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Can you write hiw would mtmte Ratchet, Megatron and Fort Max react if they raise their voice in a slightly more angry tone and their bot s/o starts crying because they hate yelling. (Happened to me with a teacher once D:)

Dude same

Ratchet is confused at first- you’ll have to explain to him what upset you. He apologizes for scaring you, and from then on he makes sure you’re not around when he needs to yell at people. 

Megatron immediately shuts up when you start crying. He wraps an arm around your waist to support you and asks what’s wrong. When he finds out he scared you he feels awful, and promises to keep his anger in check from then on. Even when Rodimus is being impossibly irritating he takes a deep breath and calms down instead of raising his voice.

Fortress Maximus is horrified that he made you cry. The fear in you optics when he started yelling was like a punch to the gut. He’s ever-so-gentle as he hugs you, apologizing profusely. He never raises his voice around you after that. 

MBTI as Hugs

I couldn’t think of anything more ESFP than hugs. I hope you’re happy.

ESFP: A suffocating hug that ends in cuddles on the couch

ESTP: A casual side hug that lasts for a bit longer than it should

ISFP: A gentle hug where your entire body is pressed against the other person

ISTP: A snug yet loose hug from behind when you’re busy with something, with the other person’s head rested on your shoulder

ESFJ: A sudden, cheerful hug directly after something incredible happens

ESTJ: A loose hug on the couch, with your legs intertwined

ISFJ: An arm around the shoulders, gentle but firm enough to keep you in place

ISTJ: A soothing hug that ends with a kiss to the forehead, gently rocking from one foot to the other

ENFP: A rough hug that throws you off balance and leaves you with an armful of excited human being

ENTP: A hand on the waist from a sitting position, pulling you into their lap

INFP: A hug that surprises you when you’re lying down, and suddenly there’s a weight on your back and kisses against your cheek

INTP: A hug in the middle of a summer day, all sweat and heat, but it’s so comfortable that you can’t bring yourself to care

ENFJ: A trembling hug that you receive from the person you love the most, when you need it the most

INFJ: A hug from the front with one hand resting on your back, the other running through your hair(or lack thereof)

INTJ: A hug from behind in the middle of the night, pulling you into a warm embrace under the covers

ENTJ: A casual hug that comes so naturally you don’t even realize your in each other’s laps until someone points it out

I’d love to see fanart of Solas comforting Cole in a fatherly hug. Cole’s large hat has been removed by Solas to allow him to draw him close, and it’s now dangling behind Cole’s back in Solas’ gentle hands as he hugs him close. Solas’ chin rests upon the top of Cole’s head while he holds him until his fears have passed.

I adore their friendship and how Solas looks after him.

“You were the dark in my life.
When the light was too harsh, ready to strike with unforgiving judgement
You were the comfort of a hug, a gentle whisper of hope.
You were soothing, calming, when the light sought to destroy and wind humans like springs with no release.
I was born into dark; you were my first love.
But this world was not for you
And while you gave all you had to those who sought refuge in you, the ones you loved as they love you
The light found you
Slowly stealing my love
To the recesses of this expansive universe
I will find you again

This is why I think of you when I see the stars.”


Gryffindors are short, but tight hugs that make you gasp for air, or an emotional hug when you see a person after a long time. Gryffindors are the passion you feel in a brief yet loving embrace, that make you feel desired, that make you realize that you’re not alone, that give you courage in dark times.

Slytherins are the type of people that always try to give you a little more love back than you’re giving them, like a little hug competition. Slytherins hold you close, it’s a whole, tight embrace that feels a little like a snake coiling around you (matching to their house animal). They love long-lasting, warm squeezes and hate to be the first one pulling back.

Ravenclaws usually don’t like too much body contact, but if there’s a ‘special person’ they literally transform into cuddle monsters. Ravenclaws love gentle, cradling hugs that last long, it’s even okay if you just wrap your arms around them without squeezing too much. It’s the feeling of being held that tempts Ravenclaws.

Hufflepuffs are sweet, heart-warming cuddles. They’re here to cheer you up, to whisper encouraging words to you while holding you close. Hufflepuffs are always up for hugs, no matter when or where; they just love the feeling of sharing body warmth, of rocking back and forth while snuggling and the soft tickling when the person they love breathes against them.

Avengers Preference - The Baby Kicks for The First Time

Requested by Anon.

Tony Stark
Tony would panic. He’d worry so much about you and his baby but would also be so happy at the same time. He wouldn’t know what to do so would probably just have a drink.

