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“You’re no knight! You’re nothing but a bandit!” 

The woman in the stolen armor grinned, and showed Mary-Anne a row of sharp white teeth. “True enough, miss,” she said, “But that beast out there ain’t gonna slay itself.” 

@eternalgirlscout hit me up with the greatest trio of AUs I’ve ever heard in my life lads! im dying and im dead already


Genre Swap: Crime AU (Skyeward Version)
    »Requested by @lexidexi

         Skye and Grant Ward are at the very top of SHIELD’s most wanted list. Dangerous, resourceful, and completely unpredictable, they’re enough of a threat to rate a team dedicated solely to tracking them down. If only they’d start taking SHIELD as seriously as SHIELD takes them.


genre swap →  the 100 ●  zombie apocalypse (part one)

the world we know is gone but keeping our humanity? that’s a choice

Leighton & Ed on the set of Gossip Girl, March 13, 2009


Genre SwapBlair & Chuck as dressed-down, denim-wearing New Yorkers. With a sports car that’ll take them far, far away from the character-ruining clutches of Schwartz/Savage/Safran and judgy boys and jack(b)asses to elope and live happily ever after.