genre: smut

friends : *talking ‘bout sex* 

me : *starts talking ‘bout what i know*

friends : how da fuck do you know these kind of things??

me : there’s this thing called smut, go read them and you’ll learn more bout sex from fans rather than our teacher

bc fans are seriously kinky af, no kidding. 

Not A Joke

Summary: Dan and Phil’s friends have dared Phil to get Dan off right this second, despite the fact that they despise each other. 

Includes: voyeurism, enemies to lovers, and a sudden need for church

Word Count: 1.7k

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Sentence Starter: #98

Sentence Starter: “Don’t cover your face, I want to see you.

Request: “Hey! I love your blog! I was wondering if you are requesting the sentence starters? If not that’s okay, but if you are I wanted to ask if you would do #99 and #98 please? Thanks! 🙂”

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Denied Orgasm, Smutty Stuff, Toys, I don’t hold back man, I’m warning you

The night had been the same as every other night with the Joker. You and He had been wreaking havoc throughout gotham and decided to head back your place.

You owned a small apartment on the east side of gotham for protection purposes. J’s house was filled with bad men and hostages most of the time and he didn’t want his muffin around all those men.

You could tell what J wanted the entire night. By the way he watched you in that tight purple dress. He watched the way your hips swing and hair flips every time you pulled the trigger or threw a knife.

So naturally, you decided to tease him. You took an extra long time putting the key into your door and made sure to drop it once, bending over putting what you had on display.

As soon as the sliver knob to your door twisted open, he had pushed you inside and had you against the wall. Your back up against the hard wall, and even something hard pushing into your stomach.

His wild blue eyes stared you down as he leaned so close that you could kiss him if you puckered your lips. “Doll, you’ve been very, very naughty tonight.” He leaned into your neck and snaked his arms around your waist pulling you closer.

The bulge hardened against your stomach, just aching to burst through the wall of clothes. It made you shutter. And made your cunt throb and moisten up. “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” You challenged, you hand sliding down to his also throbbing member, teasing it with your pointer finger.

A throaty growl mixed with a chuckled passed through his red lips as he left a trail of soft wet kisses down your neck, only to leave your panties soaked. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.”

You lightly pushed him off you and licked your lips, “Prove it.”

At your words he had picked you up, with your legs wrapped around his waist and him attacking your lips viciously. You were sure he could feel how wet you were, it must have been soaking on his bare chest and crocodile jacket.

He threw you on the bed, and stared at you for a moment, before taking a knife and cutting through your dress. His eyes wandered your body, each curve, each scar, each hickey from previous nights. “So damn gorgeous,” he breathed out before taking off his jacked and throwing it on the floor. He crawled onto the bed, and right on top of you. He hovered right above your face and you stared into his steel blue eyes.

A large gasp left your body as you felt his cold fingertips slip under your black laces panties and press onto your heat. “So soaked for Daddy, huh?” You couldn’t function properly, the pressure on your cunt throbbed and your eyes rolled back slightly. “I think this calls for some toys.”

He stood up off of the bed and pulled his fingers into his mouth, grinning at you before walking to the chest at the foot of your bed. You waited in anticipation to see what he had brought out.

The white tip of the vibrator reflected the moon light coming through your window and made you shutter. You knew you were in for it tonight. The machine started buzzing as he walked back to the bed and pulled your legs over the end, spreading them apart so that you glistened in the air. “Such a pretty pussy,” he whispered before leaning forward a doing a solid lick up your folds and placing a soft kiss on your clit.

You let out a small yell as he pushed the vibrator on you clit and his finger traced your entrance. “Now, doll, I don’t want you cumming until i say. Got it?” You nodded as your finger tips dug into the bed sheets and your breaths were ragged and uneven.

The ecstasy in his fingers plunging into your tight warm hole was incredible. Your back arched at the feeling and you bit your lip to suppress a moan. “Moan for me baby.” And you did. Loud, boisterous moans left your full lips and you could feel the building pressure.

Your back arched and your legs shook as you tried to keep from cumming. Your hands shot up to your face in attempts to slow to the orgasm but you quickly heard J’s voice. “Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.” You hands left your face and instead went to gripping the headboard behind you. “Cum, princess.”

You couldn’t hold back any longer. As a loud scream passed by your lips, Joker’s tongue attacked your cunt, swirling around catching your juices. Your legs shook and you back arched, so he had to hold you down so he could finish his job.

Let me know if you want a part two…😂

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Sleepless Night: Draco Malfoy x Reader [SMUT]


Request: Will you plz do a Draco smut? Maybe late at night in the common room and neither can sleep so they agree to sit in silence and not bother each other until he climbs on top of her and they make out? Then it escalates from there? Thanks!

Request: could you write a smut where draco makes the reader finish so hard she cries?


