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Dazai never would have blown up Chuuya’s car if he’d known the redhead would purchase one of the death traps regular humans call ‘motorcycles’ to replace it.

“And if I did come to taunt you about your excessive clumsiness and inability to straddle your ride?”

“Shitty Dazai-“

“Evidently you don’t ride motorcycles as well as you ride cocks~”

Author: MeanderingMotivation (ao3)
Rating: Teen - Language: English - Words: 5,066 - Chapters: 1/1

oneshot, canon, fluff

Notes: One of the best things about the Dead Apple trailer is the gift of Chuuya on a motorcycle. This fic features protective Dazai at its finest. After Chuuya gets into an accident, Dazai shows some rare moments of seriousness and genuine care. Not to mention the wonderful fluff at the end! I really love the way both of the characters were written here, and their interactions were great.

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Title: you’re like summer (brighter than the morning sun)
Author: donghyuck
Pairing(s): Mark/Donghyuck
Rating: Teen
Warnings: underage drinking
Genre: Non Idol AU, Neighbors AU (?)
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot [6,223]
Summary: Seemingly out of nowhere, Donghyuck shifts his head so that he’s looking up at Mark and states, “Tell me more about my legs.”

Notes: I, like Mark, love and appreciate Donghyuck’s legs.

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Any Bughead fics on if the deleted scene happened and Jughead lived with the coopers? I Iive for those

Definitely! Happy reading! 


Come lay your bones on the alabaster stones by @cooperjones2020

Rated: General  Chapters: 1/1

Summary:  A second one-shot inspired by the 1x13 deleted scene. Alice and Jughead have a late night heart-to-heart.
(Betty’s only a minor character but the whole premise rests on their relationship so I’m tagging it Bughead anyway)

Give me shelter by @cooperjones2020

Rated: General  Chapters: 1/1

Summary: My contribution to our collective flailing over that deleted scene.Or: Jughead has a panic attack in Ikea.

Good Morning by @bugheadjones-the-third

Rated: Not rated  Chapters: 1/1

Summary:   Based on the Bughead deleted scene of ep 13- Jughead has moved into the Cooper’s house, and on that winter, Sunday morning; both he and Betty get together for breakfast and old cartoons.

Safe at Home by WriteEditLife

Rated: Teen and Up  Chapters: 1/1

Summary:  A one-shot based on the deleted scene from 1x13.

Welcome Home Juggie by @thesecretfandom

Rated: Mature   Chapters: 2/2

Summary:  Based off of the deleted scene where Jughead is invited to live with the Coopers.

Chapter 28

name: Chapter 28
author:   SmoakingGreenArrow
fandom: arrow
pairing: oliver/felicity
genre: future fic, canon speculation, romance
rating: g
website: ao3 
summary: Anonymous asked: Olicity #4 i’m too sober for this. Extra challenge: Oliver walking in on Felicity doing something weird:p Your amazing!
note: Felicity is drunk and looking for the engagement ring

We found this one! It was well and truly lost and until @a92vm poked me with the link (like the rockstar she is!) I was worried we’d never find it. Here you are, @oonytlisa - Happy reading! This one is just wonderful! <3 Jandy

Blonde Ponytails And Leather Jackets by @sprousehart-stan (1/1)

Summary:  Bad boy Jughead keeps embarrassing himself every time town sweetheart Betty Cooper is around.  Bughead AU: There is no Black Hood, Jason Blossom was never murdered, and Jughead Jones had always been a Southside Serpent. He was never friends with any of the Northsiders.

The Proposal

name: The Proposal
author:   Mythica
fandom: arrow
pairing: oliver/felicity
genre: future fic, canon speculation, fluff, romance
rating: g
website: ao3
summary: After reconnecting after Lian Yu, the team is out on a mission when a very important question is asked.
note:“Can we get married?”Oliver paused as his attention was momentarily taken away from the events unfolding beneath him. “What?”

Innocent Mistake

name: Innocent Mistake
author:   OnBehalfOfTheBunnies
fandom: arrow
pairing: oliver/felicity
characters: barry
genre: canon divergence, future fic, humor, fluff
rating: g
website: ao3 
summary: The similarities of Earth 38 means mistakes are easy to make.
note: felicity mistakes doppelganger oliver for her oliver.

Hello Hello. So I’m answering this here instead of on my own blog.

We have a snazzy tag for just what you’re looking for:

Famous Bughead Fics

But I’ll add one more as well. Happy Reading! <3 Jandy

you have witchcraft in your lips by @lilibug–xx and @strix (1/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  When Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were cast as leads for HBO’s Harry Potter prequel show Magic is Might, they thought they did not know each other. They were wrong.

for @askvolleyballers, who requested some aomomo!!

