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The UT/US/UF skelebros at their first human fair! Complete with funnel cakes, deep-fried everything, Ring Tosses, shooting games, pony rides, face-painting, trinket-selling booths and make-you-puke roller coasters! Bonus points: Who drags their SO to the Tunnel of Love? Who doesn't even fully grasp what that ride is for?


Sans enjoys the gentler rides–the kind that can lull you to sleep.  The swings that lift into the air, the swinging pirate ship, anything where he can just sit back and relax.  There’s a ride (Spaceship 3000?  Gravitron 3000?  Apparently, putting 3000 after something makes it futuristic) where you stand against a wall and it spins super fast, flattening you against the wall to the point where your feet can leave the floor.  Well, that’s his favorite because he can show off.  He gets into various poses, all the while keeping his eyes closed and pretending(??) to doze.  

He’s not much for sweets, but he devours the hot dogs after smothering them with ketchup and at least tries a bite of your funnel cake and deep-fried oreos.

When it comes to the games, he’s got skills.  In fact, he’s too good.  The games are supposed to be rigged, but he’s winning every one of them.  You get whatever toy/plush you have your eye on and the satisfaction of watching the carnies try to figure out how to call him out for cheating without outing themselves for rigging the games.

You’re the one that drags Sans to the Tunnel of Love.  He’s full of hot dogs and tired from walking around/standing in lines all day, so the gentle rocking of the boat lulls him to sleep.  Opportunity missed!



Papyrus talks to everyone.  Everyone.  He can’t contain his excitement and anyone standing in the general vicinity of him while in line is going to hear all about it.  He asks you questions about everything, too, and you’re definitely riding everything.  Everything.  He makes the mistake of scarfing down an entire funnel cake because it’s “HUMAN TRADITION” and then riding something that slung the two of you around and went upside-down.

Yeah.. he totally threw up all over the place.  Funnel cake bits rain down on the people waiting in line.  Both of you are beyond mortified.  He “NYOO HOO HOO"s in a public restroom for half an hour straight afterward.  You finally get him to calm down by marching in and literally dragging him back into the fair.  You turn the games into a competition, and well, “THE GREAT PAPYRUS NEVER BACKS DOWN FROM FRIENDLY COMPETITION!  YOU’RE ON!  JUST DO NOT CRY WHEN YOU’RE CRUSHED! .. IN A FRIENDLY WAY, OF COURSE!  BECAUSE I’D NEVER.. CRUSH.. YOU.”  He’s babbling.  The two of you play every game and you somehow beat him.  Oh, he’s letting you win.  Now he’s blushing and shouting about how skilled you are.

You have to drag him to the Tunnel of Love because he’s SO DONE with rides.  But he actually enjoys it, and while he doesn’t really understand the purpose of the ride, he does admit that it has a “ROMANTIC AMBIANCE BEFITTING THE CAGE OF PASSION” that you’re in with him.  His arm goes around you, and the two of you cuddle while he nuzzles you temple with his teeth and blushes.  What a sweetheart.


He’s just as excited about everything as UT!Paps, but he doesn’t talk to anyone else but you about it (and his brother if Stretch happens to be around).  His hand is constantly in yours, and he wants to ride everything.  You take him on a ride that goes way up high, then drops the platform quickly, and he’s so scared that his bones are rattling.  However, he’s not about to let you see him as a scared little babybones, so he goes through with it.  This ignites some sort of daredevil adrenaline-junky side of him, and he wants to go on it again and again.. all of the roller coasters, too.  

He eats giant pretzels and deep-fried oreos and twinkies.  Now he’s hyped up on sugar and is pretty much uncontrollable.  You can’t keep up.  You’re starting to feel sick.  You end up sitting on a bench and watching him ride a few rides while you wait for your stomach to settle.

Blueberry realizes you’re not feeling well and moves on to games.  He pours his energy into them, but doesn’t realize that most are rigged.  He ends up getting teary-eyed when he fails, and he’s super-dramatic about it.  You try winning him something, but all you get is a consolation prize–a small, colorful stuffed snake.  It doesn’t cheer him up; he wanted to win YOU something.

He suggests the Tunnel of Love when the two of you come to it, but he’s blushing a bright blue and twiddling his fingers together when he asks.  Once inside, he keeps scooting closer until he’s cuddled into your side, and he admits, “I’VE HAD A REALLY GOOD TIME TODAY.. WITH YOU.”  He’s so adorable that you shower his skull with kisses, and he ends up in your lap for the rest of the ride.  


He rides everything you want to ride and doesn’t show the slightest inclination of being scared or phased by anything.  No, instead he’s watching YOUR reactions, trying to see what excites and/or scares you.  His lazy grin is the same, and whenever you shriek, he chuckles.  If you look unsure about the ride, he’ll tease you.  

Papyrus is all about the nachos, the funnel cakes, and the candied apples.  You already know he has a sweet tooth, and after he finishes the candied apple, he spends the rest of the afternoon twirling the stick between his teeth.  You suppose that’s because he can’t smoke on the fairgrounds.  

He watches you play the games instead of playing them yourself.. and holy crap, you’re good!  You’re hitting every target, you’re popping every balloon, you’re nailing every hoop..!  
You’re excited, and Stretch is grinning.  Oh.  Right.  He’s cheating with his magic.  
Welp, you’re not even mad.  You got all the stuffed animals you wanted.

The Tunnel of Love gets blown off.  Instead, Stretch takes you to the ferris wheel, right after the sun sets and the lights are bright.  At the very top, he pulls that cliché line “you’re beautiful” when you claim the view’s beautiful.. and yeah, you fall for it because he’s wearing the cheesiest grin you’ve ever seen on him.  The multi-hued lights are washing over his skull in a way that makes the moment feel so surreal, and when you kiss him, you feel like your heart’s going to burst out of your chest.  

You had a nice time.


When it comes to the rides, Red is all about the roller coasters and anything that goes upside-down.  He wants to see you scared, and he wants his adrenaline to be pumping at the same time.  He eats hot dogs and giant pretzels and covers both with mustard, and he’ll try a couple of bites of the deep-fried food you pick out.  When he goes back to the rides, he starts to feel queasy, so now it’s on to the games.

He blatantly cheats at all the games.  He doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s using magic.  The carnies try to call him on it, but he just smirks and suddenly the dart he was about to magically impale over and over again into ALL of the balloons hits the space right beside the carnie’s cheek.  They’re terrified.  Red gets whatever prize you pick out, and if you get annoyed by the fact that he’s scaring the carnies, then he’ll just pick out several.  He’s unapologetic.

Ultimately, he gets banned from the games.  But, oh hey, is that a mechanical bull?!  He’s only seen them on TV and wants to try it, so you both make some silly bet to see who can last the longest.  Red enjoys the sight of you riding the bull way more than he should, and you feel yourself get righted when you know you should have fell, but it’s still a ton of fun!  He beats you, of course, by cheating.  The show-off even rides it standing up by the end of it, and when he jumps off, it’s by choice.  Well, now you have to do whatever it is that he wanted for the bet.  But that’ll come later.  

(*Seriously, though, you guys should send me imagines for what the S/O has to do for the bet!)

He doesn’t do the Tunnel of Love and rolls his eyelights when you suggest it.  Instead, he drags you through a haunted house in hopes that you’ll get scared and cling to him.  He takes advantage of every jump scare to cope a feel in the dark or lick your neck.  Huh.  You didn’t think it was possible to feel turned on and scared at the same time, but hey, it is.


Edge hates crowds, and now you bring him here.  Waiting in lines suck, and he lets you know it.  He dictates which rides you go on, and should you accuse him of being scared of the faster rides that go upside-down, he’ll cross his arms and declare “THE TERRIBLE PAPYRUS DOES NOT FALTER IN THE FACE OF SUCH CHILDISH RIDES!” and take it as a personal challenge.  Oh yeah, he’s riding all of them.  He’s actually scared and locks up, giving the bar/harness/whatever a death-grip, and screaming through his closed mouth the entire time.  You can show him Mercy and suggest food, or you can keep going until he finally snaps that “THIS IS STUPID!” and stomps off toward the food anyway.

Nothing is up to his tastes.  He samples from whatever you get, but ultimately, he’s just not into cheap (yet still overpriced) food like this.  He compares you to Sans, and then you move on to games.  Even though they’re rigged, he’s still excellent at them–even without magic!  Nope, the Terrible Papyrus doesn’t cheat.  When it comes to accuracy, he’s got serious skills, and he’s intelligent enough to figure out how to account for the way the carnies have rigged the games.  While he does lose a few times, he still gets you whatever you want, and he won’t be satisfied until you’ve thanked him over and over.  

