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A Shave and A Fishing Trip

Here’s the other smut bribe for @outlanderedandoverhere! Hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also come to the conclusion that @outlandishchridhe is the other half of my brain sometimes. Writing with her is an incredible amount of fun and it’s thanks to her this got finished. Enjoy!

Jamie sighed and looked at the shaving kit beside him. He was tired, but his face itched like he’d been rolling in nettles. The water in the bowl still steamed and he moved to begin the long process of shaving.

“Wait a moment,” came her soft, smooth voice. “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll shave you? You’ve been working all day.”

“Aye, and I smell like it too.”

“You smell far better than some of my patients today. Sit.”

He did, pleased to be off his feet for a moment. Claire went to the basin and began lathering the soap before coating the shave brush in it.

“Off with your shirt. It’s soaked through.”

With a grunt of effort, he pulled his shirt over his head, leaving it in a sweaty pile on the floor. Before she asked, he stripped off his stockings and breeks as well, taking in a great deal of pleasure at being naked. It was much cooler this way, without all that cloth keeping in his body heat.

“My my,” she said with a laugh. “You look like Jemmy does when he runs around without his pants.”

“Well, he is my grandson, so it tracks, aye?”

“Head up.”

Lifting his head, he looked up at her to see her dressed in only her shift. Her hair was plaited neatly over her shoulder, dark against the white linen.

“Have I told ye lately how beautiful ye are, Sassenach?”

With a pleased smile, she soaped his face.

“Not in the last hour or so, no. Why? Am I looking particularly beautiful tonight?”

“Oh aye, verra beautiful in that shift.”

He lifted his chin so she could finish lathering his face. One of his eyes peeked open when he felt something soft against his thighs.

“Ye plan to sit on me while ye shave, do ye?”

“Easier access,” she said, a gleam in her eye.

The cold metal of the razor touched his skin lightly as Claire began to shave him. Her strokes were sure and steady, the hands of a professional. He’d seen her doctor enough people, including himself, enough times to trust her implicitly. All that mattered to him was that she was there, within his reach, not scattered across time. She had made her choice a dozen times over and he would never let her go.


He looked at peace, eyes closed and shaving soap lathered over his sharp jaw. No matter how many times I saw him, his beauty always struck me anew. He was beautiful and he was mine. Gently, I wiped the last smears of soap from his skin before leaning in to kiss him. Though his eyes had been closed, he didn’t seem surprised. I tasted the cheese he’d had with his lunch, and the ale he’d washed it down with.

“Before this goes any further,” he murmured quietly. “Perhaps ye should put the razor down on the table, aye? Wouldna want ye to stick me on accident.”

“What about if I stuck you on purpose?”

“Weel then,” he said, one eye snapping open in amusement. “You’ll have to tell me what I’ve done to deserve such treatment.”

I chuckled quietly, running my fingers through his thick hair. His rough, warm hands slid up my legs, pushing up the hem of my shift.

“Claire,” he breathed. “Do ye ken how much I love ye?”

“Yes,” I answered him, bringing his mouth back to mine. “I do.”

The chair beneath us creaked dangerously as Jamie shifted to be more comfortable. His kisses became more frantic, hungrier. Both hands found my rump and he squeezed, moaning in satisfaction.

“And do you?” I asked, pulling on his hair so he looked up at me. “Do you know how much I love you?”

“Aye, I do, a nighean. Ye traveled two hundred years for me. Twice, though ye didna ken it the first time.”

“We had two children, adopted another out of a French brothel.”

Jamie sat up, pulling me closer to him as my arms moved around his neck.

“We’ve too many grandchildren to count,” he continued. “A beautiful daughter who’s as brilliant as her mam.”

He untied the ribbon at the neck of my shift, pushing it down to puddle about my hips.

“And our first daughter waiting for us,” my voice caught in my throat. “In heaven.”

“Aye,” his own voice cracked. “Our beautiful Faith.”

As our mouths came together again, the chair creaked once more and I felt us falling. Jamie gripped me to him while my arms flailed about to try and catch myself. All I caught was the corner of the small table, bringing it down with us. The bowl hit the ground just after we did, the shaving soap erupting like an explosion.

I felt lobs of it land on me, making me flinch. A large glob landed on on Jamie’s chest as he groaned.

“Christ, Sassenach. That fat arse of yours nearly killed me!”

I glared down at him, dipping my fingers into the soap on his chest.

“Fat arse?”

“Och aye,” he said, patting my bare backside. “Verra fat and verra round. The most perfect arse, I say.”

I couldn’t help my giggle as we moved off the debris of the fallen chair.

“I think you are the most perfect arse right now, my love.”

He shrugged, hands moving up my back, smearing soap over my skin.

“Ye have such soft skin, mo chridhe.”

“And all my teeth.”

I demonstrated the fullness of my teeth by nipping his ear. I kissed him deeply as his hand snuck between us. A knock on our closed (and bolted) door had Jamie grumbling.

“Yes?” I asked, somehow keeping the trembling from my voice.

“We heard a crash,” Briana said. “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes,” I answered, eyes rolling shut as Jamie filled me. “We’re quite all right. Just helping your da shave.”

There was a pause and Jamie’s mouth fell open, releasing a silent moan of pleasure.

“Oh. Oooohhh,” Bree said. “I see. I’ll ah… I’ll just keep the boys downstairs with me, then.”

“That’s a verra good idea, lass,” Jamie said, his voice a little deeper than usual.

I waited until Bree was down the stairs to start moving against him.

“It’s a good thing I finished shaving you already.”

“A-aye. It is.”

Rocking gently back and forth, I let my eyes close and focus only on the feeling of him - of us. He muttered in Gaelic, though I wasn’t paying enough attention to translate. My fingers dug into the muscle of his chest as I rode him. His hips lifted to meet mine with each thrust.

I felt him shift beneath me, but didn’t think anything of it until I was on my back, his thick hair falling down in a curtain. I grunted and bit my lower lip, grinning up at him.

“You’re mine, mo nighean donn,” he said, recalling our time at Leoch.

“Shall I call you master?”

“Aye, if ye like,” he said with a chuckle, lacing his fingers with mine. “Ye could call me laird, or sire…”

He pulled my arms above my head and settled between my legs. We must have made a bit of a sound when he’d rolled us over.


“Behave,” I hissed at my husband. “Yes, darling?”

“Have ye had a fall, Granny?”

Jamie sucked on the bottom of my ear and I did my best not to make a sound.

“No, darling I haven’t. I’m quite alright. Go on downstairs to your mama.”

“Have ye seen granda? He promised to take me fishing today.”

“I’m sure… Jesus H. Christ!” I breathed while Jamie began churning his hips. “I’m sure he’ll be down soon, darling.”

“Aye Granny. Are… Are ye sure you’re no’ hurt?”

Jamie clamped a hand over my mouth briefly.

“Yes,” I said finally. “I’m sure darling.”

Jemmy scampered off and Jamie grinned at me.

“That was very rude,” I said.


“You promised to take him fishing and here you are, with me. Didn’t even tell him you were here.”

He rolled his eyes, bringing his hips down hard as I stifled a moan.

