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The Cure - Ch. 4 - Thomas H.

AUTHOR: loveCorrah
GENRE:  Romance, Angst, Smut
FIC SUMMARY: After Tom has to take his sick niece to the pediatrician, he strikes up a fancy for the beautiful Doctor. The more he finds out about Olivia, the more he wants to know. How will he react when secrets about her past come to light?
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: This chapter involves drinking alcohol, so if that is triggering, please proceed with caution!
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS:  If you have yet to watch our Tom in Coriolanus, please do so! It really is spectacular! Check out the first half here.  Unfortunately, the link I have for the second half no longer works. :( Feedback is always wanted and valued!  <3C


          Their glasses clinked together, before Olivia quickly brought hers to her lips, ridding the contents from the glass… and into her mouth. Tom did the same, only not nearly as quickly as Livi, and he coughed a bit from the harshness of the Ledaig whisky. She didn’t seem bothered by it though.
         He cleared his throat as he watched her pour each of them another glass. “So, where were you before you were sent to London?”
         “Well, last I was in Tokyo… and then before that, Bunbury in Western Australia… and before that, Detroit.” She answered, as she took another gulp from her glass.
         “Ah, I just filmed some work in Detroit. A movie…”
         “Mmm…” He groaned as he took another sip of whisky. “I played a vampire… Adam.”
          “A vampire? Were you covered in glitter?” She giggled.
         He could tell that the whisky was already getting to her, and to be honest, he was feeling a slight buzz from it as well. “Uh… no. I wasn’t that kind of vampire.”
         “Oh, good.” She tilted her head back as she emptied her glass once again.
         “You’re going to be sick, if you don’t eat something…” He cleared his throat as he handed her one of the hobnobs from the plate. “Eat this… at least one. Come on.”
         “Fine…” She huffed as she reached out her hand to grab the biscuit, only she was beginning to see doubles from the alcohol, and missed the biscuit completely.
         “See? That’s precisely why you should eat this. You’re already drunk.” His smug look wasn’t completely lost on her. He broke off a piece of the biscuit and held it up to her mouth. “Open.”
         She did as he asked, but not before she rolled her eyes at him. She made sure that he knew that it was her decision to eat the biscuit, not because he wanted her to.
         “There you are… that should help a little.”
         “By the way, I’m not drunk. I’m at least three glasses away from being drunk.”
         He laughed at her. “Okay… okay. I believe you!”
         She topped up her glass, before moving to do his as well. He put his hand over the glass rim, stopping her. “I don’t think I need anymore, darling. I don’t need to perform tonight with a hangover.”
         “Why do you call me darling when you hardly even know me? In America, you might get slapped for that. I mean, I wouldn’t slap you… but someone else might…” She asked as she took another tiny sip.
         “Oh… well… I guess it’s just a thing I do. Are you bothered by it? I’m sorry, it’s a bit of a habit that I’ve picked up.”
         “No, it doesn’t really bother me…” She blushed. “Just wondering is all…”
         He nodded as he watched the red color flow to her cheeks. He didn’t know if it was the whisky, or him that had made her blush… whatever it was, it was perfect and beautiful.
         She noticed him staring intently at her, and before she knew it, he had launched himself toward her and placed his lips squarely against hers. His large hands cupped her face, and their whisky flavored lips melted together. She let her tongue dart out to trace his thin lower lip, before his tongue joined hers. She tasted of hobnob, whisky, and black tea, and as he deepened the kiss, he felt a twinge of guilt and pulled away quickly. His forehead lightly rested against hers, as not to put pressure on his tender stitches. “I can’t… we can’t… you’ve drunk too much. It wouldn’t be right.”
