genre: AU

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Note: Cat!Hybrid Yoongi 💕 😼 You can read the first part HERE and the second part HERE. Thank you for being so patient with me posting all those tiny spoilers ages ago which weren’t really spoilers but just me getting ideas out. POV shifting, clichés, and ridiculous, unrealistic word porn ahoy. I’m guilty of doing that thing where I neglect exposition in favor of smut because I’m tired and this has been SITTING in a drafted state since literally 2016 while it’s fkcinf August 2017. Also I typed this 99% on mobile so I’ll edit formatting later. 

The specialiest thanks to @joondaily and @94hixtape for reading through everything and giving me amazing feedback. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: smut, hybrid au
Warnings: graphic sexual content (fantasizing, masturbation, oral, penetrative - dear lord holy hell), hybrid smut
Word Count: 10k (over ten thousand fucking words) 
Rating: X, for eXtra graphic (MA/NC-17) 


Yoongi doesn’t get to finish his sentence or his thought because you tilt your head up to lick at the thin stream of milk that runs down his neck. Your tongue meets the soft skin covering his adams apple, and you move up towards his chin. You have officially lost your goddamn mind.


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By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | R | 14.600

Humour | Fluff | Romance | AU | Eighth Year

In which Draco becomes friends with the Golden Trio in first year and seven years later is hopelessly in love with Harry.


Happiness. That’s what this fic is, pure happiness and lots of humour. So basically what I love. And still 100% perfect characters!! Ron, Hermione, Harry and Draco were all spot on! Enjoy!

We found this one! It was well and truly lost and until @a92vm poked me with the link (like the rockstar she is!) I was worried we’d never find it. Here you are, @oonytlisa - Happy reading! This one is just wonderful! <3 Jandy

Blonde Ponytails And Leather Jackets by @sprousehart-stan (1/1)

Summary:  Bad boy Jughead keeps embarrassing himself every time town sweetheart Betty Cooper is around.  Bughead AU: There is no Black Hood, Jason Blossom was never murdered, and Jughead Jones had always been a Southside Serpent. He was never friends with any of the Northsiders.


Originally posted by kths

Note:  This stemmed from my four sentence posts that grew into something else entirely.  Just a lot of filth and smut tbh.  This is unedited and rushed, so warning for the bad smut.  

Summary:  You are honor-bound to do your duty as a princess and marry for the good of the kingdom.  Marriage, like many things in your life, is meant to serve a purpose.  But you know you should be grateful because there are far worse fates than being engaged to marry Prince Taehyung.  ~Royalty AU~




Taehyung is the picture of etiquette and genteel charm during your maternal aunt’s harvest ball.  He dances with the appropriate family members and ladies of the court, but remembers to pay special attention to you, his wife-to-be. He maintains the proper distance during customary dances, hands finding their exact position on non-scandalous places on your body as he was taught to do from an early age.  

Ideal, the members of your court believe.  He is ideal.  You and Taehyung are the perfect match, a beautiful couple to join two kingdoms together through marital bliss.  And you don’t disagree with them for a second.  Despite only just having met the prince (whom you were contracted to marry since birth) for the first time last year, he had not faltered with sending you correspondence – a fact that sends your ladies-in-waiting into swooning fits and gossip.  

You can’t count the number of times they beg to read the letters, and each time you tell them on no uncertain terms that the letters are yours and yours alone.  They remain locked in a secret cabinet back at the castle.  So your ladies-in-waiting are left to imagine what Taehyung writes, their guesses sounding inane to your ears when they titter about romance and love at first sight.  

They don’t need to know that in every letter Taehyung writes, in perfect penmanship no less, he describes how he imagines deflowering you on your wedding night.  

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An AU Prompt

Loki is a teenage Punk (17ish) who smokes too much and has the idolization of a young Tony Stark (14ish). Loki ‘puts up’ with Tony tagging along because everyone Loki’s age treats him horribly/like he doesn’t exist/is worthless. He likes the genuine interest (and yeah, okay, hero worship) Tony has for him.

