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I came across this while searching for cat themed sci-fi covers…

Here is the official book blurb on Amazon: “Hey baby girl, I am sure you’ve f#$%ed doggy style plenty, but tonight we doin’ it kitty style.”

Also: Bon R. Champ

Editor’s note: I really wish there was a moon in the background here instead of 70s brown wallpaper.

The Party

I hope you all enjoy this, took me forever to write and it kind of ends abruptly, maybe I’ll write a part two if enough people like it :-)

“Come on Y/N, we need to go out tonight. You need to get out of your funk.” my best friend said as she tried to pull me off of my bed.

“But I want to stay here. You can go without me.” I replied covering my face with a pillow. The guy I was dating for two whole years broke up with me two weeks ago and I was still super upset about it.

“No. You’re coming with me. Just give it thirty minutes, and then if you aren’t having fun we can leave. I promise.” Y/BF/N removed the pillow from my head and managed to sit me up. I agreed to give this party she wanted to go to a chance. I guess it wouldn’t kill me leaving the house for a night. We got dressed in the cutest outfits we could find. She was in a short black dress with black heels and I was in a short white dress with white heels. Dressing up and putting on make-up actually lightened my mood a little bit. We arrived at the house party at around midnight, so it was already pretty packed.

“Come on, let’s go get some drinks!” Y/BF/N exclaimed as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. I took about ten shots and chugged a beer, so I was really starting to feel good. We made our way to the open living room where the furniture was moved to the side so everyone could dance. I was dancing with Y/BF/N until I felt some hands on my hips.

“Hey lil mamma” I turned and saw the cutest guy I had ever seen, well I’m assuming he was cute, everything was kind of a blur. But I managed to make out a killer smile and some deep dimples.

“I’m Y/N!” I yelled over the music hoping he could hear me.

“Nate, but you can call me Skate. Or whatever you wanna call me.” he smiled and pulled my body against his. Well the plan tonight was to have fun so that’s what I was going to do. Our bodies move to the beat of the song in sync and his hands never left my hips. I closed my eyes as I felt his breath on the back of my neck. Then, I felt his lips touching my skin. I couldn’t help but let out a light moan. I tuned to face him and our lips collided. His hands felt my ass and gave it a squeeze as he opened his mouth and our kiss deepened. I bit his bottom lip lightly as I pulled away grabbing his hand to go somewhere else.

“Here.” I said finally finding an unoccupied room. I closed the door behind me and felt his body against mine again. I was against the wall with his body pressed against me. His hands were placed on my ass again, his lips on my neck, and my hands in his hair. He lifted up my dress and took in the sight of my almost naked body.

“Damn.” he smirked before sliding off my bra and thong. I pulled off his clothes and pushed him onto the bed. I skipped all of the foreplay, and got right to it. I slid him into me and we both let out a little moan. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I rode him. His hands were on my hips guiding me and moans were escaping his mouth. Then, he flipped me over and put one hand on my hip and the other grabbing the headboard. He rammed into me as hard and as fast as he could.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck.” was all I managed to say as I arched my back and grabbed the sheets about to explode.

“That’s right, take it all. Take it all!” he said through clenched teeth. We both screamed in pleasure as we came at the same time. He collapsed beside me and we both had deep heavy breaths.

“Shit.” We both said at the same time. 

Jungkook Smut.


Hey guys! So, as the title implies, this is a Jungkook smut… hehe~ This was not requested, but I wanted to practice smut writing and this is what I came up with. It’s not very long, but it took me a long time to write and that is why I have been kind of ignoring the pile of ship requests in our ask box… oops 😅 Now that I have finished this, I will get back to working on ships, so please be patient with me. This scenario is purely smut, so if you are not into that, then this is not going to be for you. This is my first smut ever, so please be kind to me and look over some potentially awkward parts 😂 I tried my best, so I hope you guys really like it 💜😘

-admin yoonie 


It started with your lips pressed against his neck as you pushed him against the door to you apartment and clumsily locked it. Your tongue began to explore the sensitive skin of his neck in slow circles as your hand quickly found its way to the waist band of his shorts. Both of you were impatient and worked up enough, but you couldn’t pass up the chance to tease him a little bit.

You gently sunk your teeth down on his neck in a playful bite and made your way past his shorts to feel his hardness press against your fingers. Moving your lips up to his ear as you firmly took his member into your hand, you sensually whispered to him, “Tell me what you want, Kookie.”

His lustful stare met your’s. He bit his bottom lip to hold in a whine as his eyes begged you to just keep going, but it wasn’t enough. “Tell me.” Your hand, that was once gentle, tightened around his shaft. You were determined and refused to do anything else until you heard him say exactly what he wanted you to do.

Honestly, it was a major turn on to hear such dirty little words coming from his innocent lips. Moaning your name and breaking away from the hold you had on his eyes in embarrassment, he finally gave in.

“Please, _____-ah.”

“Please what?”

“Blow me.”


You flashed a smile at him victoriously as you stripped yourself of your shirt before getting down on your knees to give him his reward for being such a good boy. Positioning yourself in front of him, you eagerly tore off his shorts and boxers, watching his bare erection stand at attention.

Once again, you took his shaft into your hand, but, this time, gave it a few much needed pumps. A moan shamelessly escaped him, which just encouraged you to run your tongue over the his head that was already leaking pre-cum as your hand continued to work him.

“Fuck, _____, please.”

You loved seeing Jungkook like this, sweat running down naked skin and curses spilling out from swollen lips as he became desperate for you. A smirk painted itself across your face as you looked up to see his face contort in pleasure as you finally wrapped your pretty little lips around his throbbing head, giving him what he had asked for.

