The Leopard Cannot Change Her Spots

by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary: Stella has some second thoughts

Stella peruses the file in front of her with the most critical eye she can muster.  Her interest doesn’t really lie within the casefile itself, but the file handler.  The new detective under her purview is young, but seasoned.  She’d read his records upon his transfer and she liked what she saw then, but she likes it more even now.  She likes what she sees a lot.

Detective Charlie Moore is ex-military; four years with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and six with the NCA upon his discharge.  His records reflect a by-the-book approach to the job, diligence, and a high solve rate.  One of his previous superiors noted that he is tough on criminals, empathetic with victims, and docile with authority.  She likes a man who knows how to be told what to do.

It’s been awhile since anyone has sparked her interest like this.  Over four years, to be exact.  There’s been a handful of people that have caught her eye, but nothing she seriously considered.  She couldn’t, of course.  That’s what being trapped in a relationship does - it takes the rest of the world out of consideration.  She misses that thrill of the unknown.  She wants that freedom again to explore a new body.  To have someone touch her who knows nothing about her.  Something purely physical that ends there without any other expectations.

The ‘wedding’ is only weeks away, and as it draws closer, she gets more anxious.  This isn’t supposed to be her life.  She had been quite content to be alone and to continue to be alone, so how had she let Hank disrupt her so completely?  How had she let it go this far?  And marriage?  Who is she kidding?  She’s not the marrying kind.

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Fic also available on AO3.

Shiro hangs the last of their damp winter clothes in front of the roaring fireplace to dry. On the floor behind him, Allura’s bundled up in a cocoon of soft blankets and pillows. Her white hair curls around her bare shoulders, like a veil, and her dark skin is glowing in the warmth of the fireplace. She smiles sleepily and reaches a hand out, playfully beckoning him over with the wriggling of her fingers. In this moment, she’s relaxed and unguarded, her walls completely down, all for him.

He takes a long moment to stand there in his sweatpants admiring just how soft and welcoming she looks—like home. Kneeling beside her, he takes her fingers between his own and kisses at her wrist, and then up her arm. Like a wing, Allura lifts the blanket up with ease to let him join her on the floor.

She traces delicate fingers along the scars on Shiro’s chest in the warm light and listens closely to his slowed breathing. His eyes sleepily blink open every minute or two to watch, a small grin pulling at his lips.

“Comfortable?” He yawns.

“Yes.” A laugh escapes Allura as she presses her hands against his chest. “Are you?”

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Instant Fic Rec: Playing the Hero

Title: Playing the Hero

Author: @l0vegl0wsinthedark

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 25k

Content/Enticements: Fluff and Angst, anal sex, anal fingering, alternating pov, eighth year and post hogwarts ewe, powerful harry, top Harry, bottom Draco.

Summary: Nobody kissed me like Harry did. He kissed like he flew; he kissed like he duelled - with his whole being, not caring about anything else. I had never felt as vulnerable as I did when he kissed me, seizing all and any control I had over myself. But when Harry kissed me, I felt free…

My thoughts: Okay, so, honestly?  I could rec @l0vegl0wsinthedark ‘s stuff for days.   But because I’m hyper-lazy (what? it’s a thing!),  I still haven’t gotten around to making my rec/favorites list yet, which means the four of hers that are on my list have been languishing forever and ever. …But this is not the point.  The point is that tonight I was procrastinating looking for something to read and I opened this up and OH MY FREAKING HOLY HELL, EVERYBODY.  This is AMAZING.

It’s basically one of the most beautiful stories in the two-boys-turned-men-in-love-who-can’t-get their-shit(s)-together trope (this is the specific trope, trust me I know.) I’ve ever read.  Harry and Draco had a very intense affair in eighth year, which is the basis for all of the angst that follows–when the story begins, we’re ten years later, and they have barely spoken since (read: not at all).  Yet they both maintain that same deep, instinctive draw toward one another.  That perfectly perfect want that is so Harry and Draco, which makes their pairing like so few others. 

I want to just glow about this fic for the next 47 years, but oh please, just go read it would you?  There is lots of angst, Glasses!Draco, Snarky!Draco, Friends with Hermione!Draco, Pining!Draco (and pining-even-more!Harry), jealous!Harry (I just really like exclamation points, gimme a break), gorgeous eighth year flashbacks of their relationship, fantastic dialogue and characterization, so many feels you’ll choke on them, and – as always – her humor and smut are freaking to die for.  


