T. C. Steele (1847-1926)
“Flower Mart” (1890)
Oil on canvas
American Impressionism


Author: Tavyn

Prompt: Stuck in a Small Space

Summary:  Missing moment from season 1 episode 5, Fail-Safe. Sara knows it’s bad that she and Leonard have started getting so close, so fast, and she has to stop it. Her plan to put as much space as possible between them is working fine - that is, until they get locked in that closet in the Russian banya (or steam room, sauna, bath house - basically, all synonyms for damn hot). Alone.


He just shrugged, effectively ending the conversation, and they slipped into another uneasy silence. Sara wasn’t sure how long they’d been locked in, but judging by the pounding in her head, already too long.

The steam was everywhere, pushing beads of sweat down her forehead and water particles down her throat. She was drowning, she realized, slowly, in the heat, in the humidity, in Leonard – she avoided looking at him at the thought – because she could not, would not, be tempted. No.

“Aren’t you hot?” she asked, finally, when she couldn’t stand it another second.

“A little chilly, actually,” he snarked, wrapping his robe tighter around him.

She sighed, wiping vainly at the sweat covering her arms. Her legs were screaming at her, sticky and sweltering in her leather. And it didn’t matter what it might or might not do to him. She had to get out of this suit.

“You might be fine, but I’m not,” she said, turning to loosen the strap at her neck and eyeing him for a reaction. “Do you mind?”

He gave her only the slightest twitch of an eyebrow and sweep of his hand in agreement. “Be my guest.”

She nodded, forcing herself to stop fussing with the neck piece, despite how desperate she was to get it off, and deciding to start with her boots instead. She supposed it made more sense given she had nothing else to cover herself with and a far too attractive man watching her every move.

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Les bagaittes, j'ai noté un truc; quand des series anglaises parlent de “gender” (ex: “it’s not like your gender could make you do that” ou “we’re the only ones representing our gender here”, les sous titres parlent de “sexe”. Y a-t-il une explication socio-culturelle linguistique ou c'est juste que les traducteurs font chier?
The Definition of Comfort Fic - flaming_muse - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson

Sometimes we could all use a hug. Here’s one to share.

An impromptu comfort ficlet, in my mind set after 3x10 (“Yes/No”) but not related to it - spoilers through at least 3x07 (“I Kissed A Girl”).
Close Harmony - Chapter 1 - PaellaIsComplicated - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/?
Fandom: Glee
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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, Nick Duval/Jeff Sterling
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling, Burt Hummel, Carole Hudson-Hummel, Adam Crawford, Trent (Glee), Thad (Glee), Wes (Glee)
Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death - Finn Hudson
Series: Part 2 of Barbershop Quartet

Sequel to Anderson Barbershop

Kurt and Blaine are together now, but Christmas is coming, politics is getting all riled up, and announcements from Adam and Jeff mean that January is going to be busy.

WriterofthePrompts Ultimate Ask Masterlist

I’ve decided to make a masterlist of asks I’ve done to make them easier to find for you guys (and for myself). I split them into categories as best as I could by genre and topic. Also, some asks have some helpful tips in the notes as well to check out (some are marked but not all) and if you have anything to add that you think would help, feel free to reply or reblog with your addition. I’ll try to keep it updated with future asks.

Now without further ado, the strangest and most wonderful list I’ve ever made.

World Building

Character Development

Writing Different Types of Characters

Character Family


Sci Fi





Magic and Witches

Angels and Demons



Battle Scenes

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Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819–1895, Engand)

Characters from Shakespeare

Thomas Francis Dicksee was an English painter, primarily a portraitist and painter of historical, genre subjects — often from Shakespeare. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1841 until the year of his death. His brother John Robert Dicksee was also a painter, and his children, Frank and Margaret likewise became painters. In The Dictionary of Victorian Painters, Herbert Dicksee is given as his son also, but according to the City of London School, where Herbert taught, he was the son of John Robert Dicksee.

There was a request for a solo larger version of this so… here you go.

Signs as Book Genres and Why

Capricorn would be a nonfiction book because they’re always keeping things real. They’ll almost never try to sugarcoat anything, which means that they’ll tell you the truth, weather it’ll hurt your feelings or not. Also, they inform people that don’t know the facts of a situation; mostly to people who are just being plain ignorant.

Aquarius would be a folktale/lore book because they like to imagine more of the world than it is, already. No, I’m not saying Aquarians are aliens or believe in them, but they may like to believe other creatures or people are here that we can’t see. These types of tales usually have things that some people believe in but others don’t. However, they do provide information that could make these creatures seem like they possibility could be here. That’s exactly how an Aquarian thinks; if there’s facts claiming that it might exist, then it should be roaming the earth, somewhere.

