Amy Eisenfeld Genser makes dimensional paper collages. These colorful, textural, one-of-a-kind wall pieces embody movement and processes. The collages are built from layered, rolled, and cut paper that are adhered to painted surfaces.

I’m a mixed-media artist and mom of three sons (ages 9, 8, and 5) from West Hartford, CT. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I’m a tad obsessed with paper and paint, color, patterns, and texture. If I don’t keep my hands busy working, I feel my whole system gets kinked up. I have energy that I am somehow only able to release through my work. I found my way to my medium while studying for my MFA at RISD. My plan was to become a graphic design professor, but I took a detour after taking a paper-making class. After graduation, I kept playing around with paper and making all kinds of sculptural forms. I wasn’t able to make my own paper anymore, but found lots of options available from all over the world. When I discovered the layered, circular form, I loved how I could use this one simple module to create worlds of compositions. I created a body of work and gave myself two years to try to make a go of it in the fine art world. That was 12 years ago…via



Paper art by Amy Genser

Amy Genser plays with paper and paint to explore her obsession with texture, pattern, and color. Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, her work is simultaneously irregular and ordered. She uses paper as the pigment and constructs her pieces by layering, cutting, rolling, and combining paper.

The natural world is a clear source for Amy’s work. She is fascinated by the flow of water, the shape of beehives, and the organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rock formations, barnacles, moss, and seaweed. Her pieces bring to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery, and biological cellular processes.


 New Ocean Reefs Comprised of Rolled Paper by Amy Genser

For artist Amy Genser, paper is pigment. The Connecticut-based artist cuts, rolls, and arranges countless tubes of mulberry paper mounted to Masonite boards to produce vibrant reef-like canvases. The tightly rolled papers perfectly mimc the forms of sea coral that appears to grow organically in every direction across (and on the sides of) each canvas. Since we last explored her work several years ago Genser was commissioned to create a massive 150 ft. mural for the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children and has exhibited all across the US and Europe with Elisa Contemporary Art and Galerie NUMMER40. You can see more of her recent work in her portfolio.

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ba - bra - good
c - se - see
clom - selv om - although
cn - send - send
cs - [vi] ses! - see you later!
d - det - it/that
dd - du da? - you then/what about you?
dg - deg - you
dn - den - it/that
dr - der - there
drqlt - det er kult! - it’s cool/that’s cool!
elns - eller noe sånt - or something like that
etr - etter - after
frdi - ferdig - finished/done
gid - [jeg er] glad i deg - [I] like you
gncr - genser - sweater
hade - ha det! - bye!
hlgn - helgen - the weekend
ik - ikke - not
intern1 - internett - internet
j/jg - jeg - I
jme - hjemme - home
kgid - [jeg er] kjempe glad i deg - [I] really like you
kl. - klokka/klokken [er] - the time is
ksj - kansje - maybe/perhaps
lr - eller - or
m - med - with
mg - meg - me
mn - men - but
ndli - endelig - finally
oxo - også - also/too
qlt - kult - cool
r - er - is/am/are
s1r - senere - later
sap - sup - what’s up?
serr - seriøst? - seriously?
shera - hva skjer? - what’s up?
skjer - hva skjer? - what’s up?
snax - [vi] snakkes! - talk later!
ss - skriv snart! - write soon!
sås - slutt å snakke! - stop talking!
v - ved - by