 ((angst for your soul

here’s what the asks say, left to right, up to down


“Jeremy you should be ashamed of yourself. Michael tried..”

“Omf rip Michael his self confidence is dead and buried like a gazillion feet under after that”


“W H Y” @ink-skies


“WHYYYYYYY MICHAEL!!(i lowkey live for angst but still) AAAAAAHHHHHHH” @fandomgeek34

Lilacs (Short Langst)

Lance refuses to meet the worried eyes of his friends around his hospital bed. Their concerned gazes burn into him with an intensity that shakes him to the core. It’s almost bittersweet.

He’s forced to look up when Hunk speaks;

“Lance, I know it’s hard, but please, please get the surgery. I-I can’t lose you buddy.” His voice is heavy with tears.

Lance shakes his head. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Lance wishes that he could take away his friend’s pain. He knows that he can’t.

Keith steps forward and slams his fist against the mattress. “Why? Why can’t you just get the operation?!? You’re going to die without it!” His breathing is heavy. Tears leak out of his eyes.

Lance turns his eyes down to his lap and stares at the tubes feeding into his arms.

“I can’t forget. Life without them is meaningless. I-” Lance breaks off with a violent cough. His friends all jump up and rush to his side. Shiro pats his back, trying to calm him down.

Lance’s eyes water as he hacks up bloodied purple petals.

He looks towards the person who caused this, meeting their wide, worried gaze.

“I could never forget you. I love you too much.”

The room breaks into chaos as Lance falls against his pillow, hacking violently. His friends can do nothing as he chokes on blossoms. Pidge races from the room to try and find someone who can help.

By the time they return, It’s too late.

The room is silent as they stare at Lance with tears falling down their faces like rain. He almost looks peaceful, although that’s a given. After all…

Lance always did love lilacs.

-I tried to make it as neutral as possible. You guys can decide who it was that Lance fell in love with. It’s open to interpretation. I hope you liked it! :)

Aph France and baby aph Canada spending as much time together while France is in the new world.

The war occurring and France trying to fight even though he is already taking on other duties and his leaders making decisions without him.

Aph England taking Canada for himself and France doesn’t see his son/little brother for years.

Aph France seeing Canada again years later and by that time he’s already grown so much.

Our Own Civil War

TITLE: Our Own Civil War


AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you and Loki are lovers and you both have saved each others lives during missions, but during Civil War he stands with Steve, while you are with Tony and it breaks your heart.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’ve written so many about these two, so please bear with me because I know it’s been like a year since the whole Civil War thing. Also I haven’t seen this a while so, beware of typos. And thanks for reading. :)

I yawned.

“You’re not falling asleep on me, are you, Small?” Steve asked through the earpiece.

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Prologue: Most Things In Between

Member: Jun Jackson Wang (this will make sense later, I promise)
Word Count: 1.5k
Genre: Angst

The prologue for the three part badboy!Jun series I’ve been planning for a while. Enjoy. 

“Due to a drastic decline in your grades last semester, I’m afraid that your merit scholarship has been revoked.” the woman on the phone explained solemnly.

“I see. Thank you.” you say almost inaudibly to the secretary on the other end of the line. You had hoped this had been some kind of mistake; that the bursar had messed something up. But nope, it was all your fault. You had taken on classes that were too difficult and made bad grades because of it.

You shouldn’t have been so ambitious. If you had stayed on your recommended path of study, you’d still be able to get a degree at your dream college. But you didn’t. You ran your hands over your face after you hung up the phone. You felt hot tears well up in your eyes. Without your merit scholarship, you couldn’t afford to keep going to this college. You couldn’t take out anymore loans, either. It just wasn’t possible. You’d been barely scraping up tuition payments as it was.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do #6 with Reaper, please?

6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

You held your hand to your side, blood rushing from the gun shot that ripped through your side. Alone on the dark and grimy ground, this was it, wasn’t it? You had to laugh, what a way to go.
“(Y/n)!” Came you name echoed through the hallway. Its almost as if you heard Reaper calling you.
“(Y/n)?!” He was closer now, right there. 
“Gabriel?” You whispered, voice hoarse. “I’m here, I’m here. Please.” He kneeled next down to your body, and ran his hand through your hair. 
“You can’t die. Please don’t die. I don’t want to lose anybody else. I, I love you. Te amo, please don’t leave me.” He whispered, bringing you into his arms and shadowstepping back to the hovercraft. 
“Save them!” 

anonymous asked:

*sends virtual welcome hug* may i pls request some angsty headcanons on bakugou, mirio, n kirishima's s/o's being kidnapped by villains (mirio's could be kidnapped by the eight precepts of death n just fuels his sadness/anger :3cccc)

I probably suck at angst, but I hope these are okay. Some spoilers ahead (mostly about Mirio, but Kirishima also has a mention of something that happened in the manga).

