On the 9th anniversary: Strength and best wishes to all who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood, and in remembrance of those who didn’t survive the disaster and its disastrous aftermath.

Photos of the Gentilly section of New Orleans by Infrogmation of New Orleans.

1st photo: November 2005, standing water and muck in the street among ruins of houses, 2 months after the city was reopened.

2nd photo: “Deaf Government Area”, modified street sign by weed-grown uninhabitable formerly flooded houses, 1st anniversary of the disaster.

I was Beata Camilla Gentilli, an 17th century Italian noble who hid Catholics in her basement and was stabbed in the neck and the heart by her abusive husband (I took some artistic liberties on that whole 17th century part. oops) She’s not a saint yet, but after this she might be!


Gentilly Focus Group

Our first focus group meeting was in the Gentilly neighborhood, graciously hosted by Dillard University. For our first activity, participants were able to post their ideas for retail needs in Gentilly. Later, each person explained their selection to the group. 

Each neighborhood focus group featured a breakout session where participants answered questions about their shopping habits and the retail features of their neighborhood. After these conversations, each breakout group also collectively chose 5 top retail priorities for their neighborhood and shared them with the larger group.

 Top 5 Overall Retail Needs in Gentilly were:

1. Family restaurant

2. Keep tax dollars in Orleans Parish

3. Family entertainment

4. Retail clothing stores

5. “Main Street” style shopping district