         She knew she wasn’t anywhere near drunk, she had just now gotten to that warm, buzzed feeling… she had a long way to go before she was drunk. She wanted to push things further with him, knowing that a physical release would help her feelings, at least for a little while, but she knew from experience that sex changes things a lot, and she didn’t want to get involved with anyone… that was a rule that she tried to live by. It was just got too messy when it was time for her to leave.
         “I’ve got MarioKart…” She said, immediately wishing she could pick the words up, and shove them back into her mouth. Sometimes she embarrassed herself.
         “I’ve never played MarioKart.” He whispered and smiled against her lips. “Will you teach me?” He resigned himself to the fact that nothing else could happen tonight. He didn’t want to rush her into anything, he barely knew her; plus she had been drinking… if they were going to be together, he wanted to be sure that she’d remember it tomorrow.
         She cleared her throat to try and lessen the tension, as she slid off the couch and made her way to the small armoire at the end of her living room… all on wobbly legs. Maybe the alcohol was getting to her more than she thought. She opened the cabinet, revealing her television. “I may not have food… but I’ve got whisky and a Nintendo. Really, isn’t that what’s important?” She looked back at him to wink, but caught him with his hands on himself, mid-adjustment. When she realized why he was adjusting himself, her eyes grew wide. He laughed bashfully as she quickly looked away.
       “Ah… I’m sorry. Can’t really control it.” He apologized quietly, as she turned to him and held a bright blue controller out.
       “You can be Mario. I’ll be Princess Peach.” She smiled as he took the controller from her hands.
        After a couple of hours, and a little more whisky on Livi’s part, she had taught him how to drift around the track’s curves in his Kart, and soon, he began beating her in the races. She blamed it on the fact that her vision was beginning to grow a little hazy, otherwise she’d be beating his ass.
         “Well, that’s enough of that.” She stated, matter-of-factly, as she took the controller out of his hand in the middle of a race.
        “Hey! I was enjoying that!” He laughed at her. “I was beating you!”
        “I know. I don’t like losing.”
        “I can see that.” He said, cocking his eyebrows. “Anyhow, I bet you’re tired after the night you had. Why don’t you come and sit beside me? I make a good pillow.” He held his long arms out in a gesture that looked so warm and inviting, but Olivia was unsure. “Well, come on. I don’t bite. Come, get some rest.”
        She sighed, as she didn’t think he was going to give up until she did it. She plopped onto the couch beside him, as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to lay on his chest. ‘Mmm… he does make a good pillow,’ she thought as she closed her eyes and inhaled him. It had been far too long since she had laid on a man like this, and just smelled him, and Tom’s woodsy, fresh scent was entirely too enticing.
         Before she knew it, she was waking up alone on her couch. A pillow had been placed under her head, and her thick, crocheted blanket had been pulled up around her. For a moment, she wondered if everything that had happened over the last couple of days had been real… maybe she had been dreaming? She noticed a note on her coffee table, and as she sat up, the room spun and her head ached. Well, the alcohol had at least been real. She immediately regretted all the whisky as a wave of nausea swept over her.
         The note was on the back of a crumpled receipt, and she silently admonished herself for not having actual paper to write on in her flat. It was written in a messy handwriting, and she squinted as she tried to read it.