Steve Rogers
Steve would pull you into a gentle hug, being so amazed by the life you’d produced. He wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off his face.

Clint Barton
Clint would be used to it by now but he would still have worried that the baby wasn’t okay. When it kicked for the first time, he would smile happily, and just hold your hand.

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha would be so happy that you were having a child with and for her. She would be ever thankful, teasing you that the baby was dancing. 

Bruce Banner
Bruce would be quieter than usual, amazed that he was going to have a child with the person he loved more than anything. It would be slightly surreal for him and he would just place a hand on your stomach and a little smile would grow on his lips with each kick.

Pietro Maximoff
The whole time you were pregnant, Pietro would have been telling you how beautiful you were. He would barely have left your side because he wanted to be there when the baby kicked for the first time. When it did, he would have kissed you, telling you once again how happy he is to be having a child with you.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda would take your hands, holding them gently on your stomach waiting for the baby to kick again. She’d want to feel it and she’d be so happy when she did.

Thor Odinson
Thor would laugh, finding it adorable. He’d say that the child was obviously a fighter already.

Loki Laufeyson
Loki would wrap his arms around your waist, holding your stomach gently to feel his child. He’d be worried, knowing there was no going back now but he’d be happy that it was you and you were alive and with him.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky would be busy getting you anything you wanted, so when he came back from the supermarket and you told him the baby kicked for the first time he would drop everything and run over to you, gently pressing his flesh hand to your stomach. You’d take his metal hand and put it on your stomach too and Bucky would look up at you, smiling and looking absolutely in love.

sometimes all anyone really needs is to hear, “hey, it’s going to be ok.” sometimes they just need a pat on the back, a gentle hug, a shoulder to lean on, a genuine smile, someone to provide them a sense of humor, to tell them they understand, to let them know that their troubles will pass and that there is greater coming. sometimes all anyone really needs is for someone to say, “i hear you. i’m listening. i get it. i’ve been there. you’re not alone. i understand you. i am here for you. and i believe in you.”

be that person.

be the person that everyone needs once and a while.

Hey! Can I request an imagine about how Sirius never lets anyone touch his hair, but one time the reader brushed a strand of his hair out of his face and that’s how everyone found out about their “secret” relationship?

“Lily, you are stunning,” You gush, walking into the bathroom and looking at the overly pregnant witch in her dark blue evening gown. Quickly you gave her a gentle hug before pulling away. 

“You don’t understand how difficult it was to squeeze my sausage body into this dress.” She grumbled, fixing her hair. You laughed quietly and gently touched her belly. 

“Well, I’m sure that James is loving the low cut,” You smirked, sliding a hand around your waist and pulling her out of the bathroom and into the mirror. You round the corner into the Potter’s living room and smile at the four young men in front of you, waiting quietly for the two of you to join them. 

Your eyes fall on the oldest of the group, Sirius Black, who was sitting in a very large and heavily cushioned arm chair reading what looked like the muggle book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ You tried to hide the smile as you cleared your throat. “Well, if everyone is ready let’s get going!”

Your friends all smiled and got to their feet, heading for the door. Well, almost all of your friends. Still, Sirius Black was sitting in the corner, his eyes glued to what you could only imagine was a list of horrifying diseases a baby could be born with. You called out to your group that you would catch up in a moment before crossing the room and gently carding your hand through his hair. 

“Love, you can’t be late to a party in your honor,” You murmured, resting your finger tips against the nape of his neck. He looked up at you and smiled slightly. Just then you heard the loud, irritating creak of the front door. 

The two of you turned your heads just in time to see James enter the room.

“Just looking for Lily’s ba-…” His eyes went wide and suddenly a grin split his face from ear to ear. Before you could even protest he was gone and you could hear him screaming some… rather inappropriate terms to describe the two of you. 

Speachless, you looked down at Sirius and then back at the door.

“Well. I guess that’s that then,” He muttered, throwing the book onto the nearest table and standing. “Let’s go celebrate.” Sirius took your hand and lead you out, giving you just enough time to snag Lily’s purse as you passed it.


How Corrin’s husband wakes her up! {Headcanon}

We all know how Corrin wakes up her hubby when she finds him sleeping unexpectedly… sometimes it’s gentle, other times not so much! So, how does he wake Corrin up? :) Note: I’m only doing my faves~


  • Gentle: Usually touches his forehead to hers and whispers “Wake up, little princess” as he nudges her arm.
  • Forceful: Used only as a last resort, but will grab her arm and shake her awake urgently.