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Originally posted by infp-soup

Y/N sighs, letting her sock covered feet touch the hard floor of her room, being careful not to make a sound, she lifts herself up from her mattress. She grabs a robe, just in case someone is in the common room and her usual nighttime attire of a long sleeved shirt and no pants isn’t acceptable.  She pads her way down the stairs and into the common room, quickly muttering and “incendio” under her breath and watches the fire light to life. She grabs the blanket that’s laid over the back of the couch and lays it over her legs. She lets her back sink into the rather uncomfortable couch and shuts her eyes slightly, letting the wandering heat from the fire warm her body.

A sudden scuffle from the left side of the room causes her to sit up straight, her wand gripped tightly in her hand. The blanket falls to the ground as she stands up, peering into the dark. 

“Who’s there?” She asks, voice quaking. 

“Why the bloody hell are you not wearing pants?” A voice replies in awe. Y/N  freezes, glancing down at her bare legs and the fallen robe and blanket on the floor.

 “Draco! What the hell? You frightened me!” Y/N squeals, sitting down on the couch with a sigh. Her best friend emerges into the light, clad in emerald green pajamas, white blonde hair messed up and sticking all over the place adorably. 

He takes a seat next to her on the couch and lets out a snort, “What if some random guy came in here and saw you like that?” He asks. 

“I can handle myself you git.” Y/N says, glaring at his gaze which is focused on her bare thighs. She reaches down and grabs the blanket, throwing it over herself.

 “Share, darling.” He tuts, pulling at the blanket. 

“Fine. Stay on the other side, I’m trying to sleep.” She grumbles, scooting to her side. “You’re grouchy.” He notes, smirking at her. 

“I’m tired, Draco. There’s like 5 other couches in this room. ” She whispers, stretching her legs out over the edge of the couch. 

“Give them here.” He mutters, leaning down and grabbing her legs, draping them over his lap. Y/N sighs, stretching out completely.

 “Why are you down here?” She grumbles into the pillow. 

“Couldn’t sleep either.” Draco hums, watching her carefully.

He watches as her y/h/c hair falls into her face slightly, her y/e/c eyes still wide open despite her previous complaint as she stares at the cackling fire. 

“You’re staring.” She mutters suddenly, causing his eyes to widen.

 “Is something wrong?” She asks, sitting up and pulling her knees to her chest as she stares at him. Draco sucks in his breathe slightly, before lunging forward and pining Y/N back to the couch. 

“Draco!” She squeals, staring up at him confused.

 He looks down at her, before he lowers his lips to hers. Her eyes widen in shock, but nonetheless she kisses back, one hand flying up to run through his already messy hair, and other trailing down his leg. Draco smirks against her lips, biting down on her lower lip and causing her to elicit a moan. He growls slightly, loving the sound that just escaped from her. His attack on her lips grows rougher, and he feels himself panting soon. He moves his lips from hers and attaches them to her neck, searching it’s expanse wildly for her sweet spot. He finds it when she lets out a whimper, pressing up into his chest. “Found it.” He murmurs against the skin of her neck, sucking slightly to leave a lovebite. Y/N’s feels her eyes roll into the back of her head as she grabs a handful of his pajama pants in her hand, tugging slightly.

 Draco pulls away slightly, panting and staring down at her with his gray blue eyes. “If you want to stop, now would be the time to say so darling.” He whispers, brushing his knuckles across her cheek lightly. 

“Yes. I mean, no, I mean, I want-” Draco cuts off her babbling with a heated kiss. “Relax, baby.” He whispers, leaning down and flinging the blanket to the floor. His eyes take in the length of her legs, licking his lips slightly. He leans back and trails his hands up from the ankle to where her shirt meets on her upper thighs, pushing it up to reveal her black panties. 

“Pretty.” He notes, smirking up at her as he dips a finger between her clenched thigh to rub. A slight gasp escapes her lips. “Open up.” He mutters as he cups her heat and rubs her through her panties. Y/N whimpers, her back arching and pressing into his hand. 

“Someone’s eager.” Draco hums, his eyes widening at how wet she is already. “So wet for me, darling. Haven’t even done anything yet.” He hums, hooking his fingers into the hem and tugging them down. He lowers himself down onto the couch, spreading her legs and pressing open mouthed kisses up to her inner thigh. 

“Relax.” He commands when her hips thrust up into his mouth.

 “Stop teasing me, you- Oh god.” Y/N moans as Draco buries his head into her heat, a vice grip keeping her thighs from closing around his head. He continues to devour her heat, as her hands reaches down to pull on Draco’s hair. He growls at the gesture, and the sound alone is enough to send her over the edge. Draco grins, his head popping up as he wipes his chin and hovers over her again. She’s panting, eyes rolled back into her head and clutching the fabric of the couch. He smirks at the effect he has on her, kissing her cheek softly. Her eyes flutter open, smiling at him.

 “M- more.” She stutters, leaning up to pulls his pants again. Draco stands up and drops his pants, followed by his boxers and then his shirt. When Y/N leans up to shed hers, he tuts, pushing her back down.

 “Never told you I liked the shirt, did I love?” He hums lowering himself on top of her. Y/N giggles softly, reaching up to cup his face.

