Different Faces

Carter had never been to a mental ward before. Of course, they don’t really call it that anymore. Nowadays, it’s more of a hospital for sick kids, or really, a nice styled-Juvie. Carter had never imagined being sent to one. He was wealthy, and smart, and kind compared to some of the other members of the ‘school’. He had a bright future ahead of him, though by the looks of it, it wasn’t was bright as it should be. In fact, it looked a lot dimmer thanks to a mental break down that caused him to pull a suicidal stunt along with almost shooting his mother with a hand gun. A defective handgun, but a handgun none the less. 

As the head nurse finished her speech about hoping to make Carter feel welcome, he stood from his seat, and was lead out to being his tour before being brought to his room where he would be staying for the next few weeks while he 'rested and got better’.

fake film | caleb landry jones + sophie turner + house of the rising sun

there were rumours about the oakes twins long before they burned their house down in what appeared to be a double suicide. their parents perished in a small house fire two years earlier but back then only the most vicious of locals harboured suspicions against the grief stricken children. still, everyone noticed the disappearing neighbourhood pets, the unhealthy codependence, the random outbursts of anger. evil tongues called their their red hair a sign that they had been touched by the devil. in hindsight, it was all so clear. the boy had always had such crazy eyes, after all.

but it’s easy to judge what’s going on behind closed doors. there was no evil twin: there were two. and these are the mind games they played on each other before they let the fire take them.

au where you and harry are spending your first christmas moved in together and he makes sure to place mistletoe in every available area so you’re practically making out every time you walk into the kitchen or climb the stairs or go to the living room and in the spots he’s missed he’ll just hold up a sprig above the two of you and pucker his lips and when you resist he’ll pout and whine that you’re not getting into the christmas spirit



“I don’t know, Steve. I can’t really explain it myself. Maybe it’s because you bring me coffee at three in the morning even when you’re still mad at me, or because you apologized all seventy-six times for stepping on my toes when we danced. Maybe it’s a hundred other ridiculous things about being your fake husband. I don’t know how it happened except that somewhere along the way I forgot how to pretend. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to really be in love with you.”


OUAT AU; Hook discovers he has a younger brother he never knew of.  At first they struggle to get along, his brother turning out to be a chip off the old block.  Then, tragedy strikes, reminding Hook of when he lost Liam.  After his young brother makes a miraculous recovery, Hook and him become thicker than thieves.

  au meme  2min: in highschool requested by anonymous  

This is the story of the star athlete and the lonesome wallflower; two souls who’s paths were never destined to cross.
Two souls who were so different, yet so alike. Though they lived in different worlds they wanted nothing but an escape, a break from the troubles and stress that high school offered them. Who knew they’d find what they wanted most in each other? Who knew they’d rewrite destiny and create their own paths?

cecileofnightvale  asked:


Carlotta’s timer had jumped from eighty years to a month the minute she decided to go to Night Vale. She took that as a good sign.

Most of the month was spent collecting grant money and packing scientific equipment. The day of the conference, her time was down to hours. It was counting down the last minute as she walked into the gymnasium.

No, no, it was packed full of people. How would she ever find her soulmate in here?

“Dr. Andreu! Come meet Cecile Palmer! She’s the local radio host.”