genre: fluff


Shepard remembered waking up, after Mindoir, after watching her father die protecting their home, her mother dragged away to go knows where. She woke up once before, finding herself in a camp full of Batarian soldiers, hearing the cries of other girls they deemed as nice enough to spare for now, smelling the crops they’d worked months to harvest burning and the blood fertilizing the now ruined soil. She remembered the blood on her hands after running a shard of glass through the soldier’s neck as he forced her to the ground, and the way that not even the wind from her sprinting could dry it. It stayed so permanent on her skin. And then, the Alliance solder - Captain Anderson - grabbing her arms and pulling her onto a shuttle. And then everything went dark.

But waking up then didn’t feel like waking up from a nightmare. It felt like waking into an entirely new one. One that began in a cold steel hospital room on the Citadel, with just her and Alliance nurses hovering over her to manage her wounds, and a horror story that began with her all alone. Everyone was dead, and there was nothing for her. It wasn’t a new life or a second chance. It felt like the end.

I’m alone, she thought.


She remembered waking up in his arms, the first time, turning over to look at him as he was still totally passed out. His normally gelled back hair was out of sorts, wild, black curls rebelling from their normal form. He was warm, so warm, like a human electric blanket. She’d draped his arms over her again and curled up against his chest, her lips feathering his soft, bare skin with the gentlest of kisses. 

He hardly stirred and instead pulled her closer, a subconscious smile spreading across his lips.

She remembered the night before, the way she’d gripped at his skin, how he’d moaned her name against her neck and grabbed her locks of red hair, and how she was deeply considering now going on suicidal missions every single night just so she could experience that time and time again. But with Kaidan, maybe it wasn’t that hard. Maybe they could just be together, just exist and be happy.

“I love you, and you’d better not leave me alone,” she whispered, for nobody but herself to hear it.


She remembered the cold, how it felt to have what felt like a hundred eyes on her, and a thousand tubes and needles sticking out of her. She remembered her lips opening, dry and cracked, but choking up a single name, one thing she wanted. Her memory was filled with the Normandy in a kaleidoscope display of fire and debris, and the wonder if her crew members - her family - were among it, or if they were floating away in escape pods. A captain must go down with their ship, she remembered. 

“Kaidan,” she muttered, pain rushing through her and eyes full of burning tears.

A woman hovered over her, a woman with dark hair and bright blue eyes. She was beautiful and spoke with the calmest voice. She assured Shepard that she was safe, and she was fine. But she didn’t feel fine - with needles and machines keeping her running, her lungs felt on fire and her brain felt like mush. And all she wanted was for Kaidan to be there, the one standing over her, running his fingers through her hair and whispering that it would be okay.

Was he dead? Did he escape the Normandy? And if he did, why wasn’t he here? Why wasn’t he here when she needed him the absolute most?

She was alone now.


 She could never forget the feeling of him sleeping beside her again, feeling his heartbeat and wondering if her own could beat without his, and holding him close. Everything felt as it was years ago, the two of them, and ignoring the galaxy tearing itself apart. She traced her fingers against the thin, dark hairs on his chest and up the side of his neck, gently swirling little hearts into his skin, until he twitched and broke out a smile. 

“That tickles,” he muttered, sleepy and raspy.

“That’s the point.”

He opened a single amber colored eye and smirked. “Uh huh.”

She nodded and moved closer, letting him take her in. He pressed his soft lips to her forehead, carefully feathering the freckles along her cheeks and her nose, leaving no spot unkissed. In that moment, she thought she could explode into a million pieces. There were no words or emotions that could convey how much she truly loved this man, and all he’d given her. When she looked at him, she genuinely believed they’d win, and that there’d be a chance for them after the war. It was more than a belief. She just knew.

The closest words she could come up with to show him these feelings were simple. And so she said them, her words sounding like music, only a melody that the two of them knew by heart.

“I love you.”


She remembered the world going dark with a bright flash of orange and red, and knowing it was over. The war was over, and her life very well might have been too. She’d never see his face again, she’d never hear him tell her that he loved her again, and she’d never kiss him and talk about their future again. But it had to be done.

However, she was breathing, and there were voices. The room was cold and sterile, and she thought she was back on the Lazarus research station, with Miranda watching over her and her old crew gone. It was as if having him back had been a dream.