Satsuki finds him by the skatepark, his usual haunt, but this time he’s not alone. His boombox is sitting on the bench, his bag and basketball shoes next to it. The boy himself is surrounded by a group of grade schoolers, shouting and clapping. Aomine is gesturing, movements exaggerated as he teaches them a simple box step.

He’s been at it for a while. Practising by himself for even longer. He’d only sent one text that morning saying he’d be out. Even from this distance, Satsuki can see the sweat slicking his messy hair down, the dampness to his tank top, the lethargic swing to his legs. He looks at once exhausted and exhilarated. He looks alive.

“Is Dai-chan scaring little kids again,” Satsuki teases when she’s within earshot.

The kids erupt into a chorus of defenses and giggles. Aomine huffs. He pushes his sweat-soaked bangs out of his eyes and raises his eyebrows at her.

“You didn’t have to come all the way down here,” he says. “I did bring my phone.”

“I know,” she says. She smiles. “I wanted to.”

“Ooooh,” the kids go, “are you his girlfriend?”

Satsuki puts her hands on her hips. “What if I am?”

“But you’re so pretty,” one kid blurts out. She immediately turns red, and Satsuki laughs. 

“I know,” Satsuki says, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “Dai-chan is way too lucky for his own good.”

The kids burst into laughter again. Aomine rolls his eyes. Satsuki smiles. They wave goodbye to the kids, and she follows him over to the bench. He digs through his bag for a water bottle while she finds a towel in her own bag. A grunt of thanks is her only response, but that’s fine. They sit there for a while, sunset blooming across the sky slowly.

“Ne, Dai-chan.”


“How come you’ll teach random kids how to dance, but you won’t teach me?”

Aomine leans back against the bench. His face is tilted towards the sky, and Satsuki allows her eyes to trace his profile, the proud nose, the sharp cut of his chin, the strong line of his jaw. He’s always been handsome. Satsuki thinks maybe she’d be tired of that mean boyish face by now, but she’s still pleasantly surprised by the warmth that bubbles through her stomach when she looks at him.

“You’re a ballet dancer,” he says. “It’s weird.”

She hums. “I don’t think it is.”

Aomine looks at her. She looks back. He sighs. “Okay,” he says. “You win.”

Satsuki grins. She holds out her hand. “Pinky promise?”

He hooks their fingers together with practised ease. “’Course,” he says, and when Satsuki leans forwards, he meets her halfway.


Author: jumpthisship
Platform(s): AO3
Main Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Word Count: 74,075
Rating: Teen and Up
Genre/Trope: AU, College, Online

park yeollie B) @yeoloooooo
@dks_0112 hey uhhhhh u don’t know me but i love ur art. like so much. thank u for doing god’s work in this fandom. ily. bye.

@yeoloooooo thx

Park Chanyeol desperately wants to recruit twitter fanartist Kyungsoo into his crew of gay fanboys. The obvious way to do this is by confessing his love for him every day.

comments: THIS WASS SO CUTE. like it was so embarrassing but also actually the realest. i loved it.
What Happens in Vegas - Petalene - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 12/12
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Sebastian Smythe, Cooper Anderson
Additional Tags: bitchy kurbastian friends, Romance, Humor, AnderBros, Spanking

Kurt’s weekend trip to visit Las Vegas is the perfect time to have some fun. Sure, he’s there for a work convention, but he’ll have a little time take in the sights, see a show, and maybe pull a few slot machines. Instead, he crashes a party where he meets Blaine, the man of his dreams. Now everyone thinks the two of them are engaged and should get married right away. But Kurt’s not worried about all the crazy, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Unless, of course, there are pictures.

This is a Klaine story rated explicit for later chapters. Updated on Wednesdays.

Title: even if you pretend it’s not (boy, i know you know)
Author: tinykkukkungie
Pairing(s): Mark/Donghyuck
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Genre: High School AU
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot [3,313]
Summary: As much as he appreciated getting complimented, Mark feels quite puzzled as to why someone would declare their opinion of him on a cubicle wall in one of the worst toilets in the campus.
It’s frankly even more absurd because he swears he’s seen that handwriting before, the purposeful tilts and curves and the loops are too familiar to be true, he thinks.

Notes: I think Donghyuck’s the cutest. Just saying.

Writing challenge!!

Rules: This is the writing challenge! When you see this ask, answer with the last five lines that you wrote for your stories and tag five other people!

Well, I know I already did this, but considering the lovely @bxebxee tagged me (thank you sweetie <3), I thought I should just honor this queen and post the only kinda-but-not-really smutty wip I have in my folders ^^

(pls don’t cringe too much - I already did for all of you in advance rip)

Tagging: @writingsfromseoul, @gukyi, @mysweetkittae, @sonnenfuchs and @thules

“Jesus Christ, Y/n.”