He teaches Tony how to pick locks, how to roll his own cigarettes and is amused by the smart little tag-a-long who can keep up with him mentally - even if he still is a bit naive because of his age. He’s also sympathetic to the plight Tony has with his father and comes around on his motorbike to get Tony the hell out of there when he needs to. They’re friends.

Loki gives him tips on how to pick up girls (even when he personally likes guys) and how to get away with the best pranks. Tony thinks he’s the best thing ever and Loki’s only ever wanted someone to give him attention.

When Howard Stark shoves Tony off to boarding school, Loki realizes how much he grew accustomed to and enjoyed the little brat’s company. Five years go by with emails and phone calls that keep their friendship alive. When Tony’s coming back for a summer before he starts MIT, he begs Loki to come meet him at the airport.

Loki agrees because he’s missed the kid and he’s on break from college/uni anyway. Only, he runs into the problem that ‘little Tony Stark’ is no longer a kid. He’s a filled out, devilishly handsome man and Loki isn’t sure how he, or his libido, is supposed to handle that.

Tony on the other hand is hoping for that reaction. He’s had a crush on Loki since he first knew what crushes were. He’s stayed away for five years so he could come back an experienced, attractive guy. Someone Loki wouldn’t see as a kid. Someone Loki might hit on and be interested in.

Loki’s does not recognize the message Tony is trying to get across. All he’s hearing is it’s just hero-worship, it’s just like before, he’d freak if I hit on him, don’t do it, don’t fuck this up.

Too bad for Loki, when it comes to being a mischievous little shit and getting what he wants; Tony was trained by the best.



“I don’t know, Steve. I can’t really explain it myself. Maybe it’s because you bring me coffee at three in the morning even when you’re still mad at me, or because you apologized all seventy-six times for stepping on my toes when we danced. Maybe it’s a hundred other ridiculous things about being your fake husband. I don’t know how it happened except that somewhere along the way I forgot how to pretend. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to really be in love with you.”


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Note: This is so out of order, but this was supposed to be a scene from a super long modern day royalty AU I had planned. Basically, you’re the new crown princess of a country because your sibling abdicates from the throne over INSTAGRAM and… arranged marriage…etc. Anyway, this is just a short thing I wrote. I had to post. Thanks @nottodayjeon and @hayjeon for proofing and feedback. 

Summary: You’re too busy these days to have a decent meal with your husband let alone spend quality time with him, but Yoongi is determined to make things work. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Modern Royalty AU
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 2723




“My approval ratings are down,” you huff, scrolling through the media summary your secretary had prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. You know Yoongi will be here in the mornings, hovering over the pot of coffee he prefers to brew himself.

“Well good morning to you too,” Yoongi sniffs, frowning at the way you’re immersed in the news without even the smallest glance in his direction. He hands you a cup of coffee made just the way you like it (splash of milk, no sugar).

You take the cup with an absentminded “thanks” said in a soft tone, too distracted by the polling data showing a dip in approval after the news of your impending ascension to the throne was released. It hurt a little that a percentage of the people liked you well enough as a princess, but wouldn’t support the idea of you as an active, ruling queen.

“Put the tablet down. No reading the news until after you give me a morning kiss.” You nearly jump out of your skin when Yoongi sidles up behind you to kiss your neck softly. “Tablet. Down. Now.” And who are you to deny your husband when he orders so nicely?

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FIC: Undertow - hedwigshero

Title: Undertow

Author: hedwigshero

Word count: 20,222

Alternate links: N/A

Rating: Mature

Warnings: None

Author’s summary: Trapped in the confines of number twelve Grimmauld Place, Ron and Hermione find themselves plunged head-first into a sea of lust. Will they be able to fight the current, or get pulled down by the undertow?