“If I had,” he grunted, moving his hips again, “he’d have found a way to climb in through the window to be sure I’d still take him fishing.”

“That would be… one way… to have that conversation with him,” I responded, breathless.

Jamie stopped moving and stared down at me, incredulous.

“Ye mean Bree’s no’ told him about any o’ this yet?!”

I laughed at his shocked face.

“Not really. Though he’s lived on a farm for some time, now. But, perhaps we can dispense with the talking for a bit, hmm?”

I swayed my hips beneath him, reminding him of his unfinished job, and pulled him down for another scorching kiss.

Grandson forgotten, Jamie returned to me with vigor, still careful to make the least amount of noise possible to avoid any more intrusions.

With each return of his hips to mine, I felt more and more complete. Instead of crying out as I usually would, I moved and lightly bit his neck to stifle the sounds rising from my throat. He groaned in response, pushing harder and faster into me, losing a bit of the control he had as he neared his ending.

“Oh, Jamie,” I moaned softly, feeling him shudder with me as my muscles attempted to pull him in, keep him with me forever.

His body eventually fell slack, near enough to me that I could hold him to my breast still while we floated back down to Earth.

“I should have ye shave me more often, no chridhe, if this is the result I get from it.”

I swatted him lightly across the back of his head, but held him close to me still, laughing softly.

“Maybe you should, then. I can’t say I disagree.”


Minutes or hours could have passed, but eventually we heard Jem’s voice floating through the house and outside, seeking out Jamie again.

“You better go and get him to take him fishing,” I started, poking Jamie around his ribs. “You did promise him after all.”

He groaned, but made no move to get up, rubbing his freshly shaved face into my chest before nipping me softly.

“Aye,” he sighed. “I suppose that I should.”

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be here waiting for you when you return.”

I fluttered my lashes at him as he leaned in to kiss me soundly, cherishing each second we had alone together.

“I’m counting on it, mo graidh.”

Heaving himself off the floor, and taking me with him, he started to dress as I watched the lines of muscle in his back as legs work, covering his beautiful body.

Mine. I thought to myself, noticing a small, red love bite on his neck. He turned when he heard my laughter, but I said nothing, simply reaching up on tiptoe to kiss his face and lips.

“Go on. Go and take our grandson to have fun.”

He kissed me again before going in search of Jem. But I knew as soon as he found him.

“GRANDA! What’s happened to ye? Did the midges find ye and bite ye?!”

“What are ye on about now?” Jamie asked.

“Yer neck, Granda! Ye’ve a bite mark on it!”

I heard Bree laughing downstairs, as I was, and heard Jamie’s loud reply.

“Come on, lad. Let’s go and fish now, aye?”

Shaking my head, I looked out the window of our bedroom, watching Jamie lead Jem to the stream, still chattering away and Jamie unconsciously rubbing at his neck, and smiled. I would never trade any of this life for the world.

And I would definitely be giving Jamie another shave in the future.

Forever Mine

Summary: You and Roman broke up 4 months and you’re seeing someone new. You unexpectedly bump into Roman and his date when you’re with yours as well. As soon as your date ends, Roman takes his chance and shows you who you have always belonged to.

Based on the prompt: ‘’Ain’t nobody ever told you who your real daddy is?’’
Warnings: Pure smut omg, daddy kink, language
(A/N) So you guys voted for this prompt to be written first so here it is! Grab something to drink and to eat, because this is hella long: 4,000+ words. I hope you guys like it. I’m sorry if it’s written really messy, this is the first time I’ve written in a long time. Forgive me if this is trash😩


“This is already the third time this week you’re going out with that Bryson,” Seth said as he sat on my bed.

“I’m fully aware of how many times I’m going out with him,” I chuckled back at him as I did my make-up. “He’s a really nice guy.”

“I never said he wasn’t, it’s just…” he paused and looked at me in the mirror, “never mind.”

“No tell me, what’s the matter?” I asked confused as I turned around to face him. Seth has always been honest with me so I always listened to what he got to say.

“Aren’t you moving a bit too fast? I mean, only four months have passed since Roman and you broke up.” He carefully spoke.

“I’m not moving ‘too fast’, I’m moving on with my life and I’m sure Roman too has moved on.”

“He’s still not over you,” he mumbled quietly, hoping I didn’t hear it. I decided to not have this discussion with him and try to focus on tonight. “So this Bryson dude, you really like him?”

“I do, he’s really sweet, he cares about me, makes me laugh,” I smiled as I wore my heels.

“Roman does too, remember that time the three of us were at the lake and he pushed me into the water just to make you laugh because you felt down? Or that time when sprained your ankle when you wore those ridiculous high heels and Roman carried you on his back the entire night? Also the time the two of you were all over each other, hugging and kissing each other, causing to ignore the shit out of me.” Seth reminded me.

“How can I forget?” I chuckled, thinking back. Roman and I were super close and we loved each other so much that when we broke up, everyone was in awe, even the two of us couldn’t get used to it at first. The reason we broke up was mainly because of me not being able to get used him being on the road so often. I tried my hardest to adjust and he saw how much I effort I was making, but eventually, he made the heartbreaking decision to end things. I didn’t agree, of course, but he said it was the best for us both. ‘’Look, how unfortunate it is, things just didn’t worked out between us.’’

‘’What if he wants you back? I’ll kick your ass if you’re staying with that Bryson kid.’’ Seth said frustrated.

‘’It’s not your decision to make, but thanks for letting me know what I can expect,’’ I sweetly smiled as I hugged him. ‘’Thanks for looking out for me, but I’m a big girl.’’

‘’Whatever you want y/n, I still think you and Roman should get back together,’’ He said. As he was about to speak, the doorbell rang. I jumped excitedly and grabbed my bag.

‘’You can let yourself out right? Love you Seth,’’ I kissed his check and ran downstairs.  

‘’You’re making a mistake girl!’’ He shouted, causing me to roll my eyes, ‘’Love you too.’’ Seth has always been like a brother to me and even during the time me and Roman split up, he never failed to be there for me when I needed someone.

‘’You look stunning,’’ Bryson smiled as I opened the door.

‘’Thank you,’’ I smiled. ‘’You don’t look as terrible as expected.’’ I joked. He laughed and took my hand in his.

‘’Bryson?’’ I heard Seth’s voice behind me. Oh lord, save me.

‘’Yeah that’s me, who’re you?’’ Bryson asked confused.

‘’My name’s Seth, nice to meet you. I’m y/n’s best friend. Oh and also the best friend of her ex,’’ Seth slyly smiled. I turned around and gave him a death glare.

‘’Oh well, it’s nice to meet you. Y/n told loads about you.’’ They shook each other’s hands, Seth smiling fake.

‘’Good things I hope.’’

‘’The most wonderful things, we gotta go now. Bye Seth.’’ I hastily said as I grabbed Bryson’s hand and rushed to his car. ‘’I’m sorry about that,’’ I sighed as we sat down. ‘’He can be an idiot sometimes.’’

‘’It’s fine baby, don’t worry.’’ Bryson smiled and placed his hand on my thigh. ‘’You ready to go?’’

‘’Totally.’’ I smiled back. He started the car and we drove off.


