grimes. genesis. then I know. you never know. my heart. 

Rev 22: I am the alpha and omega,the beginning and the end....

Genesis, The beginning, creation, The beautiful start of a wonderful and loving story of grace mercy and excitement, it blows any soap opera, jerry springer wanna be action story, full of betrayal lies murder, and lots of sex. yes thats right if you dont read thru each chapter you will miss the exciting stories of betrayal, murder, sexual acts incest, and a whole lot more…i am intending to point out that many people i have talked to, heard, and just in conversation over the years, one of the outstanding questions asked : “What is so exciting about the bible?” Well if you dont read it thru you will never know, Genesis, man woman and a serpent, hmmmm..and i am just hitting the main pioints…..Noah and a great flood, tower of babel, lot and the city of Sodom and Gomorrah lot and his daughters (incest) love story of Isaac and Rebekkah, Jacob and Rachel, Joseph and his brothers, Joseph and the city of Egypt…….Genesis is a long ranging story of a lot of BEGINNINGS ………next is Exodus take care and god bless all