          A gift? She looked on the table beside her, and on a napkin lay 2 ibuprofen next to a bottle of water. Thank God. She swallowed the pills, and lay back down thinking about how thoughtful it was of him to leave her medicine out like that. She reached over and grabbed her cell phone off the coffee table, quickly going to her contacts. Yup, there he was. He had entered his number underneath the name ‘Thomas H.’ Just by looking at the name, you’d think that it could be any old Thomas H. off the street… until you looked at the photo he’d added as his contact photo. He must have taken it right before he left, because he was all bundled up for the cold day. Geez, that smile probably leaves scores of women keeled over dead in the street. 

        “Ugh.” She groaned as she put her phone back onto the coffee table and closed her eyes once more. She hoped that the ibuprofen would work quickly, because her head felt like someone was beating it like a drum. Finally, she sunk a little further into the couch, and drifted back off to sleep.

        A loud knocking startled her awake a couple of hours later. She looked at her clock as she swung her legs around to place them flat on the floor. 2:24 P.M. Who is bothering her? When she looked out of the peephole, she noticed an older man standing there with several boxes on a moving dolly.
        “Can I help you?” She asked through the door.
        “I’m looking for Olivia Beckett. I’ve got a delivery.”
        A delivery? What the hell could be in all those boxes? She opened the door for the man, with a questioning expression on her still sleepy face.
        “Are you Ms. Beckett?”
        “Yes… what’s all that?” She ran her hand over her hair, trying to make sure it wasn’t looking completely crazy.
        “I’ve got a grocery delivery from Whole Foods.”
         “A… grocery delivery?”
         “That’s what I said.”
         Livi wrinkled her nose at the rude quip from the man. She watched as he wheeled his moving dolly into her kitchen, depositing the boxes in the middle of the floor.
         “There you are, Miss. Thank you.” He said quickly as he made a hasty exit.
         She locked the door behind him, and walked into the kitchen surveying the stack of boxes. She stood on her tip-toes and peeked into the top box, seeing several bread items. ‘Oh man, that smells so good.’ She thought to herself as she pulled the box down and went through it. Freshly baked bagels, croissants, blueberry muffins, and chocolate chip cookies were housed in that box. She began to filter through the other boxes, and pulled from them different cheeses, fruits, meat, snacks, bottled water, teas and coffee for her Keurig. She certainly hadn’t ordered all this food, so she only knew of one person that would have. She immediately went to her phone and pressed the number beside the smiling ‘Thomas H.’
         “Well, hello there.” He said, with the hint of a grin in his voice.
         “How do you feel? I would imagine that you’ve got a bit of a headache.”
         She chuckled. “Yeah, I do… definitely not feeling so hot. The ibuprofen helped though, thank you.”
          “You’re welcome.” She could hear metal clanging and voices reciting Shakespeare in the background, and knew he must have been at practice.
          “So, I just received a huge delivery of groceries… I was wondering who the mystery person was that sent them to me.”
          “Ah… yes, I don’t know who that could have been.” He joked.
          “Tom, I really appreciate it… but you know that I can buy my own groceries.”
          “I know you can… however, that doesn’t mean that you will. I know you stay busy at the clinic. Just consider it a kind gesture.”
          “It was very kind. Thank you, again.”
          “Save the chicken and pasta. I’m coming over tomorrow night and cooking you dinner.”
          “You are?”
          “Yes, if that’s alright.. I’m free tomorrow, and I like your company just a bit, Dr. Beckett. Now, go make yourself a sandwich, eat and lay down. I’ll give you a call later, alright?”
           “Okay… and, thanks again, Tom.”
           “You’re quite welcome, darling.”
            After their goodbyes, Olivia stared at her phone for a moment. She didn’t know what was happening, and she didn’t know how to handle it. This was the point where she usually distanced herself from men. That moment when she starts to feel butterflies… the moment where she’s giddy at the thought of seeing someone… that was always her sign. She didn’t want to end it with Tom, though. She liked him a lot, even though it was still very new. He seemed to be warm and caring, not to mention ridiculously good-looking and down to earth… and she could get used to listening to the way he said “dah-ling” with that deep voice riddled with his strong accent. She decided to give it another day at least, before deciding what to do about him. After dinner tomorrow night, she’d know…

How to Tell if Somebody is fandom!old

- They use terms like lemons, smut, or UST to talk about the genre of their fic.

- They have squicks.

- They want you to have squicks. Which isn’t to say that they want to squick you, just that it’s a useful term.

- *glomps*

- They leave long comments on everything the read. Possibly not in the tags. They might do something super bizarre like send a message or put their thoughts on the end of your post.

- They write disclaimers on everything. Or on literally anything, since nobody does that anymore.

- They write about orbs, and those orbs are cerulean.

- Or literally anything else is cerulean. Cerulean is an outdated term. I’m calling it.

- The tongues of their characters are still battling for dominance, even though it’s 2017, and really a winner should have been declared by now.

- They have a fear of Mary Sue.

- Characters in their modern AU are chatting on AIM instant messenger, and calling each other on landlines. There are references to Ceiling Cat, because the characters are hip to meme culture. This AU is ~modern~ after all.

- Their fic is interlaced with slightly relevant song lyrics (disclaimer, they didn’t write the song.)