Word count: 827.

Bakugō Katsuki:

  • Shit is going down here. No one manages to kidnap his s/o and gets away with it without half the bones in their body reduced to dust.
  • He is not following any orders, he will probably just run and search for his s/o by himself, too damn angry to care about the weird stares he was being given as he screamed while running down the street like a mad man. Dude here will mess with any strategy set up previously.
  • When he doesn’t manage to find his s/o after a whole day, he gives up and decides to go according to the plan. At night, when he finds himself alone in bed and being unable to text his s/o until he felt the sleep coming in, his inferiority complex would, for sure, kick in.
  • “How the fuck did I let her be kidnapped without doing anything?” He punches the pillow so hard and later screams on it because they should already be there next to him. With each passing second he grieves he promises another minute of insufferable torture for the kidnappers, and he doesn’t sleep that night, so that’s no silly amount of seconds.
  • When the mission starts, he can barely hold himself into the place he is given because he is, oh, so ready to raise some hell. Look after him, because he will be blowing the whole building up before anyone can stop him.
  • When he finds his s/o and makes sure they’re safe, he will shout at them so loudly it would seem they are his enemy, but he is so frustrated that he wasn’t there to help them earlier that he seriously doesn’t know how else he could let himself blow off steam. Actually, his s/o’s soothing hand on his cheek to calm him down will help greatly.

Tōgata Mirio [SPOILERS]:

  • Oh, man, he was already sad before, and a frown adorned his face, right? Well, now he feels even worse. He was so ready to save Eri, but now he has two persons to save from Chisaki.
  • Will go along with the plan, but is even antsier since he now his s/o is also in danger and he cannot stop thinking about what could be done to them.
  • He greatly appreciates the rest of heroes, his friends and mates’ help and encouragement; it all honestly helps him cope with everything better, and strengthens his faith in taking back both hostages safe and sound.
  • Sees his s/o and his smile is unavoidable; they were safe. He couldn’t know about wounds that could be hidden by their clothes, or internal bleedings, illnesses or even mental damage, but the mere sight of their eyes open and staring into his with hope was enough to make a small wave of relief wash over him.
  • He forgets all about being sad because he cannot let himself look upset or worried in front of his s/o, not until they’re back in his arms and under proper treatment.
  • Will be even more overprotective of his s/o, and apologize a thousand times for not being there when they needed it the most. He lets this situation carve in his heart as a very close warning that helps him strengthen the need to protect his s/o forever.

Kirishima Eijirō:

  • [SPOILERS] Basically the same as when they went to bring Katsuki back when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains. He will not go there alone, because he knows there are little chances of him saving his s/o by himself.
  • Relies on his friends a lot, and will be eternally grateful to them if his s/o ends up safe with him, or even if they don’t. Showing that his friends support him and care for him enough to put their lives in danger will be enough for him to feel like he didn’t deserve all of it.
  • Is ready to follow a plan, but if he sees his s/o being hit, screamed at, tortured or in any shape and size of danger, he will snap and is ready to crack some heads as if they were nuts.
  • Would protect his s/o with his body (it works pretty well) if there are guns involved; he knows that a stray bullet can cost their life, and he hates not being there to help his friends in battle until he gets his s/o to a safe place.
  • Won’t leave the place until every kidnapper has been given the beat up of their lives, unless his friends tell him to go with his s/o to comfort them; he would reluctantly leave and thank them as he disappears, even though he would later apologize a lot for not helping them in battle.
  • Makes sure his s/o is alright after everything is over, and will literally drown them in kisses of relief and apology; he feels like he never, ever, wants to leave them alone and is by their side as long as they need to recover from the traumatic experience.

Omg yes!!! Thank you I love this request. FULL ANGST AHEAD!! Also, even those of you who don’t know Shiki can read this! A shiki is pretty much a vampire, that’s all you need to know. Try putting your name in btw! Let me know if it works ^^

Your name: submit What is this?

Four days. 