The thrill that rushed through you when his fingers sloppily fumbled through your hair to find a tight hold as he forced himself further down your throat was overwhelming. Relaxing, you were able to take in more of him. His moans filled the empty room as you pressed and massaged your tongue against the underside of his penis.

Surprisingly, you were almost always the one who initiated these kind of things. You loved getting Jungkook all riled up and seeing and hearing just how much he needed you. Driving him crazy and bringing him to the edge of no return was one of your favourite hobbies. He would never admit it, but he loved it when you teased him and took control of him too. You always knew exactly what to do to have him begging you not to stop.

Without breaking eye contact with him you began to rock your head back and forth at a faster pace letting him feel your hot, wet throat surround as much of him as you could manage without choking. Your hand took care of the rest of his penis, using it to pump him in rhythm with your mouth. His hips followed your motions as he thrusted into your mouth as gently as he could, slowly loosing himself in the pleasure he was receiving from you.

You were confused when you felt his hand that was buried in your hair forcefully pull you away, but it all made sense when you looked up at him. He was breathing heavily and you could tell that he was getting close. He was ready for something else.

As soon as you got up from your knees, Jungkook wrapped his arms around your naked waist and crashed his lips against yours. You could feel his erection press into your stomach as he began to guide you in the direction of your bedroom. The two of you stumbled over each other with lips still locked together as you some how managed to make it into the room and fell on your bed.

Jungkook hovered over you and pulled off his own shirt leaving him completely naked before he brought his lips to yours once again. He deepened the kiss by running his tongue along your bottom lip and roughly pulling it with his teeth. You parted your lips in response and let him gain access your mouth. Tongues fought for dominance as his hand made its way down to your chest and gave your breast a tight squeeze through your bra causing you to let out a moan muffled by his lips.

Displeased by the amount of clothing you still had on, Jungkook took it upon himself to take it off piece by piece. He started with your bra, finding the clasp and impatiently tugging at it to grant him easier access to your breasts. Once your bra was completely off and probably lying on the floor somewhere, he began to toy with your hardened nipples.

Pinching one with his fingers and rolling his tongue over the other, his unoccupied hand wandered down to your shorts.You could feel him struggling to free you from them, so you pushed him away to stand up and take them off yourself.

Looking back at Jungkook, who was waiting patiently on your bed, you bent over with your ass in the air to pull your shorts and panties slowly down your legs, giving him a wonderful view that he very gratefully took in.

You heard Jungkook making his way off of the bed before you felt his hands on your hips and his lips latching onto your shoulder from behind you. He sucked on your skin and you knew that the hickey he was working on would be a pain in the ass to cover up tomorrow, but, right now, you didn’t care one bit.

Pulling you closer, you were pressed against him as his hand traveled down to your wet lips. You began to grind your butt against his erection as he slowly circled around your swollen clit. He dropped his finger down and ran it along your slit to feel just how wet you were for him. Breaking from your shoulder, his lips made their way up to your ear, gently nibbling on it.

“You’re already this wet? I haven’t even started yet.”

“Shut up.” He pressed his smirking lips against your neck obviously pleased with himself and the effect he had on your body.

You felt one of his fingers poke at your entrance before fully entering you. If you weren’t a moaning mess already, you were now. Jungkook put in another finger to add to the amount of pleasure that you were receiving and to prepare you for his cock. He was thrusting his fingers in and out at a fast pace, curling them inside you and pressing them against your soaked walls.

“Fuck.” It felt good.

Before you got too cared away, you stopped Jungkook’s hand. Spinning around to see him lick the fingers that were previously inside you clean, you pushed him on to the bed and straddled his hips. You positioned yourself over him, bending down for one last sweet and reassuring kiss before slowly sinking yourself down on his member.

With your hands firm on his chest to keep you stable, you lifted your hips up just enough to bring them down hard. Your pace was slow, but it was just enough to get the two of you breathing heavily and moaning. It was perfect. The feeling of your tightness surrounding him and the feeling of his hardness inside of you was driving you two crazy.

Jungkook always thought that you looked so fucking hot on top of him like this. He loved the way that your hair messily hung down in your face. He loved watching your breasts bounce up and down as you rode him. He loved how you threw your head back in a drawn out scream of his name when it was becoming too much for you. He loved everything about these precious moments that only you two shared with each other.

Not wanting you to do all the work, he began to thrust into you as you dropped down, forcing his member all the way inside of you. As his pace got faster so did your’s.

Focused on making you cum with him, he brought one of his hands down to your dripping pussy and began flicking you clit. You tightened your walls around his penis in response, knowing that you were quickly approaching your orgasm. Jungkook groaned feeling the pressure growing around his penis buried deep inside of you.

“Shit, I’m close _____-ah.”

“Me too. Don’t fucking stop.”

He didn’t stop. His fingers continued to play with your clit as he quickened his thrusts to match with yours and in a few minutes you were loosing yourself on him. The pulsing of your walls as you came around his member brought him to his own release. You collapsed on top of him as the two of you fought to catch your own breaths.

After a while of laying on top of him with his arms wrapped lovingly around you, you got up to clean yourself off. Returning to bed, you fell back into Jungkook’s embrace. You snuggled into his chest and listened to the sound of his steady heart beat.

Looking up at him, you saw that his eyes were closed and that he was peacefully drifting off to sleep. You smiled to yourself thinking about how lucky you were to get to see him like this.

