Stray by minchout

While taking Sadie and Harley for a run one morning, Jared finds a stray Jensen and takes him home. Loads of hurt!Jensen and protective!Jared. Words: 5,931

  • ok but a wolfstar university au
  • remus is a english lit student obviously because he’s a nerd
  • sirius is an art history student because he’s secretly an even bigger nerd
  • they’ve never met but both have a lecture on a monday, wednesday and friday in the same lecture theatre two hours apart
  • they both sit in the same seat every lecture
  • sirius never listens in lectures and doodles on the desk, carving drawings in the old wooden tables
  • one week he goes all out, draws an arty nude woman, posing ridiculously, while the lecturer goes on about the baroque movement or some shit he doesnt know
  • he leaves thinking nothing of it, but taking a quick snapchat and sending it to prongs with the caption ‘this is u’
  • he comes back two days later to see someone has critiqued it
  • ‘why is her navel so far down? surely it should be higher?’
  • sirius is taken aback - what kind of fucking nerd would critique someone’s lecture doodles
  • he decides to reply
  • ‘inspected a lot of ladies’ belly buttons, have you?’
  • he smirks to himself and actually takes some notes for once because this art stuff can actually be interesting sometimes, who knew?
  • on friday he returns to his seat to see another reply: ‘probably more than you, judging by your drawing’
  • sirius is hurt
  • he is OFFENDED
  • he has to let whoever this mysterious stranger is know how upset he is
  • he replies ‘fuk u’
  • the weekend passes, and sirius returns to find the word ‘mature’ written in the stranger’s script
  • conversation continues for several more weeks, until the light wood of the desk is practically turned black by the sheer amount of biro covering the surface
  • sirius is suddenly concerned - he had been enjoying conversing with this sarcastic stranger
  • this situation is salvageable
  • he steals one of marlene’s post its and scribbles his next reply on it and fixes it under the desk, then draws a big arrow pointing to the edge of the desk
  • that’ll do
  • he comes back to the next lecture to find a different, bright pink post it stuck in the same place with the words ‘this will get bad for the environment - text me’
  • there’s a number underneath
  • this is probably the least effort sirius has had to go to to get someone’s phone number at university so far, according to marlene
  • the mysterious stranger, who goes by moony, texts sirius infrequently
  • its always in intense short bursts
  • probably when they’re walking to and from classes
  • maybe it’s just when they’re in lectures
  • im not reading into this too much prongs shut up
  • sirius spends the majority of his time walking around campus with his head down, texting moony
  • it was usually smooth sailing, but one day he walks straight into someone else
  • some six foot, scrawny bloke on his phone
  • sirius looks at him and curses
  • fuck, he’s hot
  • he had dropped his phone, and mysterious hot boy had picked it up, and was now seemingly staring at the screen
  • damn, his cheekbones were sharp
  • sirius would like to cut himself on those
  • he wasnt even sure what that meant but he was feeling it
  • “i cant help but notice who youre texting,” hot boy says
  • sirius doesnt think he can speak right now, so he just pulls a face that he hopes conveys all of his confusion
  • it seems to work, because hot boy is giggling
  • actually giggling
  • fuck, hes cute
  • “youre texting me”
  • FUKC
  • moony hands sirius his phone back and laughs
  • “too bad about that lecture bench we destroyed, eh?”
  • long story short they make out a lot
  • its pretty gay
  • no one dies or betrays anyone
  • the end

more of my GoodGuyGabe AU part 2 o/ (part 1)

we have a more detailed and clean mask of Gabe and the other one with Gabe and Jack reunited because this drabble of @lacrimacorona hurted my soul and I loved it

I sketched Gabriel with McCree but my computer crashed right in front of my face (luckily I saved the two other) so I dont want to fucking drew it again until tomorrow,  I imagined how Gabe’s second meet with Jesse would be, it’s sure it wouldn’t be smooth at first after what Gabe have endured him back in the day when Gabe was an ass, of course Gabe regret what he have done to the people that he hold dear, but dont worry later McCree will treat him a drink and he’ll be happy to see his old boss (aka father figure) again

Teacher AUs

Imagine your OTP… 

  • Are not allowed to date because they’re co-workers but they do anyway. 
  • Have lunch together during their lunch break. 
  • Their students think they hate each other but they’re married. 
  • Always hang out in the classroom after hours. 
  • Character A is a teacher and character B isn’t. They’re married and B always visits A’s classroom. 
  • Their classrooms are across from each other and they flirt when they see each other through the door. 
  • Trying to win the “Best Teacher” award. 
  • Having a class war. 
  • Character A teaches math and character B teaches history. A hates history and B hates math.

Dean is born with a little seven etched into his skin, it looks like a strange birth mark, right over his hip bone. When he’s ten he compares it with the one Sam has, but Sam’s looks like a zero.

During a solo hunt when Dean is 23 he gets attacked by vampires, and they tear him apart. But when he wakes up, it’s in a hospital and there’s no scratch on him.

He walks away, not thinking about it. But the next time he showers, he realizes the seven is gone, and suddenly there’s a six written on his skin.

Dean is terrified. Not for himself, but for Sam. This is the reason Dean is always so eager to sacrifice himself for Sam.

Imagine your OTP are co-workers that have secret feelings for each other. Person A has a little sibling/cousin that visits them often. Person A goes shopping with them for the day and spots Person B around. They tell their sibling/cousin to act normal and not be idiotic so that they wouldn’t look stupid in front of B. The plan backfires and B joins A and their sibling/cousin to goof around. You decide what happens next.