- They don’t do any of above, because they are New Fandom Savy, but they write or reblog nostalgic posts about these things.

- They had a livejournal.

- They still have a livejournal.

- They ended up on tumblr only after getting into a new fandom, searching livejournal for content and fellow fans, and suddenly coming to the startling realization that livejournal has become a barren wasteland of tumbleweeds and chirping crickets.

- They miss their geocities site.

- They wrote fic for the X-Files while the original nine seasons were still airing.

- Bonus, they wrote fic for the original Star Trek and published it in a zine, before the Internet was a thing. That’s like super mega fandom old.

- They might be less inclined to call themselves “trash”, but they are totally out there, reading all the things.

Among the many, many reasons I like the idea of Lyra Erso as a rejected Jedi-hopeful relegated to the Jedi Engineering Corps is because it gives her a reason to know Saw Gerrera before the rise of the Empire.

Also, I just like imagining graduate student Lyra being assigned to answer all the inquiry transmissions received by the Corps. Most of them are boring—scientists across the galaxy double-checking their facts, senators or contractors requesting results of geological surveys, the occasional oddball request for treasure maps, or a list of which mineraloids are poisonous if ingested.

But one day, she gets an inquiry from a man on Onderon. And though he’s circumspect about it, it’s very clear to her that he’s talking about making chemical weapons. (The war against the Separatists has been raging for some time now. She’s only surprised it’s taken someone this long to ask.)

She opens a new transmission, and keys out:

Dear Master Gerrera,

Thank you for your inquiry to the Jedi Agricultural Corps, Engineering Division. The official uses of the cyanogen silicate compound known as “Sith’s breath” are limited to the construction of Celegian life support chambers, due to the compound’s extreme toxicity to most carbon-based sentient life. Additionally, the components are difficult to procure, and their synthesization without proper licensure under Galactic Republican Statute 1184.2-4 Aleph constitutes fraudulent business practices and illegal production of a controlled chemical compound.

The Jedi Order must warn you that should you pursue this course of action, it will have no choice but to enforce the law to the fullest extent of its authority.

On an unrelated note, baradium bisulfate is an accessible liquid compound, used frequently in mining. Unlike cyanogen silicate, it does not sublimate at 20°C, but it is highly unstable and a very small amount can do a surprising amount of damage. Several years ago, a careless engineering trainee did not calibrate a suspension field carefully, and leveled a small mountain.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

May the Force be with you,
Lyra Inair, Geological Engineer, Jedi AgriCorps 

She expects that to be the last of it, and so she’s extremely surprised when he replies directly. Less surprised when she realizes he’s asking how one goes about constructing a suspension field. Possibly one that would destabilize with some sort of trigger or timer or maybe on impact…?

And they keep—writing one another. Even after she’s moved off the transmissions desk, to actual geological work. Rocks and weapon mechanics turn to small talk, turn to little details of their lives, turn to the Force and the Republic. He talks about his sister, about the warfront; she complains about the internal politics of the Corps and Galen (though he’s not Galen, yet, he’s just the handsome Republican engineer with cheekbones like sheered silicate). They argue theology, and justice, and violence. She cries for him, when his sister dies. They—are friends. 

Saw is the only one she tells, when she decides to turn her back on the Order. She is in love and Galen has friends in Coruscant, a prestigious job with an engineering guild—

Please do not stop writing me, she begs.

I will be here, Saw writes, if you ever need me.

Mpreg Fic

So in the newest baking video (shook) Phil said something about an “Mpreg Fic” when they were talking about how huge Dan’s dungarees were, and started making baby noises?

Well, you’ve guessed it.

Your favorite piece of trash







themardia replied to your post: how you get six books into Rivers of London and…

i mean. the whole point of those books is that Peter is dragging the Folly into a modern policing era and that he wants to do things the right way. that is a KEY part of his character, that he’s a mixed-race police officer that’s an idealist who believes in a better way. how is this a surprise to anyone?!

that’s LITERALLY THEIR POINT OF DIFFERENCE from urban fantasy generally, that a key plot thread is how you integrate policing by consent with goddesses and magic, rather than just an escalating series of boss challenges for the hero. 

and maybe that’s not for you, and that’s fine, but…it’s like picking up an Agatha Christie and going “I really like the depiction of interwar British life, but why are there so many dead people?”.

this is real

Adrienette/Ladynoir reveal fluff

Rating: G+/T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Characters: [Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir and Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug], Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee, Alya Césaire
Words: 4,563

“Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.”