Running your fingers through his silky black hair, you leaned over to kiss his forehead and heard him murmur something under his breath that never ceased to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever he said it.

“I love you _____.”

“I love you too, Jungkook.” 


I really hope you liked it! Thank you so much for reading it. I will work harder to improve and write some awesome stuff for you guys in the future 👍🏼       Thanks again 💜

-admin yoonie

Please Jack... (Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Ella; Smut)

    // Don’t read if you don’t like smut: ellagilinsky

“It’s okay Toby, no one will judge you I promise. I wont tell anyone if you don’t want me to.” I told my best friend. 

  He recently discovered that he is gay. I told Jack that i’d be home 30 minutes ago but this is really important I do have to be there for Toby. He was always there when I was going through something. Before and after Jack. 

  “Thank you Ell, for being here for me.” He sobbed into my shoulder. 

   “No problem T-.’ 

  “Ella Fucking Matthes.! “ I heard a voice call. 

  Toby and I snapped our heads into the direction of the voice. What I saw could scare a group of kids and their parents. There he stood. Jack Gilinsky with the deepest scowl painted on his beautiful flawless face. 

  “Jack! Hey baby!” I said trying to lighten the mood but it didn’t look like it worked. At all. 

  “Don’t fucking baby me, Ell. You were supposed to be home 30 fucking minutes ago! I get fucking worried thinking you were kidnapped or raped or some shit and I find you here! With him! “ He screamed. 

  “No Jack, listen. Ell didn’t-” Toby started. 

  “Shut the fuck up, Toby” He growled. 

  I was in shock because of his behavior. I forgot jack had thought me and Toby had a thing before we met. We didn’t and he always thinks i’m lying.  I know this isn’t the time but his anger is kinda hot and it’s turning me on. 

  “Let’s go Ella, now. “ He mumbled while grabbing my wrist and yanking me to the apartment. 

  While he was dragging me, i could hear him mumbling profanities under his breath. Before I realized it he had me pinned against the door of our apartment. 

  “Jack, what are you doing. “ 

  “I’m going to show you exactly why you with me and not him or another fucker in this world. “ He whispered seductively in my ear. 

  He yanked open the door and carried me all the way to the bed room, throwing my body on the blue bed. 

  Before I knew it, his lips were on mine in seconds. His lips tasted so good as well as his tongue that was pushing its way into my mouth. 

  Jack removed his lips and took off my shirt and attached his lips onto the top of my breast. After removing my bra, he kissed me once more on my lips and attached them to my nipples. I could feel the fire in my body rising and he started sucking and biting. 

  “Ella, you’ve been a very bad girl and daddy is going to have to punish you” He growled again. 

  My body was on fire from his powerful touch. He took off my jeans as well as his and his shirt. Jack placed small kissed on the inside of my thigh before kissing my heat through the thin panties that were soaked. 

  He looped his finger around the line and pulled them off of me. 

    “Baby, who made you this wet?” He said before placed his tongue flat on my core. 

  I moaned in response. 

  Suddenly, he stopped and i whimpered at the loss of contact.

  “I said who made you this wet, Ell.” He purred. 

  ‘Y-you did. “ I moaned. 

   He placed his tongue back in its original spot and began to eat me out again. He sucked hard on my throbbing clit that was in need of him and onyl him.  

  The pleasure was indescribable. Shortly after, i felt jack stick his fingers inside of me, making me scream. He sucked even harder on my clit and moved his fingers in and out me in a fast motion. Jack removed his fingers and his tounge and frowned as he pulled out.

   “Now im really gonna show you why no other guy can have you. “ 

  He removed his boxers and wasted no time thrusting into me. He moved hard and quick. The pleasure was amazing. 

  “Daddy, i-im close.” 

  “Let it go, baby” He cooed.  

 Jack and I  both rode our highs together. 

  “Oh and tobys gay” I giggled. 

Tie Me Up : Chris Evans

This is the smut piece I wrote for ginabaker1666. She insisted I share it so here it is! The character of Ally belongs to her but unfortunately Chris doesn’t belong to either of us…Enjoy!

(I’ll figure out how to link this later)

He stood watching her from across the hall, pulling his bottom lip into his mouth as she pulled her dark hair free from the diamante clasp holding it in place, mocha curls cascading down her back like a waterfall. He felt the tightening in his dress pants as he observed the way she moved around the room, slipping out of her heels and reaching a hand around her back to pull down the zipper on her red dress. His breath hitched as she missed the zipper and then he almost stopped breathing altogether when she cast him a glance over her shoulder. Her green eyes held a lustful gaze behind their frame of dark eyelashes as she gave him a sultry smile.

“You gonna stand out there all night or are you gonna get in here and help me out of this dress?” Ally purred and, never one to turn away from a damsel in distress, Chris entered the bedroom, closing the short space between them and coming to stand behind her.

He smiled as he reached for her zipper, his blue eyes never leaving her green ones.

“Have I told you that you looked beautiful tonight?” He enquired, allowing his finger to trail down Ally’s spine as he pulled the zipper down slowly.

“Several times,” Ally smiled back at him and Chris leaned forward, his lips brushing against hers in the briefest of kisses.

“Well, it’s the truth…” He whispered, releasing his hold on the zipper and watching as Ally stepped forward and turned around to face him.

She held his gaze as she wriggled out of the dress, the red silk fabric sliding down her body and pooling around her feet to reveal her black lingerie set and Chris had to remind himself how to breathe again.

“Damn…” He cursed, his eyes roaming over every inch of her, drinking her in.

