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The MBTI Types as Flowers

ESFP–Sunflower: loves the spotlight of a good sunbeam; can often be seen enjoy open fields on dreamy summer road trips; enjoys dancing along with others to the movement of the sun.

ESTP–Thistle: colorful and hardy; can thrive in the most challenging and unusual places; tends to take over a bit sometimes; adventurous.

ISFP–Baby’s Breath: sweet, soft, and airy; brightens any bouquet with a gentle artistic touch; classically creative.

ISTP–Dandelion: knows how to grow and thrive even through sidewalk cracks; not terribly picky; very persistent; enjoys a good thrill; adaptive to many environments.

ENFP–Forget-me-nots: very bright and unforgettable personalities; will really cling to you and very much appreciates your lasting company; sweet, hardy, and colorful enough to light up an entire forest floor.

ENTP–Foxglove: lovely, bright, and entertaining; outgoing and colorful; has a darker side as well which earned it names like “dead man’s bells” and “witch’s gloves”; enjoy its company but be careful as well.

INFP–Daisy: free spirits that happily crown the head of an independent mind; sweet yet strong; not easily contained to a determined place to grow.

INTP–Cornflower: a modest yet bright blue flower; was long considered a weed but now has many interesting and admirable uses including in cooking, fine tea blends, and dyes.

ESFJ–Rose: classic and knows how to please; often associated with good social interactions; traditional and timeless.

ESTJ–Magnolia: dominates the are it’s in; commands attention; knows how to delight with lovely fragrances.

ISFJ–Wild Rose: sweet and delicate; does have thorns despite gentle appearance; modest yet lights up a forest.

ISTJ–Jasmine: small yet strong; knows how to command your attention with wonderful perfumes; not extravagant yet lovely and very pleasing.

ENFJ–Orchid: needs just the right kind of care in order to thrive; elegant and sophisticated; classic and a good crowd-pleaser.

ENTJ–Amaryllis: blooms when the time is high for gifts and a center table place surrounded by many decorations is likely; not frilly; commanding.

INFJ–African Violet: delicate and sweet; small yet brings great beauty to any place, natural or not; can be quite picky about getting just the right kind of care, but if you treat it well, it will give you its all.

INTJ–Night-blooming Cereus: lovely but only opens up one night a year; elusive and enjoys the quiet of the night; is very rare but a wonderful sight to those who are lucky enough to witness a full bloom.

And Maglor answered: ‘If it be truly the Silmaril which we saw cast into the sea that rises again by the power of the Valar, then let us be glad; for its glory is seen now by many, and is yet secure from all evil.’

— The Silmarillion, Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath

It kills me that despite the fact that Maglor was still oathbound and facing Everlasting Dark, this is what he said. No anger, no bitterness, just…Let us be glad.

let me tell you why i love riverdale’s version of jughead jones. 

jughead jones is the son of a deadbeat alcoholic gang member father and an absent mother and brother to a sister who he considers one of the coolest people alive. his father is prone to violence, neglectful, and a terrible influence, and yet through his own actions and intentions, jughead is an intelligent, thoughtful, gentle young man who, despite choosing homelessness over living under his father’s roof, still sees the best in his father and hopes he can become a better man. despite being abandoned by his mother, despite being neglected by his father, jughead never abandons them. he doesn’t resent his parents for their failures; he forgives them, and the only thing he wants is for his family to be whole again. 

jughead jones is a friend to archie andrews, who ditched him over the summer to go bang a teacher, and upon finding out about this, jughead is only concerned for archie’s safety and his potential implication in the investigation of jason’s murder. even when he’s hurt and upset by archie’s actions, he’s still primarily concerned about his best friend’s safety, and he’s quick to forgive him as well, because he doesn’t hold grudges. when he’s left without a home after the drive-in closes, he never thinks to ask archie if he can crash at his place because he doesn’t want to be a burden, and because he’s so used to figuring things out on his own it feels strange to ask for help. but when it’s offered, he accepts it, because he has no ego left to bruise and because he would do the same for archie in a heartbeat.

jughead jones is something more to betty cooper, the girl next door who connects with him on a deeper level than anyone else. he sees her for who she really is, not someone perfect to be placed on a pedestal, but someone real who has very real struggles of her own. when archie finds out he’s homeless, jughead’s first concern is making sure that betty doesn’t find out, because he doesn’t want her to worry, because she is dealing with enough issues of her own. he supports her through the entire polly crisis because he knows firsthand how painful it can be to be separated from a sister, and it’s not something he ever wants betty to have to experience. he clears her mind and she makes him happy, and they fit together better than anyone could have ever expected. 

jughead jones is a boy who had to grow up too fast, who has seen the worst the world has to offer, who projects an image of indifference, but deep down, truly believes and hopes for the best. he is empathetic and kind when the world and the people in it have shown him nothing but hardship and apathy.

this is why i love the character of jughead jones.

because his upbringing and his family could have turned him into a bitter, angry man, just like his father.

because he refused to let it. 



