A Hard Day’s Night + Genre Swap

Murder Mystery: The Beatles’ journey to London is stopped short when a man is found dead on their train. When everyone starts pointing fingers, will the boys turn on each other?

This is totally, 100% unfinished and half-hearted, but I don’t have PS anymore and this has been in my drafts for 1200 years so here ya go 

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What you've said about JP having promoted this idea of TVD being Dawson's Creek the gang edition, is absolutely on point. It's something that bothers me with Candice King as well, she should not be on a vampire show if she finds stuff like that dark. No one wants to see sunshiny Caroline with a fluffy and sweet romance and it's quite bothersome that she's constantly pushing for that image.

But here is the thing. I talked about the general mentality of JP and not her ability to turn or promote TVD as a new Dawson’s Creek. Because in all honesty shows like Dawnson’s Creek and the O.C and One Tree Hill and hell even Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills have a level of value in tv that Plec can never reach. Even if those shows lose their quality along the way they never lose their objective. None of these shows I mention lost its identity even when some of them they lost their quality and turned to trash. Those shows remained inside their own category and then it depended on the characterization and the plots and the writers. However those shows even at their worst they were still holding on and delivering what their very core kept promising and were far better than TVD is these days in terms of class.

Obviously this is not the case with TVD. Julie Plec has no understanding of what the gothic and the horror and the vampire genre are. Absolutely none. And she might be trying to promote TVD as a show like those I mentioned before but she can’t do even that right because those shows kept delivering what their nature had established and what the fans expected from them. I hardly doubt at this point that JP would be able to successfully write shows like that either because even there you need interesting plots and arcs and most of all characterization and consistency. Julie Plec can’t do even that. She has no understanding of  the horror genre yes and no respect for consistency and the established mythology (which by default ruins the show) but at least she could be more in sync with the characterizations of her characters and the story’s narrative. Instead she only promotes offensive anachronistic tropes and problematic ships that are conveniently present inside of what is left in the narrative. She tries to get media attention through shock value and never plans ahead. She is stuck to last decade kind of material (romance or otherwise) and do not even let me start on the glorified abuse and misogyny and racism because…damn.

You know I saw the TVD Forever last trailer from CW because I was curious to see if Kevin Williamson would indeed return. Do I consider Kevin to be a great writer? No. Do I consider him decent for TVD? Yes. He was the one that created a great beginning and the first two seasons of the show were great. And that happened because Kevin actually has the basic understanding of the genre. Even in the trailer you saw him saying that TVD originated by the concept of death. He talked about how Stefan is literally dead. So that is his focus. You can see it in the most simple lines of his promotion. Stefan = dead = vampire. So you see that the core of the characterization that sparked the whole show into motion is still there in his mind and then in the very same trailer you get Julie that laments about how she didn’t get married or had babies because of TVD.

And yeah as a viewer and as a person you can be more inclined to like certain TV genre shows. You can like the dramas and the social shows and the soaps and cheap romance shows and the trashy shows or shows that focus on the struggle of the humans inside their ordinary lives (diapers and all lol) but as a writer you need to focus on the material you are writing and on its genre and nature. Julie can’t see the difference nor even cares to and then tries to push her failure to literally everyone else either it is a situation or a fandom or whatever. She really does not even get why she can’t make the show work anymore and why the fans (especially the genre fans that were the biggest chunk of TVD’s audience) have no more tolerance for the hot mess TVD ended up being.

But here is where the line is drawn. Julie Plec is a writer. She is one that decides for the direction of the show. Literally…she is the one to blame here.

Candice King is an actress that gets to portray what the scripts tell her to and to promote the show she is on. Right now Candice is promoting a sweetheart ‘human’ Caroline that could as well be human because in reality this is what she is getting in her hands. She is practical and she is selling what she is getting.

But an actor does not necessarily need to have a deep understanding of the character he/she plays. You do not need to be a psychopath or understand and dwell into the mentality of a serial killer in order to be one. You do not need to understand cannibalism in order to play Hannibal or even understand the concepts and the mechanisms behind it. You do not need to be bloodthirsty in order to play into a Tarantino movie or even understand a Tarantino movie. An actor only needs to have the basic acting skills that are a good fit for the role and the director and the writer will decide if those skills are indeed a good fit. That is it. Like seriously…that. is. it.

Being an actor means to be able to act. To get through an audition. To be a good fit for the role. To get through chemistry tests. Sure it would be ideal to do some research first and even have a level of understanding over the material but that is not mandatory. Every actor has their own method of working. Some actors never bother with anything aside their own lines and characters. Some actors never want to watch themselves on screen and see the result. Some actors isolate themselves from the project they work and focus only on their character and try to think like the character even outside the role. Others work best if they understand the whole concept others do not. Others get sentimentally attached with the roles they play others are detached and do not get to be connected with their characters at all. It depends on the person really and on how they feel they can perform better.

There are cases of actors that even abhor certain genres as tv or movie consumers but are brilliant in the roles they play as actors inside those specific genres. You see actors that play into so many movies that belong to so many different genres. Do you think these actors like all the genres or have a good understanding or even basic understanding of them all? And how many of the Harry Potter actors or the GoT actors or the actors that portrayed Tonkien characters have actually read the books and got in touch with that genre is more depth you think? Not all. Some of them only bothered to read the character summaries in google and that was it (see the actor that brilliantly played Joffrey in GoT). Actors just get the scripts and do their damn best in order to portray what they have in their hands and then the writers and the directors are the ones to assure that the acting is going to get in line with the right vibe and genre.