‘’Ever been here before?’’ Bryson asked as we parked the car. ‘’It opened a few months ago I think. Their food is absolutely delicious.’’

‘’Well, you made me pretty curious,’’ I smiled. He bend down and gently kissed me.

‘’Let’s eat till we can’t walk anymore.’’ Bryson laughed, making me laugh too. We crossed the road and entered the restaurant. The smell of fresh cooked tomato sauce filled my nose. ‘’We ordered a table for two,’’ he said to the waiter. I looked around while Bryson and the waiter figured things out.

‘’I can’t stop saying how beautiful you look,’’ a familiar deep voice said from behind me. My heart sank in my shoes. I slowly turned around, praying that it wasn’t who my mind immediately thought of. But as usual, the universe hates me. It was Roman with another girl, also on a date. I didn’t realize I was still looking at him until his eyes fell on mine, widened with surprise and disbelieve. If it was because of  me being with someone else or just being in shock by seeing me, I don’t know. I could punch myself in the face for not turning back right away, instead, I kept looking at how good he looked; his hair in a pulled back in a bun, his beard was trimmed,  he wore a grey suit with a white shirt.  I was speechless by the way he looked, not that he looked any different than before.

‘’Y/n, you ready?’’ Bryson asked. I quickly turned my head and nodded with a smile. I had no idea how to feel about this whole situation. Seeing Roman after four rough months filled with all kinds of emotions, left me with more feelings than I actually should have at the very moment. ‘’Babe?’’ He spoke again. Roman coughed roughly, indicating how irritated he was by how Bryson called me.

‘’Yeah I’m sorry, I was just thinking of something.’’

‘’It’s okay sweetheart, let’s sit down, we’re at table six.’’ He wrapped his arm around my waist as we started to walk to our table. I would normally never even think of turning around, but since the relationship me and Roman had was so intense and strong, I couldn’t just keep walking without a quick glance over my shoulder. He was standing there with the blonde girl at his side, looking overwhelmed.

‘’It’s an amazing place,’’ I distractedly said as I sat down, praying that Roman wouldn’t sit anywhere near us. I took the menu and my eyes scrolled over all the delicious food, getting hungry by just looking at the names. While being occupied with reading the menu, I felt people sitting at the table next to us.

‘’Have you decided yet?’’  

‘’Everything looks so nice, I can’t choose,’’ I laughed as I looked up. My eyes automatically wandered, finding Roman and his date sitting next to us. Lord why? My heart started to race, I felt myself getting hot; I was turning into a nervous wreck, scared that I might say something wrong or being too close with Bryson. I shouldn’t have these thoughts, especially when Roman was the one who ended things between us and moved on with his life as well.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Bryson asked.

‘’I’m fine,’’ I lied, biting my lip.

‘’Alright, I’ll take the steak with the salad.’’ He spoke as he put his menu down. ‘’What about you?’’

‘’I think I’m going for the spiced rice with vegetables.’’

‘’Sounds lovely,’’ he smiled and waved his hand at the waiter to tell her our orders. ‘’So, how have you been doing?’’

‘’I’ve been great. I took two weeks off though, I needed to help my friend with moving to his new place,’’ I said as I took a sip of my water.

‘’Is it Seth who’s moving?’’ Bryson asked. I could feel Roman’s eyes burning right through me, shifting in his seat lightly.

‘’Uhm yeah, it’s Seth who’s moving out,’’ I uncomfortably said. ‘’But how are you doing? How’s your job?’’ I quickly asked, trying to change the subject for both Roman and mine sake.

‘’Mine’s quite alright, just the usual. Had to explain why I was wearing a turtle neck to work the other day though,’’ He smirked, ‘’You left some marks on me which were quite visible that even your foundation couldn’t cover.’’ Bryson ran his hand through his hair as Roman almost chocked while drinking his water. ‘’I didn’t mind at all and if I could, I’d gladly show them, but when you work in an office, you gotta cover things like that up somehow.’’

‘’You’re right,’’ I smiled briefly, biting my tongue in the hope I would wake up from this nightmare. I carefully looked over to Roman, finding him frowning with his jaw clenched, obviously boiling with anger. His whole body tensed as Bryson intertwined our fingers and smiled. Roman couldn’t care less about the girl he was with, clearly not listening to her long dreaded stories she was enthusiastically sharing.

‘’I remember you having-,’’ he paused and got his phone out of his pocket, ‘’I gotta take this one, do you mind?’’ He asked. I shook my head, thanking god he couldn’t finish his sentence and smiled lightly. The waiter brought us the food right when Bryson answered the phone. I was happy because that meant I could focus on my dish instead of looking around awkwardly. It had been a long time since I’ve eaten this nice, praising the chef in my head while eating slowly. Suddenly, my phone vibrated. Thinking it must be Seth, I took my phone out of my purse. It was my turn to choke on my delicious food when I saw Roman’s name on my lock screen. He send me a text saying: ‘I wanna get underneath the table and make it hard for you to talk.’ I looked over to him and rolled my eyes. ‘’I’m sorry, it was my boss asking if I finished that project.’’

‘’It’s fine, don’t worry,’’ I said as I took another bite from my food.

‘’So back to our subject,’’ he smirked. Oh god no. I knew that if he would continue talking, Roman would defenitely say or do something to make him shut up and I’m not letting that happen.

‘’You know what, let’s talk about something else okay,’’ I suggested, sounding a little irritated. I looked at my phone again and Roman sent another text saying: ‘You look so ravishing baby, oh how I’ve missed seeing you like this.’ I ran my hand through my hair and decided to send him something back: ‘Stop it Roman.’ was all I typed before pressing send.

‘’You alright? It’s like you’re not really enjoying tonight.’’ Bryson concernedly spoke. ‘’If you wanna go, just tell me.’’

‘’No I’m fine,’’ I insisted, ‘’just have a lot on my mind, I’m sorry.’’

‘’Don’t be love, it’s all good,’’ he smiled. I could feel Roman looking at us from the corner of my eye, anger and frustration radiating off his body. This was going to be the most unpleasant dinner ever, I could tell.


‘’I wish they served bigger portions,’’ Bryson mocked as he wiped the corners of his mouth with the napkin. Throughout the dinner, Roman never stopped sending those text messages, he continued those looks and it drove me insane.  ‘’Anyways, I’m going to pay okay, be right back.’’ He smiled and walked to the cash register. I was getting myself ready to leave as I heard Roman’s date saying she had to use the restroom. Once she was gone, Roman shoved his chair so he was sitting next to me at the table.

‘’Who’s that,’’ he nodded Bryson’s way, clearly irritated. I rolled my eyes and sighed. ‘’What?’’

‘’Do you seriously expect me to tell you after not even try to contact me in those four months? Speaking of contact, why the hell did you sent me those texts?’’ I hissed.

‘’I think I have the right to know,’’ He spoke dangerously low. ‘’If I wouldn’t say anything, I’d be fooling myself.’’  He kept his eyes on mine. I was quiet for a moment until he broke the silence, ‘’Come with me to my place, let me explain everything.’’

‘’You honestly think I’m agreeing on that? Look, like I said, I haven’t seen or spoken to you in four months Roman. I can’t just ignore everything that happened.’’