From the name, he can deduce what the Tunnel of Love is for, and he avoids it like the plague until you actually suggest it.  His face turns red.  "WELL, I SUPPOSE IF YOU’RE THAT DESPERATE TO RIDE IT WITH ME..“  He begrudgingly agrees, and he blushes the entire time.  The ride is cheesy–so cheesy!  Are you riding in a swan boat?!– but it’s dark and you’re both sitting close together.  You’re going to have to make the first move here; he’s not one for PDA.  But hey, if you go for it, you get a rather long kiss as a reward.

Bonus– Gaster!Sans:

G!Sans prefers the relaxing rides, too, but hey, he’s happy to watch you go on the roller coasters if you want.  He wants to see you having fun, and he’s likely to tease you if any of the rides intimidate you.  Likely, you can pull him onto a faster ride or two, but he’s mostly content on the swings that suspend in the air.  He can smoke up there without anyone telling him to put it out.  

He eats hot dogs and funnel cakes, and even decides to feed you some funnel cake just to see if he can make you blush.  If you let him, you’re bound to get powdered sugar on your cheek, and he’s going to wipe that off with his thumb and then lick it off.  He enjoys trying to make you as flustered as possible.

Like Edgy, he wins whatever games he plays without resorting to magic.  He prefers to watch you play the games, however, so he can alternate between giving you tips and poking fun at you when you lose.  He’s not afraid of PDA, so you spend the entire time walking around, hand-in-hand with him, and he seems relaxed.

He’s down for the Tunnel of Love.  In fact, he’s the one that suggests it.  He cracks jokes about the cheesiness of it all, though has his arm around you as soon as the two of you sit down.  G!Sans will guide your head to his shoulder and toy with your hair during the ride, and as much as he makes fun of the experience, he seems to really enjoy it.  The only way to stop his jokes is to kiss him, however, and you’re definitely up for that.

Training Wheels // Jungkook x Reader.

Résumé: Jeon Jungkook knew how to make you fall for him, to make you succumb to him and follow his every command. But will you find out about his intentions? Or would he make you fall for him too deep that it would be too late for you to find your way out?
Length: 1 370 words.
Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels
AU: Bad boy

part I

© (gif)



“Do you love me?”

You gazed up at the ceiling, hooded eyes tracing over the faint designs carved into the white as the moonlight casted its lustrous voiles on both of your sweaty bodies, showing what you have done when no soul was aware of the sinful touches and sounds to your nocturnal minds and hearts’ desires.

You knew you shouldn’t ask Jungkook such questions, yet the abstract pain of curiosity that keeps clawing at your tongue was too much to handle, so after successive cycles of day and night, of Moon around Earth and Earth around itself, you had finally said it.

The brief pause that followed after your voice died into silence made you want to vanish from shame, but then words resonated around the walls concealing your secrets and into your chest, finding the all too familiar path to your heart.

“I do.”

Your shimmery red lips curved upwards akin to the grin of the starry sky, and you turned your head to observe Jungkook; curtains of velvety hair skimming along his skin all the way down to his eyelashes, which were fluttering above spacey, doe eyes that held their own realm within their bottomless voids as continuous little puffs of hurried breath caressed their way out of his throat, between frail tissues of lips and softly into the cool air.


He hummed this time.

“I love you, too.”

“I know, Y/N.”

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title Fishing (½)
summary Seashell bras are so impractical. Whose idea was this?
pairing sasusaku

The sea was the color of gunmetal. The choppy waves bashed against the shore. 

“Shit. I’m not going out in that.”

“Me either. Pass me another beer?" 

Someone dug into the cooler. Water dripped off the sides of the can as it changed hands.

"Only a crazy person would go in when it’s like this.”

As the words left his mouth, someone ran past them. Arms pumping at her sides. Wind whipping her hair around as she sprinted to the edge of the cliff.


She dove. Slicing a clean arc through the air. Eyes squeezing shut as she plunged into the water. 

“Fuck! Should I call an ambulance?”

“No! Wait! I think I see her.”

They peeked over the edge of the cliff. Just in time to see her head break the surface of the water. She bobbed in the waves, rocked back and forth. Before they could call out to her, she waved her hand at them. And then she slipped beneath the surface. A strange glimmer flickering in the water for just a few seconds. 

“Was that…?”

“…Gimme another beer.”

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this blog is really lovely. can i have a scenario for Bakugou and Todoroki, their s/o being extremely strong with an amazing quirk that kicks them out of the sports festival in a 1v1 fight? it's okay if you think they would have trouble fighting their s/o, if you think that then you don't have to write this one! if you can't write that one, you can also write a scenario where they get badly injured but they keep pushing on in the fight and freak everybody out with worry, and s/o wins anyways. <3

Thank you, dear! Okay, so since you sent two prompts and two characters, I’ll do a prompt for Katsu and the other for Todo, if that’s okay with you! I hope I got these two alright, enjoy!

Word count: 1280.

Bakugō Katsuki:

He felt his heart beating in his throat as seconds passed away and [Name] didn’t get up. He dodged yet another series of needles directed at him and growled at the villain who was definitely proving to be a pain in the ass. More than the usual one, from his point of view.

“[Name], get the fuck up right now!” He shouted, the scene blurry with smoke and tension, disabling him from knowing about their state. He cursed, running towards the villain while preparing a blow. He screamed as he jumped on top of its head and blew a big explosion, surely strong enough for it to be killed.

But much to his surprise, the monster was nothing more than stunned for a moment.

His blow had been not enough.

“Katsu, don’t hesitate!” He heard a voice call out for him, and the only thing that crossed his eyes was a quick shadow that struck onto the villain’s head, drawing blood. “Finish him!” [Name] roared, and the blond acted quickly to perform the last strike that finally made the foe shrink down to its original form.

The police quickly caught the villain, and soon came the press. [Name] looked as bright as always as she brushed away the reporters’ compliments, trying to get their boyfriend to appear before the cameras as well, but he remained by the side, stubborn like a boulder.

“We should get going,” he grunted, catching their wrist and pulling them away from the sea of flashes. [Name] noticed the tightness of his grip and winced in slight pain, but didn’t dare to say a word until they had reached a silent street, and he froze.

“What’s wrong?” They asked, concerned, trying to look into his eyes, yet he kept averting his gaze. “Katsu, are you injured somewh-”

“Shut up!” He snapped, causing his lover to flinch at his sudden outburst. “Are you injured, you ask? Are you injured? You were fucking beaten up back there and you are just asking me if I’m fucking injured!?”

“K-Katsu, calm down…”

“No, I’m not calming down,” he growled, and [Name] backed into the wall behind them, watching as he stomped on the pavement. “I’m not fucking calming down because you could have died there, okay!? I was so fucking worried and yet you kept going at the fucking enemy instead of staying behind and letting me do the work!”

[Name] frowned, chest inflating with newly found courage and fury.

“Well, excuse me but I’m a hero too. And you did seem to need help back there because that ridiculous explosion didn’t even make a scratch on that dude.” They snapped, only realizing their words when his eyes widened, his teeth gritting, before his gaze turned to his feet.

“So I’m not good enough to protect you, right?” He huffed, hands clenching into fists, and [Name] reacted immediately by taking his hands in theirs, shaking their head.

“No, no, no, you’re very powerful, you know? That guy was just too tough to be made of thread. Heh, you get it? Thread… because that was his Quirk…” They cracked a small smile, trying with a joke, but seemingly not receiving the reaction they were expecting. “Look, sorry about that. I… I promise I’ll be more careful next time, okay?” Katsuki huffed, looking at them.

“You should get those wounds treated before anything.” A relieved smile placed itself on their lips, and they grabbed his wrist in a similar fashion to when he had done it earlier, their touch much gentler, though.

“Okay! This is nothing more than a scratch, so it shouldn’t take long to heal. Let’s go have some ice cream later, yeah?” He arched his eyebrows in disbelief, and let out a sigh, even if the small smirk on his lips deceived his tone.

“I really can’t understand you.”

Todoroki Shōto:

The sky was clear except from some clouds passing through the gentle see like boats going adrift. He hadn’t noticed how pure it looked, until he found himself facing it, his back kissing the cold, stone floor and his arms wide open, mind lost in thought.

He had lost.

He didn’t know to hear Present Mic’s disbelieving comment about his defeat, nor the murmurs among the spectators, nor the small victory dance of his rival.

[Name]… They had fought well.

He got up and stared into their eyes, which locked into his, the joy in their pools disappearing into worry and pain as they saw his expressionless face. He bowed respectfully and turned to leave the grey floor that had tasted his defeat, [Name]’s calls of his name falling in deaf ears.

The next time he saw them was right before the finals, in which they would be fighting.

[Name], not him.

They found him sitting in the waiting room, collecting his clothes and gathering his thoughts. [Name] let out a barely audible greeting, which he painfully ignored. Their heart ached, but they decided to play against it and sat down in front of him.

