Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 39

Wordcount: 3.9k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
A/N: Here’s a new chapter. Two more to go. I hope you enjoy. :) x

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PJ’s and his girlfriend’s flat was Dan’s sanctuary. He hadn’t really wanted to see Phil these past few days. It wasn’t like he was mad at Phil for making him try on a cuff, but that he just couldn’t face him, too embarrassed by what had happened. They’d slept in separate beds and most evenings Dan spent at PJ’s flat. His best friend just quietly accepted him there, although he thought that it would be better if the couple would talk about what had happened. Dan begged to differ. The longer he wouldn’t have to see Phil and could avoid his boyfriend, the better. 

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Lost Without You (Family Fic/Angst) Kenshi Inagaki

For voltageotomeruinedmysociallife! I got teary eyed writing this.. Which is a first for me. Please enjoy!

“I, Jo , take you, Kenshi, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” I said it as calmly as I could, or at least how I practiced it.

I’m already nervous just standing up here, all my family members and friends watching me in awe. The wedding dress is scratchy too, it’s light brown with short sleeves.

Kenshi’s mother insisted we had a old fashioned Japanese wedding like they used to in their family, Kenshi was wearing a red like kimono over his white shirt with a head band. To me it was quite odd but I went along with it.

“I, Kenshi, take you, Jo, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” He repeated the wedding vow back to me, looking at me lovingly.

“The rings please?”

The preacher called out and Hiro pranced happily up to the alter in his suit to give us our rings, “You look beautiful, Jo!~” He said before going back to sit down.

We said our vows and placed the rings on each of our ring fingers, “Uh oh..” Kenshi had gotten confused and put the ring on the wrong finger earning a burst of laughter from our friends and families.

“He’s a clumsy one isn’t he?” The preacher chuckled. I didn’t want to giggle as he struggled to get it off the wrong finger and put it on the right one.

Eventually he got it right and the preacher sighed happily, “You may now, kiss the bride!”

Kenshi’s hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me close, “I love you, Jo.” I didn’t get to respond before Kenshi sealed his lips with mine, kissing me sweetly.

~1 Year Later~

I ran into the nearest shop, running to the bathroom, cause I felt like I might vomit. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom but, nothing came out.

Not again.. I was on my way to work like I do every morning, but ever since Monday I have been feeling sick. Don’t tell me… I’m pregnant aren’t I?

I sighed and wiped the sweat rolling down my forehead, “I better call Kenshi..” I pulled out my iPhone and unlocked it. My background is one of our wedding photographs.. It when we were kissing on the beach. The picture brang back wonderful memories and it made me smile.

I tried calling him but it didn’t work, “Looks like he won’t answer.. I just gotta fend for myself on this one.”

Once the nausea subsided, I realized I had ran into a drug store. Maybe they have pregnancy test here… I quietly walked out of the bathroom and went to the woman’s hygiene section. Thank god! There was one pack left of pregnancy test so I picked up the box and bought them.


I called Kenshi and told him about the situation, he said he would come home immediately, but he hasn’t arrived yet.

I sat on the couch in our apartment, holding the box of pregnancy tests. I want to try them while Kenshi’s here, I don’t know if I can do it alone. I mean, having a baby was a huge responsibility.

Out of nowhere the front door burst open, scaring the living shit out me, “JO! Is everything okay?!” He ran to me, smelling like car exhaust.

I coughed, “Kenshi you reek!”

His cheeks flushed crimson, “Sorry! I rode my motorcycle here cause our car broke down..” He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He looks really handsome when he does that…

“Y-You think you may be pregnant?” I nodded and stood up, holding the pack of pregnancy tests in my hand.

“Let’s try it, then.”

~9 Months Later~

“Hnng!” Another contraction came and I squeezed Kenshi’s hand, trying to ride out the pain.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” I brought Kenshi to the ground with my strong grip.


My water broke at 3 in the morning and Kenshi had to drive us to the nearest hospital.

“Okay Mr. And Mrs. Inagaki, are you ready to have a baby?” My heart rate dropped which showed on the monitors. I’m so scared… I started to shake as the doctors came in, getting their equipment ready.

“Hey.. I’m right here. There’s no need to worry..” Kenshi squeezed my hand.

I looked up to meet his gaze, “I know…” We shared a quick kiss before I got ready for the long painful hours ahead of me.

~5 Hours Later~

I cradled our little bundle of joy in my arms, he’s so cute. “Heh, he looks just like you.” Kenshi chuckled, stroking the baby boy’s head.

“What should we name him?”

“JO!” Hiro and the rest of the Black Foxes came running in, “We-”

“SHHH!” Kenshi put a finger up to his lips. The baby had been crying for a while, but we had just got him to be quiet.

“S-Sorry.. Can we see him?” The Black Foxes gathered around the bed, overjoyed at the new arrival.

~3 Years Later~

“Bye Kenshi I’m off to work!” I made sure my makeup looked decent and I walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

“Bye, have a wonderful day.” Kenshi and I shared a light kiss before he went back to cooking breakfast for our son, Taro.

“Bye, sweetie.” I squatted down to greet Taro which gave a cute giggle in response, “Bye momma! I’ll miss you!” He put his tiny hands on either side of my face making me smile. He’s gonna grow up to be a polite young man I just know it.

