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can you please provide some headcanons about Emerald being safe, cared for and loved for the first time in her life because lord knows she needs it (If headcanons are hard for this then could you possibly write a little something instead?)

Emerald’s eyes shut open, heart still pounding fast. She didn’t even remember the nightmare, or for how long she had been asleep. Could have been five minutes or five hours. 

She was still lying between Weiss’ legs, head resting on her stomach. You’re safe, she told herself, and it sounded odd. When had she ever been safe?

The nightmare had left an unsettling feeling in in her chest, nagging and burning. She shifted her head a little to look at Weiss who only glanced up from her book for a moment and started to gently stroke Emerald’s hair. It immediately calmed her down. 

You love her. 

She buried her face in Weiss’ sweater. Gentle fingers started to caress the back of her neck, making her stomach feel warm and tingly. 

She loves you.

Emerald lifted herself up and icy blue eyes locked with hers. Weiss looked so beautiful, wearing her hair down for once, soft white curls falling down on her shoulders. “Tired?”, Weiss asked. Emerald shook her head and Weiss layed her book on the coffee table. “You’ve been asleep for at least an hour. I thought about waking you up before you have a sore neck tomorrow.” 

And she cares for you.

“You’re comfortable.” Emerald rested her head against Weiss’ chest. Weiss wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in Emerald’s hair. “Want to go to bed? Or stay up and read?” 

“I thought you weren’t tired.” 

“I just don’t want to go to bed without you.” 

Why not both? Fluffy Emerald post coming up.

Just be aware that yeah, I wrote a little something for this one, but I am muuuuch more picky about requests that ask me to write a scene or something like that instead of headcanons. 

Hamilton Ships: kissing

Lams: Soft, tender forehead kisses and caring massages

JeffMads: Gentle caressing and neck kisses

Mullette: Passionate, deep french kisses and sexy whispers (heh “french” kisses)

Hamburr: Warm cuddles and cheek kisses

Jamilton: Hickeys, and aggressive make out sessions (lots of biting)


i thought of this & laughed

HOW TO SEDUCE THE RFA (+ V and Saeran)

-fuel his ego. he loves it.
-b e p r o v a c a t i v e
-unleash the beast
-typical seduction tactics would work on him
-I mean come on women are his weakness
-play with his hair and he’s all yours
-his neck is probably a very sensitive spot

-talk gamer to him 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷
-ok in all seriousness though
-it’s pretty much canon that he’s a masochist
-pretty much drag him into the bedroom
-also probably gets turned on by being treated like a pet
-lots of praise, calling him a good boy etc

-is there a way to seduce someone with coffee because
-that’s it
-give this woman her coffee
-also will definitely enjoy very intimate things such as massages etc
-very gentle caresses and such
- if all else fails put on one of Zen’s musicals
-dressing up as Zen or a character he’s played will also probably work tbh

Trust Fund Kid
-kitty lingerie
-also being very submissive
-will respond to “sir”, “master” or “daddy” ofc
-kissing him after you’ve drank some of his fave wine
-the taste of you+the taste of wine=yes
-the whole grabbing him by the tie thing
-*do this with caution as he will be more rough with you if you do
-honestly just show the slightest hint of teasing and he’ll already be on you

Defender of Justice
-seriously kitty lingerie
-what is it with these deep story boys and cats
-talk binary to him 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷
-if you steal one of the (many) costumes he has lying around he will be on you in .2 seconds
-alternatively make a trail of honey buddha chips leading to the bed and wait
-just whisper dirty things in his ear as he’s working it’ll work trust me on this
-bonus if it’s in another language
-hack your way into his pants

-like Jaehee, likes soft caresses
-unlike most of the others, gentler touch turns him on more than roughness
-is also pretty sensitive to touch so there’s that
-also light kisses
-loves those

