gent film festival


Fan photos of Alex at the Film Fest Gent (October 20, 2015, Belgium)(Set IV):

“Alexander Skarsgård stalking is the best stalking. #thediaryofateenagegirl #FFGENT.”

-MelissaJanssens twitter (x)

“He almost glamoured me. I felt 14 again.” -liebetter instagram

““I saw him, I saw him! ♡ Alexander Skarsgard! He is one of my all time favoriete actors. I loved him in True Blood & I loved him in What Maisie Knew. He is so handsome & so kind. Glad I got to see him in person. Today was a good day!“ -ikheetcaro instagram

“All eyes on Alexander. #ff gent #film festival gent 2015.”

-emma_4b instagram

“Alexander Skarsgård #FFGen.” -lisagheuens instagram

“We have no photo together, but he looked three times in my mind and that is more than enough <3.” -juliefrancq instagram

“Oh my #AlexanderSkargard.” -eriksson_britt instagram

“Today I saw up close and unfortunately not personal the sexiest guy on earth …. sadly i was on the wrong side of the red carpet … but still …made my year. 

-mom2chrisnben instagram

“We, teenage girls.” -lara_cort instagram

“me #wtf #ffgent True Blood True Love #after party.” -pietmoodshop instagram