I quickly left, getting into our brand new car Kenshi had just bought. It was a Red Elton John Ferrari Testarossa 512. A expensive car that Kenshi had been wanting, although I don’t think it’s the best thing for our family at the moment I let him buy it cause it made him happy.

I started the car up and pulled out into the busy street before stopping at a red light, “Ugh, this is the one that takes the longest..” I groaned and rubbed the bridge of my nose.

Finally it turned green and I pressed on the accelerator to go straight. Right when I was in the middle of the intersection, a tanker truck full of gasoline ran the red light and was heading straight for the driver side of my car.

I only had a few seconds to think, “I love you Kenshi and Taro..”

No One’s P.O.V

The tanker truck went straight into Jo’s car, denting and crushing the car into two. When the man of the truck realized what he had done, he tried to flee the scene, but it was to late, fire had mixed with gasoline then-


Both vehicles exploded, in a fiery inferno of death, killing what was ever alive, that being Jo and the man.

Kenshi’s P.O.V

After dropping Taro off at his daycare, I returned to the fire station to hear that there was an explosion near an intersection, I quickly put on my fire fighting gear until I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was one of my fellow squad members, “Inagaki, the chief needs you in your office.”

I wonder why he needs me? I stopped what I was doing and briskly walked to the chiefs office, “You said you needed me, sir?” I noticed two police men standing side by side beside his desk.

The chief looked up at me, a grim look on his face, “Take a seat..” I sensed something was wrong and cautiously took a seat.

“Do you own a Red Elton John Ferrari Testarossa 512?”

“Yes, sir. My wife drove it to work this morning.”

“Mr. Inagaki..” He looked at me and told me the words that would change my life forever.

“Your car was in the explosion, your wife never made it to work.. I’m so sorry to tell you this… But your wife is dead.”

I started to shake, Jo’s dead, Jo’s dead. My Jo, the one I fell in love with, the one I married, the one I started a family with, was dead.

I clenched my teeth together, trying not to sob in front of the Chief and my fellow comrades. I simply let a tear slip down my cheek and stood up, “Thank you for telling me sir.”

I quietly walked out of his office letting the door close with click behind me, to see all my squad members and the rest of the fire crew looking at me, “What’s wrong?”

Silence fell on the room before I had the courage to muster up the cold truth, “My wife has been… Killed.”

~4 Years Later~

“Do you have the flowers I asked you to bring, Taro?” I called out from the living room, straightening my tie.

“Yes dad I did.” My son came walking out in his own suit with a bouquet of flowers that were Jo’s favorite.

He was a spitting image of me, brown spiky hair with hazel eyes like his mothers. He was a handsome young man that was always at the top of his class.

“Let’s go.”


We walked around the various rows of graves till we got to Jo’s, it was the anniversary of her death, “Hey mom I brought you something.”

Taro sat the bouquet down on her grave, “I miss you a lot.” His voice squeaked.

No no.. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry..

“I wanna h-hug you again.. I wanna see you s-so bad..” My seven year old began to cry making my walls breakdown, making me start sobbing.

“O-Oh god.. Jo..” I fell to my knees.

I miss you so much! Every single day I wake up to be alone in bed, which was once shared by you. Taro has become so amazing, he’s the gentle man you wanted him to be.

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and looked up to see Taro, “D-Daddy!” He clung to me, crying his eyes out.

I gently held him close and started to cry again, burying my face in Taro’s shoulder so no one would see my bloodshot, puffy eyes.

“I want momma to be alive, I wanna see her again…” Taro cried out.

“I do to, Taro…” It started to sprinkle, the light rain hitting my tuxedo with a quite tap.

“I do to..”

“I should cut out your tongue creature.”

epicjellyfish asked for: can you draw mer!bilbo just after he accidentally transformed on deck, so pirate Thorin is like ‘wtf?!’ and Bilbo is scared and stuff. 

I got a little angsty cause it’s kinda what I’m playing on for the comic.

Sorry it’s so messy busy busy day.


Drunk on a Plane

          I took two weeks vacation for the honeymoon
         A couple tickets, all-inclusive, down in Cancun
         I couldn’t get my money back so I’m in seat 7A
                           I’m getting drunk on a plane.
{Dierks Bently}

Muse A was supposed to be getting married to the love of their life. Everything from the the reception venue to the honeymoon was paid for, family came from all over to witness the happy couple’s matrimony, but Muse A’s spouse-to-be simply didn’t show up, leaving a voice message saying they can’t marry Muse A, and that it’s all over.

Unable to get any of the money refunded, Muse A decides to at least enjoy the honeymoon. They have two tickets and an all-expenses-paid tropical vacation for two.

Option A: Muse B is a total stranger and the first attractive person Muse A sees. Muse A introduces themselves and offers them the vacation of a life time for free, all they need to do is go with Muse A.

Option B; Muse B is a friend that Muse A brings along for the trip, never knowing that Muse B has never approved of Muse A’s engagement.

Option C: Muse B is an ex of Muse A and agrees to go, neither are sure if old flames will rekindle on the trip.

Anything can happen in Paradise, will Muse A be able to get over their loss and can Muse B help them enjoy the sandy beaches and gentle ocean waves?