 “You’re absolutely sure?” Draco asks, pressing his forehead to hers. She nods, and he kisses her nose before he positions himself at her entrance, and slides in. She lets out a wild, untamed moan and grips his bicep tightly. He waits the briefest of moments before propelling out of her, a grunt escaping his lips. He keeps his pace slow, a series of unrestraint groans and moans escaping the pair.

 “Dr-Draco, harder. Please.” Y/N whines, pressing her lips into his shoulder. Draco wants more than anything to pound into her relentlessly, but he knows Y/N isn’t that experienced.

 “Kitten, it’s going to hu-hurt you.” He quips back. 

“Don’t care. Please Draco.” She whimpers, a shaky leg wrapping around his waist. He gives in, pushing closer and digging into her deeper. 

Y/N’s hips meet his thrusts, her eyes once again rolling into the back of her head.  The change of angle is something different, he’s immediately found her g-spot. He’s everywhere, she can feel and smell and hear him everywhere. Draco’s thrusts are hard, but short, each one hitting the same spot that makes Y/N’s legs shake around him. She feels her vision start to blur,  the yellow and orange flames of the fire mushing together in her peripheral vision. This is her best friend, her very best friend inside her, and she feels the muscles in her stomach clench tighter than they ever have. She loves him, she loves the feeling of him inside her. She stifles a whimper, knowing Draco will pull back, her teeth digging into her lower lip with such rigour, she swear she can taste blood. Draco’s long thumb suddenly comes in contact with her cilt, to the bundle of unattended nerves, and she feels herself lose control.

 “D-Dr- Draco, I, I can’t I need, I-” She babbles incoherently, her mind lost in the overwhelming ecstasy. “You’re okay, love, let go. ‘M right here.” Draco coaxes. Y/N feels the tears prickling at the corner of her eyes and buries her face into his neck, her arms in a strangle hold around his broad shoulders.

 “Draco!” Y/N shouts, her voice finally finding it’s way back. 

She feels the wetness fall down her cheeks and onto his shoulder as her high finally overcomes her. He continues thrusting as he rides his own high.  Draco stiffens when he hears the muffled sob from underneath him, eyes wide, he tries to pull back to look at her. 

“Y/N? Am I hurting you?” He asks suddenly, moving to pull out. 

“D-Don’t!” She cries, holding onto him tighter, her weak legs wrapping tighter, not wanting to lose the contact. 

Draco lets out a loud sigh, propping up on one arm and running one hand over her hair. “ Okay, okay. Shh. You’re all right.” 

“You’re scaring me, love.” He mutters after a few moments, kissing her temple. 

Y/N pulls away slowly, and Draco lowers her carefully to the couch, his eyes widening as he wipes her tears. 

“Why, why didn’t you tell me?” He gasps, pulling out before she can stop him again, ashamed and worried. 

Y/N’s eyes are closed, as she catches her breathe.

 “Y/N?” Draco asks, brushing his knuckles across her cheeks and kissing her forehead.

 “Come on, love, come back to me. Please.” He whispers. 

Her eyes fly open, dazed and teary. “Oh thank Godric, are you alright? Talk to me baby.” He mutters, pushing hair from her face. He knew he shouldn’t have gone rougher and he immediately feels guilty staring down at Y/N, a panting mess.

“ ‘M, good. Was good.” She mumbles, mouth dry. Draco’s eyebrow furrow together, still concerned. 

“I’m okay.” She musters, reaching up to cup his cheek.

 “Are you sure? I- You cried, Y/N.” Draco mutters, turning his cheek and kissing the inside of her palm.

 “Because, Draco, I’ve never, nobody’s ever.. Finished, that hard. I’m fine. Stop treating me like I’m a doll.” She says, pulling him back to her. Draco smirks slightly, still concerned for her, but prideful.

 “Okay, okay shh. You’re alright, baby. I’m right here.” He mutters, shifting her over so he’s against the couch back, her in his arms. She nestles her head in his neck.

 “You’re sure you’re okay? Nothing hurts?” He mutters, kissing her head. 

“No, Draco. I’m okay. ‘M tired. ” Y/N mumbles sleepily, her previous confession echoed with much more weight this time around. 

 “Sleep, my love.” Draco lulls, pulling her closer to him and draping the blanket over them.

Best Friends Sister: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader [SMUT]


Request:Hey, I am new to your blog but you really are an amazing writer and an awesome person! I was wondering if you could do me a young Remus Lupin fanfic, where Y/N is Sirius’ sister and her and Remus start dating in secret but Sirius sees them making out or more ;) and he gets so overprotective. Thanks

Warnings: SMUT 

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Originally posted by couplenotes

The Marauders, Y/N, and Lily were all seated in the courtyards as they made plans for the weekend.

 “Oh come on, you two are so lame.” Sirius whines. Lily rolls her eyes, tossing her wild ginger locks over her shoulder. 

“Sorry Pads, I promised my girl a date.” James says, winking at Lily.