But it wasn’t. She felt a warm hand curled around hers, gently, tracing a thumb against the back of her palm, gently placing kisses against the side of her head, and she knew it was him. 

“Kaidan,” she breathed, her own eyes watering.

She opened them just a little to see him, to see his beautiful face, everything from his prematurely greying hair, to his loving smile. She wanted to take it all in. And he smiled, eyes full of tears and nodded. She knew that she didn’t have to be alone anymore. She had him, and he had her. She was his, and he’d always be hers.

“Yeah, baby,” he started, “I’m here.”

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"So this is where you've been sneaking off to." Sammy please.

Sam hides a piece of paper behind his back and blushes as his mother comes to sit by him, “…Yeah” he says quietly

Mary smiles and brushes his hair out of his eyes, “What are you doing up here, baby? Y/N’s been looking for you all day”

Sam sighed and peeked up at his mom, “Don’t tell her I’m in here”
“Why not?”

“Because then she’ll see this” he mumbles and hands her a piece of paper. It’s a letter addressed to Y/N with a heart that says ‘I lyke u’ in the middle of it.

Mary holds back her smile and looks over at her blushing son, “Sammy, why don’t you give this to her?”

“She doesn’t like me back” he frowns and takes the note back, “She always teases me about my hair, too”

“Oh, honey” Mary chuckles softly, “When girls tease you, that means they like you”

Sam’s eyes widen and a smile tugs at his lips, “Really?”

“Yes, and I think that Y/N wouldn’t be coming to our house every hour asking for you if she didn’t like you”

“Thank mom” Sam laughs and hugs her quickly before climbing down the tree house ladder and running straight for your house.

After knocking on the door, your mom answers and hollers for you, and a few seconds later, you’re stepping outside with him, “Hey, Sammy” you smile brightly, your front tooth missing, “I wanted to tell you I lost my toof!”

Sam giggles and looks down at his feet, “Uh, Y/N, I have something for you”

“A present?” you gasp and look behind his back, only seeing a piece of paper, “Is it a card?”

Sam nods and hands it to you, watching as you open and read it. Your eyes widen and your face gets really red, and he thinks that means you’re really angry, but then you smile and throw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. He hugs you back and after a moment or two, you pull back and peck his lips, making him blush furiously.

“I like you too dummy,” you laugh and smile at him again, “Now let’s go bug Dean!”


20 years later

“That does not count as our first kiss, Sam” you laugh and push his shoulder, “We were like…6!”

Sam shakes his head and pulls you closer to him, kissing your nose, “Nope, that was it”

You smile and look into his hazel eyes, brushing his long hair out of his face, “You know…I can’t believe you remember that” you say softly. 

He sighs and runs his hand up and down your arm until he finds your hand and starts to play with your engagement ring, “I remember everything having to do with you, Y/N”

“Sap” you tease look down at your ring, “I can’t believe we’re getting married”

You both look at each other for a long moment before he leans in to give you a soft kiss, “You know, it will be our second wedding together” he murmurs against your lips.

You laugh and let him tell you the story of how Dean married the two of you in the old treehouse between your two houses.

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A Tattoo Of Your Name

Summary: A punk!Phil and shy!Dan in high school AU

Word count: 8.3k


“If it was wrong, why did you do it?”

His voice is tiny, barely a whisper compared to Phil’s, but it makes Phil’s head shoot up like he hadn’t expected Dan to say anything and to be honest, he probably hadn’t. Dan glances away quickly, feeling like running again but knowing the nurse would stop him before he got out.

“Because- ‘cause,” Phil stutters and Dan has to look up now. Phil never stutters. “You hit a little too close to home.”

Extra tags: getting together, punk!Phil, badboy!Phil, shy!Dan, bamf!Dan, enemies to lovers, hand job, oneshot 5k+, bullying, homophobia, hurt!Dan, opposites attract

Brado and Winston

Description: In which Phil temporarily forgets his name is Phil out of sheer nervousness. Based on “hey so I gave you a fake name when I ordered my coffee but you wrote your number on my cup and we arranged a date now how do I tell you that the foundings of our relationship were based on a lie” au from this post (x)

Warnings: swear words?  

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anonymous asked:

hey, could you write a fic based on this: nbowden1(.)tumblr(.)com/post/127724980635/i-love-his-bowties where Kurt notices what Blaine is doing and talks with him?


it takes Kurt a little while to realize that there is something different with Blaine.