-step one: get his attention
-step two: begin seduction
-also enjoys dirty talk like his brother
-sexy outfits are also pretty effective
-definitely into sucking and biting and all that good stuff
-most sensitive around where his neck meets his shoulder/collarbone area

soft deep aches
deep down to my bones,
dusty rose-gold fingerprints
staining silk sheets,
waking up to filtered sunlight
kissing my cheek;
softly. gently. intimately.
this is how i know you’ve been here.
in the faint background the rumblings
of a tremor are erupting from
the ground, pulsating warning after warning:
“run. quick. run. far, away from here.”
and this is how i know you’ve left.

the tremors are stronger
with every shallow rise and fall of your chest;
it’s almost like i’m swept off my feet again.
but, dear love, won’t you stay awhile?
stay in this cocooned safe nest we’ve built,
warm sheets wrapped around us,
when all I know is the smoothness of your back
and the softness of your half-smile.
let the streaming daylight frame your face
and the gentle wind caress your hair.
(perhaps if we hold each other a little tighter,
we can pretend this isn’t goodbye.)
—  SOFTNESS, Gillian Lim (distance)

I always wondered about the significance of Yashiro’s affair with one of Hirata’s men in one of the flashback stories. I could never really figure out why it was included and what was so important about it until recent plot developments. So here is my theory about the mysterious man from Yashiro’s early yakuza days.

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Warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll together beneath the moon.  The ocean is a soft rhythmic song in the background, the breeze gentle as it caresses your skin.  You don’t need to speak to each other, not then.  You kiss beneath the full moon and feel at peace.  


  • well hey luci worked a soup kitchen so that was nice of him 
  • i like how they’ve gone from staying as far away from satan to chasing him around the country 
  • LOL AWKWARD DAD TALK THE BIBLE BURNIN HIS HAND i’m sorry but i thought this was hilarious 
  • satan you are so awkward you’re just as bad as your siblings 
  • gentle deancas arm caress i’ll get what i can, when i can 
  • “do you know who we are” “…winchesters” me, out loud: “o shit" 
  • british mol get outta my gotdam eyes 
  • "oh god” “nah he left” there’s my cas. but seriously chuck get your neurotic little ass back down here. bring amara. it’ll be fun 
  • everyone’s hair after the big blast was on point 
  • omg the little holiday promo they showed with j2m genuinely laughing was super cute ;o; 
  • ????? 

ok so the winchesters are finally in some sort of prison, but what happens when you run dudes like them through the system?? they’re dead

but i am excited for cas and mary to bond more!!

The Gentle Caress

I play a fighter and we were facing our first huge boss and i was like “alright DM! I Charge!” And so i do and after i charged up to the dude I rolled to see if I hit him as well.. well.. Let’s just say.. I wasn’t rolling very well at the beginning and i rolled a crit fail (or a natural as some call it) and the Dm picked a card from our failure stack he just bought, giddy to finally use it and said “After you charged full speed at the white witch.. you miss him with your flail and gave him a gentle caress of his face. Now it is awkward.”

Drunk Hybrid

It wasn’t often that Klaus got drunk, or at least drunk without you. You were human, surprise, and the Original Hybrid had fallen head over heels for you immediately when he came to New Orleans. You fell for him soon after, but he was hesitant to make a move on you, knowing that he was no good for you.

In the end, he asked you to dinner and now you had been happily together for 14 months. In those 14 months, you had seen it all. Klaus’s rough side, his anger and hatred. His frustration and his murderous side. However, you had also seen his soft side, his cheesy side as he told you flirty jokes, his gentle caresses on your arms as he held you while you slept.

Anyone could see he was in love with you, it was obvious in the way he watched you, in the way he practically worshiped the ground you walked on, the way he talked about you when you weren’t there, and the way he was fiercely protective of you.

The two of you often did everything together. You went with him when he was with Marcel, he went with you to the library to watch you read, you two cooked together, slept in the same bed at the same time, hell, sometimes Klaus even insisted on showering together, which always turned into something else.

Which was why it was weird that Klaus had insisted that you stayed at home that night, where he was the only vampire besides Rebekah and Elijah that had been invited in.

“It’s going to get dangerous, love,” he told you. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N.”

“But I’ve never gotten hurt before,” you protested. “How dangerous is this honestly going to get, Nik, you’re just going out for a drink.”