 “What about you, Moony?” Sirius asks, peering at him from across the table. Remus eyes flash up to meet Y/N’s for a quick, almost unnoticeable moment, before he shakes his head. “Can’t mate, I got to study for that Charms test.” 

“Nerd.” Sirius mutter under his breath, before turning to ask Peter. 

Y/N licks her lips, looking up and seeing Remus giving her a goofy grin.  She and Remus had been dating for a few months now behind her brothers’ back. Sirius was.. protective, to say the least. Especially after what had happened with Regulus. Before Y/N had started dating Remus, Sirius had managed to scare off her last 3 date offers before the date had even begun. Sirius loved Remus, but in his mind, nobody was good enough for his sister.  She watches Remus with interest, his sandy brown hair, big brown eyes, and quirky smile. He was adorable.

 “Y/N, what about you sissy?” Sirius asks, elbowing Y/N. 

Y/N jolts, shaking her head, “Erm, can’t. Sorry, told y/f/n I’d hang out with her.” She mutters. 

“Bloody hell, even my own sister is too busy to hang out with her dear brother.” Sirius grumbles angrily. Y/N snickers slightly, rolling her eyes at her brother. Remus winks at her slightly across the table, causing her to flush.

 “Remus, stop kicking me!” Sirius growls, his head darting under the table.

  “Oh that was you?” Remus squeaks, eyes wide. “I thought it was the table leg. Sorry mate. ” Remus tries to cover up his mistake. 

Y/N smirks at him with amusement as he looks at her  with wide eyes.

“Are you sure Sirius won’t be here tonight?” Y/N asks as she settles into Remus’ bed, his favorite book in her hand. 

“Positive, he said something about seeing that girl from Ravenclaw and he usually doesn’t come back.” Remus says as he pulls off his jumper and crawls in next to Y/N, enveloping her into his arms. 

 “My brother, the ladies man.” Y/N snorts, shaking her head. 

“Oh yeah, he’s a real casanova.” Remus mutters. 

Y/N giggles slightly, cuddling closer to him. 

“Mhm, you smell nice, love.” Remus mutters, burying his head into her hair. 

“Do you want me to read to you?” She ponders. 

Remus nods, letting her sit straight up against the pillows and laying his head on her stomach. Y/N lets her fingers run through Remus’ soft hair, reading along softly. She finishes the chapter, and is about to start another one when Remus sits up suddenly, taking the book from her. She quirks an eyebrow at him.

 “I think, it’s time I entertain you. Don’t you?” He whispers huskily, tossing the book aside and crawling up Y/N to hover over her.

 “How are you gonna do that?” Y/N asks, looking up at him with amusement. 

Remus laughs, leaning down and pressing his lips to hers, letting his rough calloused hands run all over her body. Y/N sighs in relief, letting a hand reach up and wrap behind his neck, pulling her closer to him. Remus’ hand travels down to the hem of her shirt, tugging slightly. Y/N breaks the kiss and arches her back, letting him pull it off. 

“Off.” She demands, fumbling with the buttons of his uniform shirt. 

“Patience, love.” Remus says, laughing as he pulls his shirt off. He pulls off her shorts next, followed by her bra. She shivers at the sudden cold rush and he leans down, pressing close to her. 

“You’re still wearing more clothes than me.” She says, frowning as her eyes land on his trousers. 

Remus pulls them off next, and leans his forehead against hers, peppering kisses to her neck and collarbone. “I love you, Y/N.” Remus mutters. He pulls back to look at her, her soft y/h/c hair fanning out around her shoulders against the contrasting crisp covers of his pillow, the slight pout of her pink lips, and the look of adoration in her y/e/c eyes. “I love you too, Remus.” She whispers, reaching up and trailing a finger across his jawline.

Remus leans down and trails the pads of soft fingers over your skin, trailing from your shoulder, down to your thigh. He follows suit, pressing soft kisses from the valley of her breasts down to right above the line of her panties. His eyes flash up to look at you, and you nod slightly, as he proceeds to pull them down. He positions himself between your legs, opening them with his knee. 

“You ready?” He asks softly. Y/N nods, her arms wrapped around him. He slides into her gently, a slight grunt escaping his lips. Y/N moans slightly, her nails digging into the soft skin of his back. He lets her adjust for a few moments, pressing kisses to her temple and neck to calm her. His one arm snakes around Y/N’s waist, pulling her tighter to him and the other intertwines with hers, pushing it up and past their heads. He begins to thrust in and out of her, at a slow pace, grunting. 

“Remus, faster. Pl-please.” Y/N chokes out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Remus obliges, quickening his pace and causing Y/N to let out a series of moans. 

“Y/N, fuck- I’m close love.” He groans out. 

“M-me too.” Y/N responds, one of her hands reaching up and pulling on his hair. Soon, they both overcome their highs, Remus riding hers out. 

He pulls out of her and lays down next to her, out of breath and sweaty. He calms after a bit, propping himself up on an elbow and staring at Y/N, who’s already watching him, face half buried into the pillow and hair messed up.

 “Hi.” She whispers quietly. 

