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Gal opted to get ready for the wedding herself, doing her own hair and makeup so that she could control how much makeup she had on, not wanting to wear too much on the special day. She was trying to have fun with it and she was relaxing to her favorite music, her dress was hung up and her mother and Alma were with her in the room. She took some deep breaths and closed her eyes, hand on her baby bump while Alma sat on her lap. “Mommy.” Alma said to try and bring Gal back from her eyes being closed. “I’m just really happy, Lulu!” Gal said, Alma was so cute in her dress and little shoes and now it was time for Gal to put her wedding gown on. She wasn’t rushing and her mom helped her to get everything strapped and zipped up, the gown showed Gal’s growing baby bump and that made her proud whenever she looked down at her body. She didn’t see any reason why she would change anything about the day just because she was pregnant, and thought that it was just an additional thing to celebrate in their lives. 

The minute came too soon and everything between getting ready and standing outside the doors of the venue with her veil on was a big blur to the bride, but the doors opened and the music started and Gal knew it was finally time to marry her Superman and best friend. She stood at the entrance for a few minutes to wait for some pictures to be taken but she looked at Henry and smiled beneath the fabric of the veil that was covering her face. 


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The Golden Globes Awards was one of the most amazing awards shows to be a part of, and Gal felt really lucky to be able to be there with all the amazing men and women, hearing the speeches and even getting to announce a winner with Chris. But being pregnant, there was a part of her that was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed, she was so lucky that Henry was with her and he didn’t leave her alone, getting to rest by leaning her head on his shoulder at their table sometimes.

When the night was over, Gal held Henry’s hand as they walked the red carpet again, this time just to get to the hired car that they had to bring them to the event. She held one hand over her baby bump as she got inside the car and immediately took off her heels when Henry shut the door. “I’m so sleepy! The  show was amazing but I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired while walking a red carpet, I wasn’t even this tired when we had to do red carpets almost everyday for Batman vs. Superman!” @goddamnsuperman


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everybody!! ♥♡♥~ヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

I sent this over to Em for Valentine’s day this year [it’s of our characters Ryota and Genri, Ryota is mine and Genri is her’s and they are kawaii boyfriends], it was really fun to work on and I like how it came out! I had to take photos with my phone because the decorations made it so I couldn’t scan it. But in the end my hard work was really worth it ! I hope you all can enjoy this day, on your own, with your friends or with that special someone!! 

The OC’s that show up on this blog

//This is partly a reminder to myself and partly so anyone who wants to know what’s going on with my tags knows.

Hiraku - Shizuka’s father. He was a shinobi for Kirigakure but was KIA

Genri - Shizuka’s mother. Works as a seamstress in a dress store and, after her husband’s death, seems to hate ninja. Especially Yagura for whatever reason

Shizuka - Yagura’s partner, sometimes fiancée, sometimes girlfriend (depends on the thread). Works as a seamstress with her mother. As a child,s he often spends time with Yagura, despite Genri’s insistence not to. She dies giving birth to Hisa due to either complications or a previous injury acting up (again, depends on the thread.)

Hisa - Yagura and Shizuka’s daughter. From a young age, she’s very eager and loyal toward her father, and she will almost always take his side should someone be talking bad about him, even after he’s dead. 

In Sydney Pollack’s wonderful documentary about the architect Frank Gehry, there’s a moment that is especially memorable. Anyone who has seen Gehry’s work, particularly the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain or the Disney opera house in Los Angeles knows this architect is both an artist and a visionary. In the film someone asks where he gets the inspiration for his buildings. Genry picks up a wastebasket next to his desk and says “In here, for example. If you look into any trash can you’ll see shadows and angles, light falling in different ways. There are combinations of impossible things thrown together by chance, connections that shouldn’t be but are. If your eyes are really open, you just have to look into a wastebasket to find all kinds of inspiration.”
—  Jonathan Carroll