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My memorable Kpop songs of 2017:

Hip Hop:

Loco - A.O.M.G 

I always listen to this song on my way to work, it just puts me into a cheerful mood and Loco’s rap is amazing as always. Honestly the whole Bleached Album is solid!

Jessi - Gucci

Honestly I screamed when Jessi’s Album came out! Jessi is my ultimate ego booster. If I have a bad day I listen to Gucci and Spirit Animal and boom! I feel like a badass bitch! The songs make you more confident.

Ness, Woodie gochild, Junoflo, Ja Mezz - Life is a gamble

Turn that shit up at 100% Volume in your car! It’s the best feeling! It’s like the ultimate mood booster! Also one of the songs I listened to on my way to work.

SOOL J, Yezi, Ultima - Runaway

Yezi’s voice ugh, just amazing. I really love the beat, it has a built up. It’s really nice for a drive during the night. I always feel like im in a movie, when I listen to this.

Psy ft G-Dragon - Fact

I just love that song. Honestly when Psy’s new album came out I was sure there would be just one song that I like, as always with his albums. But the whole album was solid!

Giant Pink, Jane Jang, Perc%nt - Dumb Dumb

I love this version of Dumb Dumb! It really transitions well and Jane Jang’s voice is so unique. Just the three artists together are a good choice.


Realslow (Wheesung) - Aroma

Wheesung’s releases where always good for me. When I heard he was changing his name to realslow to experience with new music genres I loved the idea! And this song really is a gem, paired with Hashswan it really has a good mix in it.

Epik High ft Lee Hi - Here come the regrets

This song gave/still gives me the shivers everytime I hear it. I’m so in love with Lee Hi’s voice and I’m so happy she’s featured in a song. Epik High always release amazing Albums with amazing artist featuring on it.

Primary ft Sumin - I know

It gives off such a lighthearted feel. Sumin’s voice is soothing and just amazing. And Primary never disappoints as a producer.

Sik-k - Henny

I could list the whole Album H.A.L.F I just liked it so much. But if I have to chose my favorite song it’s going to be Henny. His flow I like it just so much especially on that track.

Epik High ft Crush - Munbae-Dong

So chill, just an amazing song. Crush’s voice as always is melting my heart.

Crush - 먼지

I just put’s you in a relaxed mood, I love it.


Lucy ft Kisum - B-Day

This song is just a jam!

Dream Catcher - Sleep Walking

The group is really amazing with their unconventional concepts. I really liked the fact that they always realease songs with multiple genres in an Album, but don’t shy away to stay true to their rock infused colours. Sleep Walking is a really unusual song, it reminds me of the techno genre of some sort.

Uhm Junghwa ft. Jung Ryeo Won - Photographer

This song THIS SONG is my favorite of the new album. Her last one with Watch me Move was already a bop BUT THIS IS JUST PURE PERFECTION!!!

Jokwon ft. JHope - Animal

First of all WHY DID I MISS THIS SONG IT’S FROM 2012. Second of all Jokwon is the sass queen we all need in our life and lastly I just realized JHope was featured in this lmao. This aside this song is lit and a bop, if this would play in a club bish my body would be ready!!!

T-Ara - Crazy because of you

This song right here it’s from 2014. I still love it! One of the best T-Ara song in my opinion.

Psy - I LUV IT

I LUV IT!!! This song just puts me in a hyper good mood! It’s iconic!


Seventeen - Change Up

It somehow reminds me of Perc%nts, Giant Pink and Jane Jang’s Dumb Dumb. I would say it’s a more refined song and it’s an absolute bop!!!!!

B.A.P - Moondance

B.A.P never feels to amaze me, they always bring out good songs and Moondance is one of them. P.S: Am I the only one who thinks Zelo’s voice has changed? Of course his voice matured but still at first I didn’t even recognize it.

Hyuna - Lip & Hip

HOW LONG I WAITED FOR HYUNA TO RELEASE A BOP AGAIN!!!! Don’t get me wrong Babe was good, but no bop and  since Roll Deep I didn’t like any releases of her. 

The boyz - boy

This song gives me the feels of the older boy group songs. I can’t put the finger on it but something perhaps the beat or the parts just give me an old kpop boy group feel. I JUST LOVE IT!

VAV - She’s Mine

Honestly I really missed out on VAV, when I first heard the song I thought it was released by a new boy group. I was really surprised that it was released by VAV because I really didn’t like the former releases they had. It just never was my cup of tea but She’s mine is absolutely amazing!




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