genre: cooking

Cooking lessons with Alfred

- He should really be a professional teacher by now.
- Like the man has baking soda, fire extinguisher, burn cream, and anything else needed just in case.
- Basics 101 includes boiling water for pasta, miscrowave meals, and pizza.
- Cookie lessons are a hit.
- Teaches them cooking on a budget because they are young and many of them aee determine to survive on their own.
- Whole lesson on home made waffel mix for a certain purple loving girl.
- Honeslty its his favorite because he gets one on one time with the family members.
- They also stop raiding the fridge as much.
- Sometimes some of them will help out in the kitchen after lessons.
- Making them all wash dishes by hand.
- May not always turn out the best, but he is a proud grandpa.
- Bruce will sometimes join.
- One fateful kitchen the two of them made snacks.
- Tim got a picture that every family member now owns.