Amy Eisenfeld Genser makes dimensional paper collages. These colorful, textural, one-of-a-kind wall pieces embody movement and processes. The collages are built from layered, rolled, and cut paper that are adhered to painted surfaces.

I’m a mixed-media artist and mom of three sons (ages 9, 8, and 5) from West Hartford, CT. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I’m a tad obsessed with paper and paint, color, patterns, and texture. If I don’t keep my hands busy working, I feel my whole system gets kinked up. I have energy that I am somehow only able to release through my work. I found my way to my medium while studying for my MFA at RISD. My plan was to become a graphic design professor, but I took a detour after taking a paper-making class. After graduation, I kept playing around with paper and making all kinds of sculptural forms. I wasn’t able to make my own paper anymore, but found lots of options available from all over the world. When I discovered the layered, circular form, I loved how I could use this one simple module to create worlds of compositions. I created a body of work and gave myself two years to try to make a go of it in the fine art world. That was 12 years ago…via



Paper Reefs

Some artists use materials related to the subjects they paint when creating art pieces, but artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser doesn’t pick up found object at her local beach when she creates her reef pieces. She takes pieces of coloured paper, rolls them up, and positions them in a way that the final outcome looks like a natural formation of barnacles or sea sponge.

Her pieces are visually mesmerizing, with a hint of something magical! It is like entering into a new world when you look at her work. The mosaic of shapes and colours created by the rolled paper, juxtaposed onto an already painted canvas, stimulates the senses. The artist herself claims her work is both irregular and ordered, using texture to mimic natural motifs.

It is amazing how paper, a material traditionally made from trees, can be manipulated to recreate the basic structures of a reef, which to some, may be considered a tree of the sea. Nature once again creates a connection within itself through art practices.

-Anna Paluch

You shaved your hair off and waited for
the regeneration of ringlets,
the development of waves,
the slow invisible shaft growing
in the white fallow, the unknown field,
of your skull.

In the drawing room you sat shaven
among cleavages rank with sweat.
You wore a black feather boa, a sequined dress.
Slowly the first grayness hovered, an image
darkening under the light, under the hypo,
above the gray masses of the brain
it sprouted.

You told them you were a scientist, an artist;
that you were sure God heard your prayers.
You told them it felt like sandpaper,
don’t touch it, well, all right.
They adjusted the lamp so the light fell
and the ladies passed their hands back and forth,
back and forth,
over the stubble.

At first it formed patterns like seaweed clinging
   to a rock.
You wondered when it grew back
if it might turn traitor,
refuse the firm command
of brush and comb.
You whimpered in your sleep.

You wore a white shirt as we sat by the sea.
You picked up a shell bright as a mirror,
“Oh no,” you said, “I’ve missed it,
it’s grown back overnight!”
And you stood twisting a curl under the summer sun,
and your mouth made a little ‘moue’,
your mouth,
as pink
as a pink pebble.

Cynthia Genser, “Your Last Experiment”
Art Credit David Maisel

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