Why everyone should read this: I was blown away the first time I read this fic. The author uses vivid and unusual imagery to depict the erotically charged situation Ron and Hermione find themselves in. The story is told from Hermione’s perspective, and begins with the piano scene from the Deathly Hallows film before exploring the possibilities that follow. It’s an intense journey through the “what ifs?” from their time at Grimmauld Place, and it sucks you in completely.


My heart is a fist pounding on my ribcage as our lips are pulled together and meet in a dulcet, lingering kiss. His mouth folds over my bottom lip, and this slight pressure seems to tug at my soul. My body is a sponge, and I soak up the kiss, letting it fill every pore in my body with fire. The sensation is euphoric.

My knees unhinge.

But then Ron begins to pull away every so slightly, our lips part, and a small space is created between them that crackles with static. He breathes out slowly as he pulls his hand away from my face.

Klaine Summer Challenge 2017 Day 1: Here Come The Sun 

Word Count: 1,100

Blaine, age nine, moves to Lima and meets his next door neighbor. (AO3)

“Blaine honey, I wish you’d look on the bright side of things,” Pam says, unlocking the front door of their new house.

“But all my friends are at home!” Her son cries, lugging a suitcase behind him.

This is our new home Honeybee,” she replies with a smile.

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Title: An alternative Battle of Hogwarts.

Author: iMickey.

Genre(s): romance, fluff.

Rating: g.

Word Count: 5,775 | oneshot.

Status: completed.

Summary: What if some things in the Battle of Hogwarts had gone differently?

Another favourite fic of mine !! it deserves more love. please read itttt and drop a kudo and comment !

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anonymous asked:

Heya. I am looking for a Bughead fic where the comic version of Jughead shows up in Riverdale and is confused by the fact that he is in a relationship with Betty but then he starts to realize he has feelings for her. It's not two Jugheads are better than one. In this fic, our Jughead isn't there. Help please!

No problem! It’s over on

It’s called How Things Could Be by GoingQuietly

Rating: Mature  Chapters: 4/?

Summary:  “Woah Betty, it’s me, Jughead!” He began backing up. “What are you doing?” Jughead from the comics mysteriously appears in the TV version of Riverdale, and he realizes what he’s been missing. Bughead story! Non-ace Jughead. Please review! Let me know what you think!


Bite Me (Bitch)

Originally posted by jjks

Note: This is another reupload with edits from my old writing blog (uyuagashi-fics).  I held a prompt game that was a lot of fun, and the request that time was “Suga + bite + breaking the rules”.  This one fits so well with all the vampire looks BTS has gifted us with.  As always, I added in a LOT more to the original post and tidied up some portions of the writing.  This is very BTVS-inspired in terms of vampire lore but there’s lore from other shows/movies/books mixed in as well.  Also, I lost so much steam with this, and I’m unhappy, but whatever.  

I am currently stuck on a very important portion of my Radio DJ Suga AU, and I need to focus on other writing to get out of my rut.  

Summary:  Your existence should repulse him, but Yoongi can’t bring himself to hate you when he craves your bite.  ~Vampire AU~




Yoongi is in a bizarre state of discomfort when he sits through eighty minutes of an in-depth lecture on vampires during DEM 325 (Demonic Physiology).  The other recruits in his class are studiously taking notes as their instructor goes through slide after slide of vampire anatomy, but he can’t bring himself to write down a word.  He can feel his ulcers acting up when the instructor pays special attention to mortality zones.

“Some of you are taking the laboratory component this semester with me,” Dr. Kim notes with a kind, yet condescending smile.  “And let me give you a hint: vampires are Big on the final.  The bulk of my field research is focused on vampires, so it’s an area I know well.”  She pauses for effect.  “And if I see outstanding talent, there are always positions open in my team.”  

The class murmurs with excitement.  Getting real field experience was the dream for recruits.

Dr. Kim gives the class an indulgent smile once more.  “So make sure you do the reading.”  