“Hey, baby.” Remus says, chuckling as he reaches over to cup her cheek, pressing a kiss to her forehead. 

“Mhm, I love you. Need your cuddles.” Y/N whines, moving closer and tangling her legs with Remus’. 

Remus chuckles, wrapping an arm around her and lifting the covers over them with the other, “Cuddles will be what you get then.” He muses, settling his chin on top of Y/N’s head.

“MOONY, YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” Sirius bellows, his nostrils flared and eyes narrowed as he stares down at his sister who's’ wrapped around Remus. 

Remus’ eyes fly open, glancing down at Y/N who’s still fast asleep, unphased by Sirius’ yelling. 

“Sirius, mate, be quiet you’re gonna wake her up.” Remus hisses, glancing down at Y/N who clings tighter to him. 

“I’m going to bloody kill you.” Sirius growls, his eyes coming upon Remus’ discarded trousers on the floor. 

“Sirius, listen to me-” Remus urges, but he stops when he feels Y/N stir, whimpering as she rubs her hands into her sleepy eyes. 

“Remus, it’s early.” She sits up, thankfully wearing one of Remus’ old shirts. 

“Erm, love..” Remus mutters, rubbing her shoulder. 

“What?” Y/N says pouting as she follows his gaze. 

“Oh, Godric! Sirius!” She shrieks, shrinking under the covers. “What are you doing here!?” She yells, eyes narrowed at her brother. 

“It’s my room!  I should be asking you that! What are you doing in my best friends bed?” Sirius yells back, arms thrown out.

 “He’s my boyfriend, you git!” Y/N yells back. 

Sirius tilts his head his anger melting a bit, “What?” 

“She’s right, mate.” Remus says. Sirius frowns, eyes knit together. 

“I love him, Sirius.” Y/N mutters, looking up at her brother. 

Sirius sighs, running his hand through his black locks with frustration. “Fine, but no more, of..this, in our room. You hear me?” Sirius growled, before turning around and stalking out the room. 

“Wow.. he reacted surprisingly well.” Remus muttered, eyes wide. 

“Mhm, well, he loves me. And you’re pretty great too, I suppose.” Y/N mumbles, bopping his nose. 

“You suppose, huh?” Remus growled, grinning as he pulls her under the covers and hovers over her.

Lay Me Down [M]

Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 7,600
{Requests Filled}

I combined these two requests since they were SO similar. Sorry for the wait, thank you for being understanding. I hope you like it!

Jimin is so cute in this gif why? like, can you NOT kill me with your smile?

“Park Fucking Jimin, open your door!” I yelled, while continuously knocking on the door to their dorm.

The door opened a second later and I barged in to see a particularly naked from the waist up Jin standing in the doorway, only a pink apron slung haphazardly around his neck and loosely tied behind him.

“Well hello there, (Y/N), how are you doing—“

“Not now Jin, where is Jimin?” I asked, shoving his face away as he tried for the hundredth time to flirt with me, pretty face and broad shoulders looming in my vision.

He swatted at my hand but I had already dropped it looking around the living area for the familiar boy I had been best friends with for years.

“Ugh, fine. He’s in his room probably still sleeping.” Jin pointed with his spatula, the aroma of food cooking finally tickling my nose.

“But if you find he’s not what you really want, then I’m always here…” he continued with a suggestive smirk and eyebrow twitch.

“Good to know, don’t take it personally if that never happens.” I said with a sweet smile that leaked artificial venom.

To anyone else, this would look like an exchange between a fuck boy and the girl that hated him, but this was just our dynamic.I didn’t hate Jin actually. When he wasn’t being a flirty jerk, he was very nice and caring, and his unique laugh always made me break into a fit of giggles. Not to mention I could always count on him to cook for me.

“Thanks Jin oppa!” I said as I rushed to where I knew him, Taehyung, and Hoseok shared a large room.

“Anytime.” He responded as he walked back to his position at the stove, muscles flexing under the smooth skin of his wide back.

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Caught By The Son - Draco Malfoy Smut-ish Feat. Baby Scorpius

Request: Maybe baby Scorp walking in on Draco and the reader, you-know, lol


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Rating: R

Warning(s): Almost smut, kid nearly getting scarred for life.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Draco and I lay in our king sized bed while our son Scorpius sleeps soundly in his own room of the Malfoy Manor. We’re peacefully reading our books and sipping our tea, as we do every night, when I feel Draco shift a little and all of a sudden his hand is under the covers and resting on the top of my thigh.

My lips slowly turn up into a smirk and I take off my reading glasses to look over at my husband, who seems to be becoming interested in something other than his novel. 

“Draco..” I say in a warning tone. He tries to hide the smile on his lips before sliding his fingers inward so they’re caressing the top of my inner leg. 

“What? Can’t a man touch his beautiful, sexy wife?” He asks quietly as he leans closer to me. He surprises me by pressing a kiss underneath my earlobe, making me shiver. After all this time, Draco still makes me nervous.

“Not when there is a 3 year old sleeping two doors away.” I say, trying to have some self control. He groans and flops back in his spot. 