“Do you like it?” Ally asked, her head tilted to the side as she stroked a hand along the top of her chest, drawing Chris’ eyes to her breasts. “I bought it especially for you…”

“I like it,” Chris replied, his mouth going dry as he watched her step out of the red puddle that was her dress and walk towards him, the gentle sway of her hips almost sending him over the edge. “I like it a Hell of a lot…”

Ally grinned, her hands coming up to touch the black tie that hung loose around her blue eyed lover’s neck. She reached up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips as her fingers closed around the tie, pulling him to her and Chris groaned into the embrace.

“Damn, Ally, you’re killing me…” He murmured, the brunette pulling away before he could reach for her.

“Let’s do something about that then,” Ally released her hold on his tie and allowed her hands to slide down his torso, feeling the hard muscles beneath his white shirt.

She stopped when she reached the waistband of his dress pants, locking her eyes onto his as her fingers danced along the edge of it. “I think these need to come off…” She whispered, biting down on her bottom lip as her fingers brushed against the tip of his arousal.

Chris immediately brought his hands up to release the button on his trousers but Ally playfully slapped them away, shaking her head at him.

“Allow me…” The brunette insisted, her fingers already popping open the button before Chris could respond. With one swift movement of her hands, she pushed the black fabric away from his hips and down his thighs.

Chris held his breath as his erection strained against the cotton of his boxers, begging to be released and Ally brought a finger up to stroke along his hardened length.

“Ally…” He breathed, the brunette peeking up at him from under her long, dark lashes.

“Yeah, babe?” She asked, the look of longing in Chris’ blue eyes answering her question before he spoke a word.

“Don’t tease…”

Ally slid her hands back up his torso, bringing them to a stop when she reached his shoulders and Chris seized his opportunity to grab her, his hands falling to her hips as he pulled her flush against his body.

“You know I hate it when you tease, baby…” He whispered in her ear before leaning in and pressing his lips to hers in an ardent kiss. “Get on the bed…”

Ally licked her lips in anticipation of what was to come, stepping out of Chris’ hold and moving towards the bed. Chris watched as she crawled on top of the sheets and lay down for him, her gaze meeting his as her hand fell to the empty space beside her.

“Well, are you coming?” She asked, patting the mattress and Chris grinned, kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his slacks.

“Not yet I’m not but soon hopefully…” He smirked, coming to join her on the bed and Ally reached out for him as soon as he was close enough.

“No more talk…” The brunette placed a finger against his lips, smiling when Chris puckered up and kissed it.

“Okay…” He agreed in a hushed voice, his hand falling to her hip as he moved forward, rolling the both of them so that Ally was now pinned beneath him. “No more talk…”

His mouth came down on hers, claiming it as his own as her hands found the back of his head, her fingers carding through his short dark hair as she pulled him in closer to her, deepening the kiss.

He gripped her hips as they kissed, his fingers inching their way underneath the lacy barely there black fabric. He pulled away from her mouth slowly, his lips blazing a trail across her cheek, down the side of her neck and continuing on until they reached the curve of her breast.

Ally felt her breath hitch in her throat as she caught his gaze, his blue eyes seeking permission from her to do what he wished to do next and she nodded, helpless against his lustful stare.

Chris took the lace fabric of her bra in between his teeth, tugging it down ever so slightly to reveal her tight bud to him and he quickly clamped his mouth around it, flicking his tongue against it as he suckled.

Ally mewled, writhing beneath him and gripping fistfuls of the sheets she lay upon as he nuzzled at her breast, driving her into a frenzy. One of his hands slid up her side, stopping only when it reached her other breast and he hooked his fingers into the lacy cup, yanking it down and taking her into his palm.

Chris peeked up at her, his tongue drawing lazy circles around her nipple as his other hand gently squeezed and kneaded at her. He smiled against her skin, taking pleasure in watching her squirm.

Ally panted, biting down on her lip and arching her back as Chris continued his oral assault on her.

“Chris…” She moaned, just as he pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and slid back up her body, bringing his mouth down onto hers.

“Relax, babe, we’ve got all night…” He told her, kissing her once more before moving down her body again. He placed tender kisses down the valley of her breasts, his hands coming to rest against her hips again, pressing her down onto the mattress as he kissed a trail down to her stomach and then further on to the edging of her panties.

Ally moaned softly as Chris licked along the top of the black lingerie, his hands inching down and his fingers dipping below the waistband. He shifted slightly, just a small movement but enough to give him room to pull the panties down, pushing them down Ally’s legs.

The brunette glanced down at him, breathless as she watched him nestle between her open thighs and press sweet kisses to the exposed skin he found there, working his way up to where she needed to feel him the most. She gasped as his tongue swiped against her folds, the blue eyed actor teasing her just a little bit more before thrusting his tongue inside of her.
“Oh fuck!” Ally cried out, her back arching upwards and Chris smirked, taking the opportunity to slip his hands under her ass and pull her towards him. He buried himself deep between her warm, damp folds, lapping at her juices as she bucked her hips against him and he gripped her ass, holding her in place.

He licked and sucked and swirled his tongue around and around her clit, bringing her to the edge over and over again but not allowing her to find the sweet release she was aching for, always pulling back before her climax could hit and Ally gripped his head within her hands, urging him to do what she needed him to do as she stared down at him. Chris raised his gaze to meet hers, as he started suckling on her clit once more, poking at it with his tongue until he felt her walls start to tense.

“Oh God, Chris, do it!” Ally begged him, pushing herself into him. “Do it, please!” She pleaded and Chris nuzzled at her, flicking his tongue against her core once more and feeling her clamp down hard around him as she came, crying out his name for all to hear.