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steve, the commander, is the leader of the ruthless street gang known as the howling commandos, an assortment of assassins, hired guns and ex-military. tony, his sort-of boyfriend, is an everyday mechanic who thinks steve’s just an ordinary man. that is, until steve’s enemies get their hands on him as the ultimate leverage against new york’s most notorious mob boss. as it turns out –– steve isn’t the only one with a few hidden talents.

for my giftee outercorner, as part of the stevetonyfest gift exchange.
Dragon's Treasure

Tao is an assassin who is sent to kill the King of Dragon Land, a cruel alpha named Yifan. Unfortunately, he has no idea Yifan is capable of waking up the omega inside of him.

nc17 | au, soulmates, omegaverse, fantasy, romance, smut | ongoing

**warning: dubcon, knotting, heats, mentions of mpreg, etc.

☆ thanks to pandapeach for the submission!

Hello Hello. So I’m answering this here instead of on my own blog.

We have a snazzy tag for just what you’re looking for:

Famous Bughead Fics

But I’ll add one more as well. Happy Reading! <3 Jandy

you have witchcraft in your lips by @lilibug–xx and @strix (1/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  When Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were cast as leads for HBO’s Harry Potter prequel show Magic is Might, they thought they did not know each other. They were wrong.

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold (Birth of a Sugar Baby)

Note: This is a two-for-one deal. I wrote this to participate in the Bangtan Bookclub Monthly Challenge: Sugar Daddy Edition, and also as a (late) birthday gift to my very good friend, MVP, whom I love and adore and respect and would probably donate my kidney for if she were in need of one. I had so much fun planning this out with @94hixtape and @sugaredmarbles - Smut Goddesses tbh. I got Really inspired by Cheese In The Trap! Yet again, this came out Different than how I originally imagined it, but I’m hoping it’s not a total disaster.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: college au, sugar daddy au
Warnings: escort/prostitution, online perverts, unsanitary mention, masturbation mention
Word Count: 5144
Rating: A, for Ambiguous (because it’s not really smut, but it’s not exactly the Safest thing for work. Feel?)


But the real reason anything at all started with Hoseok was something much simpler, and probably wholly unexpected - not that you ever planned on any of the other members of the MBA Society to find out.

You leave your unlocked phone in his car before stumbling your way into your tiny, studio apartment. And he sees a twitter notification asking you for further discount on your panties.

That is all it takes.


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Jokers are former Aces that abuse their power and become corrupt. It’s a painful process that happens internally building up in till the power strips itself from it’s host leaving the Ace powerless. They often suffer chronic pain afterwords from the process.

In Ivan’s quest for revenge and power he falls prey to the sickness. He is manipulated by Matthew who uses his own power of sight to push Ivan to abuse his power resulting in Ivan’s change from Ace to Joker to stop Ivan’s unrelenting attacks on his fragile family. Which Ivan has destroyed and terrorized without them knowing for years.

In his endeavors Matthew walks the thin line of becoming a Joker himself. 


Not even gonna lie. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS FIC–way too much for it to be considered a flashfic for sure lol Not even gonna say I’m sorry cause I’m NOT haha I had so much fun writing this and then making Yama-chan into the beautiful woman he would be lol It wasn’t nearly as hard as it should have been to be honest.

At any rate, there are two versions of this oneshot–the Yamachii version and then a “non-romance” one where there’s nothing about that kind of relationship in it for those who don’t like that kind of thing. My sweet Nice, @n10cfyd​, is for sure on the Yamachii team so…that one is for you darling!!

Title: Boy Bits (non-romance version)
Pairing/Relationship: Yamada Ryosuke x HIMSELF/HERSELF lol I can’t.
Rating: R
Warnings: Language
Genre: Umm…Au Crack? I have no idea–gender swap

Summary:  Ryosuke wakes up and realizes there’s an issue with his ‘boy bits’ lol

You can read the ROMANCE–YAMACHII VERSION {HERE} (but incidentally, that wouldn’t be a M/M fic now that I’m thinking about it, would it? lol I have no idea lol this is very confusing!)

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