“You’re fighting against Bakugō now, right? Good luck,” he spoke lowly, eyes blank and unfixed, definitely not taking in their broken state. They choked out a laugh, which barely managed to hide a distressed sob.

“Thank you, but I’m still pretty wasted from your fight. You gave me quite the battle,” they chuckled, but upon not getting any response, their smile broke.

Tears welled up in their eyes, their fingers itching to meet his clenched hands.

“T-Todo… I’m sorry…” They finally sobbed, breaking down in front of him. And for the first time since his defeat, he looked confused, surprised, staring at their form as they crumbled down onto the table.

“Why are you crying?” He asked, his voice showing concern. They looked up to see his eyes full of emotion, unlike seconds before their outburst, and hiccupped.

“I thought you were mad at me, you weren’t answering at all and you looked so cold,” they spoke quickly, fearing another series of sobs would interrupt their words, but as they became a tangled mess, they were almost unintelligible.

“I’m sorry about that,” he answered with honesty. “I didn’t mean to sadden you. I’m just… thoughtful. I wasn’t expecting a defeat.”

“H-Hey…” scoffed [Name], sounding slightly hurt, but he could tell they were more than relieved by his words. “So you aren’t angry at me?” Todoroki managed a smile, unclenching his first and reaching a hand to caress their hair.

“I could never get angry at you.” He reassured, and they let out a relieved sob. “You fought well and are worthy of victory. I know you can against Bakugō, so just do your best. I’ll be cheering for you, I promise.”

“B-But what about you?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“There’s always another year, I guess. And disappointing my old man was never something I worried about.” He reached out to wipe the tears away from their eyes, and [Name] smiled in tender thankfulness.

“I’m glad you aren’t mad at me. I would never want a victory if it meant having you hate me.” They sniffled, and Todoroki returned the smile, smaller, but just as full of meaning as theirs.

“You shouldn’t look like you were crying before the battle.” He sighed, standing up and bringing them with him into a comforting embrace. “Win this match, okay? You can do it, I know you can. Win it for the two of us, but over everything else, win it for you. You have trained a lot and deserve this glory.”

[Name] smiled, a last, joyful smile rolling down their cheek, which he carefully wiped away again.

“Yes, thank you so much, Todo. I’ll do my very best.”

Dragon Dreams (aka filling in what happened from the knock on the door to boatsex)

Jon looked around at his quarters while the boat rocked gently. The wood creaked as he walked over to the small window. He opened it and felt the sea air cool his skin, the smell
Of salt strangely reminding him of the Wall. He breathed it in deeply and watched as the moon cast a silver glint on the midnight ocean.

Silver … Like her hair.

He pushed the thought aside. A wave of tiredness overtook him. It might have been the gentle rocking of the boat or the exhaustion from the terse negotiations, but as soon as his head hit the pillow and he was sufficiently snug under the furs, he was asleep.

Most of his dreams were nightmares. Faces
Of the dead, of his fathers head, gruesome flashes of blood and intestines and the smell of burned flesh. So when Jon awoke from a dream of Daenerys, her beautiful face waving in and out of focus, it was a welcome change. He sat up in his bed and wondered how long he had been asleep for. It was still dark outside. He had a sudden longing to be next to her. Just to be in her company. He decided to go and knock on her door.

As he walked towards her quarters, he has the strangest feeling that he was being pushed forward by some kind of magnetic force, as if nothing in the world could stop him from being with her. He felt a wave of hunger pass through him and rest in that familiar place, tightening throughout. He knocked, and her face, beautiful as the moon peered back.

Daenerys seemed to pause for a moment. She looked surprised. Jon mentally cursed himself. Of course men should not be knocking on doors at this hour. But she had done more than knock on a door. She had crept into his mind, his thoughts, his very soul. Something he wasn’t even sure he had anymore. She moved aside and he walked in.

Her quarters were identical to his.

“Why did you come?” She asked him measuredly. Nothing ever seemed to phase her.

“I could not sleep my Queen” he replied slowly. The air was thick with desire on both parts. Jon felt uneasy. Perhaps this was wrong. Was it honourable? Would Ned Stark have given his mind over so easily to a foreign conqueror who was exceedingly beautiful and kind -

“Yes, it’s rather strange being on the ocean.” Daenerys interrupted his thoughts. “The motion reminds me of riding one of my dragons” she said, a ghost of a smile playing on her lips. Her expression darkened.

“You have caused me a lot of trouble Jon Snow” she said, in that same measured voice, eyes unfathomable.

“Aye, and I’ve told you how sorry I am. But it’s what my father would have done. I
Must honour his memory by being who he would have been proud of” Jon said defiantly. Daenerys stood there, unmovable.

“Someone once told me that love makes you weak. That it makes you fear and doubt. Maybe loving your father will make you weak” she said calmly.

“I disagree. Respectfully” Jon added. Daenerys laughed, a pealing sound that reminded Jon of music and a feast at Winterfell.

“Always disagreeing. Always trouble” she said, that ghost of a smile flickering again. Jon returned it.

“You’re trouble too. Wait until I have to explain to my men in the North that I’ve bent the knee to the dragon Queen” Jon retorted, a slight panic overtaking him.

“Would you want to take your oath back?” Daenerys asked, her heart quickening. Why did it suddenly seem so important that Jon actually wanted to be here?

Jon stepped forward, until there was no space between them, until she could smell the musky sandalwood that accompanied him and see the grey flecks in his warm
Brown eyes.

“Never my Queen” he said in a low voice, and Daenerys knew, by some twist of fate, some old gods and new, that she was home, and home was not necessarily a castle or an ancestral place, it could also be a person.

Together (Fire and Ice) chapter 3 “This I Vow”

If you prefer to read on the link is here


Dany woke to the gentle rolling of the boat. The first thing she became noticably aware of was something very hard pressed between her thighs and a strong chest at her back.

She smiled softly.


She snuggled closer to him and he shifted, pulling her tighter and letting out a deep sigh.  


She had never woken up with a man before. Drogo had always left her tent sometime in the middle of the night, and she had almost always sent Daario away after they were done.

This was a nice change.

He really felt like he was here to stay.


For the first time in a long time, she felt at peace. She’d had a dreamless night. No visons of death. No dead, scaly babies. No terrifying sights of her child falling through the air.

She had needed a good nights sleep.

She felt clear-headed and strong.

She twisted around to bury her face in Jon’s chest and inhaled his scent deeply, wrapping her leg around his hips.

He stirred and opened his eyes sleepily at her.

“Good morning,” he said groggily.

“Good morning,” she responded, a smile pulling at her lips.

His hand came up from her waist to stroke her hair.

“How did you sleep?” he murmered.

“Wonderfully,” she whispered, breathless. “And you?”

She saw a flicker of something on his face, but it quickly faded.

“Finally had a peaceful night,” he said.

She remembered suddenly.

“What happened? Last night you left to go make water, and then you came back and you…”

His face fell.

“I ran into Tyrion.”

She suddenly turned to stone.

“And?” she said, a note of regality finding a way back into her voice. She hadn’t realized how soft her voice had turned when she spoke to him alone. How vulnerable.

Jon sighed. Looked away. Then looked back at her.

“He knows.”

Daenerys suddenly felt very betrayed. Her heart turned to ice.

“I didn’t tell him, before you ask. He worked it out by himself.”

“How?” she asked coldly.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask. It’s not what matters–”

“Not what matters?” she pulled away from him, cold, and sat up on the bed. Jon’s face fell.

“Daenerys,” he said softly. She refused to look at him. He must have given it away somehow, betrayed her, and she didn’t want everyone to know yet. She wanted to enjoy this short time they had together on this boat. She felt hurt that he would let Tyrion–of all people–in on this secret. He would find someway to use it, and she didn’t want her love for Jon to be used.

He reached up to cup her chin. Gently turned her head to look into his eyes. She felt herself melt–but only slightly.

“He thinks we should get married.”

Her mouth fell open. She bristled. How dare he–?

“So do I,” said Jon firmly.

Daenerys sat stunned.

How dare he. How dare both of them. Conspire about her fate behind her back like she didn’t exist. Like her opinion didn’t matter. She was the Queen. She made the descions, not Tyrion Lannister, not Jon Snow.

It didn’t matter that she had been thinking it, too. Had thought about it. Knew it was the logical course. Suddenly she felt very much like a helpless little girl again, being sold off to the highest bidder. She felt betrayed. She felt powerless. She wanted to curl up in a ball and ignore all of them, men, deciding her fate like they owned  her. How dare they. She had worked hard to not feel like this ever, ever again.


She had already been thinking it. And Tyrion was much smarter than anyone in the world, of course he would know. Of course he would connect the dots. Of course he would see the little glances between them and work out what they meant. And politically, a marriage to Jon Snow would make perfect sense.

