genovese family

Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, a dangerous man who even in early youth engaged in criminality, orchestrated a notorious and feared name for himself in the early-1900s when he became the first official Mafia boss of what is now known as the Genovese crime family.

Throughout his career as a mobster, he was heavily involved in illegal activities such as forced prostitution and drug trafficking. He had a very powerful influence in the world of Mafiosi, but that did not make him invincible or untouchable; in the year of 1936, he was sentenced to thirty to fifty years imprisonment for the actions he committed throughout his involvement with the Italian-American mafia. His luck had seemingly run out. However, World War Two brought forth an unexpected but simultaneously perfect opportunity for Luciano; he volunteered to assist the Allied government by using the connections he had to infamous Italian criminals and crime organisations in order to further the cause of the Allies. At the end of the war, Luciano was released from prison on parole, and eventually died of a heart attack in 1969.

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Omg hi!! Welcome! Can I request a scenario with adult!reborn where his s/o is in a New York type of mafia that her brother leads and tsuna finds out reborn and her are dating when tsuna tries to become allies with their family? Thanks!! ❤️

So. I tried :D I hope you like it!

“Welcome, Decimo.”

Tsuna nods his head as he walks by the greeter looking every bit the confident boss he (hoped he) was. A little nervous (as he always is) and a bit apprehensive of the people that lined the hallways bowing and murmuring their greetings as he strode past.

He was here after an invite from the Genovese Family to a ball they were hosting. From here, he was hoping to create an alliance with them and create better relations between both American and Japanese ties.

He entered the ballroom as the announcer (What was it called? Oh, Reborn was going to kill him) introduced him. Slowly he surveyed the room looking for any familiar (Good or bad) faces. The other people who had turned towards where he was announced turned back to their own conversations with the occasional glance at him. That was normal. You don’t be the leader of the most powerful Italian mafia family and not turn some heads.

He made the customary greetings to the host (“My Gratitude for the invite") and turned to greet S/O, the sibling of the host.

“Greetings, S/O.” They shook hands with Tsuna, giving out a smile to the youngest Mafia boss.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Vongola.”

Hands wrapped around S/O’s waist, interrupting anything else they had to say.


His eyes were drawn up connecting to familiar pitch-black eyes. He couldn’t help it. He panicked.


“Hmm?” The number-one-hitman tilted his fedora, shadowing his eyes, but that insufferable smirk still in place. His arms were still around the S/O. “What are you doing here!?” He hissed. The Don had thankfully, walked off, talking to some other mafia leaders being the host he is and didn’t take notice to the scene.

“Why not?” The hitman purred. Then kissed S/O on the forehead. “I can’t be with my lover?”

Tsuna almost ‘HIIEE’D’ had Reborn not covered his mouth. A few seconds passed while he composed himself. He was representing after all. Still.

Reborn has a lover!?

A glint appeared in the #1 hitman’s eyes.

“It seems as if you need more training Dame-Tsuna.” A shiver ran down Tsuna’s back.


“Language, Vongola.” Reborn smirked.

Tsuna mentally prayed for his life.

Vito Genovese’ Racism

Vito Genovese was suspicious of all non-Italians and resented having to work with Jews such as Meyer Lansky and Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel early in his career. Vito once complained to Frank Costello, in front of Siegel and Lansky, ‘What are you tryin’ to do? Load us with a bunch of Heebs?’. Before Bugsy could flash his trademark temper Costello stepped in; ‘Take it easy, Don Vitone, you’re nothing but a God damn foreigner yourself’ and Genovese kept quiet.