You slow down the rolling of your hips on his thigh then, and an open-mouthed kiss is left at the base of his throat as “how long do we have?” you murmur above his pulse. By instinct, Jeon throws his head back, eyes squeezed shut and a small frown staining his pretty features while his breaths quicken for the ministrations of your digits along his manhood.

“Less than fifteen minutes, probably,” he groans.

“Then,” you hum against his skin, lips stretched in a pleased smile while you take him out of his underwear – girth hot and leaking on your palm, “you have to behave, Kookie.”

Hello @biotechbabe85 - not sure how to reply to fanmail messages instead of Asks - so hopefully you’ll see this. The fic you’re looking for is a favourite of mine so I was able to answer super quickly. Enjoy and happy reading! <3 Jandy

Jellybean’s babysitter by @cooperandjonesinc (1/1)

Word Count: 13686 / Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Jughead knew Betty Cooper existed. It was Riverdale, everybody knew everybody in the tiny town. Yeah, he knew who she was, but he’d never paid attention to her before. She had the body of a blond bombshell, but a sweet demeanor that didn’t fit the title. She participated in scores of clubs and committees. When they listed student rank she was always number one. She was also dating his ex-friend, Archie Andrews. All of this information he knew without even thinking about it. It was just KNOWN the ways things are in small towns.But there must’ve been something he was missing.Why would Jellybean pick this girl as her favorite babysitter? What made her different from the hordes of vapid sheep? Kind smiles and sweater sets?

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Thank you for your ask! Now, for yours: 1, 7, 8, 14, 45?

1: What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

First posted fic? Or first fic ever?

My first posted fic was a short story written as a response to the prompt “Graveyard” for day 1 of Ectober Week, a Danny Phantom fan event, back in 2013.

I can definitely stand to reread the story. There are some sentence constructions that are overused and come off as annoying rather than effective (using commas and a repeated verb rather than just using “and”), and there’s a definite problem with pronoun clarity (particularly that scene with the make-up), but conceptually? It’s probably far more interesting than a lot of fics I write now, because an attempt to flesh out the standard “mean popular kid” cartoon character is something that’s probably just kinda compelling out the gate. I could probably say that the fic’s better than any original stories I made during that time.

And that’s the thing—it actually took me a long time to write any fanfiction. My first fic ever (as far as I can remember?) was written just a month before, in September 2013, even though I’d written the drafts (or partial drafts) for at least seven novels at that point and had also tried my hand at screenplays and other creative writing endeavors.

I never actually posted that first fic, but same story there: I can stand to reread it, and while the writing isn’t exactly the greatest, the concept is probably more compelling than a lot of my stories now (even if it’s a common concept that people have explored a lot, probably).

In fact, I don’t even mind posting it here!

Valerie cut her finger ripping the sheet from the wall. The blood welled up in a big shiny sphere, and she laughed a bitter, disturbed laugh as it began racing down into her palm. How perfect.

She smeared his face with the red, pressing her stinging finger down harder and harder against the crinkled old newspaper, as if that would be enough to cover up the image entirely. As if only blocking out the pictures could erase the reality.

What remained continued to fall to the ground in a flurry. Bunched up tape, blurry photographs, all the old clippings she’d put up on her wall. She crushed the next one she took off into a pitiful ball, its sharp corners pushing into her cut.

Only one photo was different. It separated itself from the rest, sitting on the wall neatly aligned with no tape running haphazardly across it. It held no ethereal eyes (why couldn’t she stop seeing them blue?) and none of that arrogant face, with those stupid, “look-at-me-I’m-so-badass” scowls. Instead it captured the image of a beautiful woman, her smile filled with warmth. Valerie dropped the pages clasped between her fingers and stared.

She didn’t remember the funeral. Sometimes she would imagine what it would be like, to see the woman she so desperately wanted to love but couldn’t, lying restless with her hands clasped over her chest, gaudy make-up on her face without her permission. What would she say, if she could have been there not wrapped up in her father’s strong arms? What would she think, as she saw her shoved in a box and buried in the ground, never to be seen again?

Never again? No, that wasn’t true.

This picture she didn’t tear off the wall. Gingerly, she slipped her good fingers under the corners and lifted until it rested in her palm. She looked more closely, now, gazing deep into carefully photographed face.

They really looked nothing alike, she found herself thinking. But that way she held herself, how she smiled, so self-assured, determined…wasn’t that what she saw in her own photographs?

Slowly, Valerie strode across her room towards her shabby vanity. Her reflection stared back, red-eyed and trembling like a child in the cold. She laughed through the tears. How could she have forgotten?