But still, how dare he discuss this with Jon Snow before her. He was her hand, not the King in the North’s. Jon Snow sat up. She watched him, wary. But his eyes still held that softness. He knew he’d overstepped his bounds and now he sat, sheepish. She softened. She would give him the benefit of the doubt.

“What did he say?”

So he explained to her, in detail, everything they had discussed. Tyrion had worked it out, somehow, and broached the subject of their relationship. They discussed her and Tyrion’s conversation in Meeren after she had left Daario. Tyrion had told Jon that a marriage alliance was inevitable. How he had listed off people she had never known and people she had despised as possible marriage candidates. Including Jamie Lannister–something she would have to discuss with Tyrion about later (because how dare the thought even cross his mind, was he sure where his loyalties lied?);  how Jon had doubted that he would have ever been put on that list because he was a bastard–but Tyrion had said, no, in fact, he was Tyrion’s first choice.

“But it was us he was worried about,” Jon said. “Our feelings for each other. Whatever this is, whatever we want it to be. He was worried it would only complicate things. That my people would think you had bewitched me somehow with foreign magic. He said…in so many words…that ‘love is the death of duty.’ That it would make us reckless, and forget our duties. Make us weak.”

Jon’s eyes fell. He sighed with a great weight.

“He said they would use it against us, to hurt us. That we had to use our love like armor against the world.”

Dany felt her heart crack a little bit. Her hand was right. He was very rarely wrong. The cruelty of the world would use their love against them, and they had to fortify their hearts against it, and protect each other. So that their love did not make them forget their place in this world. They both had to save the people they were pledged to. She placed her fingertips under his chin, raised his head to look into her eyes.

“This…this…what this is…this is real. Our feelings…for each other. It will not be weakness. I won’t let it. We won’t let it. It will make us strong, not weak.”

“He said there was no way to hide it…our feelings would show through.”

“Nor should we,” she said fiercely.

They gazed into each other’s eyes.

Jon’s eyes became dark again with lust.

“Do you want this? Us? This, here now, and a marriage, with everything that comes with that?”

Dany thought. Conflicted. She wasn’t sure if she should commit without talking to her advisors, but hadn’t she just said that she was the Queen? And Tyrion seemed to have already given his blessing….

“My Queen,” he said, his eyes pleading. “I would not have come here last night if I knew there was even a slight possiblity that the answer to that question was 'no’.”

Her gaze softened.

“Of course I do, Jon, I just…I don’t like you both conspiring behind my back. It makes me feel like I’m being sold to the highest bidder.”

“That was never my intention,” he said quickly, harshly. “I didn’t know I would run into Tyrion. I didn’t know he would figure it out. Not before we figured out what this was anyway.”

“And what is, this?” said Daenerys softly.

He looked down.

“Daenerys, you should know something about me. You know I grew up a bastard. You’ve no idea what that was like. How it made me feel. I swore to myself I would never lie with a woman, because I didn’t want to bring another bastard into the world. And I still feel that way. I don’t sleep with women idly. I’ve only ever been in front of a whore once…my brother paid her, thought it was time for me to lie with a woman. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t add another Snow to the world.”

Was he a virgin? No way was he a virgin. He was too good.

“I know what you’re thinking and I’m not. I have been with a woman before. I committed myself to her. A wilding girl with fiery red hair. I loved her, and she loved me. I knew I would never leave her. We were married in our hearts.”

“What happened?” said Daenerys softly. He heaved a great sigh. Pain flickered across his features, and she suspected he had never talked about this with anyone before.

“She was killed by an arrow to the heart from my brother” –he spat the word– “of the Night’s Watch. I held her as she died. I burned her body beyond the wall. I wouldn’t ever want her to become one of those things.”

Her heart ached. She knew his pain. Gods, she knew that pain. she still carried it with her in her heart.

“Jon…I understand. I too lost my shekh ma shieraki anni. My sun and stars. I had to…”

Her voice caught in her throat. Her hands curled together in her lap.

“The Witch who killed him brought him back to life as a husk of a man after I begged her to use blood magic. She sacrificed his horse and my child…though I did not know the price would be so high. He could do naught, not speak, not recognize his surroundings. He didn’t even know I was there. Didn’t even recognize me.”

Tears filled her eyes. He filled her hands with his, and she felt the strength to continue.

“I couldn’t watch it any longer. He was not my husband. He was not a Khal. He was not a warrior. He was not even human. I suffocated him with a pillow. I burned his body and that foul witch alive in the funeral pyre and fire that birthed my dragons.”

She looked up. He gave her hands a gentle squeeze.

“I shoud have died in that fire. But something told me I wouldn’t. Zaldrīzo ānogar iksan. I am the Blood of the Dragon.”

“Daenerys,” he whispered gently. Her heart began to race. she felt the fire burn her veins.

They exchanged a long look. His eyes grew dark and husky again.

“I don’t know what it is,” she continued. “I don’t know why I should have this power when my brothers, my father…did not…this power has not graced our family since we lost the dragons ages ago. But I am, for some reason I cannot explain…I am the Unburnt. Fire courses through my veins. And fire cannot kill a dragon. Do you understand?”

She did not expect him to. She didn’t know how to explain why or how. All she knew was that she could never be burnt, not even by dragonfire. And it had made her strong.

He had that look on his face again. Dark and husky and needing. The same look as when he had knocked on her door last night.

“I think, right now…I think I do,” he murmured.

She felt trapped by those eyes again.

“It’s the same feeling that calls me to you,” she finished.

“Daenerys,” he said huskily, “I want you to know what this is to me. You have to understand. I don’t lie with woman unless I intend to spend the rest of my life with them. Daenerys, I want to spend my days with you…what little might be left. Regardless of the political reasons, they don’t matter. Not really. Whatever the threat, I love you.”

She softened. And finally she forgave him for speaking to Tyrion behind her back.

“Im glad,” she whispered. “I want to spend my days with you, too, Jon Snow. For I love you as well. I never thought I would again, but here I am. I love you.”

They were so close now…

She firmed her grasp in his hands. He squeezed back, a thumb brushing the back of her hand.

“Daenerys,” he whispered. And she melted before him.

“Jon,” she murmured against his lips.

Their lips melted together like soft pads of sweet cream, tounges gently entwined together. Soft and sweet. His hand cupped her head.

She moaned into his mouth and he swallowed her lips again, hand firmly holding her head.

“Oh, my Queen,” he whispered, pulling back. “I want to be your King.”

Her heart raced. Suddenly that feeling was back, of submissiveness, the need for her to submit to whatever he wanted. Whatever he wants, I will give it to him.

Her breath sharpened, and with a husky growl he guided her down–threw her down–to the pillows and covered herself with his body. Her legs quickly spread apart, welcoming him. She was already so wet, still slick with his seed from the night before. He kissed his way down and this time she knew it was coming, as he placed his lips on hers between her legs. And she let out a low sigh.

“My king,” she moaned.

He growled. Gripped her tighter, burrowing his nose deep into her folds, inhaling deeply. Gods, there was something so beautiful about that. Her heart pounded and her breath was short.

He encircled her nub with his tounge, hot breath lighting her very soul on fire.


He breathed fire into her loins.

His swept the flat of his tongue against the entirety of her slit suddenly, and she moaned aloud.

Her fingers tangled in his hair, and he moaned, growling like the White Wolf he was, and began to eat her, really, eat her with fervor…gods…

His tongue…his tongue… could work magic, she decided. His mouth captured her lips fully, suckling and licking and probing and oh…

And thought began to leave her body, there was only feeling. Her legs entwined around his arms and he squeezed her thighs tightly, holding himself to her bucking hips, relentless. Her hands found the messy half-bun on the back of his head and began to loosen it, working her fingers into his hair and grasping tightly.

He moaned again, deeper than before, sending vibration through her pelvis and up her spine and she shuddered.

“Jon,” she gasped.

She felt him grin against her lips.

Rythmically, he began to stroke with his tongue, slowly at first, and then quicker, faster, harder…and then he slowed again, sending waves of intense pleasure through her whole body. Then he sped up again, and on and on it went until Daenerys could take no more.

Then, suddenly, he pulled back, and locked eyes with her.

She couldn’t breathe.

Then, then, he set her on fire and sent chills through her whole body by blowing, very gently, cool air over her lips.

She let out a stuttered little moan, and gripped the bedsheets tightly between her hands, her back arching up to meet his face again, which he gladly accepted, smashing his mouth onto her lips, quicker, faster, intensely…and then he let go of a leg and slipped a finger inside her, hooking it around the large nub behind her pelvic bone, and wave after wave of pleasure convulsed her whole body as he ate her alive, her walls tightening and releasing, powerfully…so powerfully she worried she might hurt his finger but he continued pushing at that spot…not stopping as she whimpered and moaned, breathless, his tounge working circles around the tiny nub between her folds that was the center of every bit of pleasure in her body.