‘’I’m not asking you to ignore anything,’’ he looked at Bryson who was still busy paying. I think it’s better to have this conversation at my place unless you want to be disturbed by that jerk.’’ He said annoyed. I sighed and threw my head back. ‘’Please y/n, I promise you, you won’t regret it.’’

‘’What am I supposed to say to him?’’

‘’We can also just leave,’’ his low voice spoke, making me shiver. He noticed and slightly smirked as he scooted his chair closer to me. He looked over his shoulder to see if Bryson was still busy. ‘’You coming with me?’’ he asked once again. I was gonna hate myself for the decision I was about to make. I closed my eyes briefly and nodded. I’m still weak when it comes to Roman. He sighed in relieve and stood up. ‘’Let’s go.’’

‘’I gotta tell Bryson first, I ain’t leaving like this.’’ I said as I stood up. Roman looked at me worriedly. ‘’I’ll be right back,’’ I reassured him. As I was about to walk over to Bryson, Roman grabbed my hand and made me turn around. ‘’What’s wrong?’’

‘’Nothing, it’s just…’’ He bit his lip and looked at me up and down, ‘’You look so luscious.’’

‘’I’ll be right back,’’ I lightly smiled and walked over to Bryson while wearing my coat. ‘’Hey, I just bumped into a friend of mine and we wanted to catch up, we haven’t seen each other in ages.’’

‘’Oh,’’ he looked a little disappointed, ‘’um alright I think.’’ He smiled and gave me a hug. ‘’Have fun. I hope you enjoyed dinner.’’

‘’Thank you and I did, thanks for everything.’’ I waved at him as he exited the place. I couldn’t help but feel guilty towards him. As I turned around Roman was standing right behind me. ‘’What about your beautiful date?’’ I asked.

‘’I left her some money and told her to do with it what she wanted. She seemed happier when I gave her the money than taking her out on a date.’’ He chuckled. I shook my head and grinned, walking outside with Roman following behind me. I made my way towards his car and waited for him to unlock the doors. ‘’Seems like you still remember,’’ he said as he sat down.

‘’Something such as your car makes quite a statement.’’ I said as I fastened my seatbelt. He chuckled.  I inhaled the familiar scent of his car; it still smelled new with a touch of peach. I looked around and saw he still had the car mat I gave him. Roman once spilled his drink while I was driving his car so I decided to buy another mat for him and he was so happy once he discovered it. I smiled at the memory and looked out of the window as he started to drive towards his house. What used to be a car filled with stories, laughter and sometimes even the harmonious sound between our bodies colliding together, was no longer the case; not one word was being exchanged between the two of us. We drove into his street and a weird feeling came up, nostalgia came close to describe it. As we entered his house, all the memories came up again.

‘’You okay?’’ He asked. I nodded and walked towards him into the living room. ‘’You want anything to drink?’’ I shook my head and sat down on his couch. I had so much mixed feelings right now. ‘’Thank you for coming,’’ he started as he sat next to me.

‘’You’re welcome.’’ I quietly said.

‘’I made a huge mistake,’’ He whispered, ‘’the moment I let you go.’’

‘’And it took you four months to realize?’’ I huffed as I stood up. ‘’I fought for us Roman, I wanted things to work out between us. I knew I had to adapt myself to your lifestyle and I tried my hardest.’’

‘’I know you did, I saw how much you tried and I appreciated it but do you think I liked seeing you having trouble with trying?’’

‘’You could’ve accepted the fact that I did my best? You ended it just like that,’’ I teared up. ‘’I wanted to try, Roman. I never understood why you couldn’t.’’

‘’There was a reason why I ended things, y/n. You think I liked seeing you like that? Bursting out in tears whenever I left? Feeling obligated to stay with me?’’ He stood up and walked towards me. ‘’I never wanted you feel that way, I care about you too much.’’

‘’Yeah sure, if you cared about me at all, you would’ve tried.’’ I turned around so I was facing him.

‘’You know what they say; you don’t know what you have until it’s gone and I’ve realized I need you.’’ He spoke.

‘’After everything I’ve been through, you actually have the nerve to say that now?’’ I asked stunned, ‘’Are you being serious right now or are you playing some kind of sick game because this isn’t the slightest bit funny.’’ My voice full with frustration and disbelieve. It was like I had no control over my body as my hand flew upwards to meet his face. He was quick in action and prevented my hand making contact with his cheek. His large hand wrapped round my wrist easily

‘’What do you think you’re doing?’’ he asked angrily. He stepped closer to me so there wasn’t any space left between our bodies, my wrist still in his tight grip.

‘’I-I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention,’’ I stuttered, shocked by what I just tried to do. ‘’I should go now.’’

‘’You’re not going anywhere babygirl.’’ His pupils were blown, pure lust and fury in his eyes. Hearing him call me like that after months, made me get goosebumps.  ‘’When I saw you with that guy in the restaurant, something snapped,’’ He wrapped his arm around my tiny waist, his beard brushed against my cheek as he whispered, ‘’no one gets to touch you like that, only me.’’ His deep voice spoke. Without warning he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as he carried me upstairs.

‘’Roman put me down,’’ I said, trying to sound convincing. He chuckled and smacked my ass. I squealed and dug my nails in his back. Once we entered his familiar bedroom, he threw me on the bed with so much force that I bounced in the middle. He started to loosen up his tie as he hovered above me.

‘’You think you could just try to hit me huh?’’ Roman growled as he grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them above my head. ‘’You were wrong babygirl, actions have consequences.’’

‘’Roman I don’t think we should be doing this,’’ I breathed heavily as he tied my hands to the bedframe with his black tie. He smirked as his hands roamed over my whole body. I betrayed myself by letting out a muffled moan. Who was I fooling? I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

‘’I can stop if you want me to,’’ he whispered as he started to pull back. I shook my head and bit my lip. ‘’Tell me what you want,’’ he demanded, his lips touching mine lightly. I didn’t know what to think, say or do that moment. I missed everything about him; his smell, the way his body felt, his touch. I was completely overwhelmed by everything that was happening but you didn’t hear me complaining. ‘’I still haven’t heard anything yet.’’ He unbuttoned his shirt, throwing it across the room, leaving him shirtless.  

‘’Please Roman, I need you,’’ I admitted as I looked him in the eye. The words sounded familiar leaving my lips. Suddenly, I remembered something, something he always enjoyed hearing me say, his weakness. ‘’Please daddy,’’ I whispered. His eyes widened and I could tell his whole body language changed from need to lust. A low growl left his chest as he tore the dress off my body. I was about to complain about ruining my favorite gown, but when he looked me in the eye, I forgot about everything.

‘’Look at you,’’ he licked his lips and got rid of his pants, ‘’all merciful for me.’’ He bent down and unclasped my bra. ‘’Lay back baby, let daddy take care of you.’’

‘’Oh fuck,’’ I moaned as his lips closed around my right nipple, sucking slowly while looking at me. I threw my head back in pleasure, enjoying the way his touch felt against my heated body. His large hands lazily trailed to the waistband of my lace panties, slipping his hand inside. My body tingled as my sensitive bundle of nerves was being touched after so long.