Something that goes beyond a simple clothing decision.

Beyond a little piece of silk.

It takes him a little while, but the discovery is almost abrupt.

They’re in the choir room, silently watching the Drama of the Week unfold before them when Kurt puts his arm around Blaine’s shoulders, his fingers trailing around the knot of his shoulder and his neck.

Kurt loves playing with Blaine’s neck, with his fingers or his lips.

But he has gotten used to having a trail of silk to follow around Blaine’s throat, a fold of bow to tuck and pull lightly, a small teasing gesture.

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skyhealer asked:

The latest chapter of "the lies we tell" has destroyed me emotionally. Can you recommend some teeth rottingly fluffy fics to help recover?

that chapter was agony, thankfully i’m dead inside so i’m still Okay.

Imagine: Dean coming back from a hunt just in time when you’re in a bubble bath.

You locked the front door, as you just came back from the shop - you just brought some chocolate, some scented candles that was cheap and some bubble bath lotion. You decided it was time for a much-needed bubble bath and you love them, very much but regarding with your new job - hunting supernatural beings - and living with two guys and learning that survival is the key of having a life nowadays. 

After all of this life-changing experience, you just forgot your favourite relaxation moments and eating your guilty pleasure - chocolate with the room smelling like roses. It was just what you needed. As you prepped the bathroom up, with the candles releasing the scent, the bath slowly filling up with bubbles and the chocolate wrapper had been opened by yourself. You took your clothes off, and stepped one foot at a time into the bath and you had to moan at the sudden relaxation of the hot water soothing your muscles. 

You looked so comfortable in the bath; as your head was resting on the end of the tub and your feet were on the top of the other end of the tub, after turning the taps off. Your whole body were covered in bubbles, but it didn’t bother you at all - you just were so comfortable that you didn’t hear the front door being opened by the Winchester brothers. 

“What the hell is that smell?” Dean deeply groaned at the strong scent of roses around the bunker - he wasn’t used to the smell of flowers, as he didn’t have any particular reasons to have flowers near him - he couldn’t remember anything when his dad brought his mother some flowers, and he also never had a girlfriend to buy flowers for. 

“I think it is roses…” Sam took a sniff and walked closer to the hallway that had their bathrooms and bedrooms. “I think Y/N brought some roses.” he shrugged his shoulders at Dean, who followed him. They walked slowly to your bedroom, and knocked just for the sake of privacy. Nobody replied or made any noise, however they both heard a water slosh noise. They took a couple of steps closer to your bathroom, and realised that roses were extremely strongly scented from there. 

“Is she having a bath?” Dean asked, as he looked at Sam who nodded quietly. “Why the hell would she have a bath? She better not be spending on my money, on stupid things!” he ranted on. Sam kept quiet, but Dean walked in without letting you know. “You better not be floating there all night!” he stopped when he saw you utterly relaxed and asleep in the tub. Your head was still above the water, but you were still okay. Dean’s outburst didn’t wake you up, as you were a heavy sleeper. 

Sam left to go to his own bathroom, as he was tired and just wanted to clean himself of all of the blood and gunk that was splattered onto him today - they hunted a Shapeshifter that was killing people for no reason. It was an easy case - that was why you ended up staying in. Dean stayed behind, just to make sure you wouldn’t drown yourself into the water, but he was looking at you concernedly and he was just missing his friend…or were you two just friends? 

He quickly left when you started to stir up, the water was getting cold, your hands and your feet were so wrinkly like an old man’s, so you naturally knew it was time to get up and go back to a relaxed night in. You emptied the tub, grabbed a towel and dried yourself out. You noticed your chocolate wrapper was empty. What the hell–Dean. Bloody Dean!!! 

“DEAN WINCHESTER - I’m going to kill you for eating my chocolate!” you ran out of the bathroom, and saw him looking out of his bedroom with chocolate in his mouth and you ran to him, but he ran towards the entrance of the bunker where Sam was, unfortunately for you both. He caught a glimpse of you, as you ran after Dean who was laughing loudly. Sam tried to forget your naked glimpse, but it was too late. It was scarred forever into his mind. 

You chased Dean around the bunker, but you never reached him as you were too relaxed for anything. Bubble baths are great, just no chocolate and next time, lock the freaking door. 