Her orgasm lasted forever. As it faded, she was left shaking and trembling. Her legs could not support their own weight anymore as they trembled and collapsed at Jon’s sides. His tounge continued to work slowly, not releasing her from her pleasure and pain. Her body convulsed, twitching. She had never come so hard in her entire life.

But he did not stop there.

He released her, and suddenly he was there, suddenly his length in her was all she knew, and she saw nothing but waves of black and Jon’s soft brown eyes hovering above her as he thrust into her, again and again and again and she came again, harder, deeper than before. She felt her whole womb convulse and then hot jets of his seed filled her up and they were both coming…coming…coming…

His lips captured hers. She could not breathe. She blacked out in a haze of pleasure.

She did not know when she regained her mobility, but she slowly returned to life, and was able to twitch her fingers sporadically through his hair –how did her fingers get so tangled in it– and feel his warm, sporadic breath on her neck, his lips kissing her skin weakly. His weight pressed against her body–stopping her from floating away.

She felt soft tugs at her scalp as he gently stroked her hair between his thumb and fingers as a sensory feeling to bring himself back to life.

Daenerys just lay there, trying to catch her shattered breath.

“That was…” she gasped.

“Yeah,” he murmered.

And he rolled off her gently but did not let her go, instead pulling her towards him, tucking her into his chest and reinserted his still-firm but softening member into her.

She took a deep, shuddering breath and burrowed her nose into his chest. Her whole body was trembling still, only his arms tightly around her held her together.

They lay there like that until their hearts had returned to a normal rythm and their breathing became relaxed and steady.

Daenerys had almost dozed off again when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Both of them instantly sprang into high alert.

“Just a moment,” called Daenerys, as she rushed to get a dressing gown.

“It’s me,” and Daenerys recognized Missandei’s voice and instantly relaxed. She slipped her arms through the sleeves and wrapped the soft fabric around her naked body.

“It’s alright,” she told Jon, who was rushing to get his clothes back on with a terrified expression on his face. “It’s Missandei.”

Jon looked like he was about to protest, but she gave him a commanding look and, sheepish, returned to the bed and slipped under the covers.

Daenerys opened the door halfway and met her closest friend’s eyes.

Instantly she knew something was up, and her eyes traveled to the bed, where Jon lay, blushing and studiously avoiding the two women, looking out the window.

Missandei stifled a smile and exchanged a knowing look with her Queen, who blushed and also stifled a smile.

“I’ll come back later,” said Missandei softly, corners of her mouth tight with amusement and happiness.

“Thank you,” whispered Daenerys gratefully.

The two woman exchanged another knowing, happy look, then her part-haidmaiden-part–advisor-part-closest-friend left, and Dany shut the door.

“Gods,” breathed Jon.

“She comes every morning to help me dress, she is my haidmaiden, translator, most trusted advisor and my closest friend, my sister in all but blood. She will not tell a soul.”

Jon huffed softly.

“Doesn’t help me recover from my heart attack,” he mumbled.

Daenerys grinned again.

“Oh, quit,” he said, looking at her face. “I should go before someone less trustworthy walks in that door.”

Her face fell. She did not want him to leave.

“Oh,” she said. “Right.”

He stood. He had managed to get his tight leather pants on, his bare feet padded across the floor and she felt her wetness return as she stared at his bare chest coming towards her. The closer her got, the faster her heart raced. He slid a hand under her jaw and forced her to look at him. She softened once again at his touch and felt dizzy.

Would this happen everytime, this feeling of being so…dizzy?

“I’ll come back again tonight,” he murmed huskily. Her breath caught in her throat and she tried to retain her dignity.

“Good,” she said, with all the authority of a Queen. “I will expect you.”

“Good,” he said, eyes dancing and mouth smiling–or was it a snarl? Gods, it made her hot.

His lips hovered a but a few hairs from hers but he did not touch as their eyes lowered to each other’s lips.  Her heart raced…what was he waiting for?

And suddenly he pulled away without kissing her, leaving her breathless and wanting. She watched, open-mouthed and in awe, the only thing supporting her the door at her back as her legs trembled, as he put his clothes back on, one by one and left her there, dying, aching with need. Did he know what he had just done to her? He must have known the effect it would have…

As he sat on the bed to pull his boots on, she watched him softly. Everything had changed.

He stood. Looked at her.

She loathed to be seperate from him, even for a moment.

“Jon…” she said shakily.

“Hey,” he whispered, eyebrows furrowing, crossing the room in two long strides to capture her in his arms. “It’s alright. Everything will be alright.”

She buried her face in his leathers. His hand held her at the back of the head there, chin resting on her hair, and she took a few shuddering breaths, feeling such a release at his touch she was overwhelmed.

He held her tighter, buried his nose in her hair. After a while, they broke apart, and he cupped her face.

“I will come to you tonight,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. His face was dead serious. “and tommorow night, and the night after that, and every night to come, my Queen. That I vow to you.”

She cupped his face, overwhelmed.

“I will welcome you with open arms this night, and every night to come, Jon Snow. That I vow to you.”

He pressed his forehead to hers.

“I am yours,” he whispered. Her eyes widened. Her breath caught in her throat. “And you are mine.”

“From this day,” she said, voice quivering, “until the end of my days.”

He kissed her, gently, softly, lovingly.

And then he left, closing the door softly behind him, leaving Daenerys to slide down the door behind him, breathless.

Oh, Jon Snow…

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Ficlet: Clear Sailing (M)

From my prompt me post:

@cheile said: “Can I just ask for something happy because too much angst exists lately? a second moonlight sail on Lake George when they get home perhaps? except with the right results.”

Be warned, this is so fluffy you’ll probably choke on it.


He knew he was staring at her, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t stop.

He tried to focus on the ripples across the dark water, the rhythmic creak and whip of the sails, but it was no use. His gaze continued to drift back to her: following the lines of her torso, the jut of her clavicle above the edge of her dress; caressing the slight upturn of her lips; lingering on her hair, caught by the mild breeze and tossed in a cloud around her shoulders.

“You’ll give a girl a complex if you don’t cut that out.”

Chakotay jerked his gaze away from the hollow where her neck met her shoulder. “What?” he asked sheepishly.

A smile was flirting with her lips, so he relaxed a fraction. “You’re staring,” she pointed out, and the smile widened into a grin.

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On the Way to the Underworld

Pairing: Gremma (more brotp than anything else) and implied CS

Rating: K

Summary:  Canon divergence from 5x12.  What if Emma had met up with Graham in that weird dream she had on their way to the Underworld instead of Neal

This story is dedicated to @snowbellewells, since I see from Facebook that it’s your birthday today.  Consider this your present (and I still have plans to write your cameo story in the near future!).  Happy birthday, friend!


Emma climbed into the weird boat the wraith had brought when Gold opened the portal to the Underworld.  (Seriously, what even was her life?  She and her whole family were on their way to hell so that she could split her heart in half and bring her true love back to life.)

To say it had been a rough day would be the world’s biggest understatement.  She shuddered, barely holding the wracking sobs at bay. Killian was dead.  He was dead, and she’s the one who had done it.  There was nothing else she could have done, but still, she’d need therapy for the next four decades to get past the feeling of running her true love through with a sword.

As Emma settled into her seat and felt the gentle rocking of the boat (shouldn’t a boat headed to hell be more…tempestuous?), gradually she felt the exhaustion overcome her.

“Sleep, honey,” Mary Margaret said, putting a motherly arm around her and stroking her hair.  “While we have a few minutes of peace, sleep.”

She didn’t want to, wanted to spend their downtime planning and strategizing, but as her eyelids became heavier and heavier, she realized she had no choice in the matter….

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Dēbĭlĭto #2

<<First | Next>>

Brain Trauma AU Masterpost


Dēbĭlĭto - meaning to paralyse, to weaken, to disable, to incapacitate, to impair, to maim, to lame, to cripple

Chapter 2: Pins and Needles

The first few days of the brothers’ journey went rather smoothly. The weather stayed consistently pleasant and the sea stayed flat and calm, making sailing easy. As promised, they had called Dipper and Mabel in the evening of the second day at sea. The kids had grinned happily, asking them lots of questions about what they had found, what they had seen and where they were going next. Ford had explained that they hadn’t seen all that much yet since they were still rather close to the coast and a lot of the more elusive creatures wouldn’t come that close to the mainland. Dipper’s questions seemed to focus more on what they were looking for, Ford’s research and the route they had planned. Mabel’s questions were much more orientated around whether or not they had ‘found any ladies’ yet, like Stan had been proclaiming. Ford had chuckled and said that no, they hadn’t and that his brother was still very much a single man.

