genovesa island


Nazca boobie, pointing the way par Peter Nation
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Genovesa Island, Galapagos

Le sens de l’hospitalité ou les excès de zèle du fou de Grant :-)

Looking Back Post 72 Waved Albatross

One of the main attractions for the climb up Prince Phillip’s Steps to the top of Isla Genovesa are the Storm Petrels. The interesting thing about Storm Petrels in the Galapagos is that they are active during the day rather than being nocturnal as they are in the rest world. 

The thing about photographing Storm Petrels is that a) they are small, b) they are fast fliers and c) they are abundant. Unfortunately, I was attracted to the waved albatross soaring around more than the storm petrels and thus missed my chance to photograph them. Sure, they appear in some of my images. Mostly as a swarm of gnats surrounding an albatross.

Though, truthfully, even if I had been trying to make some images of the storm petrels, they wouldn’t have been much to look at as they were too small for the 200mm lens I had with me, even if I could have kept up to them.

Instead, I have this rather cool panning blur image of a waved albatross. Technically, it should probably be a throw-away image, but I just love all the panning lines and the not quite perfect albatross.