When a new life is born she is there. When the final breath is drawn and the spirit moves on she is there. She watch over the living and the dead alike. A gentle spirit despite her looks. A guardian of fate. Protector of the eternal circle of life.


This lady is a completely handmade, ooak (one of a kind), posable art doll made by me. Her face and ears are sculpted and casted for durability, then painted carefully with acrylics. Feet are also sculpted. She is built on a sturdy wire frame, her coat made of very soft high quality faux fur that Ive trimmed in different lenghts to look realistic. There will never be any one else like her.

© 2018 Linda Escaron Lundqvist - all rights reserved

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Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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- love on the ground by @hedaswolf

“lawful/neutral good characters are so boring” look i’m sorry Edgy Dickerson and Surly McAngstpain are the only character types that pique your interest. god forbid people enjoy their escapism in the form of characters that are diplomatic and chill and kind in this gross, cynical world

I really missed Dan, Phil, and PJ doing silly game collabs together, they’re such a wholesome trio to watch and their videos are always so gentle and generally calming despite the fact that they’re overflowing with laughter, weird sentences, inside jokes, and innuendos. I adore their chemistry and frankly, this collab was absolute gold

My big stinky boy, Bean! He’s fussy and moody and likes to complain but he’s very gentle natured despite it! I’m a local wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in possums, and he was a dog bite case, who healed up very very well : ) gotta be one of the best ones I’ve worked with so far, personality wise.opossum

Ahh!!!! Look at his feets!!! Thank you for your submission!

Imagine Ardyn comforting you.

Even when you didn’t feel like talking, his gestures held much weight in showing how much he adored you.  He takes you in his arms and holds you close.  Your back pressed against him and he presses his forehead against the side of your head, gently nuzzling your neck.  You can feel the scruff of his beard as he slowly ran his jaw up and down your neck and across your shoulders.  It didn’t hurt, if anything, the feeling was rather soothing.

Ardyn: “We will go through this together.  You’re not alone.”

He turns you around and grasps both of your hands in his, placing them atop his his chest where his heart would be.

Ardyn: “If time cannot heal this wound.  Then allow me.  Let me carry the weight of all of your sadness, all your pain, all your burdens.  I will bear it all just for the promise that a smile graces your face.”

You smile at how mushy he was being, you look up to see his satisfied smile.  The glint in his amber eyes that showed you that he was sincere.

Ardyn: “Just like that…”

He takes your face in one of his hands hands and runs this thumb tenderly across your cheek.  Ardyn’s eyes drop to your lips, the smile entrancing him even as it fell as you watched him bringing his face closer to yours.  You meet in between and knew that everything was going to be alright.

For @mystichealeronline who deserves all the happiness in the world.  Thank you for inspiring this.

ok real talk what i loved the most about “the terror” was how toxic masculinity was only present in the selfish men. the other men touched each other, cried, reassured each other, held hands, kissed and were gentle with each other without one ounce of shame and that was so so so powerful and refreshing to watch in a show that’s set in 1845

“Guess Who”

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3,400

A/N: funny story! I was chatting on the phone with @bangtans-baby when a sudden hypothetical hit my head.  Of course I ran it by her (like I always do) in an effort to get a good laugh out but this chick was like, “that would make a good story.” …And here we are. Enjoy!

Hey baby, I’d been thinking…

And that’s how this situation begun between you and your boyfriend. Of course it’s been a couple months since the “harmless” conversation and at the time, you thought nothing of it but you should have known better. Taehyung can be very sneaky when he thinks no one is watching. That particular day, you both were lounging around the dorm, bouncing around from room to room before settling in his shared bedroom. The rest of the boys were out which allowed, both, you and Taehyung to be as free as you wanted. Sometimes when you came over, you would walk right in, head straight to his closet, and change into his clothes. Today, you were wearing his large light blue button-up shirt with your black boy-short panties underneath.

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The Romanov women who were celebrated as great beauties in their day:

Empress Elizaveta I Petrovna (1709-1762)

“She is a beauty the like of which I have never seen … an amazing complexion, glowing eyes, a perfect mouth, a throat and bosom of rare whiteness. She is tall in stature, and her temperament is very lively. One senses in her a great deal of intelligence and affability, but also a certain ambition.”

Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna (1779-1826)

“Her features were fine and even, and her face a perfect oval; her beautiful complexion was not high in colour but its delicacy was totally in keeping with her expression, one of angelic sweetness. Her fair ash coloured hair floated about her neck and forehead. She was dressed in a simple white tunic, gathered by a belt knotted simply around a waist slender as a nymph´s. This young woman appeared exactly as I have described her, standing against the backdrop of an appartment ornamented with classical columns and draped in pink and silver gauze; she looked so ravishing I cried out, “Psyche!” It was in fact Princess Elisabeth, wife of Alexander.” 

Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (1798-1860)

“The Empress is a tall graceful figure … her little head beautifully set and her expression pleasing and features regular, her hands and arms beautifully shaped and an air of imperial dignity and grace I never saw before. Her dress was perfect - simple and of dazzling whiteness, with a necklace, fringe, drops, etc. that I can only compare to dark blue glass eggs for never did I see their like.”

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1822-1892)

“The Grand Duchess Olga, the second of the emperor´s daughter, has no rival in beauty among the Princesses of Europe, an in this instance, flattery, in asserting her to be the loveliest girl in her father´s dominion, scarcely outstrips the truth.”

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911)

[Alexandra] loved the Russian extravangance and magnificence, which was entirely in keeping with her extraordinary beauty, her marvelous hair in particular. A few considred that she resembled Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, whose style of dress Sanny copied. All of Europe spoke of her astonishing jewels, of her pearl necklace, in which each pearl was the size of a nut. … [She] always took a passionate interest in anything which related to the beauty of other women. With typical feminine jealousy she would ask: “Who is the more beautiful, the Empress of Austria or I?” The Empress´s beauty was much praised, and the Grand Duchess Konstantin worried: “Is my hair as fine as the Empress´s? Don´t you think we have the same figure?”

Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (1864-1918)

“I like Ella very, very much. She is so feminine; her beauty is something I will never tire of. Her eyes are extraordinarily beautifully defined and her look is so calm and gentle. Despite her gentle nature and her shyness, one sense in her a certain self-assurance, a recognition of her own strength … [Her husband] was talking to me about his wife and he was enraptured by her, full of her praises.”

Princess Irina Alexandrovna (1895-1970):

“One day when I was out riding I met a very beautiful girl accompanied by an elderly lady. Our eyes met and she made such an impression on me that I reined in my horse to gaze at her as she walked on … [Another time] I had plenty of time to admire the wondrous beauty of the girl who was eventually to become my wife and lifelong companion. She had beautiful features, clear-cut as a cameo, and looked very like her father." 

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna (1897-1918)

“She’s a grand princess from head to toe, so aristocratic and regal. Her face is pale matte, only the cheeks are slightly rosy, as if pink satin is trying to escape from just under her thin skin. Her profile is flawlessly beautiful, as if cut from marble by a great artist.  The widely set eyes provide uniqueness and originality to her face.”

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1899-1918)

“Maria Nikolaevna can easily be called a Russian beauty. Tall, healthy, with sable eyebrows and a bright blush on her open Russian face, she is especially lovely to a Russian heart. You look at her and involuntarily imagine her dressed in the Russian boyar’s sarafan; snowy muslin sleeves around her hands; on the highly decorated bodice semi-precious stone; and above her white brow, a kokoshnik with the traditional pearls. Her eyes illuminate her entire face by a unique, radiant luster; they sometimes seem black as long eyelashes throw shadows over the bright blush of her soft cheeks.”

[M] Bts Reaction | Degradation

— “could you do a uyung line reaction to a girl liking to be degraded (hair pulling, name calling, slapping, etc) please and thanks!💖” —  

A/N: In this house we love and support all seven members so… 

Requests are open!

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Spell It Out [G.D]♕

A/N: Found this in my drafts. It was originally intended to be cute and fluffy but I’m a kinky bitch so that’s not gonna happen :)

WARNINGS: Sexual/Mature content ahead. Read at your own risk.

SUMMARY: Grayson enjoys his favorite meal after earning some long over-due alone time with you. 


Finally, they’re gone.”

Your hands were drawing patterns into his back, caressing his skin so gentle and slowly with your fingertips that made goosebumps arise. 

Grayson shuffled closer to you, snuggling his nose into your neck and relishing in your heavenly scent, “We can be alone.”

He breathed in deeply again and sighed happily, tightening his own arms around your waist. You couldn’t help but smile. You felt so good, so content and warm and geez, you didn’t expect to fall in love so fast, but that’s what Grayson did to you.

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Saezuru 25: Doumeki in Focus

It was worth it to wait for the scanlation because with translated words I think Doumeki will be better understood. Because not only Yashiro but absolutely Doumeki - the controversial man of the hour - deserves to be in focus in this chapter.

I’m fortunate that I was never in Yashiro’s shoes and will therefore just discuss this in terms of fiction, art and literature taking into account not just this chapter alone but looking at it in a wholistic view of the story. After reading the chapter and understanding it I still stand by the opinion that Doumeki is a good man, it was loving, it’s not without consent nor was it violent. If you are not on the same page as me I suggest for you to just ignore this opinion of mine. And it’s a long read.