“Why did we give him a room so close to ours?” He asks. 

“Because he needs to be able to come get us when he has a nightmare.” I remind him. He rolls his eyes and takes my hand, intertwining our fingers.

“I know, but I miss making you feel good, baby.” He says, his voice getting lower at the last part. I look down at our hands and realize how much I want him too. It’s been at least a week and a half since we last got a chance to be intimate and that was because he went to his grandparents’ house for the night. 

“I miss it too..” I say quietly. I look up and look at his face. His hair is the perfect amount of messy and his eyes are dark and sparkly. His white button up is unbuttoned half way and his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. His lips are slightly chapped and plump as ever, and his jawline is sharp enough to cut glass. Not to mention the fact that his arms look like they’re about to burst the seams of his shirt due to his recent work out. Merlin, he looks more delicious than chocolate cake. “Maybe if we’re quiet?” I suggest, finally giving in. 

He turns and grins at me before practically pushing against the bed and climbs on top of me. Before it, he crashes his lips on mine and my hands find his hair. I tug gently on his soft platinum hair and he moans into my mouth. He’s always loved it when I do that. 

He hands grip my sides before one moves up and starts to massage my breast. I moan lightly and one of my hands move down to his back, digging lightly into it through the fabric of his shirt. That needs to go. 

I reach to his front and unbutton it quickly before roughly pulling it off his shoulders and tossing it somewhere I don’t care to worry about. He smiles against my lips at my eagerness before wrapping his arms around my waist and puling my chest to his. I moan a little loudly once I feel one of his hands drift to my front, his fingers begging to rub me through my panties, because screw wearing bottoms to bed.

He smiles once he hears me moan, his love for the noises I make when he pleasures me plainly obvious. “Hush, sweetheart. Wouldn’t want to wake the child, would we?” He teases. I roll my eyes and pull him back to my lips, my need for him growing stronger. He lifts his hand and starts to remove my shirt and I smile against his lips, anticipation making it all too satisfying.

“Mummy?” We both open our eyes and pull away in shock due to hearing our son’s voice.

“Scorpius?” Draco asks as he pulls the covers over me and slides his shirt back on without buttoning it. “What are you doing up?” 

“I heard mummy’s voice and woke up. What were you doing?” He asks innocently. I blush and I’m pretty sure Draco does as well.

“I was, uh, tickling her. She was interrupting me while I was reading so I tickled her. That’s what mummies and daddies do.” He says, making me giggle into the pillow I’m holding in front of my chest.

“But.. where did your clothes go?” He continues. Draco looks around the room for a second, thinking of a reply.

“It was hot in here. The fire was making the room a bit hot so we were trying to cool down.” He explains. I giggle again and give Draco a look. “Time for bed, little one.” He says before scooping Scorpius up and carrying him back to his room. 


Daddy's Orders - Luke Hemmings Smut

Summary: Luke plans a cute picnic for y/n in a forest and one thing leads to another.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Daddy Kink & Smut (obviously)

Dedicated to @metaphoricalmuke because she’s a cutie and requested it, I hope you like it!