He grinned, moving back from her and watching her writhe against the sheets in pleasure as her orgasm rocked her body. He sat back, coming to rest on his knees and pushing his boxers down before taking his hard cock into his hand as he watched Ally recover. She looked up at him, a gasp escaping her lips.

“You want this?” He smirked, stroking along his length and Ally nodded, still breathless. His blue eyes glinted with mischief, his tongue swiping across his lower lip. “Come and get it…”

Ally didn’t need telling twice. She sat up, moving to join Chris in his upright position, her hand closing over his on his cock as she pressed her lips to his, tasting herself on him.

“I want to taste you,” She whispered against his mouth, tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth and Chris smirked, his hand still working his length.

“Be my guest…” He told her and Ally pressed another kiss to his mouth before lowering herself so that she was face to face with his cock.

The brunette looked up at her blue eyed lover before taking him into her mouth, Chris’ head lolling back as she started to suck at him. He brought his hand up to her hair, grabbing a fistful of it and keeping her head in place as she started to bob up and down against him, her tongue flicking over his tip, tasting him.

“Fuck!” He hissed, his hips jutting forward, pushing himself further into her mouth and Ally kept her eyes on him as he started to thrust slowly, fucking her mouth. “God damn it, Ally…” He groaned, pulling out of her with a pop and Ally rose up to be eye level with him again. “You’re so fuckin’ bad, you know that?”

Ally grinned, tugging his tie free and pushing off his shirt; “Then why don’t you punish me?” She suggested, offering the black tie out to him and Chris arched an eyebrow at her, asking her without words if she was saying what he thought she was saying. She nodded in response, bringing her hands together in front of him. “Tie me up, Captain…” She whispered, a playful gleam in her green eyes and Chris smiled, nodding his head before wrapping his tie around her wrists.

“What now?” He asked and Ally leaned forward to capture his mouth with her own.

“Fuck me,” She whispered and Chris inhaled quickly before grabbing her around the waist and tackling her to the mattress, his mouth covering hers as he pinned her beneath him.

“With fuckin’ pleasure,” He growled, bringing one hand up to keep her entwined hands up above her head as he held her down with his other one and pushed into her.

Ally cried out as he entered her, stretching her, filling her completely. Chris looked down at her for a brief moment, as if to be checking if she was okay but when she reached up and kissed him he continued to move within her, his hips meeting hers in a blissful rhythm.

After the orgasm she had experienced earlier and given how aroused she was at that very moment, it didn’t take long for Ally to feel that familiar build up of tension deep within her core and she urged Chris on, meshing her lips against his and increasing her pace. Chris matched her movements, grunting and groaning against her mouth as he thrust into her. A glistening sheen of sweat coated their bodies as the couple moved together, each thrust bringing each of them closer and closer to their climax.

“Oh God!” Ally exclaimed, bucking her hips as she felt herself reach her peak. “Harder, Chris. Harder…” She urged him and Chris grunted as he pulled out and slammed back into her as hard as he possibly could.

That was all it took for Ally to see the stars, colours exploding behind her eyes like fireworks on the Fourth of July as her second orgasm of the night hit. She cried out her lovers name for God and all to hear as she rode the waves of her climax and it wasn’t long before Chris joined her, grunting as he spilled into her. He collapsed against her, completely and utterly spent, pressing kisses to every inch of her damp skin he could find as he tried to catch his breath.

“If that’s how our nights out end, remind me to take you out more often…” He chuckled, bringing his mouth down onto hers and claiming it with a kiss that touched her very soul. “I fuckin’ love you, you know?” He said, staring into her eyes.

Ally smiled up at him, her hands still tied together above her head; “I love you too…” She pecked his lips. “Now untie me…”

Chris glanced up at her entwined hands, smirking; “But I kinda like you all tied up and defenceless against me…” He claimed before bringing his mouth down hard against hers and Ally knew that their night together wasn’t over just yet.

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can you do a cake threesome?

god THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. drunkely fooling around with luke and calum after a night out at the club and somehow the idea of a threesome comes up and you’re all intoxicated and horny and let’s be real they both think you’re fucking hot so you guys just go with it. calum pulling your top over you head and massaging your breasts through your bra as luke pulls your skirt down and starts rubbing you through your panties and you’re already so wet and he chuckles to himself and is like, “you want us to make you feel good baby?” and you nod eagerly while calum unhooks your bra and starts nipping at your neck, leaving a trail of spit and bruises over skin just above your collarbone and his hands are on your breasts, tweaking the nipples while luke massages your inner thighs. and by now both boys are just in their boxers and you palm calum through them as he captures your lips with his and then luke is slowly sliding your panties down and sliding a finger up your slit and you’re gasping into calum’s mouth and calum chuckles, still fondling your breasts. “c’mere,” calum suggests, pulling you inbetween his legs farther up on the bed and luke spreads your legs wide for him before diving head-first into your pussy. he uses his tongue on your clit, flicking it back and forth and calum is holding your hands above your head as he kisses down your neck. so luke eats you out and then starts pumping his fingers in and out of you and that’s when calum starts playing with your tits again and you’re so close to cumming so cal whispers in your ear, “cum for us, babe.” and you do and it’s great. and then luke sheds his boxers and moves up to the front of the bed and you two start making out and you’re jerking him off while calum moves down and is like, “you think you i can make you cum again?” and you’re still so horny and needy so you just agree and then calum’s pounding into you while you’re fisting luke’s dick and he’s panting into your mouth. and then calum is leaning over you and leaving hot kisses on your neck, your breasts, biting onto your shoulder, anything he can get his hands onto. and then luke is cumming with a long grunt and calum has his fingers working your clit and you both cum soon after and it’s all just very nice :) :) :) :)

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I'm so sorry but I've looked everywhere for this fic I read on here once it had the title like 'two dans and a dildo' and it was a 2009x2015 but I can't for the life of me find it. It's where 2015 Dan challenges 2009 Dan to see who comes the fastest. Plz help me.