It’s been four days since (y/n)’s death. She was buried along with the others taken by the epidemic, her grave marked with a fir post bearing her posthumous name, and nothing more.

Bakugo Katsuki was not alright. With (y/n) gone, he had no anchor. And with her death still fresh, it felt as though Bakugo was suffocating. He could think of nothing but her. The death, like all the others, took them by surprise. She was fine one day, tired the next, bedridden the day after, and then she was dead.

And I didn’t even get to tell her I love her.

Bakugo was angry. The anger must’ve started deep within him, in his heart or stomach or some other center, and it burned all the way to his fingertips. The anger could not be extinguished, not even when he punched the walls or screamed profanities to the sky. (y/n) was dead. What else mattered?

It did not help one bit when Deku, believing in some sort of friendship between the two of them, rushed over and babbled stories about shiki. Corpse demons. Vampires. The dead rise again, burn in the sun and drink your blood. And then they kill you, too. Deku shoved a wooden stake into Bakugo’s hands, “just in case”. Bakugo yelled at him then. His girlfriend died, and Deku had the audacity to claim something supernatural took her? That just made him angrier.

Even now, four days later, Bakugo could not sleep. It was a warm summer night, but it was grief, not the heat, that kept Bakugo from sleeping. He could’ve fought off a person, but he couldn’t do anything to fight off the disease that took (y/n)’s life.

And then he heard her voice. It was soft, as though she were speaking through a breath. “Katsuki,” he heard. Her unmistakable voice. He’d recognise it anywhere. Anytime.

Slowly, Bakugo rose from his dishevelled bed, and looked out the window. His heart raced when he saw her. There she was, clad in neither her burial clothes nor the ones she wore when she was alive. Someone else’s clothes. Her pale figure almost seemed to glow amidst the darkness.

“Katsuki,” she said again in that breathy voice.

“(y/n),” he said her name quietly at first, “(y/n)!”

Was she a spectre? A hallucination? Either way, Bakugo could not tear his eyes away from her. They filled with tears he blinked away when she spoke again.

“Katsuki! Won’t you let me in? P-Please, I’m so scared… I don’t know what’s happened to me…” (y/n)’s soft voice was shaky with sobs, “Please!”

You’re dead. You’re dead. You fucking died, (y/n)! Why the fuck are you here??

But Bakugo could not get himself to say those words. His heart was pounding. She was dead. Dead, dead, dead. He’d cried silently at her funeral. He watched as they closed the casket for the last time and lowered her into the ground. She is not supposed to be here.

But how could he leave her, when she was scared and crying? Maybe… Maybe God was giving him one last chance to tell her what he wanted to. Maybe after that, she’d disappear again forever. Maybe… he could allow himself to embrace her in his arms one last time…

“Come in.” Bakugo opened the window. He held out his hand to (y/n), and she took it, and entered his room.

Her skin was cold. Far too cold. Dead cold. Now that she was closer to him, Bakugo could see her more clearly. Her skin was deathly pale, and her eyes were a deep, dark red. He felt no pulse against her wrist when he held her hand.

(y/n) was most definitely dead.

She pulled away as if ashamed of her deathly features. Dumb as they were, Deku’s words of warning about the shiki were making sense. (y/n) was dead. But she should stay dead. Not rise as a corpse demon. Discreetly, Bakugo backed away to his desk and took out the wooden stake Deku had given him before. He hid it behind his back so that (y/n) could not see it.

“Katsuki… I’m so happy to see you… But… I’m so hungry…”

“You died, (y/n).”

She looked up at him, distraught. “Please… Katsuki, I can barely stand it anymore… This hunger…”

Bakugo took a step towards her and embraced her tightly. His voice shook as he spoke, “This is a cruel fucking way for us to meet again.” The hot tears in his eyes made it hard to see. Maybe that was for the better.

“Let’s be together forever, Katsuki. You’ll join us soon.” (y/n) whispered against his neck.

Gripping the stake, Bakugo positioned it against her back, her heart. (y/n) opened her mouth, revealing sharp fangs against his neck.

“I love you.”

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 14)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,518 (including texts)

Misha x Reader

Warnings: angst, resolved in fluff

Notes: we’re almost there! this is the second to last part of the series, things are starting to resolve themselves. next part is basically gonna be fluffy fluff and closure, but there’ll still be some of the good stuff :D (sidenote: this is unbeta’d and it took me AGES to write on a portuguese computer bc all the stuff is in different places, so sorry in advance if anything in the text or formatting looks weird. i fixed as much as i could!) leave in the comments if you liked this part :)

text messages in italics

Your name: submit What is this?

