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Note:  This stemmed from my four sentence posts that grew into something else entirely.  Just a lot of filth and smut tbh.  This is unedited and rushed, so warning for the bad smut.  

Summary:  You are honor-bound to do your duty as a princess and marry for the good of the kingdom.  Marriage, like many things in your life, is meant to serve a purpose.  But you know you should be grateful because there are far worse fates than being engaged to marry Prince Taehyung.  ~Royalty AU~




Taehyung is the picture of etiquette and genteel charm during your maternal aunt’s harvest ball.  He dances with the appropriate family members and ladies of the court, but remembers to pay special attention to you, his wife-to-be. He maintains the proper distance during customary dances, hands finding their exact position on non-scandalous places on your body as he was taught to do from an early age.  

Ideal, the members of your court believe.  He is ideal.  You and Taehyung are the perfect match, a beautiful couple to join two kingdoms together through marital bliss.  And you don’t disagree with them for a second.  Despite only just having met the prince (whom you were contracted to marry since birth) for the first time last year, he had not faltered with sending you correspondence – a fact that sends your ladies-in-waiting into swooning fits and gossip.  

You can’t count the number of times they beg to read the letters, and each time you tell them on no uncertain terms that the letters are yours and yours alone.  They remain locked in a secret cabinet back at the castle.  So your ladies-in-waiting are left to imagine what Taehyung writes, their guesses sounding inane to your ears when they titter about romance and love at first sight.  

They don’t need to know that in every letter Taehyung writes, in perfect penmanship no less, he describes how he imagines deflowering you on your wedding night.  

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The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 3

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Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 7k

Genre: Angst, (Future) Smut

Series: 1. Lust|2. Gluttony| 3. Greed (1) |4. Greed (2)|5. Sloth| 6. Wrath|7. Envy

Comment: I wanted to put Greed all into one post, but it started to get too long for my taste. I’ve broken it into two sections, and the smut will be mainly in the second one. Hope you like it!

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Whether they were friends, enemies, or lovers, they all left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


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25 Days of Christmas (Day 5- Kim Taehyung Rough Smut)

Ah~ my BTS bias… someone save me from myself

Group: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Reader

Genre: Smut

You stood directly under the shower head, the water pouring over your head. You’d had a fight with Taehyung two weeks ago and it was just now beginning to take its toll on you. The two of you had argued many times but it never ended in a break-up, until now, that is. Over the past two weeks, you’d been angry, but now you were really feeling the weight of the break-up. Especially since you hadn’t had sex in over two weeks.

 You turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, before towel drying your hair. There was a knock at the door and you quickly threw on a robe and shuffled off in that direction. You took a deep breath, your hand frozen on the doorknob. It was too late to make yourself look presentable so you just pulled your robe closed and opened the door. 

“Forgot I was coming?” he asked, walking into your apartment.

“Uh, no, I was just in the shower” you said. He took it upon himself to sit on your couch and you shut the front door. You walked to your room to grab the box with his stuff in it. Walking back to the living room, Taehyung was looking through your pictures. He stopped on the one of you and Hoseok and snorted. It was really irritating. “You know…” you started. You stopped talking, not wanting this to escalate back into a fight.

“Know what?” he asked, his hands in his pockets. He was all but begging you to continue. “I’m not going back to that stupid conversation with you. I think that you just like to argue” you said. You put his box down on the couch and he scoffed. He walked closer to you until you were only separated by the couch. "I like to argue? The argument was not stupid. I told you that I didn’t feel comfortable with you and Hoseok being so close-“

"We’ve been friends years before I even met you! In fact, he was the one who got us together!” you said.

“Who cares? I told you that I didn’t like it and you flirted with him right in front of my face!” he said, his voice rising.

“Don’t accuse me of stuff just because you feel insecure!"you said, your voice rising to meet his.

"Oh, I’m insecure? Are you serious? ‘Ah Hoseok Oppa~~ I can’t stand to be without you for two whole minutes! Oh, Taehyung? What about him? Fuck him!’” he said, putting on a crappy imitation of you. Your mouth dropped open and you almost slapped him. "When have I said anything like that? Stop putting words in my mouth!“

"I bet he put something in your mouth” he mumbled. Your eyes bulged and you really did slap him this time. When your hand made contact with his face, a loud crack sounded throughout the room. His hand moved to grab his face and he looked away, swallowing his anger. “Screw you. You can let yourself out” you said. You angrily turned around and started for your bedroom. He caught your arm and shoved you against the wall, pushing your arms up above your head. He held them there and you honestly felt scared. You tried to move but he stopped you, pressing his body against yours. 

