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Title: Three People Who Didn’t Get It (And One Who Did)

Author:  amusewithaview

Fandom: Thor


It’s tough being a twenty-something witch in a modern world.

Tougher still, when everyone expects your daemon to fly away (Darcy was always more of a homebody).

Character(s): Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, Thor, Erik Selvig, Clint Barton

Ship(s): Gen

Word count: 4764

Warnings: none

Genre(s): Daemon!Fic

Crossover/AU: Daemon fic, Witch!Darcy

Rec’d by: QueenofAirAndSnarkness


A/N: Hey dorks! I’m super sorry for not writing in a while… I’m going through a bit of a rough patch and I didn’t really have the inspiration to write for a while, but you guys sent in great requests, so how could I resist? Anyways here we go also since I’ve been absent: dAN’S NEW HAIRCUT AND THE DAY IN THE LIFE IN AUSTRALIA AND THE VID GOING AROUND WHEN DAN GIVES PHIL A DAMN PIGGYBACK RIDE WOt ok here is the fic.

Genre: fluff

Pairing: Dan Howell x reader


The weather in London could not have been more perfect. It was a sunny day that wasn’t too hot and no clouds in the sky; a rarity in London. I sighed happily as I poured pancake mix into the bowl and began to stir. I suddenly felt a pair of arms sneak around my waist, and I tilt my head back to see groggy Dan.

His hair was still curly and he had a warm smile on his face. “Morning, love,” he whispers in my ear. “Thanks again for last night…” he smirked at me and a crimson blush rose to my cheeks as I recalled last night’s events. Softly, he kissed me on the cheek and put his hand with mine on the spoon to stir. After a couple moments, he said, “Jesus, Y/N, you’ve made a lot of batter… it’s like we’re going to feed a bunch of kids!” he joked.  

I really didn’t like the topic of kids with Dan. It wasn’t that I didn’t like kids, or that I thought Dan would be a bad father, I myself just wasn’t ready, and it made me nervous to wonder if Dan wanted kids really soon. 

“So, what do you want to do today, love?” Dan asked me over breakfast. “Hmm… we could go for a small walk? Enjoy the rare weather and each other,” I smile at him. He chuckled and agreed. We quickly finished our pancakes and got ready for our walk. We are fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where there were parks and pavements everywhere. 

As soon as we stepped into the sun, Dan laced his hand with mine and we set off, chatting about God knows what. On our stroll, we spot a couple pushing a double stroller with what seemed a girl and a boy. Dan and I gazed at them.

“Look, Y/N! Isn’t that just adorable?” Dan asks excitedly. “Yeah,” I say simply, not wanting to talk about kids with Dan again. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Dan frown, and I feel guilty as I know what he is trying to get at. However, he says nothing and we continue on. 

A few more minutes and we pass by a small shop. In it’s windows, they were advertising new baby clothes that they had in stock. Dan stopped me to look at it. “Look Y/N, wouldn’t these be great to have?” I could tell that he was getting more to the point, but I wouldn’t have it. “If we remotely needed these, sure I guess,” I shrug casually and pull him away from the window. 

Dan abruptly turns around, pulling me with him. His face is set in a frown. “Woah Dan! What are you doing?”  “We are going home,” he says shortly. I don’t say anything more as he drags me home and slams the door behind me. I turn to face him with my arms crossed. “Dan!”

“Y/N! I know you aren’t stupid, so how can you not have caught up on my hints?!” I’m at a loss for words, so I stand facing him with my mouth hanging slightly open. “Y/N, I want to have kids with you! I want us to start a family and raise a kid to be like us! Think about it; what if we had a daughter, with my hair color and your eyes, and my skin tone and your body type, and she could-”

“Dan, stop,” I cut him off harsher then I meant to. He stares at me confused, and I take a deep breath. “Dan, I did catch your hints… but I just don’t want a kid right now. Sure, in the future would be amazing, and you’d be an amazing dad… but I’m not ready yet.” I could feel my bottom lip quivering in fear, and my eyes began to water. What if Dan breaks up with me? I hear him whisper a “What…” before I flee to the bedroom. I began to put my things in my suitcase, positive that he will want me to leave. 

Mid-way through my packing I hear the bedroom door creak open to see Dan. He looks shell-shocked to see my suitcase. “Y/N, please don’t leave me,” Dan whispers. “We don’t have to have a kid, I just thought it would be nice and-” 

“No, no, Dan!” I stop packing to face him and run my hand through my hair. “I don’t want to leave you, I just thought that you would want to leave me because I’m sure there’s a better girl out there for you who wants kids…” the waterworks begin to run, and Dan quickly strides over to me engulfing me in a warm embrace. 