“Baby where are we going?” You whined as your boyfriend Luke dragged you to his car. “It’s a surprise y/n, you’re gonna have to wait.” His blue orbs glinted mysteriously as he started the car. Both of you drove around, for what seemed to be forever, jamming out to All Time Low, before Luke finally pulled up. “Luke why are we in the middle of a forest, did we run- Luke why are you getting out of the car.” He rolled his baby blues and motioned for you to follow him. Stepping out of the car you noticed he was holding a picnic basket, a smile formed on your lips as you figured out what was going on. “I planned a picnic for us baby.” Luke smiled as he spoke, his eyes lit up and he looked excited. You couldn’t help but admire the beautiful boy standing in front of you, he was gorgeous. “Y/n stop staring and follow me.” Luke whined and a blush crept over your face as he pulled your arm leading you to a small clearing which had a picnic blanket on the floor and had been decorated with lights and candles. “Wow..Luke this is so cute, I love you so much!” Excitement laced in your voice and stood up on your tip toes so that you could kiss him. You felt him smile against your lips and he pulled away “So I’m guessing you like it?” His beautiful eyes glimmered as they searched yours for signs of approval. “Yes Luke, it’s amazing!” Standing on your tiptoes again you kissed him softly, your arms wrapped around his neck. Your tongues danced together as they fought for dominance. He picked you up bridal style and gently placed you down onto the blanket. You connected your lips to his again but found everything going to slow for your liking. You moved your hands to his crotch and then slowly traced patterns on his thighs, trying to tease him. You could see a tent in his pants forming. “Baby girl don’t tease me.” He growled, his gentle attitude changing completely as he pinned you onto the blanket. “Daddy we’re in a forest we can’t do this here.” It wasn’t a surprise to you when you’d found out Luke had a daddy kink, he’d always been quite kinky in bed. “Oh baby I’ll fuck you where and when I want to, who’s gonna see us here?” His eyes were now a dark blue and filled with lust as he looked at you longingly. “Luke.. I don’t know if we should do this.. I mean we’re in a forest for fucks sake.”
“Too bad y/n, you should’ve thought about that first. So listen to Daddy ok princess? Or I’ll punish you. Does that sound fair kitten?” You nodded your head in response. Luke’s eyes wondered down your body hungrily and his lips latched onto yours. He moved his hands from your arms and you slid your hands up Luke’s shirt, resting them against his chest before undoing his flannel buttons. His buried his head in your neck biting and kissing your skin hard enough to leave marks, leaving marks on your collarbones as well. He found your sweet spot, sucking on the skin roughly making you moan. You lowered your hands down to his belt undoing it and throwing it to the side and slid your hands into his boxers, touching his dick. A moan left Luke’s lips and he tilted his head back waiting for more but instead you pulled your hand away, the smirk returning to your lips earning another moan from him. “Bad move princess.” Luke growled into your ear, nibbling the top of it slightly. He took your shirt off and unbuttoned your jeans pulling them down your tanned legs before taking his own off. Both of you were left in your underwear and a hiss left you mouth as the cold air hit you. Before you could process what was happening Luke had the waistband of your lace panties in between his teeth and slowly dragged them down your legs, his teeth grazing the skin on your legs. Your breath hitched in your throat as his hands unclipped your bra throwing it to the same place he’d thrown your panties. His lips connected to yours for a second before he left wet kisses down your body. Luke’s finger started rubbing your clit causing a sharp gasp to leave your lips. “Fuck baby you’re dripping and I’ve barely done anything.” His signature sexy smirk was plastered on his face as he continued to work on your clit. One of his fingers trailed along your slit, teasing, before he put it in you causing a small moan to escape your lips. The pleasure travelling through your body as he started thrusting it in and out of you. “M-more Daddy, please.” Small moans left your lips. “Beg for it princess.”
“P-please Daddy more, f-faster please.” He added another finger in you, thrusting them faster and faster. “D-daddy.” Smirking he started rubbing figure eights on your clit with his other hand. You felt your high approaching and clenched around his fingers. “Daddy I’m gonna cum f-fuck.”
“Bad girls don’t get to cum.” He moved his hands away from you, putting the two fingers that had been inside you in his mouth. “Why’d you stop,” You whined feeling slightly annoyed. He took his fingers out his mouth, smirking again. “It’s not nice to be teased is it baby girl?” The smirk on his face was turning you on so much. “Daddy I need you so bad.”
“I know you do princess.” He took his boxers off revealing his hard cock. “Fuck I want you so bad y/n.” He slid himself into you giving you time to adjust before he pulled back out and slammed into you roughly. Whimpers left you mouth as he carried on slamming in and out of you. “D-daddy faster.” He picked up the pace, hitting your g spot every time. “Baby girl you feel so fucking good, you’re such a good girl for daddy.” He grabbed your legs resting them on his shoulders allowing him to fuck you at a new angle. “Oh my god Daddy f-fuck.” His cock felt so good inside you and Luke loved it when you became a mess underneath him. You clenched around his dick and he let out groan. “K-kitten do that again. Ugh yes like t-that fuck.” Small whimpers left his perfect lips and you moaned again. “Princess you’re so fucking tight.” He picked up his pace making you squirm under him. “Daddy fuck me harder.” You looked up at Luke and his head was tilted back and his lips slightly parted. “F-fuck baby girl I can’t hold on much longer.” Luke’s thrusts became faster and more sloppy and you felt a familiar knot tie in your stomach. “Fuck I’m gonna cum.”
“Cum for me baby girl.” He let out a moan as he felt you release against him. Whimpers left your lips as your orgasm crashed over you. Your hands gripped onto the blanket underneath you. “S-shit baby girl.” After a few more thrusts you felt Luke come inside of you and heard a low growl slip out of his pink lips and fuck he looked amazing. His sandy blonde hair messy, his pink lips swollen and his eyes squeezed shut. Luke pulled himself out of you before moving up towards you and pressed his lips to yours softly. “You were so fucking good for me princess.” He whispered it against your lips making you smile. “You weren’t too bad yourself.” You rested your head against his chest, his arms wrapping around your naked body. “Y/n lets get dressed and have the picnic.”
“But I want to cuddle Luke.” You pouted at him, sticking out your bottom lip.
“Daddy’s orders princess.” He replied winking at you making your heart flutter. With that you knew that you and Luke had a long night ahead of you.