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Dean, something's wrong I need your help. For the sentence thing and congrats on 6k!

Dean runs into the bathroom and sees you on your knees in front of the toilet, your face flushed and clammy with sweat as you throw up again. He’s immediately by your side and holding your hair out of your face, rubbing your back until you’ve finished. 

“Baby, it’s been like three days straight of this, we need to take you to the doctor” he says as you lean against him. 

You groan, “Fine” and he helps you up, flushing the toilet before laying down the seat and setting you down. Grabbing a cold wash cloth, he cleans you up while you pout. 


“Well, you aren’t sick” your Doctor says as he comes into the room, and you sigh in relief.

Dean furrows his brows in confusion, “But she’s been throwing up every morning for three days, how can she not be sick?”

The doctor smiles and looks at you, “You’re pregnant, Y/N, congratulations”

Your eyes widen and you feel Dean tense beside you, “I’ll let you too celebrate, but other than that, here’s a pamphlet about all you need to know for your first few months” 

You and Dean are left in the room, still in shock, “I’m…I’m pregnant?” you whisper, and turn to see Dean looking at you with tears in his eyes, “Dean?”

“Y/N…We’re having a baby!” he laughs and you let your shoulders relax, “I’m gonna be a dad!…Oh my god I’m going to be a dad!” 

You laugh at his excitement as various emotions flicker across his face, then suddenly, his hands are on your face and he’s kissing you, “You’re going to be a mom” he sighs and smiles against your lips.

“Yeah” you whisper and he kisses you again, “I love you, Dean”

“I love you too,” he says immediately, “So much” he kisses you again and can’t seem to stop, making you giggle. He stands up and pulls you with him, surprising you by picking you up by the back of your thighs and pressing you against the wall. 

“Dean!” you gasp as he pulls away to kiss your neck, “Wait till we get home” you laugh at his persistence. 

He hums against you skin and grinds against you, “Do you really want to wait?” he asks after you moan, wrapping your legs around his waist and grinding back. 

You shake your head and capture his lips with yours, “We have to be quick” 

Dean smirks against your lips and reaches down to unbutton his jeans, “Anything you want, sweetheart”

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can i request a scenario with kyoutani, kindaichi, iwaizumi, kunimi, and oikawa in which they invite their s.o. to stay over at their house on a rainy day until the storm is over, only for the storm to continue into the evening and making the s.o have to spend the night?


Oikawa pouts at the amount of raindrops hitting the pavement outside, frown deepening as the number only increases. “I don’t think the pizza guy is coming in this,” He sighs, turning back around and slumping into the couch. “I don’t think I’m going home in this,” You mumble absentmindedly, more of a thought than something he should hear. “That’s right!” He bounces up, smile returning to his handsome features, “You can’t go anywhere in this weather (Name)-chan! And you can cook.” He wraps his arms around you and you sigh, although there’s a grin on your lips, “What do you even have in the fridge, Tooru?” He rests his chin on the top of your head and hums, “Mmm no idea.” You bite bag the ‘unbelievable’ that wants to slip past your lips and let him drag you to the kitchen. He sits you on the counter in front of the refrigerator, giving you a quick peck on the lips before he turns around to open the ice box. You lean to the side to peak past his shoulders, “Why did we order pizza when you have this much food in the house?” He shrugs, still analyzing the contents of the fridge, “I wanted pizza.” This time you can’t help it, “Unbelievable.” He chuckles and pulls a bowl of grapes out, setting in on the counter next to you and caging you in his arms. He brings a piece of fruit up to your lips for you to take and kisses your nose, “You love me.” You raise an eyebrow and bump your nose against his, “I love pizza.” This makes him laugh again and he takes a grape for himself, “Everyone loves pizza.”

