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Fantasy creature question! Do centaur babies reside in the human stomach or animal stomach? Also, how many months until a baby centaur is born?

Given that these are mammals and baby mammals need to pass through the vagina to enter the world, the uterus is likely to reside in the abdomen closest to that birth canal.

I would presume that’s the equine abdomen, given the relative size of the creature and that’s where there’s most room to fit a developing foetus, and the shortest distance for giving birth.

Otherwise if you put the uterus in the human abdomen, then you either need the whole, mature foetus to move the entire length of the equine body, which is insane, or you need to relocate the human genitals to in between the front legs, which is awkward for everything, including copulation.

I would expect centaur gestation to take between 9 and 11 months

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s(exy) calendar au

it’s for CHARITY of course so it’s renee’s idea because she saw one of those sexy firefighter charity calendars and was like, this is a great idea

so the s(exy) foxes full year calendar is created

  • there’s only nine foxes and wymack so two of them are group photos which is horribly uncomfortable. other than that they go by their birth months so there’s a fight over november and those three need to be randomly assigned to other months (andrew gets november, which is funny because he Does Not care)
  • there’s also the problem of most of the foxes don’t know how to be sexy or want to be sexy, and many of them are uncomfortable with the mostly naked photos, there’s no undoing that. luckily, people can be positioned by photographers just right, and even though the sexy calendar photographers are more used to needing to position equipment over gentitals, they can adjust it to cover scars too.
  • wymack is january, kevin is february, neil is march, dan is april, nicky is may, matt is june, allison is july, renee is september, aaron is october, and andrew is november. the other two months, august and december, are the whole team.
  • for the most part it’s pretty tame, they’re posed to show muscles and bare skin more than anything. that ranges from renee, who’s almost entirely covered and the shot focuses more on her face and the sultry look she aims at the camera, to nicky, whose happy to have everything out and his dick covered just by the head of his racquet
  • they can all pull off the angry model look really well which is especially easy for the twinyards who are… actually… angry.
  • andrew only needed his arms covered, but he’s standing in the goalie net with his arms slung over the rail and turned away from the camera. he looks haughty and like anyone taking a shot on the goal is in for a nightmare, albeit a beautiful one. neil almost cries when he sees it. nicky does.
  • neil isn’t angry about it, but he’s a little unsure about having his entire body out for the world to see, even if the scars won’t be entirely visible. he isn’t facing the camera entirely because he’s sort of shy, but the angle catches his jawbone so nicely and somehow that manages to overshadow the burns on his face
  • he actually likes it because the burns are part of him. he’s not ashamed of them. he’s sitting with his hand over his shoulder, exy gloves on and covering most of the iron scar on his back. he’s got his stick in the photo too, so most of the skin showing in the shot is from his legs and arms, and it’s actually very tasteful? neil is impressed.
  • the calendars sell like crazy and the money is diverted into at-risk kids programs, particularly ones with bad home lives. (duh)
  • andrew and neil constantly threaten one another to blow up and frame each other’s photos for the apartment. nicky actually does it for them as a christmas present, but the framed photos get shoved into a closet and never see the light of day again

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I don't get the "I'm a man" thing, yet you have a vagina. Sure, you can be a woman that acts masculine, does masculine activities, and wears makeup to go shopping for shoes. But your gentitals are just describes your gender. Its not how you think or what you do, it's just a classification. If you so feel inclined, change that part of you. But saying "not all men have penises" is confusing to me, really.

Well, I’m sorry that the reality of my life is so confusing for you. I have attached an image of me staring disapprovingly at you so that you can see what a man with a vagina looks like.