In which Adrien finds out and is not quite sure what to do with that information.


Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.

At first, his wild, racing brain seems completely unreasonable until he lands on the third thought. Because firstly, Marinette is wonderful and sweet and gentle and he’s been so oblivious to her feelings all this time and now he can’t even take his eyes off of her. Secondly, he’s been wildly in love with her since the first time they met and he doesn’t mean the time where she saw him trying to remove gum from her seat.

He’s talking about crashing into each other headlong at full speed and subsequently becoming tied up in her yo-yo. Because Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Ladybug and he’s not sure how he has missed it for so long.

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And A Million More  (my first Dean smut! umm nerdy)
And Beyond (vibrators and spontaneous nooky)
Better Meds (hurt/comfort-y couch sex)
Breathe and Body (breathplay)
Fingers and Red Flannel  (long and a bit case-y? also minor injury)
Front-Seat Quickie (what it says on the tin)
Second-Best Suit (car sex, light bondage, nippleplay) 
Shooting Practice (I kinda think this is my favourite, idk why. sweatpants?)
The First Time
The Last Time
Untitled. (phone sex)
     —–. (slow, purposeful sex) 
     —–. (sex in a police cruiser)
     —–. (ferris wheel)
     —–. (mattress makeout session)
     —–. (porch sex)
     —–. (pregnancy kink)
     —–. (sex with drunk!Dean)
     —–. (motel sex)
     —–. (making-up after break)
     —–. (getting caught by John)
     —–. (dry humping)
     —–. (shower sex)
     —–. (dirty talk)
     —–. (needy, clingy sex)
     —–. (breathplay)
     —–. (sex in a pool)
     —–. (fluffy hurt/comfort)
     —–. (bondage/sub!Dean)

anonymous asked:

i'd love to see your take on a role reversal au!

how can gold compare

length: 1k; rating: all ages;

leave me a victuuri prompt here!

It’s akin to a religious experience, the first time Victor sees Yuuri.

A deity gliding across the ice—effortless, beautiful, magnificent.

(And the skater knows it, Victor thinks. It’s easy to tell that he knows it with his hair slicked back like that, with his charcoal costume that has silver crystals scattered across the torso. He knows it with the way that he controls his body, with the way that he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He knows it, but it’s not cocky. He knows it, but it’s not arrogance. No, it’s unrestrained allure.)

“Who is he?” Victor asks Mila, and he hadn’t realized that he was breathless until he’d tried to speak.

“That’s Yuuri Katsuki,” Mila tells him, resting her elbow on his shoulder.

Yuuri Katsuki.

Yuuri Katsuki from Japan.

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Sharing (Jungkook and Hoseok threesome)

Originally posted by queen-jinnie

Description: Hoseok reveals his fantasy of sharing you with another man for a night and Jungkook seems to be the perfect candidate.

Basically: Hella dirty smut where Hoseok conducts his kinky fantasies with you and Jungkook.

Pairings: Hoseok x You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst

This fic contains: Explicit smut, cum play, vulgar and demeaning words, threesomes, oral, bad language, just kinkiness in general, Jungkook being hot and Hoseok being hot.

A/N: This is technically part 2 to Wanted, but you don’t need to read that to read this, it just gives you more insight into Jungkook’s feelings. 

Also, it’s done! @hobitaki and @notjhope

A threesome? The thought had never crossed your mind- not since you started dating Hoseok. You know your boyfriend is kinky. Fuck he’s kinky. But still, you sat there, perplexed as you forced a neutral tone that chapped at your lips.

“A threesome?” He nods, smiling at you patiently. “With another man?” Your calm expression cracks as you ask the question, making him chuckle- a sound that could convince you to do nearly anything.