‘’You’re already dripping babygirl, you missed daddy that much, didn’t you?’’ Roman murmured. I nodded, not being able to talk. His tongue left a wet trail from my collarbone to my ear, biting on my earlobe as he pushed his digits inside of me agonizingly slow. I gasped in pleasure as I felt my walls being stretched. Since we broke up, I haven’t been with anyone else. I haven’t craved anyone else their touch but his’.

‘’Fuck baby you’re so tight,’’ he groaned as he looked down. My back arched off the queen sized bed, breathing heavily. He pumped his fingers in and out of me slowly while biting down on my neck. ‘’You love riding daddy’s fingers, don’t you babygirl? You love it when I tell you not to cum, when I whisper dirty things in your ear that turn you on and only make you wetter,’’ his deep, rough voice whispered against my skin. ‘’Tell me, who does this pussy belong to?’’

‘’Y-you daddy,’’ I whimpered. He slowly added a third finger, making me scream in pleasure. I tried to wiggle my hands free from the knot he made so I could do something. I had no idea what, maybe grab his hair or the sheets, something. Once he felt my walls clench around his fingers, he stopped and gently pulled his fingers out of me, leaving me breathless. The heat in my lower abdomen got stronger as he licked his fingers and hummed in approval.

‘’Not yet baby,’’ was all he said as he got rid of my panties and spread my legs. He dove in between my thighs, kissing my drenched pussy like he was kissing me. My head fell back and my eyes closed, letting my other senses take over. His tongue circled my clit slowly before sucking on it gently, inserting his tongue in me right after. I could feel my climax already starting to form, he never had to do much to make me cum, his voice alone was enough.

‘’Roman I’m…so…fuck,’’ I moaned, not able to make a proper sentence. The pleasure he was giving me made me feel intoxicated. He hummed against me causing my hips to rise. He placed his strong arm around my waist, holding me down. ‘’I’m gonna cum,’’ I breathed heavily.

‘’Good girls ask for permission.’’ He said as he added his fingers back inside of me. I couldn’t postpone my orgasm longer so I had no choice.

‘’Can I cum please,’’ I whimpered, ‘’please daddy?’’

‘’Cum for daddy,’’ he smirked and delved his tongue further in my entrance, making me see stats. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. He licked his lips as he crawled back up to kiss me. I groaned when I tasted myself as his tongue slipped in my mouth. We kissed for a good five minutes or so, all the anger, sadness and frustration seemed to have disappeared. I was stalking for myself; Roman, at the other hand, was still frustrated and I could tell by his whole body language. Besides, I know him too well.

As he pulled back, we were both breathing heavily while looking at each other. He climbed off his bed, pulling his pants down along with his boxers. My mouth watered as my eyes fell from his eyes to his dick. ‘’You missed daddy’s dick?’’ He purred as he started to stroke himself while walking to the side of the bed. I nodded and wiggled my hips. He chuckled and climbed back on the bed again, knees next to my body so his dick almost touching my lips. ‘’Suck it,’’ he demanded. I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip, making his head fall back. One hand found his way in my hair as the other started to rub my pussy again. ‘’Ah fuck babygirl, I missed that little mouth of yours,’’ he grunted as I moaned. I could hardly focus as he slowly rubbed my pussy. My mouth closed over his dick, sucking slowly, each time taking more of him. I looked up at him; his eyes shut in pleasure, his whole body tensed. I could feel his dick throb so I knew he was close to cum. He hissed and yanked my hair back, bending down to kiss me. ‘’You want me inside of you?’’  

I nodded, watching him walk to the end of his bed, his eyes never leaving mine. I felt so vulnerable but safe at the same time. He positioned himself between my legs, rubbing his dick up and down against my wet slit. He pushed  himself inside of me slowly. I gasped at how big he felt; like he was doing me for the very first time. ‘’Jesus y/n you’re fucking tight,’’

‘’Oh fuck,’’ I whispered. He kept his slow pace going for a while, letting me adjust to his size. After he felt like I was stretched enough, he lifted my leg onto his shoulder and started to vigorously thrust, literally taking my breath away. My head started to spin, my body tingled and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Neither was Roman.

‘’Ain’t nobody ever told you who your real daddy is?’’ he growled, ‘’You’re mine and I ain’t letting you go anymore,’’

I moaned at the heartwarming yet extremely hot statement he made. This man is just too amazing for words and I’ve missed him. So much. ‘’I’m so close,’’ I moaned. He lightly smiled and started to rub my clit in fast motions. ‘’Oohh myy goddd.’’ My voice grew louder, my insides started to clench around him, the heat in my lower abdomen was starting to build; signing that I was close to another orgasm. Roman noticed and I could tell he was also on the verge by the way his thrusts became sloppy and slow, his breathing became heavier. His dick started to throb inside of me, pushing against my walls which created this incredibly pleasurable feeling.

‘’Cum for daddy babygirl,’’ he moaned.

‘’Romann,’’ I cried out his name as my orgasm shattered throughout my entire body. Roman followed shortly after; his dick twitching inside of me while moaning my name. As I opened my eyes, his hands were placed at either side of my face. I smiled at him and he gave me one in return as he untied my hands. ‘’I think I’ll have to stay the night,’’ I spoke as I snuggled up against him under the covers. He chuckled and placed his arm around me.

‘’I’m really sorry y/n, about everything,’’ he genuinely said, ‘’I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry for not accepting that you tried.’’

‘’That’s all in the past now Ro,’’ I answered him.

‘’Good to hear, because I was thinking,’’ he looked at me and caressed my cheek, ‘’maybe we should try again?’’

He patiently waited for my answer. Not that I had to think about it, I just wanted to make him sweat. ‘’Alright, let’s try.’’ I smiled. He kissed me and intertwined our fingers.

‘’I promise you, you won’t regret it y/n, I love you.’’ He sealed his words with a passionate kiss and we both drifted off. 

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Tantalizing: 05

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toys, Degrading Names, Choking, Spanking, Slight BDSM, Handjob, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Exhibitionism, Fingering, Gagging, Blinfolding, Slight Violence? Slight Angst?
Word Count: 7,599

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Weed problem

Quick summery: Jungkook goes to the same college as you do, sells and takes drugs, and make you buy it too. When he was helping you out to smoke it some tensions build.

Warnings: no real warnings, just smut, and if you don’t like drugs especially weed, you shoudn’t read this

Ok, have fun ^^

Your first few weeks in college were pretty easy to live. You’ve found a small apartment you really liked, it wasn’t far away from your college and it wasn’t a pain in the butt to transport your groceries since the super market was the building next door. You barely saw your neighbors so you lived in the quite. But it suited you well, because you never were an outgoing person on your own.

When you told your parents about your plan to study arts and communication, they were a bit concerned about your future life. Because “What would you do as an Artist?” and “You won’t get enough money when you’re old”, but you couldn’t care less. It was a dream of yours to study arts (you’d chosen communication just to calm your parents down), you wanted to see what your were able to do and the most exciting part, the people you will meet at an arts college.

