers/sides of Clarke. He will accept her for EVERYTHING that she is. That’s huge. They’ve also been through some of the DARKEST moments together. They’ve killed and tortured people together. They’ve seen the weakest and strongest moments of each other. They fully TRUST each other. They NEED each other the MOST. 

Look at episode 9, Clarke trusted Bellamy MORE. She wanted him to protect her. Be her “back up." 

From a storyline point of view, I just don’t see Finn/Clarke working. Finn is an idealist/purist. He always argues with Bellamy. And Clarke has become like Bellamy in many ways. That’s no offense to Finn. He just needs a different girl. Someone who shares at least SOME of his ideals and beliefs.

Clarke needs for her man to accept all sides of her. The good and the bad. Bellamy can be the man for her. 

I wanted to make a post about the storyline point of view. I easily could have just said that Bob/Eliza have the most amazing chemistry ever. But I wanted to focus on the actual PLOT of the show. 

A Queen needs a KING. And as Murphy said, Bellamy is the KING. And as Jason also recently said, Bellamy is also her KNIGHT. Clarke’s PROTECTOR. Defender. And a man who will always accept her. 

You cannot have REAL love without FULL acceptance and FULL trust of each other. You have to love EVERY layer/side of the other person. You cannot just "pick and choose” what you love and what you hate. Real love is about accepting EVERYTHING about the other person. And Bellamy CAN do that for Clarke. Just like SHE can do that for him.