“If you stay home,” Klaus started. “I am all yours tomorrow. You may do what you please with me, I will take you wherever you want, do whatever you want. But please stay home tonight.”

You thought about it, nodding. A night at home while he went out, for a day of him being completely yours versus insisting that you went out with him and not having him to yourself, then to have the same thing happen the next day. You knew which one was more appealing.

“Whatever I want?” You asked, confirming what he had said. He cupped your cheeks, watching as you bit your lip.

“Whatever you want,” he promised, kissing your lips gently.

You smiled as he pulled back. “Alright, I’ll stay here.”

After a heated kiss, and a quiet thank you from Klaus, you were left to do whatever you wanted by yourself. It’s not like you were clingy to him, in fact, you didn’t need him to do anything. The two of you just enjoyed doing things together, and one of those things turned out to be drinking. It was rare when one would go out without the other.

You decided that you were going to relax. First, you changed from your skirt and blouse into leggings and one of Klaus’s Henley shirts that was far too big for you. Then, you made yourself a snack of apples with caramel. Maybe you weren’t being adventurous, but that was your everyday life. Perhaps you needed this moment to relax, take care of yourself. You were human, after all, and you did need to relax sometimes.

After finishing your snack, you immediately put your iPod on the docking station, turning it up as loud as it would go. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga began to play, and you squealed, singing along and dancing as the songs went through one by one on shuffle.

And when you finally got tired of that, you sighed, going upstairs to take a bath. It was only ten o’clock, and you knew Klaus wouldn’t be in until midnight at the earliest. So you decided to take a bath, and go to bed early so you could get a goodnight sleep, as well as get up before Klaus so you may make pancakes for breakfast for the two of you.

You took a long time in the bath, coming out just before eleven. When you walked out into your shared room in just your towel, you were quite shocked to see Klaus standing at the foot of the bed, smirking at you. He seemed unstable and quite drunk.

“Hey Nik,” you smiled, slightly glad he was back. You could never get to sleep easy without him. “I didn’t think you would be home so soon.”

Keeping your towel secure around your body, you walked over to him, a soft smile adoring your lips. He stayed still, smirking at you still. “Have I eh-ver told you that yu-ou are a sexy mess?” he slurred, his hand shakily coming up to your face.

“You’re really drunk,” you chuckled quietly, taking his hand. “Come on, join me. Let’s go to bed, I’ll make pancakes in the morning.”

“I would love to be in bed with you,” he started. “Just doing other things. Preferably between your legs.”

“Ah,” you sighed. Klaus got very horny when he was drunk, but you never gave in to you. You were human, and him, the strongest creature on the planet. He would be rough, and you would get hurt and he would hate himself even more. So you avoided drunk sex at all cost. “No, not today. Off to bed. Come on, take the jacket off, Nik.”

“But I really want you,” he purred, taking long strides into you. You took two steps back for every one of his steps forward until you were pinned against the wall, one hand had a death grip on the edge of your towel while the other rested against his chest, pushing him back slightly. “And I’m so hungry, Y/N.”

Now you started to get nervous. He had never drank from you, claiming he would never be able to stop him and he never wanted to hurt you. But now, you watched the veins grow under his eyes and your heart nearly stopped.

“Nik, there’s blood bags downstairs,” you managed, your voice a lot higher than it normally is. “You know this.”

“But I want you,” he repeated, pressing his body against your sloppily, his teeth extending from his jaw.”I want to taste you, love.”

You whimpered in fright, trying to push him off. “Klaus, please,” you begged. You were frightened now. Never had you seen him act this way towards you, and you were convinced he would either hurt you, then come back to reality and leave you, or he would kill you.

It was a sudden movement, but his teeth dug into your neck as he roughly grabbed you, ripping the towel off your body. You screamed in pain, but all Klaus did was moan into your neck, loving the taste of your blood.

The pain was unbearable, and you finally managed to push his drunken body off, immediately holding you hand to your neck as Klaus stumbled back. “Oh come on Y/N, the whole world knows you’re a common whore,” he said with a wolfish grin. “Don’t you want to have some fun with me?”