The pair were currently sitting at the table in the cabin, eating a plate of tomato pasta with a side of canned mushy peas. There wasn’t much else they could eat until they caught some fish, but neither of them minded all that much. After having gone thirty years eating whatever he could find, Ford found the simple meal almost a banquet, something Stan had found rather amusing.

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Across the Waves - SociallyAwkwardFox - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

RatingTeen And Up Audiences
Archive WarningNo Archive Warnings Apply
FandomsDCU (Comics)Batman - All Media TypesRed Robin (Comics)Red Hood and the Outlaws (Comics)
RelationshipTim Drake/Jason Todd
CharactersTim DrakeJason Todd
Additional TagsAlternate Universe - MythologySiren TimFisherman JasonOne-Sided AttractionLonelinessRescueRequited Love
Series← Previous Work Part 4 of the JayTim Week: Summer Edition 2017 series

Summary: There’s nothing Tim loves more than watching the fisherman spend his days working on the ocean, but there’s no way they could ever meet. That would just end in disaster. No human could ever love him. They fear his kind.

It was fascinating to watch. Every day he came down to the beach ladened with nets and poles and supplies Tim didn’t know the name of. He would put them all in the old boat that didn’t look like it should even be able to stay afloat, then shove it into the sea. For the rest of the day, he would work. Throwing nets out and pulling them back in hours later-sometimes full of fish so his arms strained with effort and sometimes displeasingly devoid of fish. It was a routine Time knew far too well.

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Kakasaku Mermaid!AU: “Murder at Sea”

Thank you to everyone who has been so patiently waiting for an update from me. I had a lot of personal issues to work through over the last few years and I’m finally in a space to be my old self again. I know this ship isn’t as active as it used to be, but I am proud to serve on this ship with the rest of you.

TW: Gore, violence, death.

There are a million things going through Sakura’s head as she points her saber out. Paramount among them is that she has no business holding a sword in her condition, the thought punctuated by another vicious tailspin of her vision. Her head throbs dully at her temples, nausea and exhaustion thick at her throat. She can feel her arm tremble slightly under the weight of its burden, but she has no choice in her mind. She walked out of a dining hall full of unconscious faces for some fresh air and stepped into a kidnapping-in-progress. She is in no condition to fight, but she’s the only one here who can.

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hey a while ago I wrote a fanfic where brutus survived getting stabbed and went to egypt with antony

and today i wrote a small ? drabble ? semi based on it for my entry @ so yeah here it is 

i wrote it in 18 minutes so no proofreading and also it’s unfinished here take it bye

Brutus looked out at the ocean. A light blanket was draped over his shoulders as he remained seated, feeling the gentle rocking of the boat underneath him. Cerulean extended across the sky and an unimaginably large ocean sang over the horizon. The warm sun kissed his cheeks as he breathed in the salty air.

Still, sadness lingered in his heart. How could he be here, enjoying a nice- though unwanted- voyage to Egypt while his wife and dear friend were dead? It was all his fault anyway, he knew it. Had he not killed Caesar- had he just thought it through more- had maybe he not listened to Cassius (or maybe had he listened to Cassius more)- they would still be here.

He wished he could’ve just ended his own life- he hated that he had survived. He wanted to die, to be dead, to be in the underworld with his loved ones, but he knew at this rate it was impossible. The gods had saved him for a reason- or so Antony told him- so he might as well live to see whatever that reason may be.

Tears formed in his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away. The sadness burrowed in his chest deeper than any sword could have. It was unbearable- dealing with the pain of running on his own sword was easier than this. He rubbed the spot where his wound was bandaged over, wincing a bit as he ran his fingers gently over the indent of the newly forming scar.

“Hey Brutus!” Antony’s voice made him flinch, and he moved his hand away before Antony could see. “How are you holding up?”

“I’m fine, thanks.” An obvious lie but Brutus was tired of dealing with Antony at this point. They had been on this ship for nearly 5 weeks, and although Egypt was moving closer and closer each day, it still couldn’t come fast enough.  "Do you need something?“

“No, why?”

“Just checking,” Antony’s smile was as warm as the sun, and Brutus hated it. He was just about to go inside and take a nap before Antony said, “Mind if I sit with you?”

“Sure-” Brutus wanted so desperately to sleep, but his doctor, Cornelius, told him getting out of bed and socializing would be good for him. He didn’t want to talk to Antony of all people, but he was a familiar face so he might as well.

Brutus moved his makeshift walking stick so Antony could sit on the box next to  him. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Antony used his hand to shield his eyes from the sun. “We get days like these in Alexandria all the time. I think you’ll like it there.”

“I don’t know…” Brutus confessed. He just wanted to go home, to have things all somehow magically return to normal, but he knew it would be impossible. He didn’t want to explain all of this to Antony, of course, and all he could think of to say was, “I’m nervous-”

“Why?” Antony turned to him. “Are you worried Cleopatra won’t like you or something?” Antony seemed to finally think about what he was saying, and it showed on his face. “I’m sure she’ll be a bit… hesitant. Towards you.” To put it lightly, Brutus supposed. “But once she gets to know you, I know you’ll be the best of friends.”

“Are you sure?” It seemed like a gross exaggeration. “What’s she like?”

“Oh!” Antony lit up, “She’s wonderful! She’s so beautiful, and kind, and she’s very smart! Did you know she speaks like five languages? Where can you find another girl like that…” Antony turned into a lovesick boy as he rambled on and on about his lover. Brutus looked away from Antony and turned his attention back to the sea.

Antony’s voice faded out in his mind as it began to wander. He thought of his beautiful wife, Porcia. She was so magnificent, and out of all of the girls in the world, he would choose her. If he had to give up everything just to win her favor- even though she would never ask him to and she would call him a fool for doing so- he would do it in a heartbeat. When he thought of her, his heart fluttered until realization took hold and it came crashing, crashing down. Porcia, the light of his life, was dead.

He remembered the night he got the news. He and Cassius had been fighting, and out of nowhere a messenger arrived to inform him of the death of his wife, his wonderful, perfect, beautiful wife.

‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress
And the bargain must be made
But oh, my love, don’t forget me
When I let the water take me

It had been three weeks since the ship sank. With no food or water left in his supply, and the journal that had kept him somewhat sane now completely full, the poor man felt his sanity begin to slip. 

The only comfort he could seek now was a tantalizing sea creature that had circled his rowboat for the past week. It only spoke one line to the sailor: “I can save you.” Then it would outstretch one webbed hand as an offering to the man. 

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Alright, today we’re up for special treat. For this is my first stancest fic I post in Tumblr. Run now and you just might make it!

This is also a secret santa gift for @fishingboatblues. ( don’t know why I can’t tag them) They wished for hair petting and fluffy and I delivered. They were also so awesome that offered to beta this fic so that you don’t have to suffer for my grammar errors. (Thank you again!)

I have no idea how I should tag this thing… It got definitely incest in it, some mild angst and insecurity, fluffy and comfort… Oh, and it’s 2 252 words!

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we must not look at goblin men

Written for terrifying tolkien week. I have a fondness for tolkien’s elves mixed with traditional faerie lore, which in itself is pretty spooky. So here’s some creepy fey Thranduil and a very unfortunate Bargeman. No warnings.

The water rocks his boat, as if hands from beneath the rippling current are tugging it down. The water is dark, unknowable. It isn’t the water that worries him. Bard’s eyes turn to the forest, branch and root and shrub spilling over the banks, reaching, always reaching.

Sometimes he passes a gap in the trees, a sliver of darkness among all the green. There’s something about its size and shape, as if, if he were to walk that path, the gap would be the exact size of his body. I could moor the boat to that tree and clamber up the bank, he thinks. I could slip between those trees and run down the path, run to— He isn’t sure where these thoughts come from, or where they lead. He shakes them off, fingers grasping at something beneath the collar of his shirt, and steers far away from the banks when those gaps in the trees appear.

His grandmother told him stories of this place: you must walk backwards into the forest if you ever wish to find your way out again. Never stray near the forest’s edge without a piece of cold iron about you. Carry salt, or certain herbs, and never speak your name aloud. The river, with its running water, would protect you. They cannot cross it.

She was always evasive when Bard would press the issue. Who are ‘they’, Gran? he would tease, only playing at wanting to know.

But she would take his needling seriously, pulling him close by his thin shoulders and staring into his eyes with the look of a hungry hawk. You best hope you never find out, boy.

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Rating: G

Word count: 2290



Read on Ao3

Emma wakes up on the Jolly Rodger seasick. Obviously Killian is upset. Set sometime in the future.