“Yes, with a man.” He says gently, reaching forward and resting his head in his palm to look at you, sitting opposite him, with a confusing admiration- like a lovesick puppy. His other hand covers yours, giving it a squeeze. “Just say no if you want, you don’t need to hesitate on my behalf. I understand if the idea is a bit… strange to you.”

“It’s not a strange idea.” You say quickly, dismissing that as the reason you’re weary.

A waiter walks up next to your table, halting you from asking your next question. Hoseok smiles at you mischievously, knowing the blush on your face was placed there simply because of the man bringing you your coffees arrival while you were having a conversation about threesomes. You muster a ‘thank you’, turning back to your sly smiled boyfriend with an unintentional frown.

“What was I saying?” You question, taking a sip of your coffee.

“I don’t know, babe. You seem a bit flustered.” He says cockily.

As much as you deny it, he knows how attractive you find him when he gets like this. You scoff at him, nearly spitting out your coffee. He laughs unbelievingly at you, one of his hands suddenly sneaking onto your knee under the table.

He leans in, making you fold and lean in as well, without even realizing it until his breath is on your nose, making your cheeks even hotter.

“Are you like this because of the thought of me sharing you with another man?”

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do you know of any fake marriage wolfstar aus? I'm dying to read one but can't seem to find one :)


That is a tricky one! There are quite a few fake/pretend relationship fics floating around but ones that are involve a fake marriage specifically are really difficult to find. I managed to find one. Hope you enjoy!

The Big Gay Honeymoon Heist

goldensnitchgetsstitches | Mature | 7,299 words

When Sirius accidentally wins a Honeymoon Getaway (strictly for married couples only) Remus plays along because, hey, free alcohol. What he wasn’t counting on was everything that could possibly go wrong, going wrong. To top it all off, it turns out Sirius is also a method actor. (WIP)

You can find all of the other fake/pretend relationship fics that I have recced in the past, here
A Place to Stay - Chapter 1 - ItsNotEasyBeingQueen - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Sam Evans, Rachel Berry, Sebastian Smythe, Blaine’s Father (Glee), Tina Cohen-Chang, Isabelle Wright, Adam Crawford, Burt Hummel
Additional Tags: Romance, Fluff and Humor, Alternate Universe

Kurt is a blogger who has reserved a room at a hotel for Fashion Week - a hotel which just happens to be managed by the charming Blaine Anderson. Circumstances force them into each other’s lives for the week in a way neither of them expected. What exactly will happen when Blaine gives Kurt a place to stay?

against the clock

More Kaider. Soulmate AU this time. It wasn’t supposed to get this long…

Rating: T
Genre: Romance and Friendship
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Iko, Scarlet
Words: 9,033

Soulmate timers have been helping connect people who belong together for all time and still, Cinder gets the guy who can’t even figure out it’s her. kaider / soulmate au / modern au


“Cinder! My timer jumped!” Iko squealed, jumping on Cinder’s bed, her knees crashing atop Cinder’s torso and jerking her awake.

Cinder groaned and blindly shoved Iko away. Her friend let out an undignified screech and Cinder knew she had succeeded in pushing Iko off the bed. She grabbed the edge of her blanket and pulled it up towards her face, intent on hiding beneath it. Just as the soft fabric had grazed her face, it was ripped away and Cinder was forced to finally look at Iko, who was standing above the bed with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“Iko, let me sleep,” Cinder muttered and rolled away towards the wall.

“It’s close to six days now!!” Iko said excitedly. “I went from like nine weeks to six days overnight! That has to mean something, doesn’t it?”

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i flirt in #mycalvins

Note: Dedicated to my fellow hoes in @bangtan-bookclub. I love you ALL. This isn’t full smut, but it’s pretty explicit (which is why I tagged it the way I did). 

Summary: UnderwearModel!Hoseok




“You owe me cookies,” your friend reminds you, nudging your shoulder with a cheshire cat grin. “And you can bake them on his abs. God he’s so hot.” 