Tears pricked into your eyes, but you were unsure if it was because of what he said or the pain you were in. “I don’t want to do anything with you,” you told him slowly.

His beautiful features contorted in rage, and he moved forward, slapping you. It wasn’t as hard as he could due to his intoxication, but it hurt nonetheless. You cried out, slumping into the wall.

“Don’t be such a bitch, Y/N,” he snarled, grabbing your neck and pinning you to the wall, choking you. You gasped, struggling to get out of his hold.

Finally, you kicked him in the crotch, causing him to let go and sink to his knees, groaning. You took your chances, quickly running into the bathroom. You slammed the door just as he stood, and you locked it. He appeared to have forgotten about his vampire strength as he began to pound on it, calling out your name.

You were even more thankful that your phone rested on the counter, which you quickly grabbed. Shakily, you dialed Elijah’s number with bloody hands, praying that the noble Mikaelson would pick up right away.

“Y/N?” He answered after one ring. “What can I do for you?”

“Elijah, Klaus is drunk,” you stuttered out. “I’m locked in the bathroom, he fed from me and choked me when I told him to stop and-”

“I’ll be right over,” Elijah said quickly.

“Thank you,” you managed, choking back a sob as he hung up. You grabbed a small hand towel to put over the bite mark, before grabbing another towel to wrap around your body again.

“Elijah, perfect timing. I am in need of your assistance, it appears as if my whore of a girlfriend doesn’t want my attention tonight, and has locked herself in the bathroom, and I still need to teach her a lesson,” Klaus said from behind the door.

There was a loud snap, and the thud of a body hitting the floor, before a soft knock on the door. “Y/N, are you alright?”

You opened the door to reveal Elijah, with Klaus’s temporarily dead body on the floor. “M-my neck,” you managed weakly, your lip quivering.

“Drink my blood, I do not want you to die,” Elijah said as he bit into his hand. You took it thankfully, drinking it until his wound closed. “Come, get dressed. You may stay at my house tonight.”

You nodded. “Can you move his body to the bed, at least?” You whispered. Despite what he had done, you still loved him, of course.


You quickly dressed back into the leggings and jumper you had been wearing before your bath after cleaning up the blood on your neck. With you ready to go, and Klaus’s body now laying on the made bed, Elijah took you back to his house.


When Klaus woke, it took him a second to remember why he still wore the clothes he had on last night, and why he was not in the covers. Then it came back to him. Attacking you, feeding from you, calling you horrible things, you crying as you locked yourself in the bathroom away from him, and calling Elijah, and him snapping Klaus’s neck.

Tears formed in his eyes as he jumped up, looking around wildly for you. “Y/N?” he said quietly. It started from a whisper, but soon it turned to screaming and shouting as he ran around the house, desperately looking for you.

As he sat down on the stairs, tears falling from his eyes, the front door opened, and there you were. Your eyes were puffy and red, black bags underneath as Klaus stood. You still wore leggings and his jumper, and Klaus began to cry more as you froze when you saw him. “Klaus,” you whispered, frightened that he might try something else.

His lips quivered as he spoke next. “I am so sorry, my dear. My actions were uncalled for, and I regret them with all my heart,” he said softly. “And I understand, if you want to leave. You’re free, Y/N. If that is what you want. But if you wish to stay, I will spend the rest of eternity making it up to you, this I swear, Y/N. I love you. More than I have ever loved someone before and I cannot live without you. So please, let me repair what I so foolishly broke.”

You were silent, unsure what to say. When you finally found the words, Klaus smiled. “I don’t want to leave you,” you said straight away. “I never want to leave you. But what you did last night scared me, and you hurt me. You aren’t forgiven for that. But I will give you the chance to prove you are worthy of my forgiveness,” you told him, crossing your arms over your chest.

Klaus let a few more tears drop. “I am not worthy of a woman as pure as you, anyway,” Klaus told you as the two of you smiled at each other.