-Dan likes to wear skirts, dresses, heels, thigh highs, and makeup. He wasn’t sure how his punk boyfriend Phil would react to his fashion preferences, as his last boyfriend wasn’t too fond of it. So he just stuck to his pastels and wore jeans instead to be safe.
-Dan and Phil were cuddling on the couch watching Buffy, and Dan got really cold. Phil removed himself from Dan’s sleepy grasp and went to go get him a hoodie or something. He went into Dan’s closet to look for something to warm Dan up, but he didn’t expect to see so many dresses and skirts hanging up next to his sweaters. Phil felt like he was invading Dan’s privacy, since he has never worn those around him, so he just grabbed a hoodie and went on his way.
-But Phil couldn’t get it out of his mind. Was Dan embarrassed of his love for dresses? Did he not think Phil would like his style? Did he not trust him? He didn’t know how to go about this, but he knew he had to try something. Plus the idea of Dan in a skirt or dress was turning him on immensely.
-He knew they were both kinky shits, so he thought he could bring it up that way. He did have a feminization kink anyway. Dan was sitting eating his breakfast at the table, and Phil went and sat next to him. “Hey, Dan, can we talk about something?” Dan instantly got nervous and fidgety. “U-um, sure..” Phil put his hand on Dan’s and laughed lightly. “It’s nothing bad, trust me. I just wanted to ask about a kink I have.” Dan’s eyes widended and he relaxed a bit. “Sure, what is it?”
-Phil crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. “What do you think of feminization? Like you wearing dresses and skirts and me calling you baby girl and stuff like that..” Dan gulped and nodded a bit too excitedly. He noticed and tried to stop himself, trying to appear chill and nonchalant. “Uh, yeah, we can try that. I’d like that.” Phil chuckled and kissed his forehead. “Good. Let’s try it tonight, yeah? Maybe when I come home from work.”
-Dan was a man on a mission and wanted to be completely ready for when Phil got home. He was so excited that Phil suggested this and that he could finally show off his dresses and skirts to Phil. He was already stretched and prepped in that area, so he just needed to get ready. He put on his makeup (mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick) and put on his favorite dress. It was baby blue and was fitted at the top and flared out at the bottom. He loved to twirl around in it and it made him feel so pretty. He heard the door click, which meant Phil was home. He immediately sat on the edge of the bed, eagerly waiting for Phil to come in.
-Phil was just as excited as Dan, and practically ran to their room. His cock twitched in excitement when he saw how pretty his baby looked. “Come here, baby girl. Let me see you.” Dan got up and spun for Phil, giving him a full view. Phil licked his lips hungrily and his eyes clouded over with lust. It was even better than he imagined. “You look so pretty, princess. So pretty, just for me.” Dan blushed and put his hands behind his back, waiting for Phil’s instructions.
-Phil crossed his arms, getting into his dom headspace. “Why don’t you help me get hard, yeah? Come do what you do best, you little slut. Suck my cock, get me hard.” Dan scrambled as Phil walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.
-Dan unbuckled Phil’s belt and shoved his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He eagerly got to work and licked a stripe up the underside of Phil’s cock. Phil shuddered and ran his hands through Dan’s hair. Dan kitten licked his slit and took the head into his mouth. Phil gripped his hair harder and shoved more of his cock into Dan’s mouth. “Come on baby girl, we both know you can do better than that.” Dan moaned around Phil’s cock, making Phil groan at the sensation. Dan was bobbing his head, taking more and more of his cock into his mouth with each bob. Phil was now completely hard and leaking precum, so Dan pulled off and licked the precum from his slit. Phil’s hips bucked a little, loving how good Dan was at sucking his cock. “Come on, princess. Lay on the bed for me, on all fours.”
-Dan complied and got on his hands and knees. Phil pushed the dress up, exposing Dan’s pretty pink panties. He slid the panties down his thighs, but didn’t completely take them off. He was too desperate to care. He took one finger and inserted it into Dan’s fluttering hole. He found that Dan was already stretched, but he still wanted to make sure he wouldn’t hurt his baby. He took the lube from their bedside table and lubed up three fingers. He inserted two this time, scissoring and stretching Dan out. Dan was whimpering and moaning, wanting Phil to just fuck him already. “Please, Phil, I’m all ready for you.” Phil slid in the third finger, and hit his prostate once before removing his fingers completely. Dan rocked forward when Phil touched his prostate, not expecting the sensation. Phil lubed up his cock and slid into Dan. Dan tried pushing his hips back, wanting Phil to bottom out faster. Phil took his time, and eventually bottomed out. He started to thrust his hips, and Dan was in heaven.
-Soon, the headboard was hitting the wall and the bed was creaking with every harsh thrust of Phil’s hips. Dan was moaning with every thrust, his face scrunched up in pleasure. Dan was getting close, so he reached down and tried to stroke himself. Phil smacked his hand away and replaced it with his own. “This is my clit, you got that? Such a small clit you have, baby. But it’s all mine. Gonna cum deep in your pussy, baby. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Dan moaned at Phil’s words, getting even closer. With a few more strokes, Dan was cumming hard and fast, his cum getting all over his stomach and the sheets. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and he was chanting “Phil”. The sight of Dan so fucked out and the feeling of his hole clenching around him put Phil over the edge, and he came deep inside Dan’s ass.
-Phil slowly pulled out and put Dan’s panties back up and his dress down. He laid down next to Dan and wrapped him in his arms, Dan almost asleep already. “We definitely have to try that again, babe.”