“Move” you said. He ignored you, his hands still holding your arms above your head. His eyes pierced into yours, a mixture of anger and…something else. “Taehyung, move” you said, trying to push him off. His eyes moved downward, making you notice that your robe had opened as a result of your struggling. “You’re a pervert.” He laughed before using one hand to hold up your arms.

He used the other hand to grab a part of the robe. “If I’m a pervert, then you’re a thief. Isn’t this mine?” he asked, his fingers rubbing the smooth fabric of the robe. As his fingers played with the fabric, they brushed against your skin and you shivered. "Take it off" he said. You looked at him as if he were crazy. “I’m taking everything that is mine, remember?” he asked. His fingers continued to brush against your ribs, just below your breasts. You searched his eyes, trying to figure out what he was thinking. “How am I supposed to give it back to you, if you’re so close to me?” you asked smartly. 

“You know, you have an amazing ability to make me mad” he said, his eyes still boring into yours. He placed his leg in between yours, the material of his pants rubbing against your inner thigh. He shifted his weight and you felt his bulge pressing into your lower abdomen. Your breath caught and you tried one last attempt to push him back.

He pressed more of his body into you. You felt like you were being crushed and you hated the fact that you liked it. “See? You won’t even let me finish talking” he said. He bent his neck down, bringing his lips dangerously close to yours. “Taehyung.” He ignored you, brushing his lips against yours. He firmly planted his lips to yours and he slid a hand to your waist. God, you wanted this so bad but you couldn’t have it. 

He’d been a dick to you. Why should you let him run all over you like this? His lips left yours and moved down to your jaw. His hands roamed all over your torso and you tried not to let him fog your head up. Why did he have to be so stupid? You pushed him back but he only moved closer. His hand found your pussy and you held back a moan. “Taehyung” you tried getting his attention again. You knew that he could feel how wet you were but you didn’t want him to win. He massaged your pussy lips, each movement of his fingers sending electric waves throughout your body. "Kim Taehyung" you said, his name leaving your lips more like a sigh than a protest. 

“Stop” you said weakly. You tried pushing him again and he removed his lips from your jawline.

“Do you really want to fight me on this?” he asked huskily. He pinched your clit and you gasped, still not allowing yourself to moan. “Fine” he said. He threw his lips back onto yours, immediately biting down and tugging on your lip. You made a noise resembling a scream and a moan. He unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He then threw you on the floor, ignoring your protests. His lips instantly latched onto your breasts, sucking and biting your nipples. His hand went back to your pussy as he pushed three fingers into your hole. He drilled his fingers into you as his teeth pinched and prodded at your nipples.

He added a fourth finger and you moaned, no longer able to hold back. Your hips tried to move in rhythm with his fast pace. His lips moved to your clit as his fingers drove into you. He roughly sucked your clit into his mouth, his teeth grazing over it occasionally. You grabbed his head and ground yourself onto his fingers. “Fuck~” you breathed out, the pleasure making you light-headed. 

“Tae- Oh! Oh God! Mmm~” A series grunts and word fragments flew from your mouth as his tongue quickly flickered over your clit. You spasmed around his fingers as your climax took over. Your head was swimming as he lifted you up from the floor pushing you back against the wall. He lifted you up before pressing his dick into you. Your head fell back, hitting the wall as he humped into you. Each thrust was perfectly executed, pulling a groan out of you. 

Still inside of you, he carried you to your bedroom and laid you on the bed. He continued burying himself inside of you, trying to milk out every moan that he could from inside your throat. His thrusts were hard and fast as if he were literally trying to fuck your brains out. By the way things are going, he just might. Right now you were in seventh heaven. He rolled over, you now on top of him and bounced you up and down on his dick. 

Your breasts bounced he sat up as far as he could sucking one into his mouth. His arms continued bouncing you up and down, your hair flying as you screamed out into the open air.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Right there!” you screamed, your second orgasm building. His hips bucked up into you and your teeth clenched as you came hard. His release was not far as he pushed his hips up into you. His hips slowed as he came into you, still riding out his orgasm. His hips finally stopped and you moved to lay on his chest, his limp dick sliding out of you. His hand went to your hair and you listened to his fast heartbeat. 