Two Dans, Two Dildos, What Did You Expect?2009!dan and 2015!dan make a bet to see who can last longest on a dildo without touching themselves/coming.

~ Tori

Your Problem is That You're Human

Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Reader is having a rough time in the beginning, mentions of death during a hunt, Little tiff with Dean,
smut, smut, smut

Meeting him was like being a curious child, shoved into the world you’ve always wanted to know. Getting to know him was like receiving a gift that no one else had ever received before. Caring about him was like standing so close to a wild flame that had the power to burn you, but you knew that it would never harm you. Falling in love with him was like having the most wonderful thing in the world dangling in front of you, tauntingly, and knowing that you would never be able to reach it. He was a man of power, of darkness, of deceitfulness. You were charismatic, loving, and hopeful. You knew that if you were to ever be truthful with him about your longings, nothing would ever be the same. He would laugh at your stupidity; falling in love with someone such as him. You couldn’t handle the embarrassment. As of now, you were looked at as strong and intelligent. You didn’t want to risk that by showing him how vulnerable he made you. People like you weren’t meant to be vulnerable, but these days, it seemed that was the only thing you were. You were crumbling.

“(Y/n)?” You could hear Dean calling for you from outside your room. “Can I come in?” He asked in an almost hopeful tone, but he knew he would not receive an answer. You hadn’t spoken to anyone in awhile and you didn’t really know why. The hunting life did this to you occasionally and after last weeks hunt, you’d snapped. Your bedroom door cracked open and you pulling your blanket a little closer, covering your face. Dean looked around your room and it looked just how Sam had told him. Papers and books were thrown across the floor, glass was broken in the corner, and feathers from pillows covered nearly everything. “(Y/n)..” Dean whispered almost to himself. He couldn’t believe what had become of you. It was nearly impossible for him to imagine you as the giggling girl you were last month, practically skipping around the bunker, keeping a smile on their faces. You were the last good thing they had, and now, you were almost a stranger. “Please, talk to me.” He sat down on the edge of your bed, debating weather or not to touch you. His hand hovered above your hair for a moment before retreating to his lap. “Sammy and I are going insane not hearing from you or even seeing you.. It’s like you’ve disappeared.” Dean took in a deep breath and you could tell he was working into a speech that you really didn’t want to hear. “What happened to that boy last week wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. He made the decision to jump in front of the bullet and by doing that, he saved your life-”

“And what worth is that?” You said in the softest voice. Dean blinked a few times in disbelief.

“What worth is that?” He repeated in exasperation, staring down at your hidden figure. “You’re so far gone..” You felt the bed shift beside you and heard his footsteps then the closing of your bedroom door. It was never hard for you to drive people away.

“Your wasting away in here, Kitten.” His voice declared. For a moment, you couldn’t tell if it was in your head or not, but when his hand began to run through your locks, you knew he was with you. “Times are hard, but you’ve gone through worse. You’ve always pulled through.” Crowley said truthfully as he pulled the blanket away from your tear stained face. “I want to stay here with you and take care of you. Will you let me?” His whiskey colored eyes looked down into your (y/e/c) ones as if looking for your answer. You gave a pathetic attempt at a nod and he smiled softly. “First, I’m going to run you a bath and get you get cleaned up, okay?” Another nod. He took your hand in his as you shakily stood up and followed him into your bathroom. He picked you up and placed you on the counter top of your sink, pecking you on your flushed cheek before turning to run your bath. You couldn’t help but peak behind you at your reflection and you frowned at the sight. To say the least, you looked like absolute hell.

“How did you know?” You muttered, turning away from your pitiful self. He didn’t answer right away, thinking over his words.

“I could feel you.” He admitted. Your brows furrowed and he turned back towards you after running the perfect amount of water that was covered by bubbles. The sweet strawberry scent of your bubble bath filled the air and you let out a breath at the niceness of it.

“What do you mean?” You asked him as you hopped down from the counter and lifted your shirt over your head. Crowley averted his eyes from your naked form, waiting until you had sunk into the water and were shielded by bubbles before looking back at you.

“I don’t know to be honest.” He sank down to the tile floor and rolled up his sleeves. “It’s like I could feel that you were so unhappy… It was very much annoying, really.” Crowley joked and the corners of your lips turned up slightly.

“Sorry to inconvenience you.” You ducked under the water, wetting your hair.

“Turn this way for me, darling.” He instructed and you did as he said. You felt him run his hands through your hair, rubbing your shampoo into your scalp. “You could never be an inconvenience to me, Kitten.” Once he had finished, you ducked back into the water, rinsing out all of the shampoo before coming back up. “How have Moose and Squirrel been handling your current state?” Crowley pondered.

“Roughly..” You sighed. “Sam wants me to talk about it with him and Dean just wants me to talk about anything, but I can’t. I just.. I don’t know what my problem is.”

“Your problem is that you’re human.” He shrugged as if it were simple. “You mourn, you weep, you love.” He ran his hand along your shoulder as he carried on with his list. “You resent each other, you care for each other, you long for each other, and you all do each of these things differently.”