“Y/N, I couldn’t ever find anyone better than you. We can wait, and when you’re ready, I’ll be here for you and we can start this together,” his voice is soothing despite being muffled in my hair. “Dan,” I sniff into his shoulder. “I love you.” He hugs me tighter and says softly, “I love you too, Y/N.”

A/N: Let me know if you want a part two, say when the reader is ready to have kids…?

anonymous asked:

Rather Dashing back again! So no fluff, huh? How about some angst? A little hurt/comfort? Maybe you could give me some specific details on what you'd absolutely love to see in your gift. Something you've been yearning to read? And, just in case, if you were to want an edit/gifset, what would you like in that?? (Sorry again for the long delay between messages!)

Don’t worry, Rather Dashing! Life happens! It’s great to hear from you!!

I’m not really a fan of any particular fic genre like hurt/comfort or angst. Angst for me has to be part of a larger picture, as opposed to an entire fic that’s just angst. (Not that I haven’t read/enjoyed pure angst fics, but it’s not my ideal.)

One thing I’m always into is what season 2 Emma and Hook would think of present-day Emma and Hook. I’m not one to think that Hook would find the situation entirely amusing, since his season 2 self was still in love with Milah. But either way, I’ve been trying for a while to get a fic off the ground that explores some of that; the most I’ve achieved is my 5B not-spec fic, and even that feels like too short of a thing.

And I dunno for an edit/giftset! I wouldn’t mind seeing something done for one of my stories. @bashful-killian made me one for With Affection a long time ago that nearly killed me because I was so floored.

MEANWHILE RATHER DASHING, I would love to know more about you!! It sounds like you also like CS, but are there any other pairings on the show you like? Fav characters? Fav moments?

ezra-blue  asked:

Saiyuki ask 1: 6, 11, 22, 28 <3

6) Which character doesn’t appear often enough for you? Zakuro.  More Zakuro, PLEASE!!

11) Most adorable character in the series: Goku.  He’s just…his personality is adorable and he looks adorable.  He’s a double whammy.

22) Which character do you think is most like you? Goku.  I’m very much like an excited puppy.  I depend on others and I never feel complete when I’m alone.  I dream big and I often don’t see what’s right in front of me.  My emotions control every aspect of me and when I love I love hard.

28) When looking for fics, what genre do you enjoy the most? Depends on how I’m feeling.  I really enjoy some action in Saiyuki though, and some drama.  Maybe some angst.  Then there has to be cuddles, maybe some sex.  Always a happy ending <3

Slashsessed Fanfiction Review

Endless Searing by harruka

After their race against one another, Haru worries that history is repeating itself and he’s losing his best friend. He doesn’t know what to do to get them back to the way they once were, and fears that Makoto is purposely pulling away from him.

This one shot really tugs at the heartstrings. The author effectively portrays a scenario that all of us fear, but doesn’t allow readers to fall into an abyss of angst and despair. I definitely recommend this story for all Makoharu fans. Don’t worry, it ends on a good note! ;)

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I have four questions! Have you read The Fault In Byun Baekhyun/The Flaws In Park Chanyeol? What are your favorite ships? What's your favorite genre of fic? And can I recommend some??? :)

yes i hAVE!! TFIBB gave me so much feels and im on my way reading TFIPC cos wow a sequel from that masterpiece??? SIGN ME THE FCK UPPP!! hahahaha :))) i just love baekyeol so much and the ot12 in this fic is soooo wow fbwefbewf.

you can tell that my favest ship like eveerrr is BAEKYEOL :)) but i also read other ships like i read a lot of kaisoo too. any ship is fine with me actually :))) you can check my /tagged/otps for my ships hahaha :)))

i really adore fluffy fics (those that makes you want to swallow everything and just scream into your pillow yes those) but i also love heart wrenching angst sometimes. you know when im in the mood :)) *and sshhh i love it too when there is some nc 17 shit in it but dont tell mom looool*

oh god wat to recommend????? i have so much that i want to recommend?????