“____, I’m so sorry-”

“Can we talk about that later?” you asked, looking up at him. He kissed your forehead and nodded. Right now you were far too worn out to deal with that discussion. Plus, after good sex, there were only two things that you could do: go to sleep… or go for round two. 

Bonus Round

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Note:  This was so much fun to write because Hoseok is the best.  Also this took forever because I had about 1.6k words of backstory that I just cut because… it took Forever to link everything.  Also this is inspired by semi-true-ish events so… yeah.  Graciously edited by the wonderful @sugaredmarbles.

EDIT: @sugaredmarbles just fixed my title too because she’s amazing.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut  
Warnings: public sex, alcohol-fueled sex, dirty talk, pregnancy mention, unsanitary activity 
Word Count: 3547


Summary:  You’ve harbored a crush on Jung Hoseok ever since high school, and you had even decided on attending a performing arts university because he was going there.  You had almost been content with admiring him from afar, but he’s enlisting soon.  And this is how you confess to him.




“Have you confessed to Hoseok yet?”  

Namjoon’s question over 2AM coffee makes him the third person to ask you today.  

The first person to ask you had been Taehyung, a fellow theatre arts major.  (”You need to nab him before he enlists,” he had lectured.  “If everyone knows he has a girlfriend, they’re not going to pester him as much about going to… massage parlors…”) 

The second person to ask you had been Jungkook, a once-shy underclassman you had taken under your wing until he switched majors after seeing Hoseok dance.  Traitor.  Not that you necessarily blamed him.  (”You should just tell him because he’s leaving regardless.  If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to see him again.”  Jungkook had always been blunt.)  

And Namjoon now makes three.  

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25 Days of Christmas (Day 4- VKook/ TaeKook)

Group: BTS

Pairing: VKook/ TaeKook x Reader

Genre: Smut

“Remember when we had that conversation about my band members?” Taehyung asked, pulling you to a sitting position on his bed. You nodded and he smiled. "The one we had last night where you got mad because I called Jungkook attractive?“ you smiled back. He was acting as if this happened months ago.

"Mad? I wasn’t mad” he argued, crossing his arms. 

“You gave me the silent treatment for 3 hours and wouldn’t answer my calls or texts” you reminded.

“Yeah, whatever. We’re getting off topic.” You shook your head, wishing for him to just spit out whatever he needed to say. Whenever he wasn’t sure of your reaction, he had a tendency to drag out the news. “He and I were talking last night and our talk led to… kissing-”

“What?” you almost shouted. 

“-and that kissing led to other things and-”

“You cheated on me? With Jungkook?” you asked in disbelief. Taehyung nodded and looked down. You didn’t know whether to be amused or pissed off. Amused that he would live out one of your greatest fantasies but pissed that you weren’t included. “I’m sorry. I knew exactly what I was doing and I wanted to do it” he said, not looking up at you. Of course he was sorry. Taehyung wasn’t the type to intentionally hurt you.

You really should have been bothered by this but you couldn’t bring yourself to be. After all, you’d dreamed of this happening many times. You’d pleasured yourself to the thought of Jungkook and Taehyung simply kissing. But he said that they kissed… and did other things. You wished that you could watch that. You were getting wet just thinking about it.

“I don’t believe you” you said, a plan slowly forming in your head.

“I know it’s hard to believe but I really did and I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be mad at me. After you talked about how attractive he was, I was starting to see it. I really saw it” he said.  

“Is that why you didn’t answer my calls?” you asked. He nodded again and your mouth dropped open. For three hours, while you were bored at home, he was having the time of his life with Jungkook. “Go get him. I still don’t believe you.”

Taehyung told you to wait and he ran out of the room. He returned a short while later with Jungkook’s arm in his grip. He nudged Jungkook’s shoulder and soon the younger boy was spilling out a very similar story. “But Hyung loves you so hopefully you won’t be too hard on him” Jungkook said. Too hard on him? 

“Show me” you said suddenly. They looked at each other and then back at you. “You heard me, I want to see it.”

Taehyung reluctantly pulled Jungkook to him and kissed his lips. Jungkook was taken by surprise but he slowly sunk into the kiss, his lips molding with your boyfriend’s. Somehow, you didn’t expect the two of them to listen to you. Jungkook’s hand moved to Taehyung’s shirt, pulling him closer. It was honestly like a live porn show. 