  • Gentle: Loves to kiss her earlobes and rub her back.
  • Forceful: Has a naughty habit of slamming Brynhildr shut by her ear. (Leo you little sh!t…..)


  • Gentle:A single kiss to the forehead always does the trick.
  • Forceful: Shakes the bed with his knee until she almost falls out.


  • Gentle: Jostles her shoulder and smiles when she opens her eyes.
  • Forceful: Flings the door open into the wall and runs in yelling.


  • Gentle: Literally hugs her awake.
  • Forceful: Pours yesterday’s tea into her open mouth. (I can see him doing this to Dwyer too tbh)


  • Gentle: Hates to disturb her, so he starts with kisses to her eyelids before nudging her.
  • Forceful: Says her name loudly and shakes her a bit.


  • Gentle: Leans over and nuzzles her, talking her awake.
  • Forceful: Taps her face… He really doesn’t like to startle her.


  • Gentle: Grabs the fat part of her cheek and gives it a tug.
  • Forceful: Yanks the covers up and slaps her ass. (guess which one he does most often… XD)


  • Gentle: Gathers her in his arms and recites dismal poetry until she can’t stand it anymore.
  • Forceful: Runs in screaming about how his aching blood requires her assistance. (does anyone see a link between him and Takumi or is it just me?)


  • Gentle: Gets in bed with her and cuddles with her a while before waking her up with kisses.
  • Forceful: Kneels and jostles her while saying her name gently so he won’t startle her.


  • Gentle: Strokes her face then hides his embarrassment by fussing that she slept too long.
  • Forceful: Will pinch some part of her body.


  • Gentle: Nuzzles her awake then insists on brushing her hair.
  • Forceful: Grabs her shoulders and shakes her.


  • Gentle: Likes licking her face.
  • Forceful: Pounces on the bed or bites her.

Chanyeol will protect Baekhyun from the cold with his ’gentle giant hugs

sherlock is so gentle hugging john its like hes so scared any move will make it end and hes so desperate to stay there siri how do i stop crying


I saw a gifset and I told to myself, why the hell haven’t I talked about this?

How he offers his hand, and how he ends up holding hers. When you shake hands with someone and have your palm facing up, it gives a message of submission, that you hand over the power to the other, and vice versa when your palm is facing down. 

At first, he looks like he’s offering his hand palm down. Emma gives him her hand, but he takes it in his in a more gentle hold, hugging her fingers instead of her palm. It’s like he’s ready to bow and kiss it, but he can’t take his eyes away from her sparkling eyes.

Heroes & villains panel:

David Ramsey said we will have more of OTA in the second part of the season.  
Katie Cassidy said that Laurel would approve of the father / daughter relationship of Thea and Quentin.

Willa already made a child cry on the market because she forgot to take the black makeup back from her eyes.               

Willa wants to wear the uniform again.

John Barrowman would take Felicity to the side of the villains (but without ruining olicity - he said).

Barrowman says that Merlyn now has a ‘gentle side’ and might hug someone and put a knife in the back. “

They asked David Ramsey if he prefers Sara or JJ: "Baby Sara is in my heart … I choose her.”

David Ramsey: When Dig discovers Sara’s erasure, he confronts Barry for “his misuse of powers”

Willa Holland misses Arrow Cave and misses Emily every day and Stephen in most.

Barrownan about his photos kissing Emily on the SDCC: “Look at them and look at Stephen’s face.”

Charlotte Ross says that if Mama Smoak knew that Olicity is not together, she would do something to fix it.

Drastic Measures Ch2

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Summary: Ford wakes up in the dark. He’s used to that. 
Ford is taken care of by a kind hand. He’s not used to that.

Tags: Medical procedures, hurt/comfort, intense mothering

Ch: 2/2  
[Chapter One]

Note: The long awaited second half of @witete‘s birthday gift!! Hope you like it, and sorry it took so long!! :0 Enjoy the Space Mum!!

Ford had not undergone a surgical procedure in a very, very long time. Not since his childhood, and even then, it was only a small surgery meant to repair a broken arm. He remembered being afraid. He remembered lying in an uncomfortable hospital bed, wearing a humiliating, scratchy gown. He remembered gentle hugs, soothing voices, a hand gently squeezing his, a voice saying, “Don’t worry Sixer, I’ll be right here when you wake up!”

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