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i'm just curious: hypotetically, if you found out someone fapped reading some of your (very delicious) fics, would you be cool with that or weirded out? hypotetically, of course. sorry for the question, just curious.

LOL hypothetically? My dude, people have been explicitly telling me for fifteen years that they fap to my fics. What do you think I write them for? It’s two hot guys banging each other’s brains out. (Er, sometimes four guys. Sometimes two guys and a tentacle monster.) If people didn’t fap I would feel like a failure.

I can’t speak for other writers, but writing homoerotic fanfiction turned out to be the thing I do best in this world. It is honestly my strongest talent. Is it what my parents dreamed for me? No. Is it lucrative? Ha! But it’s because of homoerotic fanfiction that I get to travel around and be a panelist at cons; it’s how I met most of my friends; it’s why people pay attention to me. I’m not ashamed of it. :)

Asking Internet For Advice... Best Possible Idea

Billy Broadview here, soon to be 6th year student, coming to you all the way from Summer vaca!

So… Jonathan and Emily get a lot of older people who read this thing, and I’m like “hey, why not use my ability to update to pool some knowledge from the long white beards that might frequent!?

So here we go… Been talking to a girl for a while now online. She’s from an old wizard family, and I just learned that apparently she writes “Muggle Slash Fiction” on the internet. Is that a red flag?

Her ships don’t even make sense. Like, I get wanting to write about Ryan Reynolds, who doesn’t? But I don’t get the logistics behind why he would ever hook up with “that cute barista who works at that place on the corner of Sullivan and West 3rd Street.. She didn’t even bother learning the name of one of the primary characters! From a plot and motivation perspective it just doesn’t add up. I’m not saying the execution is bad. Some of the imagery is very well crafted, but still!