Taehyung bit down on Jungkook’s lip and tugged, leaving Kookie to moan. You watched the bulge in Jungkook’s pants grow and licked your lips. You scooted to the edge of the bed and cupped Jungkook’s bulge, making him release another moan. As you massaged his bulge, you used your other hand to unzip Taehyung’s pants. 

He stepped out of his clothes and you pulled down Jungkook’s pants and underwear. You licked the head of his penis before placing your thumb over his slit. You repeated the action on Taehyung and he smiled down at you before grabbing Jungkook, pulling him in again to continue the assault on his mouth. You began pumping Jungkook’s dick and you took Taehyung into your mouth. After all, what kind of girlfriend would you be if you didn’t take care of him first?

You trace the outline of his penis with your tongue and easily took the first two inches into your mouth. Taehyung moaned into Jungkook’s mouth and you bobbed your head, taking more and more of him into your mouth. You moved your hand on Jungkook’s dick at the same pace that you sucked Taehyung. Almost at the exact same moment, their hips began to move in response to your mouth and hand. One of your hands wrapped around the base of Taehyung’s dick and you squeezed it, hard. He groaned loudly and separated himself from Jungkook to pull you to a standing position. 

His lips instantly connected to yours and Kookie moved to kiss the nape of your neck. You were in heaven as Jungkook reached around to grasp your breasts. Taehyung’s hands went to your pants, slowly removing them as Jungkook squeezed and fondled your chest. 

After fully removing your panties, Taehyung led you to the bed. You laid down and watched as he bent between your legs, his tongue moving to lick your outer lips. Jungkook kissed a line from your navel to your bikini line, each kiss burning a hole into your skin. Taehyung lapped at your wetness and you moaned. Jungkook’s tongue continued down until he reached your button. Taehyung shoved his tongue into your hole as Jungkook continued to lick your clit. You screamed out as they worked your pussy into overdrive, your hands clenching the sheets. 

Jungkook wiggled his tongue over your clit as Taehyung removed his tongue and pressed two fingers into you. You tried to rock your hips against their faces but Jungkook held you down. You were seconds from coming when Taehyung removed his fingers. He told Jungkook to lie down on the bed and you to ride him. 

Doing as told, you sunk down onto his hard dick and he closed his eyes. His hands went to your hips and your hands went to the headboard. He helped to lift you up and you noticed Taehyung pleasuring himself as he watched the two of you. 

As you slowly began to sink back down, Jungkook quickly thrusted his hips upward, ramming into you. You screamed and he continued to buck into you quickly. Each thrust was accompanied by a scream on your part and a grunt on his part. It was a wonder how you were able to keep up with him as he continuously rammed into you. 

Jungkook’s teeth clenched and he flipped you over, your back finding the bed. Within the blink of an eye, your legs were in the air and he was balls deep. Your insides clenched and you knew that it was almost time.

“____” Jungkook yelled, his balls tightening as he shot deep into you. Jungkook’s penis was quickly replaced by Taehyung’s and he kissed your lips before kissing your neck. 

His kisses turned to sucks as he slowly began to pump into you. You tilted your head back, giving him better access. As his thrusts became harder and faster, his sucks turned to bites and your pants transformed into loud guttural moans. His fingers roughly pinched your nipple as he bit down on your neck. As you reached your peak, you screamed out his name, every ounce of energy pouring out of your body.

His hips were as fast as lightning as he hammered into you. “God, I love you” he said as he released inside of you, his seed mixing with Jungkook’s. He kissed your lips, a long sloppy kiss, only stopping to breathe.

“I’m sorry I cheated on you” he smiled, knowing that you weren’t angry.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there last night” you said.

“I’m sorry you weren’t there too” Jungkook laughed, still in the midst of catching his breath.

i flirt in #mycalvins

Note: Dedicated to my fellow hoes in @bangtan-bookclub. I love you ALL. This isn’t full smut, but it’s pretty explicit (which is why I tagged it the way I did). 

Summary: UnderwearModel!Hoseok




“You owe me cookies,” your friend reminds you, nudging your shoulder with a cheshire cat grin. “And you can bake them on his abs. God he’s so hot.” 

Jung Hoseok stands across the room bathed in warm lighting as he poses for the photographer. He’s nearly naked save for the small, tight scrap of cloth covering his essentials. Boxer Briefs. 

You shudder as you pretend to work while sliding Hoseok discreet looks. The boxer briefs he’s wearing is a reminder that (A) you lost the bet by thinking he wore regular briefs, and (B) you needed to get laid ASAP if you were this close to losing your cool over a random underwear model. 