A/N: Thank you so much to my lovely beta Accio-ambition <3

Emma wakes up to the gentle sway of the boat and the smell of the sea wafting through the open porthole. She stretches, toes pointing and brushing against Killian’s calf. She opens her eyes and the room starts to spin. The pleasant smell of sea salt becomes nauseating as seaweed overpowers it. She lurches up, trying to gain control of her stomach, but failing. She stumbles quickly to the newly modified bathroom. She’d been begging him to replace the toilet with one a more modern ship would have and he finally complied last week. She kneels and throws up into the toilet, long hair falling into her face. She tries to pull the strands away, but another wave hits her and she grips the edge of the seat, very thankful for smooth plastic instead of wood and splinters.

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Harry Styles short story. Little Red Dress. Part 5.

If you don’t read till the end, I will understand. The other parts are much, much better. I didn’t really feel it when writing this one. 

The following morning you woke up before Harry. You wanted to wake him, but decided against it. He was so peaceful and you knew he was exhausted from recording a new album, while he had days off from touring. You kind of made the thoughts of him going back to tour go away. You didn’t want to think about it yet. You decided to tan on the deck, enjoying the heatwave and the sun. You were messing around on your phone when a shadow fell over your body. You didn’t even look up you just let him lay down on the blanket that you had laid down.

“Morning.” You mumbled. He cleared his throat and his fingers were already softly stroking your bare back. You had a bikini on.

“Morning.” His voice was low and was barely audible. You put your sunglasses on the top of your head.

“My poor baby.” you pushed the curls back from his face. He closed his eyes as your fingers drew patterns on his cheek. The sunlight was bothering his eyes when he opened them and his hair was a complete mess. He had put on a pair of boxers but let his already tanned chest bare.

“I’ll make breakfast.” You said as you locked your phone and started to get up but he pulled you back down and you saw his lips move.

“Say that again?”

“Just lay with me.” His beautiful voice was lost and some vocal rest would go a lot of good. You nodded even though my stomach growled. You went closer to his body which was warm. He put his arm around you and pulled you into his chest.  You smelt his scent. He had already used his deodorant as he smelt of it.  You put one arm around him as well and you just lay there. The gentle sway of the boat making you want to fall back to sleep. He pressed kisses on top of your head once a while. You two lay for a long while. But then you heard his stomach growl.  You laughed.

“I’m going to go make breakfast.” You patted his stomach and he nodded letting  you go. “English good?” You asked as you wanted to go back. You saw him nod as he sat up. You made the breakfast and ate in silence.

“I’m gonna have to go on vocal rest.” he said as he took a bit of the bacon.

“No shit. Sherlock.” You smiled at him and he just mocked you.

“I’ll start tomorrow.” His voice broke towards the end.

“Nope you are starting now.” You said pointing at the table, signalling now.

“But you’re here.” He fought. You just shrugged and kept eating.

“What do you say we go for a swim after we’re done.” He helped  you clean the table and you put the dishes into the already full dishwasher.  You froze slightly at the word swim.  He noticed your sudden tenseness and look at you with a worried face.

“Something wrong?” he asked quietly and you stared at the dirty plate in your hands. You saw his feet on the floor and looked up, realizing how much he towered over you.

“Something wrong?” he repeated the question and you looked into his eyes, his searching yours. But he didn’t know you enough yet to see what they held was called fear.

“I…” you hesitated. You hated telling this to people because this usually made you a party pooper over the summer. “I’m afraid of water. But like…” his face held no emotion he was waiting for you to continue.

“I can swim, but not in deep water, and just forget about going on slides with me and throwing me into the water because I start to panic if my head gets underwater so I…” your voice faded and you didn’t wish to continue. There wasn’t anything else to say about this. You looked down at the plate that you were still holding. You whispered a sorry. He grabbed the plate from you harshly. He put it into the dishwasher and closed it.

Then he pulled you into a bone crushing hug. You dug your head into his chest and let your arms stay next to your body.

“Then we won’t go for a swim. It’s that easy. My plan can turn into reality sooner.” His arms fell down next to his body and and a few of his fingers locked around yours, he winked at you before pressing his lips against yours. You moved your lips against his and your were the one to break the kiss. You felt relieved.

“As nice as that sounds. You can go for a swim I’ll just put my legs into the water.” you said. He shook his head.

“Nah I’m fine.”


Eventually he did go for a swim. You sat at the end of the yacht. The cold water softly stroking your legs. He was jumping off the boat. His hair was now straight and his body wet. You wondered why you never gad sex in the shower yet. He said he likes to try out thing. So why not shower sex?

“Damn it, it’s so cold.” he said as he put his elbows on the boat. You just laughed and hoped that he won’t get a cold. His voice is already enough. He watched you as your sunglasses covered your eyes.

“What?” you questioned after he wouldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Nothing just thinking.” he licked his lips, then leaning to the side so he can spit. You laughed loudly.

“Salty?” you asked and he just nodded then he smiled and winked at you. “Oh my God stop being a pervert.” You shook your head.

“Want a taste? It’s probably way more saltier but it will just give you some training.” he came a bit closer to you and pushed his body out Of the water, his muscles flexing while doing so. He sat down next to you and puckered his lips.

“What kind of training?” you asked.

“Swallowing training.” He replied and kept leant close.

“Like I don’t swallow.” You snapped playfully.

“I wouldn’t know.” he said before his lips connected with yours. His wet lips and the saltiness made you flinch back a little. Your taste buds erupted at the amount of salt. But soon you have licked all of it off his lips and his last sentence made your mind work. You have sucked him off many times, but never did he actually cum into your mouth because he either wanted to cum inside of you, or you were just teasing him. He pulled away, biting onto your lips and pulling it softly before making all contact disappear.

“do you trust me?” he asked and you really didn’t know what to say. You hesitated and your mouth was slightly a gap. You weren’t sure. He smiled and slowly lowered his body into the water, his head going under on purpose. He put his hands on either side of your body. Your heart stared to speed up. Not from lust, or excitement. From panic. He looked up at you. You were still in your bikini.

“Lower yourself down.” he said like it was an everyday thing. You muttered a what. You put your sunglasses to the side. Not because you were going to go into the water, just because you felt like for this conversation he had to see you. You shook your head.

“C’mon love. Your head will get nowhere near the water. You’ll be clinging onto me.” he did a c'mon motion with his hand. You shook your head no.

“Trust me.” he whispered and his eyes were saying the same thing. You heart was threatening to  jump out of your chest now. You watched him in silence. You felt like such a pussy. Afraid of water. Bullshit. But it was your fear and a part of your brain could easily explain why, while the rest just didn’t understand. He waited a little before nodding and starting to swim off. And you mouth spoke even though you didn’t tell it to. “Okay. Come back.” You were feeling the panic attack symptoms. But you started to fight them. He turned back and a wide smile spread on his lips. He swam back and got back to his earlier position. “How do you want this to happen?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Just let your body into the water wrap your legs around my waist and tada.” Pictures of your physic lesson in school popped into your head. What he wanted, physically; wasn’t a good idea. There wasn’t much possibility that he was able to hold both you and himself up in water that was several meters deep. He watched you, your mind working. The physic classes still not leaving your head. He nodded and pushed himself out of the water. You stood up as he towered over you.

“I was just asking. No worries if you say no.” He grabbed your waist and pulled you sideways against his wet body. The sudden cold drops on your warm skin made you shiver. He pressed a kiss onto your cheek and walked to the brown couch reaching for an orange, fluffy towel.


 The rest of the day went by with you two eating strawberries, talking, laughing and driving around the seemingly endless water. He said you won’t be going back early which you were really happy about as you were enjoying this very much. Both of you were once again in the same place as in the morning. Lying on the front deck soaking in the sun. You were lying on your stomach, your bikini top has been discarded after you told Harry about the annoying tan lines and he said that it’s not like he hasn’t seen you before. He was lying on his back one of his arms stretched out so it could hold your hand the other one lay on his stomach. His skin was already a crispy brown and now sweat was covering it. He looked like he has just gotton over some intense sex. You were facing him as you deleted the 13 missed calls on your phone. They were all from a too familiar number. But you decided that you didn’t want to ruin these two beautiful days with bad news.

“Will we come again?” You asked out of the blue his head turned towards you and he opened his eyes.

“If you’d like.” He nodded and a smile spread on your lips while you squinted from the sun that you weren’t even facing.

“I’d love to. It’s nice to get away from the stress.” You mumbled and closed your eyes again. He hummed in acceptation. You lay in silence once again the gentle breeze, the seagulls and the sway of the boat calming you. And then you felt some weight on your lower back. And then cold hands started to move up and down your back.

“What are you…” You wanted to question him but he cut you off.

“ Shh just relax.” His voice was slightly better than in the morning though shouting was still not an option. You did as told and relaxed your muscles. His big hands did magic on your back, just like on your sex. You felt your muscles slowly loosen while he still kept going hard on the parts where he felt a knot . After massaging your shoulders he started to work his way down further. He was now very close to your bum, his fingers sometimes touching it. After making your back relax his hands left your body but he stayed on top of you. He slid down onto your thighs, his lips connecting with your back. He took his time, letting the kisses linger. He smiled through the kisses and the soft curve of his lips on your skin made you hold a smile as well. One of his hands held your hip while the other was next to your  body.