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Not yet - Jimin BTS (m)

Request:  are you still taking requests? if yes pls do jimin (bts) x reader smut with orgasm denial hsdjkd thanks

A/N: This was a stress. Also I’m still trying to find my comfort zone when writing so bare with this trash

Originally posted by yoongles

The door slammed open and Jimin glared at you. His chest was heaving and his clothes were drenched.

“Jimin what’s wrong,” You asked and placed my phone down.

“Everything!” He walked back and forth. You threw the covers off and walked towards him.

“How can I make you feel better?”

“Let me use you. Let me get rid of my stress,” He asked cupping your cheeks.

“I don’t know,” You trailed off. He sighed and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“We have a safe word and I’ll stop as soon as you say it.” His hands trailed down your arms. You had never seen this side of Jimin, he’s usually a sub or it’s vanilla.

“I trust you,”you looked into his eyes and smiled. His soft smile instantly changed into a smirk.

“On the bed princess,” He ordered and went into the closet. He came out of the closet with two ties. He walked to the bed and straddled you. He then tied your hands to the headboard and sat back. He placed kisses on every bit of exposed skin he could reach. He then pulled something out of back pocket and held it in front of my face.

“What’s that?”

“This is a remote controlled vibrator.” He said with a wicked smile. He sat between your legs and pushed them open. He put the small toy in your underwear,which held it against your clit. He moved your underwear aside and slid the other one into your heat.

“You’re being such a good girl.” He turned the vibrator onto the lowest setting and massaged your thighs. A small moan slipped from your lips as his hands pushed the over sized sweater up your body. His hands rested under your breasts and he leaned over you.

“Jimin,” You moaned and thrusted your hips, which made him make a disappointed sound. He pulled away from your body and watched with dark eyes.

“I’m close,” He watched with a wicked smile as he turned off the toy and your face fell.

“Why di-”

Jimin turned it onto the highest setting and repeatedly brought you close, but he would end it as soon as you showed any signs. After the third denial, jimin felt himself grow bored. He turned of the toy and tossed it of the bed and let his eyes take in the panting sight before him. He untied your hands and smirked as you let out a sigh of relief.

“So pretty,” he said and stroked your cheek.

“Jimin I need you. Please,” You begged him desperately.

“Not yet,” He said and pulled your drenched underwear down and removed the toys. He ran his finger down your drenched heat.

“So wet and ready for me.” He groaned happily.

 “Oh my god,” you groaned in silence, closing your eyes as his lips wrapped around your clit, sucking lightly.  Your hands flew to his hair and you pushed him down roughly. He grabbed hold of your hands and pushed them away. He tortured you with his tongue.  He pulled back and kissed up your body, stopping to leave marks here and there. When his lips found yours he roughly kissed you. 

“Should I tie you up again?”

Your lips moved in sync with Jimin’s, feeling his hands travel down your stomach. His fingers trailed down to your core, lightly rubbing your folds. You let out a small moan as you started to grind up on his fingers. His fingers started to move towards your clit, slowly rubbing circles. Crying out, your head fell back into the pillows and your hands dug into the blankets.  Jimin was going teasingly slow, trying to get you to beg for your release. He pushed two fingers into you and pumped slowly.

“Jimin! Please,” Your thighs closed around him and your back arched. He pushed your thighs apart and quickly removed his clothes. Your eyes traveled up and down his toned body and he smirked noticing your stare.

“That look always makes me feel good,” He chuckled and found his place between your legs. He stroked himself a few times before teasing your entrance with his tip.

“Jimin a-”He slammed into you causing your words change into a moan.

“You feel so good baby girl,” he groaned and sped up. He grabbed your wrists and gripped your waist.

“Fuck, baby girl.” He moaned thrusting into me.  He thrusted in and as fast as he could, you could tell his orgasm was creeping up on him by the way he started to buck his hips furiously.You knew he wouldn’t have lasted long. He eagerly needed release since he walked into the door. You moaned as he hit your spot. 

“Shit, I’m close,” Jimin moaned out. Your back arched as you felt your release creep up on you quickly. You cried for him to go faster.

“No!” You screamed as he stopped his movements. Your tight walls clenched around him.

“Jimin please!” You begged. You couldn’t see his face because he was buried in your neck. He bit down on the skin and thrusted harder than before. You moaned loudly as you listened to the loud grunts spilling from his mouth. Your wrapped around his shoulders and you felt his entire body tremble. You cursed as his thrusts became sloppy. With a very sexy grunt he finished inside you. You expected him to keep going until you found your release but he stopped as soon as he found his. He held himself up and looked down at you. His  hair was sticking to his forehead and he was panting slightly.

“You better expect a lot of this because you’re not having a single orgasm all week,” He said seriously and rolled off of you.

Secret Lovers

To @bettysjuggie who gave me this prompt. Hope i made justice. 


Summary:  When they weren’t at each others troats, they were at each others bones. But no one knew that. 

Warnings: Sin, sin, sin, smut, sin, sin.

The hallway was filled with people in and out of classroms as the bell rang, in the middle of this mess was Betty Cooper, the perfect girl nextdoor, ponytail tight on her head, every strand of hair in its place, dark red skirt loose above her knees, long sleeved seaweed green sweater covered by a pastel cardigan. Also in this mess was Jughead Jones, outsider, member of the Southside Serpents, displaying that proudly in his leather jacket, dark curl falling gently over his right eye.

They were walking to their lockers when they bumped into each other, their books falling on the hallway floor.

“Look where you’re walking!” Betty said angrily while she brouth herself to the floor and picked up her books.

“You’re the one not paying attention prep girl.” Jughead said has he got a hold of his own books.

They finished and stood up, Betty was ready to follow her way to her locker when he held her arm.

“What do you want Jones? Haven’t I made clear that I want to keep my distance from you?” Her green eyes displayed hate and something else.

“Easy there, I just want my book.” He answered with a little crooked smile.

“I don’t have any of your books.” She said and tried to follow her way. He pulled her back.

“Yes you do.” He pointed to her arms where was his history book. She was surprised, and frustred for being wrong. Betty handed the book to Jughead and walked far away from him.

At the cafeteria Betty sat with her friends for lunch, Veronica was the first to talk.

“You and the Serpent guy were about to hit each other with the books in the middle of the hallway earlier.”

“He doesn’t look where he is going, he doesn’t apologize, he’s just a rude idiot.” Betty said and started eating her lunch quikly, leaving the chocolate cake for later.


During the lunch break all the classroms were empty, Jughead was at this instant at Biology’s classroom looking anxious to the door while playing with a piece of paper. When the door is slowly openned he sees her walk in and close the door behind her.

“Meet me at biology classroom during lunch break. We need to do some quik study of the human anatomy.” He reads the piece of paper on his hands.

“All of this written with lipstick.” Jughead makes a snap sound with his tongue. “Are you flirting with me Cooper?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Betty said and ran to Jughead.

They’re lips met with heat, tonges intertwined, they kissed each other like if it was the the first and the last time. Her hands tangled on his dark hair, his fingers ranning trough her curved body, from shoulders to waist, to hips and back up her back.

“I fucking missed you so much Betts.” He whispered and bit her ear lobe making her shiver.

“So did i.” She said back.