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"Seven minutes in heaven" (Kylie Jenner/(y/n))

It was a Friday night and all my friends and I had organized a sleepover at my friend Kylie’s house,every Friday we did this,we usually gossiped,watched a movie and chilled,we were all in Kylie’s living room talking “oh my gosh we should play truth or dare"my friend said "yes!"another one agreed,we all said yes,we moved the furniture to make room for us to sit in a circle,we sat down,my friend had the water bottle "alright I’m getting ready to spin it"she said,she spinned,it landed on my friend next to me "truth or dare?"she asked "truth"she replied "when was the last time you got fucked?"she asked "um last night,I hooked up with that cute guy I talk to in biology class"she replied "oh my gosh"we all said in unison,we talked a bit about that,we continued playing,everyone kept choosing Truth,she spinned it again,it stopped and pointed at me "truth or dare?"she asked "dare,everyone is being such pussies for saying truth"I said "yes, you tell them"Kylie said,we laughed "alright (y/n),thanks for calling us out now I’m going to think about a good enough dare for you"she said,we laughed "ummmmm"she said thinking,she tapped her fingers on the floor "oooh I’ve got a good one,your dare is seven minutes in Heaven with one of us,take your pick (y/n)"she replied "oh my gosh I don’t want to choose"I said "alright,I’ll make it easier for you,I’ll spin the bottle and whoever it lands on has to go with you"she said,I nodded,she spun the bottle,it landed on Kylie "ooh"they said "ok so where are we going to go?"she asked "I don’t know,it’s your house"I said "well I’m not the one that came up with the dare"she said looking at my friend "alright go into the closet right by your stairs"she said,we stood up,we were walked to the closet,we walked in,we watched as they shut the door,she turned the dim light on the closet on "so what should we do?"she asked as she looked at me up and down,I could see the lust in her eyes,I felt my center get a bit warm "I don’ I don’t know"I replied a bit nervous "let’s have a bit of fun,how about we kiss"she said "yeah"I replied,she leaned in,we began to kiss,her lips were so soft,I ran my hand through her hair,she was resting her hands on my waist "you have such soft lips"I said looking at her "you do too (y/n)"she said,she began to tug at the hem of my shirt as we continued to kiss,I let her take it off,I began to kiss her neck,I nibbled on it a bit,she moaned "fuck I’m so wet right now,I want to fuck you"she said "please do"I said,she looked at me with lust,she took her shirt off,I took her bra off,I began to kiss her boobs "fuck"she said as she pulled my shorts down,I was wearing black lace panties and a bra "you have such a sexy body"she said looking at me,she bit at her bottom lip "bend over for me"she said,I did as I was told,I was resting the palms of my hands on the wall,she stood right behind me "now I want to fuck you so bad,you moan my name so loud"she whispered into my ear,that turned me on,she began rubbing my throbbing clit,I moaned a bit "faster Kylie"I said,she continued to rub slow,she began to rub faster,I moaned as she always nibbled at my collarbone,"yes"I said breathlessly,she began pumping two fingers in me,I could feel the pleasure,I shut my eyes,I began to moan "moan my name"she said demanding in my ear "Kylie,fuck yes Kylie"I moaned as she began to quicken her pace,"yes,yes Kylie"I moaned,I felt my walls tighten "fuck I’m about to cum"I moaned "moan my name as you cum babe"she said,I moaned "Kylie"I moaned load as I felt myself release,she kissed my shoulder,she got her fingers out,I heard her lick her fingers "mmmm you taste so good"she said,I turned around,we kissed "how about a few hours of heaven after they leave"I said winking.


pc: this gem

Note: Are any of you even alive? Because I Am Not. This is just a short drabble to let you guys know I’m still here. Can I just say that I love these particular frames A Lot! More than any of his other frames. Like these are my favorite. God. I’m-

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1991




It’s never an accident whenever Yoongi wears those glasses. He isn’t one to preen too often, but seeing your reaction anytime he wears that specific pair is always good for his ego. Yoongi finds it fascinating and gratifying that your reaction to him wearing those glasses doesn’t seem to change after all these years. 

It always starts with mild surprise because you can’t keep a poker face to save your life. He adores the way your eyes widen and lips part the moment you catch sight of him. Sometimes the hitch in your breath and gaping-fish look can last for a full two seconds. Sometimes (regrettably) you recover quicker than that. 