Pisces would be a fairytale book because they like to believe in good things and beings. For example, that the tooth fairy gives you money when you lose a tooth or that Santa comes to give you presents under the Christmas tree if you’re a nice kid. Even if they wanna see good things in the world or they only want to see good things, that doesn’t mean that they don’t see the world in front of them, how it can be so cruel. That’s why they always want to have a positive outlook on life so they can finally see the world as a great place.

Aries would be an adventure book because they always need to be active and doing something. They need to have action all the time otherwise, it would just be boring. They can’t really sit around and do nothing, they need to be able to move around. They need to do anything that would bring memories, that would be dangerous, that would be against someone else’s morals. Although, they know when it’s going too far and can control themselves at any time. 

Taurus would be a biography book because they like to talk about their lives and themselves. I’m not saying Taurus are conceited (but some of them can be), I’m just saying they like to tell stories. Although, most of the stories they know is about themselves. Their stories are usually interesting and can make you feel bad for them, be afraid, surprised, basically, every emotion you have.

Gemini would be a historical fiction book because they love history. They absolutely love what happened before the present and how it started. Although, they like the past and all the facts, they like to make up their own stories. When they don’t know something about the past or how something was made/happened, etc, they make up their own stories. Well, let’s not use the words “make up”, let’s use the word “theorize”. That’s what these Gemini do, they theorize. If something weird happens around them, the theorize what made that happen in the first place.

Cancer would be a crime novel/book because they are somewhat a mystery. Eventually, though, someone will figure out who they actually are. Like crime mysteries, someone has gone missing and detectives are trying to figure out who they are. Imagine a sibling or significant other or anybody even remotely close to a Cancer is the detective and they’re trying to figure out who Cancer is. It takes a while but if you’re patient enough and hang on to the Cancer long enough, you’ll figure them out.

Leo would be a horror story because they love the feeling of being scared. They also love scaring other people, just to see how they’d react. You know the adrenaline rush you get when you’re scared or you feel someone’s chasing you or anything like that? That feeling is the best for a Leo. They love feeling that they need to be in a rush or they have to get away because they gets them active and ready for when it actually happens. Scaring people, however, is a different story. They need to know how others will react in certain situations, so they like to get that reaction out of people at all times. To see who’s more reliable, to see who’s the toughest, to see who’d help them out, etc.

Virgo would be a realistic fiction book because they like to be realistic about everything. Even when they make up ideal scenarios for themselves, they’ll almost always stay realistic and if they aren’t, they’ll just criticize they’re idea all around. They need to be sure that whatever they want to do can actually happen if they do certain things to get to that situation. Of course, like most scenarios people make up, they don’t come true but even knowing that they won’t. Virgos will always still try to make it realistic so maybe it will happen one day in their lives.

Libra would be a talltale story because they just like to think of anything but the outside world. They really don’t like the outside world right now or ever depending on who you’re dealing with so, they like to think of made up creatures. There is nothing to back up these creatures being real, it’s just something that sounds like a five-year-old made up from a dream. It’s fun to Libras to make up their own stories too about how a monster with knife hands can cut the world in half or something of the matter.

Scorpio would be a mystery book because they are absolutely a mystery. Don’t give me that look like I’m being clique like all the other Tumblr zodiac users, just hear me out. Yes, these Scorpians are a pure mystery to most but to some, they know all their little secrets. You know how when you read a mystery book and people that are half way done theorize but people that are done with the book know the answers? That’s how Scorpians friends and family work. If you only know some of these guys, then all you can do is guess. However, if you know their secrets and why they feel a certain way about everything, then you can just be there for them and you don’t even have to guess why they do anything.

Sagittarius would be a picture book because they’re short and simple. They can also be informative if you look at them the right way. Sagittarius are kinda predictable in some ways but in other ways, it’s hard to know what they even do half of the time; this can be the same for picture books. Sometimes you know the message the book is trying to project but other times, you get completely lost at what it’s trying to tell you. Also, picture books will tell you almost anything because of the pictures. Glancing at the picture will only let you get a little of the story but analyzing it will let you know everything that’s happening; this concept can be the same for a Sagittarius.

something on genre fiction
  • not every story that includes gay characters has to include homophobia and gay angst
  • if it’s a fantasy world, you can just mosey on down and say that being gay is as accepted as having brown hair
  • if it’s a real-world setting, guess what? you could still do this. of course in certain circumstances there may be angst but sometimes you don’t have to.
  • bend the rules of society. throw them all in the bin and start again. that’s what writing is.
  • see: the raven cycle, ink and bone, a darker shade of magic.
  • your story is not about homophobia, it’s about dragons and magic and murder and whatever the hell else you wanna throw in there.
  • it’s your world, you make your rules. go ahead and make your happy gay characters in their happy gay worlds. i’m rooting for you.
  • make genre fiction your bitch.
  • the world is your fucking oyster.