“Show me how much you missed me.” Jughead said in a low voice and cupped her ass. Betty bit her lips and looked into his eyes and breathing out shakily she took his lips back into hers, exploring each corner of his mouth with her tongue and pulling his lower lip between her teeth. Bettys hands were caressing the muscles of Jughead’s back under his shirt.

Jughead lifted her up and placed her onto the nearest table, Betty rapidly took his Jacket of and threw it on the floor, he had one of his hands cuping her breast beneath her shirt and the other wondered trough her legs wrapped thight o his hips allowing their cores to meet, the valley between her thighs soaking wet, and the twitch between his making those pants feel too tight.

Betty chased his lips has he pulled away to move his kisses to her neck, he bit her softly to avoid marcs, from behind her ear down to her colarbones to the beginning of her clevage, and then he retraced those steps with his tongue, licking the pink marcs he’d left. The feeling of Jugheads warm tongue against her skin made her shiver, the heat on her thighs rising. She pulled him back to her lips, her taste of strawberries and vanilla making him dizzy, his fingers traced circles all the way to her swollen clit, finding her wet, he then kept his fingers there making her moan between their kisses.

“Fuck, yes.” She said against his lips, a growl escaped from his troat, the sight of her making the hard in his pants ache. Betty then found her way to the zipper of his pants and slide it down so she could pull his hard pulsing member out, tracing circles on his tip and then sliding her hand up and down.

“Fuck…Betty.” Their hearts beating faster by the second, her legs trembling, both withholding screams, the apex of pleasure near. Till the loud sound of the bell took them out of their little piece of heaven.

“Fucking cockblocking bell.” Jughead said frustrated.

They ajusted their clothes and shared one last kiss before Betty left the room. Soon after he went to his locker and when he opened it a pink paper fell at his feet, he picked up and read the words written with a delicate handwriting to himself,

“To be continued.” He smiled at the thought of what he would do to her, with her later.


(inspired by the video where gd is smoking while dancing to no type lol)

It was really hot for a winter night but all the bodies pressed against each other raised the temperature in the club, people dancing grinding and jumping surrounded you the low lights blinding you and the soft smoke of cigarettes making you feel light headed, the drinks you had made you dizzy and quite confused, but there wasn’t a place you rather be. Your body moved to the beat to the song that was playing your hips rolling in a sensual way a way that caught men attention, everyone around you were staring at your hypnotic dance but there was only one person that you cared about, your boyfriend. Jiyong put his hands on your waist pulling you closer to him when you recognized the pair of arms you turned around to look at him a whimper escaped you when you saw the state your boyfriend was in, he was wearing a simple white shirt with simple black pants he was some of the buttons popped open so you could easily see the tattoos in his sweaty chest, the necklace that you gave him hanged from his long neck making it way more attractive he was sweaty and his jet black hair was pulled off his face making you bite your lip, he pulled his hand and his thumb ran through your bottom lip without a word he kissed you, it wasn’t a passionate strong kiss that left you breathless it was a sloppy wet kiss that made you core burn, he chuckled when he heard your moan “someone is needy” he said and you started to kiss his neck and his jawline, the hand that was holding his neck dropped down to his chest slowly making its way towards his crotch making him suck in a breath “ looks like I am not the only one” you purred in his

ear while you massaged him through his pants, he growled and threw away the cigarette that he was holding in his free hand and grabbed your hand pulling it away you looked at him through your eyelashes and he smirked “come with me” he said as he pulled you behind him, before you could talk he pulled you into one of the stalls of the men’s bathroom and kissed your lips with force “I need you to make me a favor, can you help me pretty girl?” You bit your lip and nodded, without taking his eyes from you he started to pull his pants down along with his boxers “ I need you to suck me, can you do that?” You smiled “yes daddy” his eyes darkened and a low growl erupted from his chest “ on your knees ” you obeyed and started to play with his hard length “now make daddy come in that little pretty mouth of yours” you nodded and started to lick his member up and down like it was your favorite lollipop, slowly you started to take more and more of him in your mouth making him moan out loud “good girl” he said in between moans, if you weren’t drunk you would care about someone hearing you two but at that moment the only thing you cared about was making your man come in your mouth, you started to take more and more of him while you sucked harder, your other hand came to play with his balls and you saw how he buckled his knees “that’s it baby girl you are…oh fuck me you are great” he said while he pet your hair, you looked up to him to see him looking at you with hooded eyes and open mouth, you moaned around him the vibrations of your throats caused him to push himself further into your mouth “oh god oh fuck I’m going to cum baby I…oh fuck fuck fuck” he moaned out loud as he kept your head in place, you slightly ran your teeth through his member at that was it he lost it he came right in your mouth sending jets of his cum down your throat “oh baby fuck yeah” he screamed as his body shook from the intensity of the orgasm, you sucked him off through the orgasm until he calmed down, when you were sure he was done you stood up and kissed him, he moaned in your mouth and stroked your cheek “ thank you princess” you smiled and pecked his lips once more “ you are welcomed daddy” after you were done getting dressed again you went back to the VIP area were everyone was chatting, jiyong pulled you in his lap and looked around “where is seungri?” He asked when he didn’t see the maknae, “ oh he went to the bathroom I wonder what is taking him this long” youngbae said and you widened your eyes and looked at jiyong who looked just as surprised as you were, he was about to say something when seungri came back he looked flustered as he avoided you two, he sat down without a word.

“He definitely heard us” jiyong chuckled and shook his s head.


And sceneeee this was my first smut lol hope you liked it


Let Me Teach You (smut)

This smut was highly inspired by this song, so I’d recommend listening to or at least skimming it before reading so that it makes more sense. 

Long story short - you have much more experience than Shawn


You gazed back at Shawn with a confident, lustful expression as you led him down the hallway, your fingertips just barely holding his. A smirk played on your lips as you turned to face forwards again, bringing your free hand up to open the bedroom door.

You led him into the dimly lit room, bringing him over to sit on the edge of the bed. Once he was seated you sauntered over to the nightstand beside the bed, turning on the bedside lamp. It casted a pale, yellow-tinted glow throughout the room, just enough to illuminate his glowing complexion and prominent features.

You made your way back over to Shawn, resting your hands on his shoulders. You slowly bent your right leg, your thigh becoming exposed between the folds of your short, champagne-colored silk robe. You placed it beside his leg before bringing your other leg up to do the same, straddling his lap. You looked down into his eyes as he swallowed hard at the sight of you in front of him, sitting delicately on his lap. 

You brought your hands down and placed them on top of his, bringing them up to rest on the sides of your thighs. His hands stayed in place on your warm skin as you brought yours up to cup his jaw. Your right hand slowly snaked its way through his hair as your left index finger traced the outline of his cheekbone, slowly dragging down his cheek to run across his lips. 

You took your hand away from his mouth and placed it in his hair, running through the soft curls. You leaned down so that your lips were hovering over his, his breathing becoming unsteady with anticipation. He leaned up to close the small space between your lips, but you pulled away slightly. You couldn’t help but faintly smile at the small whimper he let out, enjoying the effect you were having over him.