“We need to talk.”

Misha nodded slowly, contemplating. “Ok.” He lead you to the bed where you sat down next to each other, watching you carefully.

“Ok.” You took a deep breath, steadying yourself. “So,” you linked a hand with one of Misha’s, “we need to talk about us- what’s going to happen when you leave and all.”

Misha stared at your joined hands, silent. You craned your neck down, trying to meet his gaze. “Mish?”

“What if you came with me?”

The words came out too fast, and he immediately looked like he regretted saying anything. You swallowed. “What?”

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anonymous asked:

Jfjfjfj You should write a fic about des and his family Once you reach that part

Have you got any idea how much it hurts me to write about this-

“Dada, are you awake?”

Desmond Sycamore let out a soft groan, before turning to the soft voice next to him.

“Hey sweetie. What’s wrong?”

His daughter was visibly upset. There were tears in her eyelashes and her face was slightly redened. The professor couldn’t help but feel upset by seeing his daughter like that. He held out a hand to her.

“Come here, and tell daddy what’s happened.”

She slowly climbed into the bed, and snuggled closer to his chest. Desmond wrapped his arms around her, and so they stayed for a while. Suddenly, the girl leaned up to peak over his shoulder to see her mother who was still asleep. Then she leaned back down, and explained; “I had a nightmare.”

“What was it about, sweetheart?”

“Scary men. They came here, to us. They killed us, daddy. It was so scary…”

“Of course that’s scary. But daddy’s here, princess. And he will never let anyone hurt you. You’re safe, I promise.”

The two smiled at each other before she pressed her small face against his chest. After another moment of silence, she mumbled; “When I grow up, I want to be like you.”

Desmond looked down in surprise.

“What do you mean?”

“I want to be as smart and brave as you, daddy. Will you tell me more about history?”

He smiled. “I will. When morning comes, I’ll tell you more.”

His daughter shook her head. “Not tomorrow, now!”

“Now? Sweetheart, are you sure?”

One look into her determined eyes had him faltering, and before he knew it, he was being dragged downstairs by his five-year-old. Desmond couldn’t help but smile at the excitement she had without a doubt inherited from her mother.

“What would you like me to tell you about?”

His daughter thought for a moment, before replying; “The Azran!”

Desmond couldn’t help but twitch at the name. Then again, what had happened had already happened. It couldn’t hurt to tell her about the Azran. And so he found himself taking a book, sitting down, and setting her upon his lap. He held her, and kept telling stories until he felt her breathing getting even. She fell asleep. The professor smiled to himself and gave her head a small kiss before carrying her to her bed.

Before leaving her room, he turned around and whispered; “I won’t let anything hurt you. I promise.”

He couldn’t possibly have known how wrong he turned out to be.

Slow It Down 

by intheblinkofaneye (56k)

Published : 2013-08-04

Harry’s a little bit broken and Louis’ a little bit oblivious. Or, where no one sees Harry’s cracks until he disappears in the middle of the Australian leg of their tour. Because in order to create a new masterpiece, the old one has to be washed away. And nothing does the job better than the sea.


Gone are the days of Wine and roses

Summary:Dan knew it had to happen eventually. And logically, he knew it was his fault. He was the one who broke it off between them all those years ago. He didn’t expect Phil to be single forever, not really. But he also kind of expected to move on himself by the time Phil would start dating.

or the one where Phil starts seeing a girl and Dan understands that maybe he still has feelings for him.

warnings: in my opinion Dan and Phil’s relationship in this one is not very healthy. but it’s not something major, just the way I feel. 

words: 4012

ao3 if you want:

notes:  so… this was based on a prompt that asked me to write somthing based around the song Ativan by Atlas Sound.
so i listen to the song and kind of wrote something loosely based on what I felt the song was about.
so, anon, I know this is probably not what you wanted, but I hope you like it anyway!:)

Dan knew it had to happen eventually. And logically, he knew it was his fault. He was the one who broke it off between them all those years ago. He didn’t expect Phil to be single forever, not really. But he also kind of expected to move on himself by the time Phil would start dating.

And maybe it was unfair of him to feel that way, but he always took comfort in the fact that he was the one to break up with Phil. Because he knew that Phil still loved him. He didn’t even try to hide it that much.

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