Jung Hoseok stands across the room bathed in warm lighting as he poses for the photographer. He’s nearly naked save for the small, tight scrap of cloth covering his essentials. Boxer Briefs. 

You shudder as you pretend to work while sliding Hoseok discreet looks. The boxer briefs he’s wearing is a reminder that (A) you lost the bet by thinking he wore regular briefs, and (B) you needed to get laid ASAP if you were this close to losing your cool over a random underwear model. 

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wincest first time? thank you!

I’ve been waiting for something to ask this because it’s one of my very very favorite fic tropes. asdfghjkl.

Crown and Anchor Me (or let me sail away) by Sena (23,749 | E | Complete)

Sam Winchester is fifteen years old, at yet another new high school in yet another state, he doesn’t get along with his distant, distracted father, he’s figuring out that he likes guys just as much as he likes girls, his clothes never fit and his limbs ache at the joint ever since his growth spurt started, he has to study for the PSAT and, oh yeah, he’s a little bit in love with his brother, Dean, who’s taken a break from hunting monsters to work at a local garage for minimum wage.

Nothing We Can’t Handle by onesillygoose1551 (45,167 | E | Complete)

sam has a crush at school and he needs dean’s help.

The Ballad of the Invisible Boy (
Part 1 of the Invisible Boy series ) 
by dollylux (57,490 | E | Complete)

This is a story of adolescence. This is a love letter for the slow burn, for Led Zeppelin, for the 90s. This is the first of two sets of stories about how Sam and Dean didn’t fall in love. They never had to. It was always there, this desperation between them, like a real, breathing thing. When they came together, it was inevitable. As sure as continents colliding, as the phases of the moon and the life and death of stars. This isn’t a love story, but it’s a story of love.

Phthonus in Lethe (Part 1 of Phthonus) by leonidaslion (6,116 | E | Complete)

There’s only so much jealousy a guy can take, and Sam’s reached his limit…

For Keeps For Good Forever by candle_beck (7,482 | M | Complete)

Dean never told Sam about his deal.

like staring into the sun - nyxocity. (livejournal | E | 23,202 words)

It’s not about the girls. The girls are just the excuse. It’s about them. Them and this unavoidable thing that’s growing between them.

of closets and meddlers

Kaider College AU. This fandom needs more fics.

Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Scarlet, Iko
Words: 5,953

In which Cinder and Kai are both really bad at feelings and Scarlet is more than a little frustrated by it. College AU / kaider


Cinder swirled her drink and studied the movement of the ice cubes as they bobbed in the clear liquid. Despite Thorne’s best efforts, she had warded off the alcohol that her friends were consuming and stuck to water. They needed someone to drive them home after all. Besides, liquor was bitter and had too strong of an aftertaste for her. She left the heavy drinking to Iko and Thorne.

She downed the rest of her water in one gulp and placed the glass back down on the counter with enough force to draw the eyes of several people around her. Cinder felt a blush crawl up the back of her neck and she withdrew her hands into her lap. She flexed her left hand, testing its grip, and sighed. The metal wasn’t creaking, but it didn’t feel as calibrated as it probably should. She would have to tweak it the next time she got into the shop.

“Cinder!” Iko called, stumbled over. Cinder’s best friend tripped into the chair next to her and giggled uncontrollably. Iko had definitely had a few too many drinks, and though her giggling was nothing new, it was more pronounced drunk. “Thorne’s hitting on another pretty girl!”

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…well, that escalated quickly. I posted it way back at the end of 2014, it got reblogged by several BNFs in quick succession yesterday, and then it proceeded to rack up like 2,000 notes in one day, so apparently it still needs to be said:

Yes, you are allowed.

You are allowed to write the fic you want, rather than the fic you feel obligated to write. You’re allowed to write crack, crazy realism-defying stunts, self-indulgent trope fic, fucked-up fic about problematic people doing unhealthy things. Fic that doesn’t go through the pre-flight safety check for every swordfight and every BDSM scene, fic that glosses over the ugly real-life fallout of psychological trauma and/or jumping out of a quinjet without a parachute. Or, hey, if that’s your thing, fic that dwells on psychological trauma in loving, messy detail and has at least three punchlines about characters not being able to defy the laws of physics. Any of those things! All those things! We contain multitudes!

