CultureStrike artist and undocuqueer pioneer Julio Salgado makes his billboard debut in the heart of San Francisco, with blown-up images of young activists. In honor of Pride month, the work is supported by Galería de la Raza’s Digital Mural Project

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Galería de la Raza

Coming soon: the defiance of undocumented youth is coloring every corner of the city and bringing the “gentefy” movement to your neighborhood.  By emblazoning these faces and stories on the wall, Julio is adding a new dimension to the way social movements see intersectionality: “Within the immigrant community,” the artist states, “we must acknowledge that our queer voices should not be left out of the immigration debate, and we cannot let politicians tell us otherwise. Likewise, the LGBTQ community must be aware that being queer goes beyond marriage and trying to join the military. Let’s continue the dialogue and keep intersecting our communities and struggles.”

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