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anonymous asked:

can you please please please write something about like dan wearing one of those remote control vibes and like phil follows him around controlling it until dan is trembling and shaking PLS I NEED

wc: 735
warnings: public stuff ig ??

it had been a while since phil had mentioned to bring anything particularly ‘kinky’ into their sex life. That being said they already did most things they could think of. An idea popped into phils mind one night as he lay next to his cuddled up boyfriend whom had his legs wrapped around phil snuggling him. They lay there cuddling for what seemed forever until the silence was broken by a voice. “Dan i want to do something really ‘dirty’ with you, or to you.” phil said abruptly. It caught the peak of dans interest and popped his head up in curiosity and whined “what is it this time?” Phil almost snarled at how sarcastic this boy was. “I bought a remote control vibrator and i want to make you desperate from it.” he said with all melancholy. Dans pupils dilated and he was sure he was as red as a cherry in the face. “ Um,, well i mean i guess,, i would like that maybe.” dan was struggling not to choke over his own words. he never thought about doing that but oh he wanted it so bad. Phil was giggling at how precious it was to feel his cheeks heat up and know how only words made him do that. “but we should rest, i want to do it tomorrow. well be going to the shops.” Dan jumped at that and quickly tried to fall asleep so the next day would come sooner, and so it did. he woke up the next morning to Phil rubbing him through his pajama pants with a shit eating grin wiped across his face. dan lowly gasped at the sudden friction and movement and kinda squirmed in the bed. Phil suddenly got out what dan had been looking forward to since last night, it was in a sleek black box. it was the vibe with and controller that lingered in phils hands. Dan who was already half hard growned at it and phil smirked widely. Before he knew it he was full with a vibrator up his ass waiting in the station to get the train. dan was practically sweating from not knowing when phil was gonna turn it on. they sat down in their seats which were rather far from anyone else. thats when it happened, phil turned it on and dan let out a low whimper in pleasure. he wanted to curse at phil for snickering and rubbing circles on his inner thigh with his thumb. The auburn haired boy had never looked prettier to phil, all red in the face, whimpering, trembling. Phil turned up the vibrations and dan let out an audible gasp. he was positive he wouldnt make it through the train ride. Phil then slyly palmed dan through his pants and watched him melt under his touch. he could feel him throbbing through the denim. Dan latched to phils arms and moaned “please let me cum daddy” low into his ear. thats when the vibrations stopped and dan groaned at the loss. Phil was enjoying this wholeheartedly and Dan could tell from the snickers and groans coming from him. dan was sitting with his legs crossed and practically grinding against nothing and whimpering. Phil gently pushed his legs apart and discretely stroked him through the denim once again. Phil knew how close dan was and that made everything even better. dan was bucking up into phils hand to get any friction whatsoever when the vibe suddenly turned on again this time so powerful and hitting right against his spot. Dan sat with his knees together trembling and and shaking, he was going to cum weather he could help it or not. Phil took his jacket off and placed it over dan and slowly unzipped his pants, not making a sound. all phil had to do is touch dan nice and slow and that was it, he was spilling all over phils hand nuzzling his face in his arm not making any noise. dan came down from his high in deep breaths and sighs. Phil placed a kiss on his forehead and whispered “good boy.” just as the bus “so happened to coincidentally stop.” the passengers stood up to exit the train and so did the boys. With phils arm around him dan said “youre buying me some new pants at the shops” and phil giggled and kissed him fondly

A home & homie - Trent Seven

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Drabble #6: “I need a place to stay.”

Drabble #62: “If you can’t sleep.. we could have sex?.”

Requested by: @theelitevillian

Originally posted by misswweedits

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Two Hours Late

Anon: Its suppose to be your first anniversary with wonho but because of work he got late to your date so you get mad at him and he tries to make you laugh to make up, in the end he give you the BEST gift EVER.

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Wonho (Monsta X)/Reader

Word Count: 1673

Summary: Wonho got held up at work on the most important night of your year. How will he make it up to you? 

You tapped your glossy nails against the table; plates, cups, and now cold dishes all set out in a beautiful spread. The candles had melted away to almost nothing, the last bit of flame flickering weakly. You sighed and looked over to the kitchen clock. 9:47. He was supposed to have been home two hours ago, and he wasn’t answering your calls or texts either. Diverting your attention back to the nubs of candles just in time to see them flicker twice more then go out, you let out a sigh, standing up to start putting away the china.

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0583 - don’t be a drag, just be a queen

Character A is dealing with some serious emotional turmoil, but a chance encounter with a bold, outspoken drag queen, leads to their emotional freedom.

Sharing a room w/ Pete Dunne would include...

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Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) - Dahlia

AN: Writing this was honestly like pulling teeth, I’ve forced it all out of me and it’s been as cathartic as it has been terrifying. I would not have made it through without the l i t e r a l s t e p m o m to my fic Lale!! Also the lovely Matilda, and Bromeoandjooliet!! Thank you everyone for all of the lovely feedback on the last chapter and don’t be afraid to drop a line by my Tumblr DahliasForKatya!!

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Underestimation & Overcompensation

so this is less of a one shot and more of an imagine - am I using the terminology correctly? it’s informal and while there’s dialogue and shiz I also added in other thoughts that I normally wouldn’t.

important part is that it’s Reid x reader smut ft. Spence with an overstimulation kink. enjoy. also, enjoy this beautiful photo of mgg’s hands that I cry about on the daily

Okay so imagine being Spencer’s girlfriend and he fuckin loves sex with you. You’re always at each other’s houses and even though he definitely loves you for who you are, he’s also fucking horny and always thinking about your body, which he’s always telling you is smoking.

One day he gets back from a case particularly early, so when he texts you to say he’s coming straight to your place, you expect him to be in a good mood after catching a killer so quickly. But when he shows up, he storms in and is all pissy, throwing his coat and shoes off by the door. So you get up to hug him and try to calm him down, but when you get in his space he fucking gROANS and pushes you up against the nearest wall. Your head is spinning and he’s suddenly sucking on and kissing your neck like his life depends on it.

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Ivy x Harley One Shot

Disclaimer- I wrote this months ago (like back in November) and I pulled it out to post because @artisticbroccoli wanted a one shot and I didn’t feel like writing another one at the moment. Its editing isn’t the best and it’s obviously not my best writing. I do, however, plan on writing a genuine fic with Harley’s Boston accent apparent in the writing. Enjoy my old writing. 

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Harley bounced around in her signature jester styled skinsuit. Its black and red fabric hugged her curves and stretched with every movement. She threw her head back and laughed as she began to twirl in circles; her black hat remaining glued to her head. She caught a glimpse of herself in a puddle on the alley floor. She examined her appearance and giggled.


She continued to prance around the ally while the world zoomed by around her. She sang little songs and practiced little love monologs for her Joker. She pretended to kill Batman and all his allies, thinking of how Joker would be so proud of her. 

“Oh, baby! How I’d do anything for you!”

Harley threw her arms up in happiness. The idea of the Joker expressing his love for her, it was overwhelming. She leaned up against one of the buildings and let her mind wonder. She went into a dark place, a place where the Joker had her bent over his lap. A place where he spanked for being such a naughty little girl. A place where he thrust himself into her to give her the pleasure that she oh so yearned for. A place where- 

“Now what’s got you moaning, Harley?”

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