The surprise fades to lust at an exceptionally quick rate, and Yoongi is not at all embarrassed to say that this is his favorite part of the whole cycle. It’s like watching dominoes fall, one on top of the other, on top of the other, and so on and so forth - falling pieces knocking down the next piece towards that inevitable, satisfying end. He sees it in the pattern of your breaths, in your small, dry swallows and soft clearings of your throat. 

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Taylor text au (requested)- he leaves hickies and you can’t cover them up but you guys have to attend a family dinner.

(Feel free to send in requests!)

shout out to all the smut writer’s out there for making me the most experienced virgin in this world…

One of Those Nights

Title: One of Those Nights
Author: loveglowsinthedark
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 7,800 approx.  
Summary: “I never would have thought you had it in you,” Potter’s heated murmur against his jaw is dark and full of depraved promises. “I’ll give you this much, Malfoy, you sure know how to get a man’s attention.”

This fic, oh my god, it’s just so hot. It starts with Draco running into Harry in a pub, and they banter a bit but basically they got out into this alley and they can’t keep their hands off each other – particularly Harry! Oh god!

And then they go to Draco’s place and it gets better. And then—actually, I won’t say anything else. You’re going to be glad I didn’t say anything else. It’s gorgeous! :D 

Carried Away

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Note: Reupload of request “Taehyung + Over-stimulation” with added content and edits, as usual.  Just Smut.  A big thank you to @savemxbts for feedback on the first draft.  The gif also has nothing to do with anything in the fic but I just love his hands lol.  

Summary:  Taehyung + Over-stimulation 




Taehyung loves to get carried away with you.  

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title: would you sit me on a couch (with your fingers in my mouth)
pairing: wolfstar
genre: fluffy smut
warnings: use of q*eer slurs, cursing
beta: @wolfstarbaby ty u r fabulous ♡
words: 2286
summary: remus and sirius sharing a flat post hogwarts and making good use of their sofa if you catch my drift… basically just an excuse to write sirius riding remus but shhh title from halsey’s trouble (aka the song that sounds like it was written for these losers)

excerpt: “hate it when you look like that and are too far away to kiss,” remus mutters, reaching up to brush his thumb across sirius’ protruding bottom lip. sirius grins breathlessly, eyes closed, and flicks the tip of his tongue against remus’ fingerpad. remus slips the finger into his mouth, watching intently as sirius sucks on it. 

a/n: had a prompt sitting in my inbox for ages but couldn’t come up with anything, so i wrote this instead bc im trash. @ravenhairedharry hope you enjoy

It’s late afternoon and Remus is sprawled out on the sofa reading an essay called “Shamanism - Magic or Muggle Hoax?” when Sirius strolls into the lounge. Considering that their flat consists of barely three rooms - kitchen, bath and joint living and bedroom - the word lounge is probably an exaggeration, but Sirius insists on the term.
The dimming light falls softly through the long flimsy curtains and draws lines across the pages of Remus’ book.
“For many centuries, the ceremonies of shamans have been a part of native cultures. But can they really perform healing charms?”
Remus flicks his tongue out in concentration.
A shadow falls on his book.
“Is shamanism practised solely by wizards that happen to live among muggle communities or -”
A weight settling on Remus’ knees and the squeak of the sofa springs finally make him look up.
Sirius is sat on his legs, dressed in ripped skinny jeans and a loose tank top, his messy hair in a bun and lips in a pout. “Stop ignoring me. What’s the point of you if you’re not giving me attention?”
Remus raises his eyebrows. “I’m reading, Sirius.”
Sirius huffs and folds his arms behind his head as if to stretch his back, flashing a stripe of pale skin above the waist of his trousers. “I can see that, I just don’t see why,” he whines, pushing his lip out further and frowning at Remus.
Remus chuckles and carefully marks the page before placing the book on the floor next to him. “Did you want something, love?”
Sirius’ lips twitch as if he’s trying not to smile, betrayed by the sparkle in his grey eyes.
“Oh no, nothing in particular. Just saw you lying there and thought I’d join you.”
He glances around. “What were you reading?”
Remus starts to explain but trails off when he finds Sirius isn’t listening at all, but rather staring at Remus’ shoulder where the worn-out collar of his jumper reveals quite a bit of skin. His tongue lashes out instinctively to wet his lips, and Remus feels it go straight to his crotch.

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