“Harry?” You said, thinking about the earlier events.

“Yes, Baby Girl.” He said in between kisses.

“Do you want a blowjob?” His lips froze when you said the magic word.

“Where did this come from Princess?” He asked and you shrugged but you had an answer which you weren’t going to give out. “A blowjob is always well appreciated by any man Princess.” He had started to kiss your smooth skin again. But now his mouth sometimes took a journey to your clit. He pressed a kiss onto the fabric and then left a few kisses on your back.

“Then let’s go inside.” You said as you started to reach for your bikini bra. He grabbed your body though.

“No do it here. No one can see us.” He whispered with a raspy voice. You were kind of unsure of this. But when  you looked to the side to see Harry lying on his back, propped up on his elbow with a huge bulge under his swimming trunks, you didn’t have anything against the where. This time you were the one to straddle him. His bulge pressing against your pussy, the friction making you slightly wetter than already. You felt how hard he was but you knew he could get way harder than this. He just watched you silently. You started to roll your hips, pressing down hard, making both of you moan. His moan was more if a quiet shriek as his throat wasn’t letting him. You kept moving your hips at a slow speed. You felt his dick moved with your hips and you loved how his abs were already flexing. A few moans later you decided that this was enough and you should put your mouth to work. You pulled down the dry swimming trunks, letting them stop at his knees and you left them there as you watched his dick throb while standing straight up, some see through liquid already rolling down the veins. He moaned at how exposed he was. He followed you with  his eyes as you pressed a kiss onto his left collarbone, then the right. Then the two swallowed were showered with wet kisses one even getting a red soon to be purple spot over it. You kissed your way down, once getting to his length your let wet kisses on it. On the head, on the veins, on the skin. And when you felt his thigh shaking you pressed a kiss on the inner side of both of them. Ever so softly biting down onto the skin. Thinking that a love bite would look amazing here. So your lips attacked a spot near his balls, sucking it. Listening to his almost silent whimpers and cries. He let out a cry of pain when you sucked harder and you stopped, knowing that there already must’ve been a dark red spot.

“Sorry.” You whispered and he just shook his head.

“Continue.” He breathed out while grabbing a handful of your hair, somewhat guiding your lips closer to hid dick. He let out a loud breath and his eyes fell closed when he felt your breath on the warm, precum covered head. And then you let your tongue touch small slit, salt once again hitting your taste buds. He groaned you felt some more precum escape and decided that this was. Enough teasing. You bopped you head up and down and your hands worked on his balls knowing he loved that. His hands were still in your hair and he pushed you down some more. You deep throated . You gagged and  stopped for a second but yor went right back right away, his hand pushing your head down some more and you watched as his eyes shut closed. He was gorgeous.

“I’m close.” He groaned and you started going faster, one of your hands wrapping around the part that didn’t fit into your mouth, keeping a tight grip. You saw his muscles flex and felt his legs shaking, warm liquid shot into your mouth and you swallowed it slowly, pulling sitting back once he was done. You had your arms behind you, supporting you as you watched him come back from the amazing feeling, his breathing was uneven and the butterfly tattoo looked amazing as his stomach rose and fell with every breath. Your  tongue tasted of his cum.  So you crawled on top of him, feeling his skin brush against yours. You pressed your lips against his, his lips were already patted so you took control and pushed your tongue against his, letting the taste wonder from one place to the other. He moaned and you pulled away looking down him. You felt his dick against your ass as you stayed above him.

“Like the taste?” You asked in a whisper and his hands squeezed your ass and kept doing so while you had a small conversation.

“Mmm, Baby Girl I love your taste a thousand tome more.” He winked and you knew that pleasure will find you as well sooner or later. You didn’t even know what Harry had in plan for you.


“C'mon. Let’s just give it a try.” He was once again in the salty water. You were once again sitting on the edge and he hands were once again on either side of you. He asked you again if you would like to cling  on to him and you were having a small banter over it. You stared at him. His eyes hopeful and pleading. Your arms were crossed and you nodded, anxiety coming over you. He smiled and you slowly lowered yourself down. When your hips hit the water one of his arms wrapped around your waist. Keeping a tight grip. While the other was still on the boat, for support. You wrapped your legs around his upper stomach. Your heart beating fast. You didn’t even notice how cold the water was against your slightly sunburnt skin, you were just focusing on breathing and you kept saying one sentence in your head. I’m stupid. Your legs slid down up until you felt the band of his swimming trunks. Hone arm was still around you. Your arms went around his neck, you were afraid you might choke him. He pushed your back against the boat. Making it easier for him to hold you.

“Relax. I’m keeping you safe.” He whispered into your ear. It was scary to think that there were sever meters under you. So you quickly erased that thought from your head. Well tried to anyway as it was still there at the back of your head. You realized that your bodies were gently bopping up and down in the water as the waves lifted you and the left you to fall. You buried your head in the crook of his neck. Acknowledging how close the water wad to your face. So you decided to close your eyes and keep them that way.

“See you’re good.” He pressed a kiss onto your hair. You slowly started to feel the cold water on your  skin. One of his arms were still up on the boat. After a while you decided to lift your head, slowly. You looked into his green eyes and he smiled softly. You smiled back, you were sure that you must have looked like a ghost.

“You’re in the Atlantic Ocean right now.” His lips were chapped, his hair messy and damp   you lifted one of your eyebrows

“Am I now?”

“Well kinda.” He laughed and you let a small giggle leave your lips.

“You’re gorgeous.” He whispered as his nose touched yours and his eyes looked into yours. This was such a beautiful moment. Your heart was now fluttering because of the excitement of having Harry with you. He was about to kiss you. You . Not some super model or actress. You. He closed his eyes way before his lips connected with yours and you shut your eyes at the sweetness. These two days were beautiful.


You seriously wanted to shed a tear when you took your wax back to the harbour. He told you that he will bring you back soon. Maybe for a longer time and you were happy to hear this. He let you drive back while his arms kept being wrapped around your waist from behind. He said sweet little nothings to you while you focused. When you arrived back you perfectly saw the amount of people standing everywhere. You didn’t understand why they were all here. You asked Harry if he knew anything and he said nothing. He just kept a frown on his face as he got both of your stuff of the yacht. He said he’ll get someone else to clean up. Not that you left a big mess.

“Look down, okay? Don’t worry I’m right behind you.” He said and you had a hard time hearing it as the screaming started and you realized who all these people were. They were all young girls, there were some boys in the big crowd. You saw how they were everywhere. Three were no gates or bodyguards to tell them that they can’t come near you two. You barely took a few step and they were already surrounding you, pushing you, shouting at you. They were all trying to get close to Harry. Some of their words were mean while some were very sweet. You realized how big the distance between you and Harry was. You were among all these girls that were all trying to get closer to Harry and you were tying to the same thing. You were standing near water. Too near for your liking. So you tried to get further away, but when someone felt you pushing they pushed back, making you slip and fall right into the deep water. Harry heard a splash but couldn’t specify what it was. Maybe it was a fish or they threw something into the water. His hands were full. He smiled for pictures but never really looked into the camera, his eyes were always searching for you. And when he spot something in the water he knew where you were.

“Shit.” He cursed and jumped into the water, the screaming suddenly muffled, a happiness to his ears. He grabbed your arm and pulled you up towards the surface. When you finally were able to breath, you coughed horribly. He pushed you up onto the pier, the screaming was now nowhere to be found and the girls were making room for you two. He helped you sit up as you coughed. Occasionally water coming up. He stayed in the water as he watched you, his eyes full of anger and worry. He was so relieved that you were okay. You just kept coughing, and you swore that you felt a panic attack coming. Harry saw some kind of guards pushing through the girls and leading them all away from you two. When they were all far away, Harry pushed himself up next to you. You started crying and he pulled you into his chest. His clothes were sticking to his skin and you still coughed between the cries. He hugged you tightly. Rocking you back and forth as he kept kissing your head.

“Shh you’re okay. I told you I will keep you safe.” He whispered.

“I was so scared.” You cried quietly.

“I know Princess, you’re okay now.” He said. “You’re okay.” And he kept repeating this while you cried from the fear.

“Y/N?” He said, but didn’t wait for you to say anything. “I think I have fallen in love with you.”

You’ll find out what Harry is planning in Part 6. This so…ugh. I promise the next part will be much better. But I’m really not sure when that will come as I will be living in a dorm (kinda like boarding school) with limited wifi access. I’ll be home on the weekends though, I’ll keep up with my writing but I’m going to a new school so I’m really nervous and part 6 will take some time to be published. I hope you like this part though. Sorry it didn’t turn out too good :/ Bye. <3