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Your Expertise (M)

» seokjin, 2k, inperience y/n with jin

warning: mostly vanilla sex ft cunnilingus and experienced!jin

“You feel so good,” Jin vocalises, calmly letting his hips fall back into your own. He can’t even help but smirk as you leave such an abrasive mark in his skin – what he was doing was good for you too.

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For India - January 26th, 2016
I am so proud to be Indian -
To submerge myself in a vast ocean of history,
In deep, rich, mesmerizing waters
That twinkle like the eyes of village children
And smell of marigolds and sandalwood
And of the spice that coats my mother’s fingers.

I am so proud to be Indian -
To press my palms to the warm, soft earth:
Land as dark and lovely as the woman who sings
Like a nightingale into vermilion sunsets
Until her voice has melted into the chorus of a billion,
A billion fireflies glowing like embers that cannot be tamed.

I am so proud to be Indian -
To feel the caress of gentle, light winds
That dance with their bells to the beat of my heart;
To inhale the music and magic and majesty
That swirl before my eyes like the white skirts of a dervish,
To exhale in sweet relief as I memorize the beauty
Of this, of me, of you, of us.

© Trisha / @trishathebrown

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Hi! I'm so Gruvia deprived lately and I need something to keep me going.. Can you do "Caressing Silk Strands" for Gruvia please? Thank you!

Consider this an alternate version of the time Juvia and Gray spent alone in their little house. 

;A Seed Of Love

Juvia hummed at the sensation of fingers combing through her hair. The touch was distant at first, tugging at the edge of her slumber. Soft and gentle, the caress left a tingle of warmth against her scalp. Then she heard his voice. A quiet whisper at the edge of her thoughts. 

‘Wake up,’ it said. 

Juvia’s eyes fluttered open. Light shifted in and out of focus. A shape filled the confusion, a blur of colour that slowly turned into a man.


Sitting up with a start, Juvia caught herself mere centimetres from his face. His eyes flickered over her shoulder, to where the sun was muted against the half-open blinds. His warm breath fanned her face. 

Hooking a strand of hair behind her ear, Juvia eased herself back against the headboard and let out a long, deliberate yawn. ‘Did you need something, Gray-Sama?’ 

Gray scratched the back of his head. ‘You slept in later than usual,’ he said. ‘I was…’ Gray’s stomach gargled in answer to unspoken thoughts. ‘Worried.’

Juvia’s smile brightened. ‘You want Juvia to make breakfast?’ she asked.

Gray nodded. ‘It’s not that I can’t…’

Juvia’s hand moved to his shoulder. His eyes flit back to hers. They shared a quiet moment before Gray stood from the end of her bed. The mattress creaked as it relinquished his weight. Juvia stared at the spot he’d been sitting. This was the first time he’d broken their agreement to stay out of each other’s rooms. Six months had passed since Gray had agreed to let Juvia stay beside him. Six months since Fairy Tail’s disbandment.

‘Juvia will check the garden,’ she said, tossing the blankets aside. ‘The vegetables will be ready any day now.’ 

Gray rocked back on his heels and cast another glance through the partially opened blinds. Their garden lie just beyond the house, a bed of soil Juvia had tended to since their arrival. With a small spring just a little ways north and plenty of sunlight for growth, the plants were already beginning to vegetate. Their home had become a little world of life, a garden of seedlings just waiting to blossom. Among them, a seed of love was beginning to sprout. 

Though Juvia had always loved Gray, that love had been rooted in her growing fear of abandonment and the unfamiliarity of being accepted. Being a part of Fairy Tail had changed that. The love she had was no longer a shallow glimmer of hope. It had grown and blossomed with each day. Soon, the flower would open. If only he would notice her among the rest. 

Juvia’s cheeks flushed as Gray leaned in to pull a wisp of hair from her face. He’d been far more attentive this past week. Where once they would simply train and eat, Gray now offered to take Juvia for walks. Sometimes, they would wander into the woods skirting their home and pick berries from the trees. Other times, Gray would sit and talk to her about the parents he so dearly missed.