  • corner coffee shop - YOU NEED TO READ THIS. i just re-read it last night and aaahhhgghhh the feels?????? (im still crying)
  • moments with you - one of the earliest baekyeol fics ive read oh holy shit this is so good. like i cried in the end cos it was just so beautiful.
  • (after a while) you learn - not baekyeol but baekhyun is in it and seriously this will forever be one of my faves. just the thought of it has me crying and wow. it is so beautifully written and tugs the strings in your heart perfectly and *cries* i recommend all the fics written by this author. i love her.

im gonna stop here. i just listed the ones that i re-read recently and jufbjenjw i have tons of fics that i like and i caaaant pick one to recommend it is always so hard eofnjwenfn hahahah :))) btw thank you so much baby anooon i hope you have a wonderful daaaay :)))

Genre Fic: Escape Into Reality

Genre Fic: Escape Into Reality

External image

One of my best friends introduced me to Babylon 5 (1994-1998) this weekend. For weeks, my friend’s been hyping this series. “The plot! It’s five seasons of the best storytelling I’ve ever seen! Everything matters! Every episode matters!!!” This is the same friend who introduced me to Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1993-1999), the sci fi drama I’m currently in love with (no matter how slowly I’m…

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Fandom Mansion

TITLE OF STORY: Fandom Mansion


CHARACTERS: Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner

GENRE: Humor

FIC SUMMARY: Just an afternoon in the life of our favorite actors working at the Fandom Mansion.

RATING: M, for mentions of sex.

WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR’S NOTES: Mentions of Hiddlesworth, Mentions of Evanstan.
Okay, so @lonelygoddessy and I were talking about wanting a mansion for our fave actors and fans could congregate and schedule up with them. Anything from, character sex acts to just spending time together. So yeah, I didn’t exactly make anything overty dirty here but acts are mentioned. I hope you like, I might make another if the inspiration hits lol.

Feedback and is welcome so pleeeease let me know what you think! 😘

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The results will be posted in order 3rd, 2nd, 1st with a few minutes space between each. I will copy + paste the person’s story below, and they can publish it wherever they like :))

After getting heaps of entries, choosing three was very difficult, so I chose them in 3 different genres (kinda) so similar fics sadly didn’t win. The three entries chosen were all original and very well-written, as were all of them. I really hope this doesn’t stir up arguments, and I’ve really enjoyed hosting this competition, so I may do another one in the future potentially/would love to see someone else do one if they wanted because it’s been really interesting. Thankyou to everyone who joined in!

Slashsessed Fanfiction Review

Sold for Peace by spotteddreamcatcher

When Nasir is forced into an arranged marriage to member of a clan of rough men and women, he is fearful. Under the new reign of Spartacus, the clan is slowly changing its war-loving ways, but Nasir as well as his family, remains uncertain. However, he is surprised when he finds his soon-to-be husband is not only imposing and strong, but also gentle and sweet.

Talk about an adventure! This is one of those stories that pulls you in right from the beginning. I am 100% invested in this epic tale and can’t wait to read more! There is a supernatural/shifter element to this story, but as of this post, it hasn’t been explored much. We know there are alphas and omegas, but that is the full extent right now. Highly recommended!

A Great Magnet Pulls

Author: Hildigunnur

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count:16,741

Summary: Despite being in New York and having a great career, Kurt Hummel’s Lima past is burdening him, especially his relationship with his closeted ex-boyfriend. Then Blaine Anderson waltzes into his life, offering Kurt a reason to live in the here and now but he learns that shedding the past isn’t easy.

Tropes/Genre: AU, future!fic, angst, romance, writer!Kurt, friends with benefits

Lynne’s review: Very hot build up, a smattering of tiny angst, with a delicious pay off. And some snarky roommate Santana added to the mix.

Read at: AO3

11 questions tag : Dantomyphil527

tagged by the lovely : @the-kingunicornlu-13

1: Who is your favourite singer?

L: Olly Alexander from Years and Years

J: Shawn Mendes or Adele

2: Favourite film?

L: The first Avengers movie

J: Definitely Cheaper by the Dozen! I could watch that movie so many times and never get tired of it.

3: If you could choose between having money and wealth or having a family, what would you choose?

L: Having a family

J: Having a family

4: Preferred genre of fics? (i.e: fluff, smut, angst)

L: I read smut like it’s a bedtime story.

J: I read smut sometimes but my favorite is fluff.

5: Whats your first memory?

L: Pulling my brother up the stairs and dislocating his shoulder.

J: My first day of kindergarten.




7: Looks or personality?

L: Personality

J: Personality

8: summer or winter?

L: Winter. Give me boots and scarves and sweaters pls

J: Summer. I need flip flops, high waisted shorts, and tank tops!

9: If you could remove one thing from the world what would it be?

L: Mosquitoes. Fuck those little buggers. Literally

J: Probably mean people

10: Shaved sides dan or hobbit dan?

L: Shaved Sides

J: Shaved Sides

11: Best thing you have done?

L: Made this Dan and Phil account with my best friend :)

J: Going to TATINOF with my best friend :)