Valerie pushed her fist against the mirror, looking herself straight in the eye and smirking in a way she knew she did best. It wasn’t too late to set things right. It couldn’t be.

“Thanks, Mom,” she said.

7: What’s the fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?

That Kill la Kill fairytale AU that started as a short story in 2015 and that I tried to expand into a novel in 2016 and that I’m trying now to make into a halfway-decent novel in 2017.

I’m not sure this totally counts because I’ve never really officially posted any of this story, but. I really want to get this fic continued/finished/worked on.

I’d also appreciate any feedback on the rough-draft old short story (even though a lot has changed since that version)! I’m a bit in a place of “I have no idea what I’m doing”…

8: What’s the oldest (longest since last update) fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?

I guess “everything could have been different”? It’s supposed to be a collection of three stories with a similar idea, but I’ve only posted one of those stories, and I posted that way back in 2016…

I’ve had part 2 fully drafted since 2015, and I did work on a final draft in 2016, and I really do like the idea behind it, but…

It requires so much research. And I’m also concerned about the floweriness.

Maybe someday…

14: What’s the biggest change in your taste between when you started in fandom and today?

Hm, I don’t know?

I think I’ve become more and more attracted to really poetic prose, which has ended up hurting my own writing when I focus too much on the prose and not enough on the actual story.

I just really dig some good purple prose, yo.

45: If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?

Pretentious. With a capital “P.”

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lost fic! it's where betty and jughead broke up for (idk what reason) and jughead gets drunk one night and he spills his feelings to betty and they kind of make up after that? and jughead brings betty back to fp's trailer cos i think she's in trouble w her parents. thankyou in advance! <3

Hrmmmmm. This is our oldest request. And I’ve searched and searched. But the only thing I can think of this being is the following fic - and it’s not a breakup/makeup fic - but there is a drunk Jug and he is taken back to the trailer by Betty. Sooo *crossesfingers*

Decanting by chiquita2311 (1/1)

Word Count:  3,178 / Rating: Not Rated

Summary:  When Fred goes out of town for the weekend, Archie sees it as the perfect opportunity for a little misbehaviour with Jughead. This is the aftermath, and the only one capable of picking up the devastation? That would be Betty, of course.

If anyone has suggestions for the fic the Anon is asking for - please let us know and we’ll edit this post.

Fic Rec: The Cockblocker

Title: The Cockblocker

Authors: @itdans & @runicscribbles

Rating: E

Word Count: 29406

Publication date: 2017-08-17

Author’s summary: Dating has never been easy for Shiro, he never has any luck avoiding the creeps. Thankfully, his best friend Keith is always there to help, pretending he’s Shiro’s jealous boyfriend to drive the losers away. If only Shiro realized that Keith didn’t want to just pretend anymore.

With Shiro’s friends pressuring him to finally find a boyfriend, he reluctantly joins an online dating site and meets the man of his dreams. So he thinks.

A romantic comedy about fake dating, mistaken identities, and falling in love with your best friend. Based on the romcom You’ve Got Mail/She Loves Me.

Thoughts: This is an AU where Keith and Shiro are space pilots, both having already navigated missions around the solar system. The next major planned voyage is to Alpha Centauri, and the question of whom will pilot the mission threads throughout the story. This fic is great, and I enjoyed everything about it, even if I was blindsided by a late stage use of the c-word-that-I-hate.  

Shiro and Keith are painfully oblivious as they dance around each other, trying to hide their mutual pining. The rest of the cast is here (with the exception of Coran), and it is through their encouragement that Shiro finally decides to try online dating. Shiro soon connects with “Akira,” who seems as awkward about the dating game as Shiro himself (the pickup lines put Lance to shame). And lo, Akira also happens to be interested in space… Shiro’s online interactions with Akira are beyond dorky, yet they are a balm to a soul worn thin through longing for his best friend and recovering from the loss of his arm as the result of a routine flight error.

This fic is billed as a romcom, but the two writers collectively known as TrueBornAlpha also tackle serious issues pertaining to Shiro’s and Keith’s respective psychological baggage. It can be glib to say that a relationship doesn’t work out because of “timing,” but in this case we see how the two men had to grow as individuals before they could be together. I got teary at one point, and it was NOT an obvious point for an emotional outburst, which testifies to the writers’ deft use of language and strong grasp of character.

Title: Collar Full
Author: valetudinary
Pairing(s): Mark/Donghyuck, Johnny/ten (implied)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Genre: Canon Compliant
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot [5,059]
Summary: Donghyuck sees the colorful strings connecting each person to one another. Life isn’t all that exciting when he suddenly gets his heart broken, until a boy whose strings shine the brightest walks into his life.

Notes: This is another personal favorite of mine. I just really love the concept of special abilities like seeing the strings that connect people.