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Hey guys! I feel I should inform on what’s happening with Eddsworld “Mirror Mirror” to end 2014 on hopefully a good note.

The reason for the slow progress was because of a “slight” bump. My arthritic mom had surgery on her right hand and for about two months I was taking care of her. Right now she’s doing great and is able drive again (I think she can work soon??) and I’m currently just helping her with hand therapy. BUT, during those months I wasn’t around the computer a lot.

I told Eddie about it and he understood (bless him), but that’s why the cartoon isn’t ready yet. The good news is I have a lot more time now. I am working on another project (so 2 cartoons at the same time kinda), but it shouldn’t cause a huge effect since I’ll be working on weekends also.

So in conclusion, I’m really really really REALLY sorry for the huge delay. I don’t feel comfortable mentioning my personal life online and I do promise to work harder to make for the lost time. I will try to post updates when I can.

Once again I’m really sorry and I feel incredibly guilty. The cartoon isn’t dead, there was just a bump during the progress. But I’m back! And I can work normally again! Yaayy!!

Happy New Year~


Bonne année !! Bonne santé !!!

Tout de bon, la réussite, la prospérité, tout de bon pour vous !

ça a été une superbe année ici sur Tumblr, je vous remercie tous et en avant pour 2015 !!!

Happy new Year !! 

I wish you all the best, health, happiness, peace, prosperity and success !

This year on Tumblr was great, thanks to you all !

23k followers, it means so much, never expected that much when I made the blog, I’m happy to be able to share with you my grand passion of the animation and happy to see that they made you laugh, that’s why I made them, if it can bring a little smile, my mission is done. So THANK YOU ALL and continue to amaze me in 2015 !

it was the year of the pigeon for me, I may continue x)