Iwaizumi grunts in apprehension, closing the front door again. He turns towards you and says, albeit with a blush on his cheeks, “You can’t drive home in this.” You quirk a brow, unable to resist the chance to tease your tough skinned boyfriend, “Does this mean you’re asking me to spend the night, Hajime?” He crosses his arms, ruffling your hair as he walks past you and back into the living room, “Maybe, and don’t get any ideas.” You exhale in amusement and roll your eyes, of course he would never admit it, and you already have plenty of ideas. You replace yourself in his lap on the couch and his arms automatically wrap around you, hands resting on your hips. You lean up to nuzzle your nose into the crook of his neck and it makes him laugh. He squeezes you tighter and presses a kiss to your head, reaching out one arm to grab the remote and set it on your thigh. He rests his lips on your for a soft kiss before speaking lightly, “Why don’t you pick something to watch this time.” You whine a little, wanting his mouth back on yours, but turn away to see what’s on nonetheless. “How about a horror movie?” You tease, finding one just about to start on one of the many movie channels that litter the upper digits. “You think you can handle it?” He questions, leaning back into the couch more and grinning while he watches you rearrange yourself in his lap. “Well if I can’t sleep after, I can always keep you up to since I’m staying the night,” You tease, tossing him a sly smile and a wink. He groans, “Change the channel.”

Kyoutani cringes a little at the next crack of thunder, holding you tighter to his chest when the lightning flashes in the dark room. “You’re not going home,” He states, not a warning or suggestion, just a fact. You glance up at him, mild concern decorating your expression, “You want me to stay the night?” He’d been trying to avoid that statement in particular, because it’s coloring his cheeks pink and making his complexion sear with embarrassment. Yeah, he wants you to stay, he’s wanted you to stay over for a long time now but he’s never had the guts to actually suggest it. And now the weather is doing him a favor and he’s trying even harder to appear bothered by the storm, when he’s really on the verge of grinning in contentment. When he realizes that you actually asked a question and he still hasn’t answered, he meets your gaze and nods, more hesitant than he wanted to be. But when you smile at him and replace your cheek on his chest, nuzzling back into his t-shirt his nerves evaporate like the rain will when it’s sunny again. He squeezes you tighter and rests his nose in your hair, adding this moment to the list of reasons why he loves you for understanding him.

Kindaichi taps his chin as he surveys the weather out his back door, “Yeah, I don’t think you can go home in this.” You wrap your arms around his waist and peak around him, flinching when thunder shakes the pots that hang from the ceiling in the kitchen. “Are you scared of thunder?” He wonders out loud, blinking down at you in confusion. You blush a little and look away from him, suddenly a lot more interested in the paths the raindrops take down the piece of glass in his door. Before you even realize what’s happenings Kindaichi has his arms wrapped around you, lifting you off the ground with ease and tossing you over his shoulder. “Wh-where are we going?!” You squeak, taking handfuls of his shirt to steady yourself we he climbs up the stairs. “To safety,” He proclaims, voice dripping with overzealous chivalry that makes you giggle even as you sway with each one of his steps. You can see that you’re in his bedroom before the world goes blurry again as he tosses you onto his bed. The mattress jumps under your weight and then dips under Kindaichi’s as he crawls in next to you, pulling the blanket up with him as he goes. He pulls your back flush against his chest, letting you get comfortable on his pillow while he presses a kiss beside your ear. And when the thunder cracks again he just holds you closer and hums, reminding you he’s there until you doze off.

Kunimi frowns at the liquid that pelts the window panes, eyes scrutinizing the darkening clouds that blanket the skyline. He exhales in a pout that scatters his hair out of place, making you giggle and reach out to fix his hair style. “I don’t think you should be walking home in this,” He says, helping to rearrange the dark strands of his bangs. “It’s not that far,” You shrug reaching for your jacket that’s draped over the back of a chair. “No, you’re staying here,” He insists, even if it’s with a blush on his cheeks. He turns his nose away from you when your expression shows your surprise, as you’ve never spent that night at his house before. “Are you sure?” You ask cautiously, pretty convinced that this is too good to be true. “Yeah,” He nods curtly before taking your hand and leading you back to the tv show the two of you were watching on his computer. He readjusts his laptop screen and sits back down between the couch and the coffee table, looking up at you when he realizes that you didn’t follow him. He holds the blanket open for you and cocks his head to the side, hair falling out of place yet again and it makes you laugh. He frowns because he has no idea why you’re laughing but it doesn’t matter once you start walking towards him and he knows he’ll have your body heat warming his side for the rest of the night.

Green Eyed Epiphany

For the Whouffaldi Countdown Week… er, 5 I think (I’m a bit behind). 

Prompt: Green Eyed Epiphany: “I didn’t realise how gone I was over you until I started feeling insanely jealous of that person you’re talking to/flirting with/dancing with/who tried to hit on you” 

Probably a PG/T kind of fic - lots of talk about doin’ the do, but very little actual doing. 

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