‘What should we do today?’ Juvia asked, fidgeting with the buttons of her pyjamas. ‘I think Juvia is getting used to our new technique.’

Gray considered for a moment. ‘Let’s skip training today.’

Juvia blinked. Ever since they’d arrived at their home, Gray had been adamant about his training. Fuelled by his hatred for END, for Zeref, Gray had endeavoured to become stronger. Strong enough to defeat all of their enemies. Today, that glimmer of hatred was gone. He looked at Juvia now with a gentleness she couldn’t quite place. His hand came up a second time to rest on her head. His hands sifted through her hair, like a needle moving seamlessly through silken thread. 

‘Did you really forget?’ he laughed. 

Juvia tipped her head. ‘Forget what?’

‘Today is your anniversary.’

Juvia could only stare at him.

‘It was on this day that you and Gajeel joined Fairy Tail.’

Affection lifted and swelled within her. ‘You…remember the date Juvia joined Fairy Tail?’

Gray nodded. ‘Shouldn’t I?’

Juvia’s eyes welled with tears as an amalgam of bliss and sadness took her. 

‘H-hey, what’re you crying about?’

Wiping a tear from her cheek, Juvia let out an embarrassed laugh. ‘Nothing. Juvia is happy, that’s all.’

‘You miss Fairy Tail, huh?’ he asked. ‘You’re worried about Gajeel and the others.’

Juvia nodded. In the past, she would have been ecstatic to spend time alone with Gray. But now, that time left a growing ache in her heart. Juvia’s life with Gray was a memory she would cherish for an eternity, it was worth every moment, but not at the expense of her guild.

‘I miss them,’ she confessed.

Gray looked thoughtful. ‘No need to worry,’ he said. ‘We’ll see them again. No doubt about it.’

Juvia let him pull her into an embrace. ‘How do you know?’

Gray let out an unexpected laugh. ‘There’s no way that guy doesn’t know about the guild by now.’

That guy? Juvia’s eyes widened in understanding. ‘You think…’

‘No doubt about it,’ he assured her. ‘Natsu’s going to barge through that door any day now.’

And three days later, who should appear at their door but Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Wendy. And together, the six of them started out on a new journey.

The journey home. 

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Hello! Can i request some really fluffy, playful morning cuddles with Akashi? Maybe his s/o's hands or nose can be really cold and they catch him off guard when they touch him?

YES, winter morning cuddles. 

You awoke, bundled limbs tangled in thick sheets, feeling the velveteen touch of Akashi’s pajamas against your cheek. It was a gentle caress, a soft wake-up call from the man who was your sunshine. The curtains hid you both from the harsh morning glow of wintertime, and you turned around, ensconced within the warmth of Akashi’s wool blankets and handmade quilts. 

Your hands, however, were icy cold despite your best efforts to keep them under the covers the entire night. It was a strange habit of yours — sleeping with your hands out in the open air. Akashi breathed rhythmically, a sign of his deep slumber, and you giggled, formulating a plan to wake up your lover playfully. 

Slowly, you extended an arm outside the covers to stroke his neck, uncovered by his top. He murmured incoherent syllables, his breath momentarily warming your cold fingers. You stroked his empty skin again, making loving swirls around his porcelain skin, waiting for his eyes to blearily open. 

Akashi was the most vulnerable in his sleep. His defenses were down — his voice soothingly gentle when he whispered his good nights in your ear. You continued to caress his neck, stringing your nail across the goosebumps rising on his skin to trace his sharp jawline. You neared his ear, and immediately, his eyes fluttered open — dazed and slightly confused. 

He instantly caught your wrist, his other hand wiping the sleep from his eyes. “They’re so cold, _____,” he remarked, holding him close to his chest. “Why is that?” 

“I have a habit of sleeping with my hands out,” you confessed at his confused face. He appeared deep in thought for a moment, and suddenly, his strength overpowered you. He pinned your arms to your chest to wrap his body around yours. 

“Maybe if we sleep like this,” he suggested, his breath tickling your ear, “we wouldn’t have this problem.”