“You don’t?” You couldn’t stop the words before they fell from your lips and you felt the senseless patterns he was drawing on your skin stop for a brief second before carrying on once more. He blinked as he thought over the question.

“You know that I can’t.” Crowley’s voice defeated him.

“Do I?” You turned to face him, rinsing the soap from your body and standing up from the bath. This time he didn’t bother with looking away from you. His eyes were trained on yours as he wrapped a towel around your shoulders. “Because this feels like you care.” You could see the way his eyes became even softer as he looked over your face. He ran his tongue over his lips. “And I can see the longing in your eyes.” He brought his hand to your face, running his thumb over your lip and you watched the way his eyes flickers from yours to your mouth. He wanted to so badly that it hurt. “Is this not love?” Your chest pounded so loudly that you wondered if he could hear it. You’ve made yourself vulnerable and he knew it. Now, what would he do with it?

“(Y/n), I..” Crowley sounded nearly breathless. You wrapped your arms loosely around his neck and he did the rest. He pressed his lips down onto yours in a slow, curious kiss and then he deepened it, allowing himself to express everything he had been feeling since the moment he met you. He traced your lips with his tongue, begging for entrance and you granted with pleasure. You moaned into his mouth and that was all he needed to lift you up by the back of your thighs and carry you back into your room, laying you gently into your bed. “I do, alright? I love you. I always have. I’ve been fighting and fighting, but you are the one thing that always comes out on top in my life.” He loomed over you, watching your chest rise and fall and your body squirm. You were a mess of desire for him and he wanted you. He took the towel from your body and threw it to the floor before covering your neck in heated kisses. He nipped and sucked on your skin, marking you as his own and you moaned in delight.

“I love you..” You gasped, clawing at his shirt, begging for it to be off and he gladly did as you wanted. He made quick work of getting out of his own clothes before returning back to his assault on your neck. You tugged at his hair, bucking your hips needfully towards him, seeking some sort of much needed friction.

“Your so beautiful.” He uttered against your skin, licking a line to your jaw. His hand ran down your neck, down the valley of your breasts, and just where you wanted him. He dipped two fingers into your folds, feeling your wetness. He groaned. “Your ready for me, aren’t you? Do you want me, Kitten?” You nodded your head furiously. “Tell me. Tell me just how you want me.” He ran his fingers up and down your slit teasingly and you whined.

“Please..” You gasped when he brushed lightly against your swollen clit. “Please, Crowley..”

“Please, what? I want to hear you say it, Kitten.” He bit down on your neck and you moaned loudly.

“I want.. I need you inside of me. I need you to fuck me, please. Please.” You rocked your hips pathetically against his hand and he smirked at your need for pressure. He teased you a moment longer before pressing down on your clit with his thumb and slipping two fingers inside of your needy entrance. You moaned in pleasure, rocking your hips against him.

“You’re such a good girl for me.” He purred as he pumped in and out of you at a torturously slow pace. “You beg so nicely.. I want to hear more..” Crowley pulled his fingers out of you and you whined at the loss, but when you felt his hard cock bush against your entrance, you groaned. “Do you want that?” He taunted, rubbing his length against your entrance.

“Yes!” You moaned, but you knew that wouldn’t be good enough. “I need you. Oh, Crowley.. Please, fuck! Fuck me!” You gasped out and you felt his hand cup your cheek as he began to slide into you, slowly. You screamed at the feeling of him stretching you so nicely.

“You feel so.. so good.” He grunted as he sank into you. He waited a moment, giving you time to adjust to his size before rocking his hips forward. You fisted the sheets with one hand and raked your nails into his back with the other, holding on as he snapped his length in and out of you again. “So good for me.. So good for your King..”

“Yes, yes!” You moaned. “Anything for you! Yes!” You could feel the coil in your stomach winding tight and you groaned. Crowley’s hand fell from your cheek and he began to rub at your clit, causing you to scream in pleasure. “I’m gonna.. I-I..”

“Come for me, Kitten. Come all over my cock.” He purred as he rocked in and out of you at a desperate pace and that was all it took for you to come hard around him.

“Ah! Oh, Crowley! Crowley!” You shouted his name over and over again in your state of bliss, thrusting up against him, riding our your orgasm.

“(Y/n)..” He groaned as you milked his cock with you pulsating walls. He thrusted into you one last time before spilling his seed with a moan of your name.

You both stayed like that, connected, breathing harshly and holding onto each other as tightly as possible. When he finally pulled out of you, you sighed at the loss.

“I hope that wasn’t a one time thing.” Crowley confessed as he laid down next to you, pulling you close to him. You laughed a bit at the thought.

“Definitely not.” You responded as he trailed his fingers up and down your arm. “I could get used to this..” You mumbled as you fell asleep in the arms of the man you love.

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Hi! I've been looking for fics Hermione and a lack of underwear/knickers, obviously smutty. Any chance? Thanks a lot, and sorry if there is a list and i missed it.

Here is one suggested by hufflepuffjedi:

Come Dowsed in Mud tarie - M, one-shot - Summary: Closing his eyes, Draco brought Granger’s knickers up to his face and buried his nose in them to become acquainted with her scent. As he inhaled deeply, he knew his trousers were tenting out over the curve of his cock. Draco couldn’t help himself. He was holding Granger’s knickers, they still smelt of her - heady and salty and tangy and earthy - and God did he need to get off.