It is another very good chapter. The build up was so great and gripping that you are not fully expecting it to happen but when it did you are more than satisfied. It wasn’t rushed and it was filled with details, very detailed in fact. And I love the intensity and passion that abound in every page. The art is so beautiful and the story always pulling a heart string or two that made it probably the best love-making I’ve seen in mangas of all genre.

When all this part of the plot started it was Yashiro who asked for it first. Doumeki was the first to refuse. And with that rejection Yashiro started to crumble.

It was pretty much the same kind of rejection he was afraid of before with Kageyama.

Only now with Doumeki he is still not yet fully recognizing that he loves this man. But the rejection triggered Yashiro to rub salt into Doumeki’s old wounds bringing into surface Doumeki’s own trauma and fears.

And Doumeki laid his feelings and everything for Boss and still did not do it. The point is Doumeki refused and even after Yashiro’s exit to the bathroom, he still thinks at that moment that his decision was the right thing to do but also started to question it.

What changed it?

Everything changed when Yashiro put down some of his walls in that moment of vulnerability in the bathroom. It changed when Yashiro said he is afraid to lose Doumeki.

It changed when Yashiro for the first time expressed his true emotions. And Doumeki came to understand him better.

Yashiro needs someone. That’s why in that moment Doumeki hugged him and kissed him.

And Doumeki showed him another side, another angle of this fear “if losing me scares you so much, then why are you so afraid of being here with me now?”

There’s nothing for Yashiro to be afraid of with Doumeki beside him if it is losing him that he fears. Yashiro is fearing something else. He is afraid not of Doumeki but he is afraid of “feeling” and of being truly hurt. Yashiro trained himself to be numb and make himself believe he likes pain. But he is afraid that Doumeki will erase all that. He is not running away from Doumeki but he is running away from the things that would hurt him just like what he had always done all his life.

Again, that’s why at that moment Doumeki hugged him and kissed him. Yashiro’s pain and fears I would also like to hug it all away if only that could help him.

I love it that Doumeki knows what Yashiro truly needs. Yashiro needs to face what happened in the past at least once in his life to be able to break free from it even at least a little. Face it without joking, without the air of indifference and casual dismissal, face it seriously head-on as the reality that it is.  And to face the love and affection that is in front of him now.

Would you say there was no consent and Doumeki forced it because we haven’t heard it explicitly?

Here is Yashiro’s answer. 

Doumeki stopped and pulled up respecting the silence. But very clearly Yashiro gave his answer and brought his hips up to Doumeki’s stuff. 

A silent answer. A clear plea of mutual desire. He wants it. And Doumeki made Yashiro face him. 

Doumeki made Yashiro face him, made Yashiro want him…not the pain but the man in front of him and all his feelings. He will not fuck him. They will make love.

It was not totally without consent. Yashiro wanted it too. Yashiro is protesting to doing it in the front and to Doumeki pleasuring him with real pleasure. But not to the act itself. Doumeki continues on with giving him pleasure and treating him gently because Yashiro needs to know that he can be loved and that pleasure does not equate to pain, he can feel good and he can feel pleasure without pain, and Yashiro needs to admit to himself that he does not really like pain. 

And Yashiro initiated this one.

This is Yashiro’s first time being treated so delicately, and kissed so tenderly like this while doing it. and I love this kiss in the forehead sooo much.

Doumeki is probably the first to refuse to inflict pain on him despite his words; the first to know that what he really needs is gentle love despite his conflicting contradictions; the first to say he is beautiful and made him feel he is an existence that should be treasured.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Doumeki… you made many fall for you.. with the feelings you are showing to Yashiro, with every caress, with every embrace, with every loving gaze, with every kiss you shower Yashiro.

It triggered memories of his haunting past and the ghosts he has been battling and suppressing all these years. And those were pages of memories that broke hearts. But it made time and emotions flow again for this frozen man.

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Peter Parker HC smut where he and the reader have to be quiet because aunt May is next room???

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

Ohhhh boi

  • “Peter, really right now?” 
  • “What? I can’t help it.”
  • It’s late at night, it’s dark, and Peter snuck you into his room to have a late night quickie.
  • “I hate you, Peter.”
  • Somehow he convinced you to have sex with him.
  • He made it up to you by going down on you.
  • Damn did that boy know how to use his tongue.
  • You were a moaning mess and to make up for it, he webbed your mouth shut. 
  • He smiles at you to say sorry
  • Before getting ready to fuck you. 
  • He held you close and kissed all around you as he started to move slowly not wanting the bed to creak loudly. 
  • It was actually pretty sweet and gentle despite (and because) of the circumstance that Aunt May was sleeping next door
  • Peter would caress your face and made sure you came before he could
  • When you both finished he cleaned you and took off the webbing
  • He cuddled you to sleep as you two were tired as hell
  • You guys forgot to put on clothes
  • Aunt may found you guys in the morning naked
  • “What the fu-”

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