Caroline’s best arc was her transition arc. This was when the character got massively popular. And it was inside the boundaries of the vampire genre. We saw Caroline becoming a vampire. Turning. Transitioning. Struggling and then eventually relishing in her nature and being in control. We saw her fangs and her bloodthirst. We saw her killing. We saw her doubts. We saw her potential. We saw her coming to term with her immortality and the fans wanted more of that and still actually hold on to those days. And guess what. It was still Candice that played THAT character. Either Candice has had even back then a good understanding of the genre or not in the end it was irrelevant. She portrayed Caroline’s vampire arc with much success and as she should and people loved it. Because as an actress she worked with what she was given.

An actor’s personal opinion is not a determining factor when it comes to the direction of the character or the show and it is not a factor on as if he/she should get to play a role. Sure actors go out there and try to promote their shows but in the end they don’t get to have a say on what they get to portray. That decision belongs to the writers. Candice King will play what Plec gives her. The destruction of Caroline’s character has nothing to do with the personal preferences of Candice King. It only has to do with how Julie Plec writes the character.

the keys to your kingdom

Title: the keys to your kingdom
Author: anonymous  
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 7,500 Approx.  
Summary: It was nothing so elegant as fucking, the first time they came together. It was teeth just a little too sharp— against a collarbone, on the right-side curve of a jaw, drawing blood from the plushest part of a bottom lip. It was the doorframe digging into the curve his spine was making of its own volition: closer, harder, more. Two hundred pain receptors per square inch in the human body and it was nothing but background noise in the explosion, the revelation, that was Harry Potter’s body against his.

This fic is fantastic. It was written for the trope Denial, from Draco’s POV, and it’s about Harry and Draco and this thing they’ve been having for years and how Harry is ready to call it for what it is, a relationship. Only Draco is not there yet, he’s, well, in denial about exactly everything Harry means to him, too.

It’s so much more than that though, because through the beautiful writing you can see the way Draco feels about Harry, how he sees him, we get to see a bit how this whole thing started, how it’s obvious so much more than Draco is letting on. It’s brilliant, the ending is wonderful and just everything. :D 

1000 Kisses: #27 First Thing in the Morning, Just After Moving in Together

Title: 1000 Kisses: #27 First Thing in the Morning, Just After Moving in Together
Author: @deliciouslystickypersona / Morgan_Elektra
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 3,000 Approx.  
Summary: Life is made up of millions of moments. Relationships are made up of thousands of kisses. Each one is its own story.

This is, as the title says, the morning after Harry and Draco moved in together. It’s a lazy morning in bed, sleepy, warm, sexy and absolutely and utterly gorgeous. Trust me, your day is going to be better after reading this.

This fic is part of 1000 Kisses Series, and each part can be read as a stand-alone story. :)

Faults in S/N, T/F combos

ST- Feel emotions much less intensely because of their cool rationalism which can with lead to a chill nature or a self-centered point of veiw

SF- Either soft sweet hearts easily broken or self-focused people who make base their decisions on impulse.

NT- Can be crazy and very emotional (for a T) and often times suffer from an over enlarged ego

NF- Very emotional and often insecure, they tend to assume that other think and feel like they do, which leads to problems when thought processes clash.
“alternative meeting set in season 1, during kurt’s infamous “butch” phase. (right after burt comes to school to pick up finn, but before “rose’s turn”) summary: kurt ditches school and goes to a...

Summary: alternative meeting set in season 1, during kurt’s infamous “butch” phase. (right after burt comes to school to pick up finn, but before “rose’s turn”). Kurt ditches school and goes to a diner where he meets someone he really needs right now - a very bruised Blaine Anderson.

fuckign aesthetic instagram edits, aka “au where everyone is rich, pretty, and impersonal” or “where enjolras actually gives a shit about keeping a well-maintained Instagram account with a goddamned color scheme” or “do you seriously think joly would post fuckign pastel edits of dinosaurs instead of 1000 pictures of bossuet and grantaire and the rest of his friends” and “god help me what kind of harmless fandom staple will katia get salty over now”
look, i love social media edits!! but i don’t understand why all of them have to be so Aesthetic ™ and have, like, thousands of followers. (and why they have to feature all the headcanons that bug me lmao.) listen: if enjolras ACTUALLY had an instagram, it would be half pictures of paris with long, long, long captions, and half pictures of his friends with captions letting them know how great they are, and he’d also be the person who captions things in “Absurdly correct grammar.” which is another thing that frightens people off.
and bahorel and prouvaire sure don’t give a fuck about late-twenty-tens pastel minimalist nonsense . and grantaire’s instagram would be messy as hell and also have excruciatingly long captions, excerpt those are kind of unreadable. and also lots of pictures of joly and bossuet. i don’t think he’d ever post pictures of, like, a bunch of aesthetically pleasing paintbrushes
and i haaaaate. how fucking rich everyone is in them what the hell i hate it. i hate it. yes, of course, your average person has a beautifully color-coded room with a macbook on the desk and designer perfume in a strategic place and a view out onto the city or the sea or something. yes, that is within everyone’s reach. for sure.
i know this is soooo whiny and like, nobody cares except me, but I just want Messy Social Media Edits. i’m sick of everyone being so aesthetic.

I’ve been wanting to do a comic about a magical girl for years now.

But do I do the bug-themed team, the black-cat master thief, or the rabbit magician???


The Strange Boat House in the Mist - All the other teachers attempted to escape, and Annabel Carter hasn’t heard from them since.