Any fic you write is probably going to be a net positive for fandom. The people who were looking for something in your niche get it, the people who didn’t know they wanted something in your niche discover a new thing they like, the people who don’t like it click the back button, the people who really really hate that entire genre of fic get to stroke their hateboners and get high off their own self-righteousness.

If it upsets people? The back button is a failsafe and instantaneous safeword. If it’s not as ~quality~ as other people’s fic? Don’t make me break out that “holy shit! TWO cakes!” comic. If someone takes away a disturbing, unhealthy, or otherwise less-than-wholesome message from your fic? You are not responsible for their failures of critical thinking or reading comprehension, to say nothing of those reading with outright malice looking for something to pounce on after interpreting it as uncharitably as humanly possible. Jesus fucking christ, it’s fanfiction, if people legit want sex ed they should be on Scarleteen. It’s not your job to educate them, certainly not with your fic. It’s not. It’s not. Fic serves so many other purposes. You are allowed to write what you want.

akiramakoto  asked:

What do you think the Cadets' and Vets' favorite Genre of Fan fic would be? (romace, hurt/comfort, etc)

Mikasa: Fluff
Reiner: Smut
Bertholdt: Smut
Annie: Hurt/Comfort
Eren: Action
Jean: Supernatural and smut
Marco: Fluff and family
Sasha: smut
Connie: smut
Historia: smut
Armin: smut
Ymir: smut
Levi: family
Hanji: smut
Erwin: family/Angst
Nanaba: Angst/Fluff
Mike: Smut
Moblit: Smut
By Organization for Transformative Works

By birdsofshore (HD_Erised 2016) | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 41,000

Harry never expected to spend eighth year listening to Draco Malfoy wanking.

Genre: UST, wanking, pining, 8th year, first time, enemies to lovers, 

My Comments: This fic is absolutely amazing. It is so well written that you can feel exactly what Harry and Draco are feeling. You feel their pining, their longing, their love, and ughhh. I’m just ruined by this fic. It is also really, really hot.
Blackbird - sixpences - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The year is 1942, and Europe is at war. Captain Victor Nikiforov, an intelligence operative for the NKVD, has been trapped in Berlin by the German invasion of the USSR. Posing as a Nazi industrialist, his days are spent charming information out of Axis diplomats to try and keep the Red Army fighting another day.

Yuuri Katsuki, a foreign-educated bureaucrat in the Japanese Embassy, has secrets of his own concealed beneath his unremarkable demeanour. When he uncovers Victor’s real identity, it will alter the course of both of their lives forever.

Mature, Warnings for Graphic Depictions of Violence

My Comment:

Oh. My. Lord. 

If you read only one YOI fic this week… this month… this year, let it be this one. This is, hands-down, the best YOI fic I’ve read since I started reading. The story is fast-paced and suspenseful, completely captivating (do not start at 8pm, trust me), and it will hook you from the beginning and hold you fast until the amazingly heart-stopping conclusion. The writing is masterful and smooth, and the author uses canon characters in entirely new and perfect ways. If you like spy stories, war stories, character development stories, and just stories about men falling in love when the world is utterly wrong…. yeah. This. Totally, 100%, absolutely this

Submitted by several people, who are in my debt forever now.

The Banana Fic

It’s safe to say that the entire phandom now has a banana kink, thanks to Dan and Phil’s little session hitting each other with a banana peel in the last amazingphil video. I’ve seen multiple posts about a “banana kink fic” or “the banana fic” and am now taking it upon myself to make it happen. So, here you are, phandom: The Banana Fic. 

Genre: Smutty smut 

Warnings: Kinks and shit 

Word Count: 700

A/N: The beginning is all what happened in the video and then after the banana scene, where there’s a jumpcut… That’s where my imagination gets to work. 

A/N Part 2: Lol I love when I don’t even have to come up with foreplay because they did it for me in reality 

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