The first Time: Stiles Stilinski Imagine for Anon

Can u do a cute stiles smut like a first time

Ok guys, i have never done a smut before and i don’t really know if ill like writing them, but i thought i could make this one really cute and stuff. :)

It was Friday night. Aka movie marathon with the buds. Aka eat too much junk food and watch stupid comedies with Stiles and Scott. For the last couple years you three have been so close, about three months ago, you and Stiles kissed at a party and now, you maybe aren’t really sure..neither is he. You walked into Stiles house without even knocking, thats how close you guys were. “Yo Stiles, I’m here. Where are you?” You yelled out and headed straight to the kitchen looking for some pop. “Coming!” He yelled from upstairs. “Hey, so bad news…or good news depending on how you look at it.” He said with his phone in his hand. “What?” You laughed. “Scott is sick. Fever, puking, all that fun stuff. So looks like its just you…” you felt fear instantly. Or maybe that was excitement. “Ohh…” You said. “Well, looks like I’m picking the movie then.” You gave him a sly smile. Scott and Stiles always agreed on picking the dumbest movies. “ Chinese sound good?” He asked. “Yeah sure.” You replied. 

“Here try this.” You put chopsticks holding noodles infant of his face and whenever he tried to take a bite you moved them. “Hey, i will bite you.” He said, you laughed and continued. “No you won’t. Im too fast for you.” Then he grabbed your hand and took the noodles. “Hey thats cheating!” You laughed as sauce fell onto his shirt. “Oh here.” You grabbed a napkin and started whipping it off his blue shirt, and his neck, and his cheek. “Thanks..” He said while starring a you. It took you a second to realize you were starring at his lips the entire time. “yeah no problem.” You said and quickly turned. For the next twenty minutes you both sat starring at the TV. You weren’t even paying attention and you didn’t think Stiles was either. For some reason you were getting really really nervous, and that was making you really hot. You couldn’t take it anymore so you started taking your cardigan off, leaving you in a white tank top. You felt Stiles’s eyes on you. The whole time. “Can i ask you something?” You heard his voice suddenly. “Of course.’ You answered. He slid closer to you. “What are…we? Or are we anything?” He asked. “I really don’t know. I have been wondering that myself.” You felt your face going red, thank god it was dark in here. “I mean we kissed..a few times, we do this…” He took your hand and held it. “We cuddle. And we are always together. i know the pack thinks we are together. Or …should be.” He said, you starred at him, his eyes, his mouth, his cute puppy dog eyes again. All of a sudden you were on him. Your lips on his, pushing him backwards, slamming him into the couch.  He seemed confused for a second then melted into it. His hands found your face, then your waist, then your thighs. Your hands on his face, though his hair. You started grabbing his shirt when he stopped you. “Sorry..” You said getting off of him. “No no no, i just think we should go like..upstairs.” He smiled, you smiled. Then he yanked you off the couch and pulled you into him, his lips hard against yours, his hands grabbing at your waist. You both made your way upstairs without parting. 

Once you got to his room, you fell onto the bed and he fell onto of you. He kissed your neck as you took his shirt off, then he took your shirt off. You made out on the bed for a few minutes before he asked; “Are you sure?” You were both panting. “Yeah, yeah i am.” You said and smiled. He went to the bathroom quickly and came back. He walked over to you and bent down to kiss you, you pulled him onto the bed again. He undid your pants, and you undid his belt. Before your knew it you were both in your underwear. You decided to slip under the blanket and he followed. He fumbled with the condom for a minute before looking at you. You knew that look meant it was about to happen. You touched his face softly, leading him over you. He delicately slid your undies off. He kissed you as it happened. Your hands around his back, gripping him as the pain passed. “Are you okay?” He whispered. You nodded. 

You both started to pant now, the pain stopped and pleasure took over. Stiles buried his face in your neck, his hot breath gave you goosebumps. You couldn’t help but let little sounds out when things were getting good and whenever you did Stiles seemed to do the same. You couldn't help but dig your nails into his back. “Hey.” He said and laughed. “sorry.” You said. He kissed your and laced his fingers in-between yours, resting them by your head. 

All of a sudden you felt something. Something big was coming. You felt like your were going to explode into stardust. Your panting picked up, his did too. You dug your nails into his hands and he didn’t seem to care about the pain, was too busy concentrating. You arched your back, you couldn’t control anything anymore. You let out a sound that seemed to send Stiles, and yourself over the edge. The world finally stopped, you felt everything melt, every atom you were made of collided with his, warmth rolled over your body like a wave over sand, binding you to him. You felt at peace. 

His let his weight collapse on you, his face buried in your neck again. You both lay there trying to catch your breath. Trying to come back to planet earth. Once you did you moved to look at Stiles. He was starring at you. examining your face. Neither of you said anything, he just gently grabbed your face and pulled you closer to him, his lips gently touching yours. 

Jealousy’s Gotta Hold On You

*Promt: Cordelia gets jealous when Misty gets hit on*

Alternative rock music blasted through the bar as Cordelia and Misty entered, hand in hand. Cordelia recognized the song and immediately began singing along as she hunted the bar counter for a seat. Seeing two not to far from where they were, she began half walking half dance-bouncing towards them leading Misty by her hand. The hippie laughed as her lover moved the way she did, watching her black bodycon dress bounce with her. When they sat down she gave Cordelia a sloppy kiss on the cheek before turning to the bartender. 

“Hey Felix! How are ya?”, Misty exclaimed. 
“Well, if it isn’t my two favourite girls! Let me guess, a Gin and Tonic for you and a Bourbon Neat for your lady,” a tall, slender man said, smiling. He had short black hair and eyeliner that gave him a punk-feel. 
“You know us so well,” Cordelia giggled. 
“Well, what can I say,” He shrugged before going to get the drinks. 

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