Well it happen again. The great Mage of Ireland JawaGoo call for his favorite pet Kraken, who he kindly named Flopsie. But this time JawaGoo felt sorry for his little darling friend who was all alone in that deep blue sea. So he decided to summon 3 more of hers relatives so Flopsie would have company to play with. And oh.. did they play…

 Every Picard and Long ship dared to sail were stopped and “cuddled” by Flopsie or one of her relatives. JawaGoo told us  “She is just not aware of her power, otherwise she is harmless”.  Do we need to mention that sailing with 4 Krakens playing in the sea is almost impossible? No? Well it is! 

While JawaGoo was seating on the coast of Ireland eating his magical popcorn’s  waiving to all of thesea adventurist who dared sail, the rest of the kingdom was crossing their fingers every time they set course across the ocean. We could almost see their faces every time little Flopsie cam out to salute them! This time JawaGoo definitively outdid him self!

Conquest is  multiplayer, real time, online strategy game set in medieval times, with integrated chat function. You can choose one of 6 different classes you wish to take, be a barbarian and loot the cities, or take a path of nature and with the Ranger class and let all of those forest creatures assist you or take a noble path of a Fighter and set that crown of a king for your goal! We assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure! Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

Join the fun! Download Conquest! for mobile or PC HERE.

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What's Coming To Streaming in September 2016 - For Fans of Period Dramas, Old-Fashioned Romance & More | The Silver Petticoat Review
What's new to streaming: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Acorn, Dramafever & more. A list for period drama, classic, romance, genre & international drama fans.

A list of what’s coming to streaming in September 2016. This is a selective list for fans of period dramas, classics, genre, romance, artsy films, international shows, & more! Streaming sites include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Dramafever, Feeln, Viki, & Acorn TV!


Book review: As I Descended by Robin Talley

Robin Talley’s first foray into fantasy is a gorgeously atmospheric, spine-tingling Macbeth retelling unlike anything else I’ve ever read.  Maria and Lily are Acheron Academy’s ultimate power couple. Only one thing stands between them and their perfect future: campus superstar Delilah Dufrey. But what Delilah doesn’t know is that Lily and Maria are willing to do anything—including harnessing the dark power long-rumoured to be present on school grounds—to make their dreams come true.

As I Descended has been on my to-read list ever since it was announced, but as a huge fan of Talley’s historical and contemporary realistic novels, I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not I would like something so different to her previous works.  I needn’t have worried; As I Descended is a masterfully crafted modern ghost story, with just the right balance of creepy gothic imagery and character-driven conflict.  From the first page, I was hooked.

The cast of As I Descended is wonderfully diverse, and Talley seamlessly works much-needed discussions of privilege and intersectionality into the narrative.  Of course, as this a Macbeth retelling, there’s a high body count and not all of Talley’s LGBTQ+ characters survive. But I didn’t feel as though any of the deaths of As I Descended played into the bury your gays trope; Talley doesn’t callously kill off innocent characters partway through their story arcs for the sake of dramatic tension. From the anti-heroes to their victims, each character is written with care and respect, and each death packs a powerful punch that feels like a necessary, irreplaceable part of the tragedy unfolding.

As I Descended is one of those books that you want to save for quiet evenings when you have time to savour every last word, but end up speed-reading during your lunch break in desperation to find out what happens next.  I loved every part of it, and I absolutely can’t recommend it enough.

Many thanks to HarperTeen for providing a copy of As I Descended.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own. As I Descended will  be released on September 6th.

Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 5 stars | ★★★★★
Review cross-posted to Goodreads

Buy on Amazon: US | UK

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)
“At the Edge of the Brook” (1875)

Throughout the course of his life, Bouguereau completed 822 known finished paintings, although the whereabouts of many are still unknown.

list of favorite bands/artists

this is mostly for personal case i Forget but i 100% suggest you listen to all of these:

you’ll never make it to heaven / interpol / gawdlee / oh!hello / fox academy / death grips / my friend peter / basement / nothing / O.C.D. / title fight / the drums / lebanon hanover / cold cave / trailer trash stacys / summer camp / fidlar / the frights / tele/visions (this is one band not Two) / kero kero bonito / the scary jokes / teen suicide / starry cat / la dispute / cold showers / deathday / black kids / los campesinos! / modern baseball / allie x / mother mother / unhappy birthday / all your sisters / the cure / placebo / wavves / cloakroom / king krule / pity sex / sleigh bells / the casket girls / ringo deathstarr / the bilinda butchers / cloudeater / sleep party people / crystal castles 

ART: Untitled - davinciblr

Title: Untitled

Artist: davinciblr

Is it work safe?: Yes

Alternate links: -

Rating: General

Why you chose this piece: An adorable domestic fanart of married Ron and Hermione. I love everything about the design, from the room to the characters to the pattern of Hermione’s PJs, and Ron’s expression is really sweet.


Fantasy does NOT have to follow real world rules. Fantasy does NOT have to relate to some real world event, country, concept, law, or history. Fantasy does NOT have to mirror any particular time period or country, even if you’re basing your world on a real world one. There is NO SUCH THING as “historical accuracy” in fantasy as it relates to the real world.

THE ONLY THING Fantasy has to do to be believable is follow the established rules OF ITS OWN WORLD. Fantasy can literally be anything you imagine it to be.

If your fantasy world excludes people of color or those belonging to the LGBT+ community, if it’s grossly misogynistic and white cis-male centric, that’s because YOU made it that way. Stop blaming “historical accuracy” or “believability”. It’s not the genre; it’s YOU.

i’m just… so tired of reading posts complaining about problems that only exist because people won’t read romance novels… it is a huge genre there are books about werewolf dukes, there are books about black revolutionary war soldiers, there are books about south asian doms who care about enthusiastic consent, there are books about shape-shifting cowboys who turn into bears, there are books about lady scientists learning how to trust that their boundaries will be respected, there are books about alien barbarian warriors, there are books about genies, there are books about women of color in victorian london, there are books about polyamorous earls, there are fake marriages and marriages of convenience and basically every fanfic trope that people lose it for exists as a book with original characters but some of the same people who complain about how books no longer satisfy them turn a blind eye to a whole genre because it never occurs to them to read a ~bodice-ripper~ when they could read romantic fanfic of a more respectable genre instead